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  1. Haven't used the vepr too much but your propositions make sense in my opinion. And it's always nice to read well thought posts.
  2. @KDP can you explain where these 6 Bullets to the chest is the golden zone comes from? I really wonder because Bf2 - Bf4 definitely had a lower btk (not factoring in the damage drop over range). Now, it is hard for me to figure out to which 16/20 vs 16/20 player competitive scene you refer but in the end almost all players play for fun (which can come from a good competition of course). Playing a modern military shooter where I need 6 bullets to kill someone as a baseline would absolutely no fun for me. It basically kills any immersion. And I would guess that the immersion and atmosphere of a game lend to its fun by a huge margin. On top, the argument that a lower TTK is bad because it favors twitch aiming and positioning does not matter is contradicting your previous competitive argumentation. Why? In a competitive scenario one would assume players of similar skill playing against each other. No matter the actual skill level, you will put yourself at a disadvantage by running in the open and relying on reflexes if you go against an equally good opponent in a better position. If you notice someone in the opposite team, who is about as good as you are in terms of gun skills, doing what you describe, what would your reaction be? Anticipate where this player is atm, take cover and knock him out with a couple of bullets when he is running around without cover would be my suggestion.
  3. Yeah sounds not too bad of an idea.
  4. Just of curiosity can you explaion a bit more what you meen by the guns annoy you? I for myself enjoy the G38 in particular and never noticed a long reload time in the sense that it would be an issue. Also I would say the AK-15 is arguably one of the best ARs all around.
  5. The discussion is going on already for quite some time and I just wanted to add my conclusive thoughts about gunplay, spawns and some miscellaneous things which admittedly contain a number of propositions. If this topic still draws attention I would love to hear other opinions about my thoughts. ... This has become quite a lenthy post to be honest sorry for that. Spawns The chat in game is often crowded with complaints concerning the spawns. While many of those complaints are whining I think there is still room for improvements regarding the spawn system. One problem I sometimes run into is similar to the following: A group of players tries to attack A1 on Berlin WZ coming from A2. Two or three players take the courtyard and two more the hallway to the right. Being aware of defenders the players approach slowly and methodically but suddenly a defender spawns in the hallway behind the two attackers. Out of pure chance the push can be stopped by a single player. Something similar might happen the other way round: Because a point is not under attack I spawn there but at the specific spawn point I spawn directly in front of an enemy ready to mow me down. This happens for example on Moscow if you spawn in the crate between A1 and A2. A third issue I have with some spawn points is their poorly biased location. E.g. again, on Berlin WZ there is a spawn point linked to B1 that lets me spawn a bit south of Brandenburg Gate. If I am in the team starting south that’s not a problem but if I am in the team spawning north I may end in a situation like above where I am in the back of attacking enemies. In anyway I have to expose myself to the opposing team’s starting location where more often than not players will come from. That spawn for the northern team is troublesome I would say. These are of course only examples which are not representative as often the spawning works just fine, but I had an idea which may help to further improve the system: By now there are several random spawns for each objective and as soon as an objective is being capped by the other team the spawns are disabled. My proposition is to not to let players spawn randomly but choose one of the spawn points. (If I want to defend Berlin B1 against a push from B2 I definitely don’t want to spawn near the plane.) I think this system would be even better with different spawn points for each team but for now I think the existing ones will do. So far the system I described is highly vulnerable to spawn killing but to prevent that a simple additional mechanic could maybe do the job. Specific spawn points become disabled if enemies are in the close proximity (how close would be to determined and maybe vary between different spawn points). Thus, if we go back to the push from A2 to A1 on Berlin the spawn in the hallway would be disabled. Defenders would know about the proximate direction of the push and attackers can make sure that enemies won’t pop out in their back. I am sure my proposition has a lot of drawbacks which I fail to see at the moment but if carefully done I think it may help to reduce the spawnkilling frustration and randomness. Pushes and large flanks could be done more methodically as an attacking team can take out single spawn points before approaching the capping