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  1. Haven't had the chance to test it yet, but glad to hear
  2. Ahh yeah wasn't entirely sure and forgot to check. But as you pointed out my main intention is the removal of the strike bar from the main hud.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I don't know if this is true for all cars but at least it is for the one in the picture on Polyarny. You can shoot the windows from outside, but the if you shoot the window on the other side (i.e. you shoot through the car), your bullets won't hit the window but pass it happily. From the outside all windows can be shot. GAME BUILD ID: 4565438 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: I think it is worth to try it on some more cars.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I think the picture says it all GAME BUILD ID: 4565438 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Go where I have gone to (it is close to the base spawn close to A2).
  5. Given the “controversy“ around the new HUD, I gave the topic some thoughts how the HUD can become less cluttered. The following idea is built on the assumption that the vast majority of (decent) players is checking the map regularly given the information it provides. On top, almost all strikes open a map as well so that you can place them on the map. The suggestion is that you open the same device you use when calling in strikes for the map you get when pressing “M” and then move the information on the strikes at the bottom of the screen to the map. I know, it is quite handy to have the information readily available, especially the cooldown and availability are good to know. But if you use the map often anyway, the real effect would maybe not be too big. As the map provides you with a lot of intelligence it can be interpreted as some tool of communication with your staff so I think it would be fitting to use the same tool for calling in strikes. This idea might be somewhat controversial as well and it’s not as if I am all for it, but in terms of immersion and clarity of the HUD I think it can be a nice flavor.
  6. Likely this isn't related to the patch 0.84 itself, but at least to me servers felt a lot laggier than they did over the weekend. In the first match the servers crashed. In the second one my game crashed. ^^ A small edit: I would also say that superbullets are again more of an issue. Usually one bullet "got lost" in the match I played today (or the hit feedback is just bad). Even with a Scar-H which fires not so quickly out of three bullets displayed in the death screen only two gave feedback. Another edit: After a couple of days I think I have hardly played a full round of Warzone without either a server crash or a ctd. This was better was 0.83. Is somebody else having similar issues?
  7. For 0.7 I wrote a quite lengthy feedback post and now I want to give my personal and subjective 2 cents on 0.8. Quite generally speaking I consider 0.8 a significant improvement over 0.7 especially on the technical side. On my computer at least it feels a lot smoother and less laggy. I have no hard evidence, i.e. higher frame rates or lower pings but I trust my feelings well enough in this regard. Another welcome addition is the now working split between horizontal and vertical recoil and the higher impact of your stance on the weapon sway. I like the reduced number of strikes as you have to pick more carefully in my opinion. My negative feedback does not (exclusively) aim at changes which came with 0.8. I would tone down the blending effect while looking outside from a building by a significant margin. I get that it is supposed to make camping in buildings less attractive, but I think it’s a bit too much at the moment. Super bullets are still an issue (but less than in 0.7) and the feedback on getting hit is quite lacking depending on the enemy’s weapon. I think it was reported once that it is missing for some RCWS but apparently this holds also for some weapons. I will write a bug report when I have more clues on the reproducibility but today, I got hit by an SR (I think it was the Tochnost) and all that happened was that my vision got blurry. It was the same effect you have under suppression and if I hadn’t checked my health bar, I would not have noticed that I got hit. A weapon and attachment rebalance is on the list for one of the coming milestones so I know the team is aware of balancing issues, still a short word on this: In my opinion one can be effective with every weapon so it is not terribly bad, but there is definitely a hierarchy. MGs are a bit too good I would say and speaking about ARs I would argue that fast firing weapons with a 50/60 round magazine have somewhat of an edge. I still think the varying base damage depending on the barrel is not a good idea. At least it needs a rebalancing. My proposition: longer ADS times, and some malus on the mobility for choosing a long barrel instead of a lower damage. Additions and edits might come over the following days but that’s it from my side so far. Have a nice week everybody!
  8. Hey everybody, I hope you are all having a joyful and relaxing sunday! I am curious about the current state of two gameplay elements or the progress of solving some issues so I thought it's better to post this here rather than in the feedback thread. Head glitching with the new animation system: As far as I remember at some point it was confirmed, that the team will try to tackle the head glitching problem and is considering the substantial change from "shooting from head" to "shooting from the barrel". I wonder if this might come with the new animation system or somewhat soon after it? Or to put the question even more general, what is the current the current state of this matter? State of the soundsystem: Given that I have some issues with the consistency of the sound system (i.e. the audibility of foot steps and gun sounds) I was wondering if the team has ever said something about the state of the sound system, i.e. if it is final or not, will get a major overhaul and so on and apparently there never was a statement at least in the weekly reports. So what are the plans with the soundsystem if there are any? I would be happy if someone from the team finds the time to give a comment on above questions. In any case have a nice week everybody!
