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  1. Main reason would be immersion. I like having differently colored hitmarkers because it helps me aiming for the head. But I would definitely prefer a more embedded style of feedback. Despite all its flaws PUBG did a great job on that I think. Of course the blood splatter is vastly exaggerated, but I always know if and where I did hit my enemy and it is more immersive than artificical hitmarkers.
  2. Yeah, this replicates my feelings quite a bit. I think one quickly underestimates how we are fooled by our senses. I.e. two games and the exact same gunplay in terms of recoil, spread etc. but one has the "punchier" sound and probably different animations and that might make you like this gunplay a lot better although it is in practice identical. @IT_Funker_Tact I've never played codmw, but I am suprised that you bring up headshots as a bad example because in my opinion this is one of the most satisfying things in WW3. And are you talking about GR: Wildlands?
  3. Can u at least in some way describe your issue with the gunplay in more detail? Instead of just saying to those who like it and play the game a lot more that they are wrong and don't listen?
  4. The server browser, map rotation and Breakthrough mode are some of the most prominent features which are implemented the way they are bevause of community feedback. That was only possible due to early access. The rest has been explained by tynblpb.
  5. Yeah, the team has become very silent. I assume they are working very hard and we just got to know that Warsaw Warzone is reworked at the moment too but that's basically it. Other than we are reworking xy (e.g. the soundsystem) we haven't hear anything in a while. If I am not mistaken there has been no dev blog since the weekly reports have been cancelled and the last show of progress has been the weekly report before christmas. I would totally understand if the current situation makes working on the game a lot harder but then I would like to have a word on it.
  6. I do disagree with this suggestion. This is for two reasons: 1. Much like tynblpb I don't think that the maps are too large in the first place and running around without constant action is necessarily a problem. 2. While the first one is rather subjective this reason is less so in my opinion. Someone from the team just said that the Warzone maps (Warsaw specifically) are reworked (which is referenced by tynblpb). But putting the focus on condensing the maps at the current moment instead of getting 0.9 finished which will hopefully bring back players and nullify the problem in general is not recommendable thing.
  7. I support this suggestion and I think this could be something to let the community participate as voice actors. But for the moment I would say this is mainly busy work of a lower priority. Progress toward .9 or a progress report are more important I guess. ^^
  8. Contrary to the thread's title this isn't a place for the very serious questions. On topic: As far as I understand these things exhaust hot air right? Obviously, they are supposed to further heat up firefights on the stairs.
  9. Seriously? After all this time you still have not learned that this is the wrong sub forum for a QUESTION? Disgusting... Good question though!
  10. Wait, by tossing the first aid kit at the quadrocopter?
  11. Jup, I haven't checked recently, but on the A1 road on Warsaw for example there bushes penetrable from one direction only. Similar to some car windows which you would break after a couple of shots from the outside but shooting through the car they would just go through the other window from the inside to the outside.
  12. Mir ist auch nicht klar wieso .6 so viel besser lief. Klar gab seitdem schon die ein oder andere Neuerung, aber so richtig wie Fortschritt hat sich seitdem nichts angefühlt. War neulich mal auf einem US Server um das mal umgekehrt zu testen... Kann ich meinem Gegner gemütlich dabei zu gucken wie er auf 10m ein ganzes Magazin verballert ohne zu treffen, weil er mich nicht d a sieht wo ich eigentlich bin. Das ist echt witzlos. Finde es seit ein paar Wochen auch völlig random ob man auf längere Reichweite einen Headshot landet oder nicht, oder ob man sich bewegende Gegner überhaupt trifft... Anfrage kommt! Aktuell busy mit Arbeit ^^
  13. This is a rather minor question and maybe someone from the community knows the answer. I was recently wondering how a body shot which penetrates my armor is displayed on the death screen. I stumbled across this because whenever I get shot by a sniper it is either a headshot or displayed as a body hit outside the protected area. So will a shot which hits the armor plate, but goes directly through it be shown as an "armor hit" or "gut shot"?
  14. For me as well the performance seems worse than before. Does the team have any idea why the performance has deteriorated recently? Just like Enigma says, the game was much more fun in .6 mainly because it did run a lot smoother. I mean, maybe my memory is just flawed, or maybe it's because there are less players and thus the servers are crowded with players from all around the world leading to higher pings but that does not explain the lower framerate to me. So any explanation would be welcome
  15. Ich bin noch da! Aber das Problem ist nur relativ unregelmäßig Zeit zum daddeln. Ich kann deine Frustration und die deiner Freunde voll verstehen. Die Performance in letzter Zeit ist so nervig. Erfülle aber die von dir gestellten Anforderungen, also ich such dich mal bei Steam.
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