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  1. But a good point honestly. Nobody asked for a change in the HUD. There were a thousand issues more pressing than the HUD many of which still not resolved. Given that jokes are the order of the day the way how the development of WW3 proceeded since Summer 2019 feels a bit like this: Sailor: Captain, the hull has about a dozen breaches we should fix them right away. Captain: I would prefer a new ship wheel. Sailor: But Sir, that does not matter right now. Captain: And the anchor needs a new paint job.
  2. I might bei wrong, but I guess you fell victim to sarcasm.
  3. If I were to guess I would say sone of them are still reading these posts but a policy has been enacted that leaves communication to specific persons from My.Games. E.g., this community manager who was introduced in spring 2020 and since then has written barely anything. Amazing management.
  4. Why not both? A 2x, and a 3x magnifier. Customization was the big selling point of WW3 so let's get back to it ^^
  5. Sadly have to agree. I am still not quite sure if it is performance related but it kind of felt laggy and indirect. I enjoyed using battle rifles in 0.6 but in the VAT it was difficult to use the 417 effectively und range. I was happy to see that sway reduction is now an attachement thing, but I still think that the sway is distractingly pronounced in that it makes firing say 5 shots in single fire or as a burst inconsistent even if you had flawless recoil control. Small Edit: Maybe some of you have already noticed, but some of the popular YouTubers gave the VAT a look too and at least LevelCap seems to share our concerns about Gunplay and Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCTE6CeNyNE&t=13s Another interesting note from the video is what he says about the situation the developers are in right now. It will be tricky to find a niche for WW3 with the Bf 2042 and Warzone around. An observation with which I concur. For me the more or less obvious niche (and the one I thought the devs were aiming for in 2019) was a slightly more "old school" (even a tiny bit more Mil-Sim like) approach to a sandboxy multiplayer shooter. That's what LevelCap also suggests. So it's probably not just this forum having that sentiment.
  6. I could hardly agree more with the initial post. I was more than disappointed with the VAT. I still think the 0.6 build was the best state of WW3 to date - which says a lot given that 0.6 was more than 2 years ago. At this point I honestly start to wonder what happened throughout the last two years because I can hardly imagine that the original team would have made this little "progress" over that time. Progress is put in quotes because I can barely see any field in which the game improved. The framerate was probably a bit better but then again I beefed up my PC so hard to compare for me (okay the maps looked better but that can't be all after two years). Sound: Just like @drdubs said, the sound is probably the worst part and I struggle to understand what was done here. The spatial audio (or audio overall for that matter) was always a weakpoint in WW3. Footsteps were inconsistent. Some paperthin objects would block soundeffects completely and everything sounded muffled no matter the settings. Now, it's worse by orders of magnitude. Some sounds seemed to depend on the player looking in the direction of the source. To a tiny degree this might make sense because the ears would be positioned differently but I am talking about somebody shooting a rifle 20m away and if you look the other way you would not hear it. Footsteps of other players are more or less non existent even if they are sprinting. Sprinting/Movement: Sprinting neatly brings me to the next point in which I agree totally with @Manchild : What on earth is that running speed?! I was running medium loadouts only and even then players are ridiculously fast. It's truly an immersion killer if fully kitted guys run a marathon at a faster pace than Usain Bolt runs 100m. For my liking the movement was already too quick in the current live build. What is the rationale behind making everyone even faster? I get the maps are big but hey that's why you have vehicles. Further, the servers sometimes simply don't keep up with how fast players are and at distance it becomes a guessing game where the server thinks a target is and where you see it. The Apex Legends sliding is the 'cherry on the cake'. That has nothing to do with playable realism. I once slided unintentionally at sprinting speed over dirty tarmac. Tell you what: The scars are still there. Dumbing down trend: In general many aspects of the game seem to be dumbed down, because? Why not? I absolutely do not get it. Like for real can somebody from the team show up and explain? That would be nice because for all I believed it was the very fact that WW3 was not as dumbed down as other game like BF or COD that did set it apart from competition. @Manchild has mentioned the healing and the kill cam and I absolutely agree. About the kill cam I won't say much because @Dunabar has written it better than I ever could in another thread. Please get rid of it! It's a bad gameplay concept and also a terrible execution. The customization lacks the freedom it once had and what was truly the core of it. Why? The same can be said about the strike selection. Once more I cannot for the sake of it get why the devs would change the customization. The current live build has tons and tons of problems. Customization was none of them. On the contrary I would say it was one of the strong parts and reasons to play the game. Why would you change it? 'Playable realism' doesn't quite fit to becoming more and more arcady. For my personal taste I would have preffered if, coming from the live build, the direction would have been less arcade and more realistic in some aspects. Hit feedback: This topic is kind of related to sound but I want to give it more attention. @Manchild, @drdubs, @Dunabar how do you feel about the feedback of getting hit? I have only rarely seen complaints about it, but in my opinion it is just awful. The audio of gunshots passing nearby is underwhelming, but even worse it is the practically same when you get hit. And because there is not much feedback other than a little bit of screen shaking which can be mistaken for performance hickups it is harder to note if you get hit than it should be. Not only from a - let's say competitive - standpoint but also in terms of immersion. I don't feel like getting hit. For the most part I don't feel like getting shot at because the sound is so bad. It happened over and over again that after a firefight or some shots fired at me (for which could not tell how closely they landed) I found my self at say 15 HP. This means I almost died. Why did I not notice? I would not go as far as introducing aim kick when getting hit. Despite being realistic it is also frustrating. It was a hotly debated topic in PUBG if I recall correctly. But something should be done here in my opinion. Details: I felt the ACOG sight has a terribly large reticle which makes it hard to see if you are aiming at an enemy over distance. Does someone share this impression? The roof of the C1 building on Moscow does allow to snipe the entrances of both bases. I have a very bad feeling about this once a team has gotten the upper hand. Did nobody test this? Further, due to the new bases the A area seems kind of wasted. Both B and C are in the same lane and form one large battlefield with a more or less clear front. Draws almost all attention from A. Lengthy post and definitely not of the quality of Dunabar's work but I hope it helps either way (although after the direction the game took I doubt that what the forum community thinks about the game matters at all :D). Have a nice evening everyone!
