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  1. The game is not done and the name is stale with little hope of revival. Pull the game off the market and release it in 2020 under a new name when it is ready for prime time.
  2. Exclusively BF4 for last 5 years. Before that, L4D and L4D 2 for the prior 5 years. I am looking for a game for the next 5. BF Vagina ain't going to be it. Hoping WW3 will be it but I am already getting tired of the early release game.
  3. You should be able to trade the female soldiers for a pack of Marlboro's. You get 30 minutes with them. THAT is how women are treated in real life in a war zone. See "SELCO, one year in Hell" blog for a reality check
  4. I will be tea-bagging every female that I kill in the game and then I will drop a grenade between her legs
  5. The FX 8350 is severely outdated. I just upgraded from an i5-6600k to an i7-8700k because my i5 was pegging at 100%. This game uses 10GB of Vram and 11GB of DDR4 while playing 1440p on high 130fps It is a resource hog. Kinda like a new Cyysis.
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