are itself (which still would lead to all spawn points being disable). This might also incentivize Defenders a bit more as extra BPs could potentially be introduced for freeing spawn points. Recoil The TTK left aside I would say that the recoil has been the most heatedly debated topic regarding the gunplay since 0.4 has been released. While I absolutely don’t think that the overall recoil is too high I can see where some of the complaints are coming from. The vertical recoil is easily manageable and could be significantly higher on some weapons and so is the horizontally recoil for most of the time until one of those random and harsh horizontal kicks comes into play. I for myself still think these horizontal kicks might stem from server desync or something similar simply because they happen inconsistently and irregularly which increases the amount of frustration they bring. 4 out of 5 times a 8 round spray on someone at 60 m with an AK-15 will do the job (factoring in some normal misses) but 1 out of 5 time the last hit is denied but a sudden kick to the side which only occurs in about that many bursts. If that is in fact intentional I am not too much a fan of it because it will limit the extent by which a weapon can be mastered. Regardless I would propose some general changes about the recoil which may also help to differentiate weapon categories from another. Let’s go back to the AK-15. By now the vertical recoil is easily controlled so keeping the weapon vertically stable is not a problem. But horizontal randomness will reduce my precision no matter what I do. Thus, a certain level of effectiveness is easily reached with almost every AR in game. Unpredictable kicks to the side will throw off the skilled player as much as the casual newcomer who has no struggle to control the vertical recoil after only a couple of hours in game. My suggestion: Give ARs an even more distinctive recoil path than we have now but increase the vertical recoil by a noticeable margin. The, idea would be that it takes more hours to fully master an AR extending the range at which a player will confidently spray enemies or land a bodyshot – headshot combo. For SMGs on the other hand I would propose a vertical recoil similar to what it is now but give them slightly more horizontal recoil. In this case the idea would be that in CQC even with horizontal kicks (soft ones!) you would not be thrown off target and at the same time recoil compensation would be easier due to the reduced vertical strength of it. At longer ranges the horizontal recoil will lead to more missing shots firing a long burst. This should give the SMGs a more distinct place as short to medium range weapons while ARs shine on medium to somewhat longer ranges. Battle rifles being more or less upgunned ARs would follow a similar approach with maybe even less horizontal randomness and more vertical recoil so that it truly feels like taming a strong powerful weapon. Another more general idea: By now crouching or going prone has an impact on weapon sway but not on the recoil. I wouldn’t mind if there was a small differentiation between the stances recoil wise. Weapon Sway Speaking of the weapon sway I think it’s something that holds back the semi-auto capacities on long range. Maybe I just don’t get the hang of it but trying to quickly land consecutive shot with a high-powered scope sometimes feels awful. Often, I have the impression that my shot didn’t land where the cross hair was placed and compensating for the recoil and ongoing sway to land a second shot is sometimes a matter of luck depending on the phase of the sway. For bolt action rifles this might not be as difficult as only a single shot is needed most of the time, but I think having the possibility to steady the scope for a short time would be a nice addition. If not manually by assigning an extra button I think one could also make use of the already implemented adrenaline mechanic. The higher the adrenaline the higher the scope sway and with low adrenaline the scope sway becomes much less pronounced? Miscellaneous Foot steps have been mentioned a couple of times already. If they become a more reliable source of information blind rushes should be punished more. I feel like movement speed is slightly too high. I know the maps are large, but the freaky fast velocity also promotes running and gunning given how fast one can move between cover.
  6. I absolutely agree. Complaining about ADAD strafing and demanding a higher TTK and lower recoil is also a bit self contradictory. To slow down the pace and make the game a bit less arcady it would maybe help more to reduce the player speed than increase the TTK.
  7. I did not even finish reading your whole post. RS is not competitive? Players play it casually? Are you talking about R6 Siege?
  8. I am not sure how the sounds are linked to the ground textures. Sometimes they are absolutely fine, e.g. Moscow Senate I can definitely tell if someone is coming from C1 being in the second floor close to a window. Inside the building though, if I am checking the B1 courtyard from a window a whole Squad could run around in the same room in my back and I wouldn't hear a damn thing.
