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  1. The question here is still if it is intentional that there is no effect on the RPM (and the stats pages aren't up to date) or if it is indeed bugged and the RPM difference is still supposed to be in the game.
  2. I think it makes sense that different barrel lengths and thus weights affect recoil. This is probably the most intuitive way to differentiate them. Affecting spread is an interesting suggestion, but isn't it quite illogical that the same barrel has different effects on spread depending on how you hold the weapon? As far as I understood tynblpb correctly the intention of this thread is to find a way to better balance long and short barrels than in 0.6 (when long barrels were far superior) which doesn't make people frown like it is in 0.7 (where short barrels are far better because the damage drop off starts too late but this has already been mentioned by the devs) and I agree that this is an important question. What I like about the horizontal recoil idea is that it adresses also the issue that spraying on long range is in my opinion too easy: If you are in a duel on longer ranges like 80 - 100 m and one player is trying to tap fire after peeking quickly he will often be thrown off target by the sway (here I agree with FeuerEuphorie - it is just annoying in its current state) because the adjustment on target I have to do differs significantly depending on the current sway movement. One player can happily spray with a 50 round mag and the sway won't really matter because of the amount of bullets. This leads to another illogical situation: With a six or even eight times scope it is still easier and much preferable to spray because recoil is so easy to control than to go for single accurate shots. What I would prefer (quite subjectively) is the same initial and final damage independent of the barrel length but the short barrel damage drop off starts significantly earlier. The short barrel is also lighter so it has a higher vertical recoil but has a higher RPM, a quicker ADS time, and to factor in FeuerEuphorie's proposition - a more predictable spray pattern (because it is less front heavy and the shorter barrel vibrates less as real world justification). On top I would love to see longer barrels being unable to ads close to obstacles or on stairs for example. Overall I think this is a more logical way to balance barrel lengths.
  3. Sounds like a very good suggestion to me. Because of this subject I read a bit about short vs. long barrels and automatic fire might lead to more vibration in a longer barrel which is probably the logic for the horizontal recoil you refer to. On top I would significantly increase the ADS time and still propose that going ads is possible only if there is enough space.
  4. New turrets and an underbarrel shotgun? Those are not in the patch notes are they?
  5. Hey Ragir, thanks for your reply. I know that it works like this (made a graph similar to yours somewhere copycat ). I am not sure though if it works like this already by now? Whatever. All your explanations make a lot of sense but system needs a very careful balancing. Long barrels are a lot heavier and right now also the worse choice performance wise. Before, one wanted to equip the long barrel if it would not put you in the heavier bracket. Now, there is not really a single reason to equip it. I am mainly speaking of rifles so it's kinda off topic but the thing is that the damage drop off starts so late it hardly ever plays a role (as of now) and the recoil is easy enough to control. I am curious how it plays out after the final balancing but so far I think this decision leads to more balancing problems than it solves.
  6. I can totally understand the motivation behind this decision but I am with Dunabar here. The other examples you mention are necessary compromises for a fluid gameplay but to me giving shorter barrels a higher base damage feels just off. This might be mainly because it would rather be quite the opposite irl but also from a gameplay perspective I am quite sceptical about this because Feuereuphorie has described the current situation quite well. I am not suggesting a higher base damage for long barrels but instead a mobility bonus for short barrels and if I recall correctly I am not the only one who did. Maybe you can go a bit into detail why the team prefers the current solution over the mobility solution (i.e. give long barrels ADS restrictions, a longer ADS time, give heavier weapons sn additional malus to running speed)?
  7. That seems unlikely doesn't it? The animation system rework was confirmed for 0.8 a couple of times and given the weekly report did not mention it, next week would be the earliest date for 0.8 on pte.
  8. In terms of running speed the decreased speed compared to .6 is noticeable I would say.
  9. Well then let's see how that plays out I have to admit I would prefer the same base damage for each barrel and other advantages of the short barrel as mentioned above.
  10. Given it is not in the 7.11 notes, has this been fixed?
  11. Maybe you can detail this out slightly more? Will it be something like this in the end:
  12. Come on, why do you lie to him? I think it is time to admit that the devs handed out a full set of cheats for christmas to everybody who owned the game already back then. It's an inofficial secret in the community.
  13. How do you mean that? Do the displayed multipliers have 0 effect atm?
  14. Given the new weekly report I assume this is fixed? While not being outright game breaking it would be a very annoying thing if the barrel/damage system would be messed up. @Borreh are the damage values displayed after clicking on a barrel twice the intended ones? If so I am quite a bit sceptical about long barrels having a significantly lower base damage. I understand the intuition behind that because long barrels reigned supreme so far, but one would have to balance the damage drop off carefully so that Short Barrels would not become the go to option on longer ranges. E.g. as of now tbe menu says the drop off starts at 105m for all bullets. Given the average engagement distance I see no reason to pick a long barrel. Letting the drop off start a lot earlier would lead to shorter engagement distances I think. Personally I prefer the longer distances. On top it is kind of counter intuitive as the bullet would have a higher muzzle velocity and thus energy. To buff short barrels relative to long ones I would prefer to see a more pronounced increase in the rpm and maneuverability increases like a (significantly) shorter ADS time, the ability to ADS closer to obstacles, stuff like that. But that's quite personal again.
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