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  1. For me it was running like shi* but I had to have something mixed up in the config. I pressed the "balanced" button and now it runs smoothly again on 8 GB RAM !
  2. Infinite loading to another map after map rotation and crash after pressing ALT + F4. Version is not "live" friendly
  3. First spawn in a new match on an MSP shows like I'm outside the battlezone and tries to kill me after 10 sec Also, still crashing when starting second match from the server browser. First runs fine. Crash report sent.
  4. 0.7.2 is a gamechanger for me. Game runs really smooth on ultra. Finally GREAT JOB! Also I cannot see myself on the map while being in a tank
  5. I couldn't even open task manager to kill the game after it froze. The frozen screen changed to loading sceen after a while and that was it. Had to reboot.
  6. Could there be something done with the markers that are faded after, for example, throwing a med pack/ammo pack. Sometimes they are REALLY hard to see and it causes accidental friendly fire.
  7. Yep, that's right, never noticed it cause I always move the mouse back and forth
  8. You can go under the tarmac on C1
  9. There might be something wrong with capturing the points. On several occasions I was able to capture a point but I found a guy of the opposing team inside the capture point. The counter was ticking. That shouldn't be possible. Also when I tried to stop the enemy from taking a point. I got inside the building on a capture point but the enemy managed to intercep the point. My presence there didn't stop the countdown for them. This happened on Smolensk. Haven't played any other map yet on 0.6.7, so I don't know if it happens anywhere else.
  10. Grenades do not explode after shooting at them.
  11. Buggy is in the air on A1 Smolensk, same as MRAP on Polyarny base. OK got the info that this is fixed in the next patch
  12. Also, I don't know what's that red square outside the playable area
  13. When Mini Drone or Mini UGV goes out of range above 200M or 300M it looses connection. After it looses it, you just need to press 3 again and you can go way above 200M/300M (the connection isn't breaking). I also had a strange bug when Mini Drone wasn't moving and the distance indicator was constantly inreasing. It reached more than 5000M / 200M. I cannot reproduce this bug.
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