  9. Yeah headglitching is sometimes really annyoing. Not sure how to deal best with it though, if it cannot be easily changed that the bullets exit the barrel instead of the eyes. Also lag and superbullets can be annoying but from Ragir's posts I conclude that they are already fully aware of that and working on a solution. But most annoying I find the inconsistency of footstep sounds at the moment. Am I alone with that? In R6S and PUBG I got very used to listening to footsteps and sometimes they work absolutely fine in WW3. And then on the other hand I try to defend Warsaw B2 against a foe slowly peaking from behind one of the shelfs and another enemy sprints directly behind me to shoot me from like 1 m. I have no issue with dying quickly but in moments like that I think to myself that I should have been perfectly able to hear that guy coming. And it truly feels to me as if it depends on the ground I am walking on. Sometimes I can't hear my own steps and sometimes they are loud and clear. Making footsteps a more reliable source of information together maybe with slightly reducing the speed of light players may also help to reduce the chaotic running and gunning. The former will alert a player with good gamesense early enough and the latter will extend the time someone might be running out in the open.
  10. Again so many generalizations and claims to speak the one and only truth. Like MOBBOB I like the gunplay of Insurgency and Siege a lot. It's okay not to like it but others do. Bf3 btw had a 4 BTK up close for 5.56 ARs and 2 BTK for DMRs except for the SKS which lead to this wonderful 1 HK potential for DMRs. 5-6 BTK is quite a lot higher. No one would stop playing if the BTK was 6 bullets to the chest? How do you know that? The recoil might have issues due to some strange horizontal outliers for some guns but it is still so easy to control it. Constantly claiming to be such a high skill hardcore player and crying about having to control a tiny bit of recoil goes not well together. There are also very skilled players who like a low TTK and a strong recoil, just live with that. I am all with you that the gut shot hitbox should be reduced because armor comes too seldomly into play in my opinion. And a steel plate which doesn't get penetrated by a 5.56 AR should absorb a lot of damage and at range I will truly have a hard time with a 5.56 AR to kill someone with heavy armor if I don't manage to land a face shot. But dude just for the sake of the forum can you stop pretending to be the only one knowing the only way how the game is to be?
  11. Thanks for all those clarifications! It's really good to have more precise information on gameplay mechanics because arguments can be much more precise consequently. If I may, I would want to ask to more minor questions: 1. By now I interpret the recoil stat of a weapon as a measure of how strong it pushes upwards with each shot. I.e. if I fire a single shot the barrel will drift further upwards the higher the recoil value. The spread statistic on the other hand I interpret as measure for the distribution of the maximal climb and position of the crosshair before it begins to reset and the final position after it has reset, i.e. a spread value of 0 would mean that the barrel movement after each shot is exactly the same so that the recoil pattern would be 100% predictable. Are my interpretations somewhat correct? 2. if you say the recoil is at its highest after six to eight shot this means it remains at that maximal level after that? After I took a look on the forum yesterday evening and saw all those posts by @Ragir and you I felt a lot of gratitude for you guys. Not only is the game amazing already but also you visibly care for your big family of a community so thanks a lot for that! I am trying to convince my gaming buddies to get into the game as well. You deserve the success!
  12. Ah also good to know apparently I never ran into that limit.
  13. Yeah, that's also my guess. But would be nice to have a confirmation about that. ^^ Besides, jamming the spawns might be op if it gets more common knowledge. A single squad speaking together via discord would literally be able to force a team to spawn back in the base ^^ I can see wz matches turn into spawn jam fests already
  14. I just have a small further question the jammers stop me from calling a strike when I am within the jammed area correct? (i.e. I cannot call in arty on any spot on the map if I am in a jammed area.) Is it possible to call in a strike on a jammed area when I am outside of it? (i.e. Call in arty on the jammed area while my position is not jammed)
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