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  1. The Death Star map in Jedi Knight 2 was actual quite fun ... oh wait but the gameplay was also kinda different with these sword thingies and stuff Too bad! Given that tynblpb has already posted a couple of arguments against this map idea, can the proponents actually give some arguments for it? Gameplay related arguments! - Nothing like "OMG it looks so cool I am Special Forces One Man army taking over an aircraft carrier!!!11"
  2. So everything we get from the new community managers after months is a repost of information we already received in May? That's everything? Still the same "We wanna do the superduperbest stuff for the game" blabla withouth any detail or actual information?? Nice!
  3. I am really surprised this suggestion has 7 upvotes - like are there still 7 players left who are so new not to see that this makes no sense gameplaywise? That's my favourite part of the suggestion bboth classes use the same hull design. Which means they are of the same size.
  4. Seriously dude, I couldn't care less. ^^ But maybe the devs do? Couldn't hurt to rally around the few enthusiastic fans the game has left.
  5. Best thing about this, as far as I understand Percy has not even played the game for a second given his thread about which settings to run on his computer. ^^ @Tyrell How's life going as WW3's community manager? Given you said you are one of the new community managers, how are your colleagues doing? It would be most kind of you to show up every once in a while
  6. Strange question if you askme sshould be pretty obvious that there is none. And what would be to discuss there anyway.
  7. Same thing imo. They have certain effects for balancing and gameplay reasons and that it is not realistic is know and done on purpose. Edit: This is not to say I am against your proposition. If they would go for a more authentic approach I would be fine with that. But because of the stated reasons I don't think it will happen.
  8. For me the biggest question is, what exactly is the guy doing who introduced himself as the new community manager? I am only active in the forums but he hasn't really shown up since the last news more than one month ago. Maaaayyybe I just have a stupid idea of what a community manager does, but given the recent well justified outcry in the community I thought he might wanna ease some tensions. Not to mention that I mentioned him in a post. To stay on topic: Would seem weird to me if Microsoft was to acquire F51. Not that the portfolio wouldn't fill some gaps in Microsoft's, but the just announced partnership makes me very sceptical.
  9. I did not say the RPM are perfect I just explained why and that they are not the real life ones on purpose. I disagree that the recoil patterns are crazy. You have sometimes random outliers which are annoying. But in general the recoil is very easy to manage imo.
  10. But it hasn't. Not to these extents at least. Devs called it "playable realism". The game should feel authentic (whenever possible) but gameplay and thus balance will come first in case of doubt. Having said that, a more or less major rebalancing was announced at some point to better carve out the roles of the respective weapon classes. If this bring changes to the RPMs nobody can say at the moment.
  11. The RPM are not realistic for balancing reasons. It's all on purpose. (don't you think that the devs would be able to open some Wikipedia pages if they wanted to use the real life rpm? :D)
  12. tynblpb did say the most important things already but let me add a thing or two: I don't know about anyone else of course but I am not asking for any date at all. No really, if you need more time and the game will only be published in October 2021 that's absolutely fine for me ... as long as there is some proper communication and contact to the community. When the Weekly Reports where cancelled in early February it was announced that dev logs are going to replace them and since then we have gotten - brace yourself - one! And that did not really incorporate anything new about the game itself. I understand that the pandemic also has a huge impact on your work as game developers and in some post I asked for the impact on your work if I recall correctly. But until today it was not confirmed by the team if and how the work is affected by COVID-19. Why not? And as much I understand that the work suffers from the situation I can't help but think that if the developing process is slowed down this should give more time to write something about the progress or a proper dev log and if that is not the case AT LEAST the team could have lost a word on why we are not getting a new dev log. To directly respond to your question @weedtime - what kind of answers did I expect? Some hints can be found in a post I wrote in early April: But let me quickly sketch out a couple of things we could have gotten information on: - After the preview of the new animation system some requested to get another preview showing the new animation system as a viewer rather than from 1st person perspective. - A solution to the headglitching problem was promised to be high on the prioriy list (or even found already). Writing something about the technical solution would be interesting for some I guess. - A rework of the spatial audio system was promised and again some notes on what is reworked exactly would have been welcome for sure. - A rework of the weapon balance on a macro level was announced which instantly begs the question: What is your idea for said new macro level? What role do you have in mind for which weapon class? - You could give some insight on the remaining work to do and in what order it is approached and why - just to give the community an idea on what you are working on at the moment. This list could easily be extended. In my opinion each of this topics would be fit for a dev log but we have gotten none and the team has fallen almost completely silent. So again, I am not asking for any date. I am not even demanding anything but I am asking for some minimal communication. Why? Because as tynblpb pointed out that is what the team promised. It was said that the game is to be finished in corporation with the community but that is simply impossible if there is no communication at all and because it was your promise it feels disrespectful. (Especially since there are community managers by now.) @weedtime let me add this even if it earns me a warning: I understand that reading this thread can be frustrating but it mostly shows valid complaints. The fact that you are not responding to any of them but instead argue with "solid dates" nobody asked for implies to me that you either: 1. did not really read them, 2. did not really understand them or, 3. just did not really care about them. 4. I may not know the answer for those? /weedtime 5. Then you could have said that instead of arguing with something nobody of us asked for /HeiligeRobbe And that perfectly proves my complaint of disrespectful treatment of the community right so thanks for that.
  13. Are you kidding me, or simply not able to comprehend? Chernobylite is developed by a different team! It does not take away the focus from WW3. The devs who work on WW3 are not working on Chernobylite. And finally: How would you know that nobody asked for Chernobylite? How can you even know? That's what I meant by saying you do not speak for the whole community.
  14. My fault. All the best on your sacred quest to save the world from Chernobylite which apparently nobody asked for (how do you know btw?) and give us the release of WW3!
  15. Dude, there are different teams working the two games. We may not know much but we do know for almost certain that Chernobylite is not the reason for the delay of the game. ... Besides, you do not speak for the whole community
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