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  1. Come on guys, weekend is around the corner so relax a bit. There's no need to be so aggressive. For my part I like Warzone more but sometimes I prefer TDM. It requires a different skill set and offers a different experience. I would prefer some sort of objective oriented gameplay though. Maybe this would be more immersive in terms of the bigger picture of participating in a World War? But I don't think TDM has not received enough attention. This is likely to be highly subjective though, so if someone thinks differently I fully understand that.
  2. Yeah, I am at my parents over the holidays. My Computer had to stay back though ... Good to know. I will try to drop by and watch his stream.
  3. Won't be able to play but sounds like a great idea. Someone streaming?
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Probably not a bug in the strict sense but the default stock on the M416 is now called "M417 Stock" while it was formerly called "G27 Stock". The selectable "G38 Stock" has still the old name though and so does the G38 and G27 Compensator. Maybe this is even intentional? Probably the remaining G27 and G38 attachements haven't received their new lables? Or the default Stock on the M416 has a typo? (Although I really really hope it's a hint that the 417 will come sooner or later). GAME BUILD ID: 3715425 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Just go to the customizations menu SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: AMD R5 1600, Zotax AMP! Extreme GTX 1070, 16 GB Kingston HyperFury DDR4 2400 Ram
  5. Given the recent name change of the HK 416 I came across a small idea for further weapon customizations which only adds a little bit of flavor but maybe some like it and if it is not the hard to realize maybe it has a chance to become true. So I am German and thus I did like that the 416 was called G38. Of course it makes no difference gameplaywise but it added to the immersion of being the single German soldier who actually got working gear. The idea would be that I can choose the weapon designation which is displayed when I kill someone. It is just a nice and minor touch but I am certain there are a lot of French and Norwegian players out there who would like to use the 416 under the name it gets in the French and Norwegian Army and so on. I've chosen the 416 as an example because I know that it is used in multiple armies (and for the French Army we are to get or have already uniforms) and I don't know how much this applies to other weapons but I think it would be a nice layer of customization and would like to hear what other's think. Of course this would have a low priority anyway but who knows. Have a nice evening everybody!
  6. @tynblpb you are a filthy casual no doubt!
  7. How do you measure if recoil is unnaturally high in a video game? I never shot a gun so I have no idea how recoil actually feels but I would assume that the ways to replicate this feeling in a video game where you have nothing but a visual feedback is fairly limited. So I am really curious why one would say the recoil in WW3 is unnaturally high? In my opinion it is extremely easy to compensate for the recoil. It takes like no effort at all and I am usually not good at recoil compensation in other FPS games. So if someone claims to be a very good player and complains about the recoil in the game at the same time this leaves me puzzled. I agree on every point? @TZoningHard Your argument about movement and how two players race each other can only be any relevant in really close quarter engagements. Can you explain where this would happen in Warzone? Maybe in the Warsaw Mall or Senate building on Moscow? I have no idea as I never experienced something like that. Yes movement matters a lot, but from my experience it matters to get into cover and outposition your opponent not to outrace him. So I would again be curious where this would be applicable. Also there would be another way to balance this out: Reduce the speed of light loadouts slightly. With medium and heavy loadouts it is hard to outrace anyone anyway. As I wrote in maddini's thread I think the grips could have more pronounced roles, e.g.: - Reduce the spread significantly and the recoil only marginally to make the recoil even more predictable. - Reduce the sway significantly and the recoil slightly to allow for good tapping while standing. - Reduce the vertical recoil significantly and the spread marginally for better full auto spraying. - Reduce the hipfire spread significantly for better hipfire. - Reduce the recoil and spread increase for better short bursts. ... I am sure one can think of other was to modify a gun's behaviour to fit certain playstyles and the same should hold the barrel length where the long barrels are dominating atm I think.
  8. @tynblpb it was the same for me and while asking for the settings etc. of course makes sense I would assume that people who report these stutters now experience a worse performance than before with the same settings. At least for me it was this way. And given how many hours maddinii has already put into the game I guess he will also have ruled out the settings as a cause before posting to the forum.
  9. I agree to many of your thoughts. Especially about the AK-15 being the all around best gun (at least among ARs) and the attachements. It would be nice if the attachments (or grips to be more specific) would favor different playstyles in a more pronounced way. One grip helps with hip fire, one is better for full automatic fire on a gun with a high spread, one is better if the recoil is very pronounced, one reduces the sway to better help with long range tapping while another reduces the first shot recoil so that fast tapping profits a bit more and so on. I don't know how well this could be done with the current system.
  10. It's a trumpet isn't it? Still don't get what that means though
  11. What about making this kind of a community contest? I am sure some veterans have the stomach and skill to produce something helpful. Either short video clips or tutorial picture like the one above. You simply tell what you have in mind and leave the rest to the players? Could boost the bond between the devs and the community.
  12. I am just downloading a 9 GB Patch for PTE - is that 0.5.4?
  13. So coming from 5.2. which some considered as too high it gas been increased?
  14. Is it possible to get slightly more detailed info about the ttk adjustments in 5. 3?
  15. Haven't used the vepr too much but your propositions make sense in my opinion. And it's always nice to read well thought posts.
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