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  1. I think Berlin could especially profit from some changes. The passage between A2 and B2 can quickly become a meat grinder. So the possibility to enter the library as in TDM and have ways to avoid the small gap could be nice. As you are mentioning map layouts I still think that Berlin would profit from turning the spawns by 90°. It would lead to the impression that one team is attacking the Brandenburg Gate and especially the Bundestag behind it while the other is trying to defend it. For me that would be epic. ^^
  2. Speaking about attachements I could imagine an intermediate system. Take the cobra grip for example: Modders can now choose to create another grip with the same stats but a different look. Thus balance would be no issue.
  3. I am also strictly against bots. They would probably serve a very limited purpose but take enormous ressources to be done properly so yeah not a fan of this idea. Most of the other suggestions are confirmed already I think (maps, map rotation, larger playercount if possible, sound improvements) or tested by the community (game mode - see Breakthrough events).
  4. I am not a fan of this idea. That recoil is harder to compensate for is one of the trade offs of high magnification scopes. It is something to learn and master and it would seem weird to use the same weapon with different scopes and consequently different recoil.
  5. Have you been jammed and targeted? The fact that the enemy team does not know about the effective counters against the heli does not make it op. That's a bit like saying a tank is op when nobody considered bringing an RPG.
  6. Isn't that the same in almost any game? Using a higher magnification scope you have to compensate for recoil more because it's mostly a visual thing.
  7. What about removing the packs from the CPs and making the 4x4 Commando a mobile resupply station for all kinds of supply? ^^ Either I can stay outside and have at least some cover, or I enter a passenger seat to regen ammo, health and Equipment slowly? Might be a totally stupid idea, that's just a quick thought I had, reading your post.
  8. Mardell do you actually consider that Salt Lord just knows what he is doing and a good BTR user while the enemy team is doing poorly? There so many ways to counter a BTR or prevent someone to get that many kills. That someone gets a really high K/D with something is definitely no proof of it being op.
  9. Dude seriously calm down. Have you considered that the people defending SR + AR builds do so because they have no troubles with enemy snipers not because they want to defend their own playstyle? The reason why nobody discusses the other pairings is simple: The OP has not given any argument for why these pairings are supposed to be OP. After my reaction to the topic the OP himself focused on snipers with the invalid argument of how real life scout sniper teams work. If you are in a 3v3 firefight and the enemy team gets sniper support who takes you out while you are focused on his team mates what is wrong with that? And you still can determine his location. SRs are really loud. If he is close you will notice that from his first shot on. If he is far and you can't hear from where the shot came there is still just a limited amount of directions where the sniper can be. After a couple of hours on every map you get used to the typical sniper spots and how to avoid being exposed to them. Of course every once in a while this does not help and you get killed by a sniper but that doesn't make them OP. Honestly every single of your comments lacks any argument why a sniper is supposed to be op. You just say that you get killed multiple times by snipers and you cannot counter them - I mean no offense but that is not enough to state that they are op.
  10. Thank you for your answer and the clarifications! I can follow your argumentation and am fine with that. Just as a side note: Maybe it's because I played PUBG a lot and fights often take place over longer distances so that I am used to such a mechanic I don't know. And I would disagree that your sways are not that big spontaneously I can't come by a game with a more pronounced sway. But that's part of the characteristics of the gunplay of WW3 and I am absolutely fine with that. I hope it doesn't get too hot in the office these days!
  11. 1. Sure, it can be annoying to be killed by a sniper with the first shot. But that may happen in almost any modern warfare FPS. Granted it is a bit easier because snipers are really powerful in WW3 but that does not mean that they are op and that is not question which is discussed here. The claim is that SR + AR or SR + BR (or some other combinations) are op. To know from where a sniper killed you is a matter of a experience and map knowledge. Of course after being one shotted I can't say precisely where the sniper is but from the gun shot and map knowledge I will have an approximate idea. Thus, it is not necessary to die a second time before you engage the sniper. If you die around a CP and spawn on the exact same CP again you obviously are exposed to the risk of being killed again. If he surprises you while you are searching for him and kills you it just means that he is better than you are. If he truly surprises you, he could have kille you just as well with the sniper rifle. With a SR and a relatively light AR - say the G29 and the G36 you are restricted to the lightest chest and already at the top of the medium bracket - without any attachements. This is a significant disadvantage in CQB. You can run an AR and a ceramic vest and still have the same speed. SR + AR is a powerful loadout with significant drawbacks. The sniper should be a sniper - What do you actually mean here? You cannot replicate a typical scout sniper mission in WW3. High priority targets would maybe be RPG gunners or vehicle components or enemy snipers. If I focus on those I am just doing a good job. Using an AR alongside just sacrifices protection in favor of additional firepower which I probably never use if I rely on my SR. Why is SR + AR the firepower of a desginated marksman and why can't a designated marksman use SRs? And what has this to do with WW3? Comparisons to real life battlefield tasks are not really usefully I would say. Again I can call in my personalized tank. How is that authentic in terms of real life warfare? I do not know how long you are already around and playing the game but from my experience I would not say that there has been a noticeable increase in snipers lately. Can you tell me where snipers are dominating? Take Berlin for example. A sniper can control large parts of Pariser Platz but a SR puts you in a great disadvantage on any CP. Friends of mine just started to play the game (potentially because it bought it for them ) and they are often annoyed by snipers. But as soon as they get to know the maps better they are not that surprised by snipers anymore.
  12. But this freedom to choose your loadout and role on the battlefield is one of the core aspects and selling propositions of this game. Changing that will drastically change the character of the game and in my opinion not for the better. Not only because it reduces this somewhat unique factor but also because the gameplay works very well with it. To be honest this feels like a very subjective and personal complaint of yours - maybe because you have troubles with snipers? You still have not explained why the weapon pairings are supposed to be op? Speaking about authenticity this is again a weak argument. I can run around dressed like a Bundeswehr soldier, carrying an AK-15, and be able to call in my personalized M1 Abrams... Is that truly more authentic than someone carrying an AR and an SR?
  13. Reducing strafing speed is a really good idea. How strongly does strafing affect the accuracy? It's not just a thing in CQB according to my experience. It works really good up until mid range. And I would advocate a decrease in the overall speed as well. The soft stamina system does not appeal to me that much. If my view darkens because of exhaustion I am almost fainting :D. If a soft stamina system is to be introduced I would prefer it to affect the steadiness of your aim. @Borreh because it was mentioned in several threads I would be really interested in hearing your opinion on a hold your breath system. If I haven't blindly overlooked something there was no official statement about that matter so far, right?
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