  7. Thanks for the detailed post! As always brillant work. Well written and well structured. Would you mind if I's use the thread to add my gripes with the VAT version?
  8. I always loved the approach to model the places more or less 1:1 (relative to other games that is) but I don't know Warsaw, or Moscow. What I do know very well though is the center of Berlin and the new version is much better imo. As a German I cannot deny that fighting around our Parliament and one of the most iconic national monuments gives a very special feeling when playing on the map and I imagine it's the same for our Polish and Russian friends on Warsaw, and Moscow respectively. I hope that we will see the new areas in the Warzone map as well. Especially the building on the second screenshot could add an interesting new lane to that side of the map given the meat grinder that the passage between A2 and the B area quickly becomes. Btw in case some French players did not know the passage between A2 and B2 leads through the French embassy. For the extra bit of motivation
  9. @tynblpb Haven't noticed that but yeah, a shame the they got rid of the "recovery" animation. After Majestec said the servers are full again I hopped in a match and I am quite certain that the sliding is not quite as long at the moment. Last year I had a speedskating crash. Obviously I was way faster than the running speed in game and I was skating on smooth tarmac - i did not slide nearly as far
  10. That is indeed sad to see. Although the trailer does not confirm that the rarity levels influence the weapon stats it makes me quite sceptical. I really do start to wonder what F51 and the publisher see as their target group for the game. For the most time I thought they mainly aim at seasoned FPS players. Without the big brand and the gritty asthetics I would think WW3 would not really have a chance among younger customers (who are just more attracted to Battlefield and CoD). But the introduction of rarity levels tells something different. All in all I have mixed feelings about the trailer. The map updates seem good, the animations fluid, the weapons still have noticeable recoil (although one cannot conclude too much about things like sway etc. from the trailer alone). We can probably still look forward to a solid core gameplay. The sliding on the other hand seems a bit over the top - it looks as if one can slide over asphalt and dirt for several meters. I wonder if F51 took inspiration from Bf 2042 for the back pack or maybe the other way round (or two seperate inventions). - I just hope it has a limited inventory which contributes to your weight so that it is limited in some form - then it becomes an interesting element I look forward to see. A couple of things I don't like at all. A couple of times you see a gigantic notification "you killed xy" at the bottom of the screen. It blocks so much screen real estate ... why? I hope it it going to be optional. ... Further, I dislike the introduction of a killcam and if it truly were to come weapon stats being altered by rarity and levelling.
  11. @Death After your post I watched the video and was quite worry - mainly about weapon levelling and rarity. I couldn't quite find it in there. Can you hint at a time stamp of where to look?
  12. My post wasn't to be taken too seriously. I am entirely aware that WW3's Breakthrough is inspired by Rush. Didn't know about the rename in Bf 1 and V though.
  13. Reading all the information so far available I cannot deny that some Bf 2042 features seem to be at least inspired by WW3. ^^ - Capture zones instead of single points? Check - Breakthrough mode which sounds exactly like WW3's? Check - Weapon/Customization independent of class? Check - Calling in customized vehicles? Check Might have missed some points.
  14. Dude, mad respect for putting so much effort into figuring out this behavior!
  15. That's a brillant idea! Didn't know LMGs work like that so thanks for a bit of extra knowledge too. This would give further room for magazine fed LMGs like the M27 IAR although they seem kind of redundant given that 60 round mags are available for many guns.
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