  9. Yeah I mean, even if I had no issues with the current animation system (and aside of what I wrote above I was in general fine with it), the new one is coming and I am a curious person so I'd like to know how it is going to look like.
  10. If one is supposed to ADS with MGs while standing I would suggest to increase the ADS time significantly compared to Assault rifles. Thus, they would be less of a CQB run and gun weapon.
  11. Dear Team, I hope you had a nice and relaxed holiday season and 2020 started out nicely for you all. With this thread I want to thank you for your christmas present and ask if there is maybe more of it? To be more precise is there a chance to get some footage of the new animation system from another person's perspective? One thing I am especially curious about is how the ADS animations are going to look like because in the current system the animation sometimes seems to be asynchronous for the player who is aiming and another player seeing this, especially if the first player is moving. So, if it does not take too much time I would love to see another teaser (and I bet I am not the only one ). Have a nice day everyone!
  12. I think that is not what he meant, I understood he was referring to the sharpness of the picture in the scope but even if he wasn't there is absolutely no need for such a reaction. Let's assume you understood him correctly: "I think the blurriness of your peripheral vision while ADSing is intentional, so while you might not like I assume the devs won't change it." Works just as fine and doesn't even hurt. To stay on topic, the graphics of the game might not be optimal and sometomes distracting even but in this matter I gladly wait for the final optimization before I would draw a conclusion. When talking about soun I was not referring to the pure quality of the sound effects (it's not that great but not all that bad either), but rather about the consistency and sound as an element of gameplay (struggling to find a more precise formulation). Let me give an ecxample from yesterday, I was in the Warsaw mall and wanted to help some guys taking B1, they were currently capturing it when I checked the map 20-30m away the last time. So I closed the map and when I turned around the corner I ran into 4-5 enemies with all my mates being dead. I could not here a single shot. I hadn't turned my volume up like usual but judging from my own steps and shots I should have been able to hear the fight. Given that I changed the volume on my headphone amp it makes no sense that the audible distance of shots and other effects was lower than usual but still there was no sound. And foot steps are even worse (like much worse). Sometimes you can hear someone running through the thick walls of the mall (which I find weird and counterintuitive) but then on other parts of the map I cannot hear somebody walking within 10m around me. Maybe my settings aren't optimal but it is a matter of consistency and sound should be consistent for all settings. There's a lot more but that's something for the feedback thread I guess.
  13. Guys calm down. @tynblpb why do you always get triggered like straight away? And even if you are, no need to react so offensive ^^. Based on some misunderstanding and emotion you two are calling each other noob while none of you is obviously. @maddinii I do not share every point of your critique and my level of resignation is by far not as high as yours but I do very much share the general sentiment. From what I understand there has been a lot of work in the background over the last 6 months or so, referring to the engine switch, the new Linux servers and especially the animation rework. And it appears that many important fixes are stalled for the moment when the latter is introduced so that the work does not have to been done twice (this has been said countless times and I can understand it quite well). Still there are so many core elements in a state that leaves a lot to be desired that it makes me worrisome. And the Weekly Reports haven't been all that suited to ease my worries during fall given that they barely gave any really interesting information (personal opinion this one) except for the christmas report. All that does not explain the introduction of the new hud which received quite some critique on the PTE if I recall correctly (and I think it looks awful and is way too distracting). I like all the information it provides but it is so cluttered. I'd rather have some of the information bind behind a key strike to keep the general hud clearer but again quite personal. The sound is an issue since the earliest days, and still it is meh ... Today I decided not to play on deafening levels of volume for the sake of my ears and it seems that the audible range of gun shots is linked to the sound level of your system? And if I am not mistaken there has never been a significant statement on the sounds. You can be effective with every weapon but the weapon and attachement balance I do agree is in a poor state given that there are too many clear 1st best picks and other attachments are hardly worth using. As much as I like the introduction of a community game mode and breakthrough as itself but I would rather enjoy a better balanced and well sounding game in two game modes. I grind my teeth in Breakthrough as much as in Warzone because of the same issues. On the other hand the team is likely working its ass off and I hope they all got some well deserved rest with their loved ones over the recent weeks. I still have my hopes up for the game, enjoy it overall and am more than curious about its progress in 2020.
  14. Nice addition of flavour especially for left handed players I guess, so I would say go for it, but only if there is a looooot of spare time. On top I figure you would have to do all animations again, unless there is the possibility to mirror them.
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