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  1. To the best of my knowledge this is the official subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldWar3/
  2. I think the problem is there isn't many people online - those that are online are playing the new TDM mode (because it's new, probably), so it'll be hard to find a Warzone server atm. I would suggest not using Quick Join and selecting which map you want to play, and clicking Warzone from there. Have fun!
  3. Just to confirm guys - all guns are available to purchase from the start. No guns are locked behind level progression. I guess it's all about making wise choices.
  4. Thank you for your response! Excited to see where this game goes.
  5. It's far too easy to just accidentally purchase stuff. This was brought up as an issue from the PTE. I already accidentally spent most of my points, I just wanted to inspect things to see how they looked but it just bought them, how annoying.
  6. Roadmap and 0.2 in the same day - amazing. So glad I finished work early today ?
  7. I believe the TDM map in 0.2 is at night, albeit indoors (shopping centre). Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. I'm kinda worried you might only 'probably' continue to support it?!
  9. Does anyone know - if I play on the PTE will be my progress be wiped when the actual patch comes out or will it carry over? I know it doesn't really matter in the long run i'm just interested!
  10. This is amazing news for me - thank you so much. I'll hop on to the PTE this afternoon and play some. Thanks for the heads up and a big well done on this game so far, it's just what i've been looking for for so long, I hope it can grow and grow, i'm already passing the words on to friends and colleagues and i've only played 2/3 hours! Amazing that you guys interact on here as well, such a breath of fresh air especially as a person who comes from CSGO. If you have time I do have a question which I couldn't find the answer to - my 'rank' that is currently Private (top left on War Map), what is the end game with this? How far can I progress and what sort of XP am I looking at? I know it's a random question, but it just reminds me weirdly of Rainbow Six Vegas (the armour/speed of Soldier) and me and my friends stupidly love the ranking on that game, it had nothing to do with skill, purely playtime and it took a long, long, long time to grind to the top rank which we loved as for a while it was rare - was just wondering the setup on WW3? Thanks in advance!
  11. Just my opinion of course. Killstreaks and perks are the main things i've always disliked with COD, I just prefer shooting - even getting kills with the rewards feels unsatisfying imo. I just wonder if there might be a plan for this? Also included would be higher damage weapons, much like the hardcore modes from BF etc.?
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