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  1. Only one question matters: Are you planning to finish the game this year and deliver what it was promised? Yes or no
  2. I can't believe that still there is no map rotation. Everyone talks about this since 0.3.
  3. One question. Does Warzone support 60 players now? Because in the browse server option it says 60? If yes, will we have Warzone Large available?
  4. Agree as well. It would be a good idea if you were able to select equipment with the equipment pack. Most of the times I dont carry RPG with me, and I would love to select some mines to protect myself from tanks and other vehicles.
  5. Smokensk or Polyarny from performance side are the same. I will suggest if the free weekend has been smooth these 2 days to open another map. I will recommend Warsaw like everyone else. Sunny map which has a lot of indoor gameplay unlike Polyarny. The haters will always be there crying that the game is dead and performance is terrible. Screw them. They only need an opportunity to start and they got it with the bad start of the early access. I found people being excited with the game from the ingame chat. Its not all black. If they game turns out to be great then nobody will be able to take that away.
  6. I played last night for an hour. All sounds are very good. But the sounds when: a) The squad leader gives order b) The team lose or take a point are very very bad. It reminds me Half Life 1.. Those sound effects ruin the experience. Please change them asap.
  7. My PC From next month you will be able to get a very good CPU for Euro 200. If it wasn't for AMD, INTEL would be still selling 4 cores CPUs...
  8. My PC is a Ryzen 1600, EVGA 1060 SC and 16gb ram and am happy with the performance. Except from some places I got around 50 fps everywhere else is well above 60 fps. Most of the settings are in ULTRA. Any plans that will be optimized in the future? Ryzen are pretty popular cpus nowadays..
  9. 50-60 am still happy. But no 30. Am here for Warzone. Thanks.
  10. Q: When will the large map game modes come back? - Smok3 A:We believe that Warzone in current scale is close to perfect ...but for your information, you will find larger maps and more players in Recon game mode Somebody to explain this better please.
  11. Hi guys, I just read in Steam that you are planning to do a free weekend in June. Ok. You have chosen the map Polyarny. This is not the most optimized map at the moment. Are you planning to release a patch to optimize the map before the free weekend?
  12. I hope by 9 maps they mean 9 different locations. We have 5 until now. I would never say no to more maps A map at the National Mall in Washington DC would be awesome. Imaging hiding in the White House...
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