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  1. kaf4R


    '' idc how many tanks and guns you got ready to implement in to the game , im just saying that optimization should be most important task for you all if you respect hundreds(maybe im wrong) of players who bought your game and cant playcouse it suck! nuff said
  2. kaf4R

    new patch

    ryzen 5,gtx 1050ti,16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz + 240 ssd drive … I know its not pro build but its way beyond you stated on your site in ''system recruitments'' I get it ,its early acces and im playing in couple games in that phase but cmon I have 120 fps but game looks like slide show . now I know why so many players left and why no1 new is going to buy this game till you fix your issues if its even possible .anyways do your job and gl
  3. kaf4R

    new patch

    so almost one month you were talking on forums about new patch 0.3 about optimization and blablabla a lot of unnecessary iteams like new f... tank in broken game.im not the only one who cant play in this game even thought that I bild this pc based on your spec from ww3 site. I own this game idk maybe 2 months and I played 15 hours its a f... joke. you promised ram fix and that game will be smoother but since this patch I cant even start a match. I don't know who is working in farm51 but this is not the way to treet a clients. at least don't promise things which you cant implement. sorry for my terrible Engrish
  4. black Friday in early acces game omg
  5. just loooooool if some1 stays in the same spot more than 1 min he should be killed by server to avoid campers with sniper /use multi-quote, thanks.
  6. couple weeks ago I asked same question on steam forums yagi (producent) said that you guys r open for snd and you might try to implement this if community wish . snd is the best competitive mode ever imo. how long yoou can secure points or play tdm...
  7. hi! wondering when you guys want to implement search and destroy . keep good work
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