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  1. I always loved the approach to model the places more or less 1:1 (relative to other games that is) but I don't know Warsaw, or Moscow. What I do know very well though is the center of Berlin and the new version is much better imo. As a German I cannot deny that fighting around our Parliament and one of the most iconic national monuments gives a very special feeling when playing on the map and I imagine it's the same for our Polish and Russian friends on Warsaw, and Moscow respectively. I hope that we will see the new areas in the Warzone map as well. Especially the building on the second screenshot could add an interesting new lane to that side of the map given the meat grinder that the passage between A2 and the B area quickly becomes. Btw in case some French players did not know the passage between A2 and B2 leads through the French embassy. For the extra bit of motivation
  2. @tynblpb Haven't noticed that but yeah, a shame the they got rid of the "recovery" animation. After Majestec said the servers are full again I hopped in a match and I am quite certain that the sliding is not quite as long at the moment. Last year I had a speedskating crash. Obviously I was way faster than the running speed in game and I was skating on smooth tarmac - i did not slide nearly as far
  3. That is indeed sad to see. Although the trailer does not confirm that the rarity levels influence the weapon stats it makes me quite sceptical. I really do start to wonder what F51 and the publisher see as their target group for the game. For the most time I thought they mainly aim at seasoned FPS players. Without the big brand and the gritty asthetics I would think WW3 would not really have a chance among younger customers (who are just more attracted to Battlefield and CoD). But the introduction of rarity levels tells something different. All in all I have mixed feelings about the trailer. The map updates seem good, the animations fluid, the weapons still have noticeable recoil (although one cannot conclude too much about things like sway etc. from the trailer alone). We can probably still look forward to a solid core gameplay. The sliding on the other hand seems a bit over the top - it looks as if one can slide over asphalt and dirt for several meters. I wonder if F51 took inspiration from Bf 2042 for the back pack or maybe the other way round (or two seperate inventions). - I just hope it has a limited inventory which contributes to your weight so that it is limited in some form - then it becomes an interesting element I look forward to see. A couple of things I don't like at all. A couple of times you see a gigantic notification "you killed xy" at the bottom of the screen. It blocks so much screen real estate ... why? I hope it it going to be optional. ... Further, I dislike the introduction of a killcam and if it truly were to come weapon stats being altered by rarity and levelling.
  4. @Death After your post I watched the video and was quite worry - mainly about weapon levelling and rarity. I couldn't quite find it in there. Can you hint at a time stamp of where to look?
  5. My post wasn't to be taken too seriously. I am entirely aware that WW3's Breakthrough is inspired by Rush. Didn't know about the rename in Bf 1 and V though.
  6. Reading all the information so far available I cannot deny that some Bf 2042 features seem to be at least inspired by WW3. ^^ - Capture zones instead of single points? Check - Breakthrough mode which sounds exactly like WW3's? Check - Weapon/Customization independent of class? Check - Calling in customized vehicles? Check Might have missed some points.
  7. Dude, mad respect for putting so much effort into figuring out this behavior!
  8. That's a brillant idea! Didn't know LMGs work like that so thanks for a bit of extra knowledge too. This would give further room for magazine fed LMGs like the M27 IAR although they seem kind of redundant given that 60 round mags are available for many guns.
  9. It's not officially dead and it seems the devs are still working on it full time. Given that MyGames is no responsible for the communication and is simply dead silent it's hard to guess if there is any progress. Your best chance to find at least one somewhat populated server is in the European evening times.
  10. @tynblpb did you notice If the away affects flicks as well? Given how strong it is, this might cause further inconsistencies.
  11. Not sure where you are from and if that would ne possible for you, but the only chance to find a crowded server ist likely in the European evening hours.
  12. I absolutely second that! I made quite some complaints about the sway mechanics but never took the time for such a detailed analysis. You very much nail the problem. If I switch to single fire I do so for accurate follow-up shots (among other reasons). Hardly possible with the sway (it can work, or it does not - that's entirely random). Holding a tight angle with a DMR? Hardly possible. Sway might throw you randomly of target and it is nigh impossible to avoid that. And so on. I like your idea, but I would go even a little bit further: A shot will always reset the sway pattern so that the resting position of your aim after a shot (without any recoil compensation) is NOT affected by sway at all. Due to spread and recoil there will still be some random deviation in the resting position, so single fire becomes no laser beam. Only after a fraction of a second after the last shot the sway pattern would start again. I think this would not only improve gameplay but also be a bit more intuitive. I've never shot a gun but I shoot fotos quite often and without a tripod you face the very same problem. Only after I try to hold my camera still for a moment I start to sway. And guns have a much higher weight so you should sway less.
  13. Dude WTF? Pick a different font color One can hardly see anything
  14. Strongly recommended. F51 might decide to give a damage bonus to players with a short barrel.
  15. I know what you said. That's why I wanted to add something. It might very well be that you did have no issues but at least for me, there were always some players I was plainly unable to hit consistently. Please don't get me wrong, my complaint is not that I could not win a head on firefight with guys like Gacek or Atway who are just waaaay better than I am. The problem is I could not hit some players on ranges were I would hit others consistently any time of the day and I am confident enough to say that my aim does not fail on the very same guys again and again.
  16. Let me add one point to what @tynblpb said about the use of the light weight kit in combination with barracuda and so on: I think the lightweight kit is sometimes too fast for the server. Using the tactic tyblpb described above, you have no chance to react on the receiving end because often you are dead before you see your enemy on screen when he is coming around a corner, or you cannot hit really hit them on the move, because the players are not where you see them - I believe that was or is one of the main reasons why there were complaints about the laggy servers.
  17. The real question is: What will we see first, The Winds of Winter or the next update of WW3?
  18. First of all I did not take anything personally so don't worry about that. Secondly, yeah I should have been more accurate about from whome I expect communication of any form by now and obviously it should be MyGames. But, that doesn't make it any better in my opinion. That's also why I called the community manager self-announced - I know he got the job by MyGames - but he more or less appeared in the forum once, stated he (or she for that matter) is the new community manager and then the next activity takes place months later by posting the official news article. This is not my idea of managing a community but anyway. Btw. when the last news were posted "Development refocused etc." it felt to me like a scene from a soap opera "Oh no we are not ending this relationship, we just take a break to refocus"
  19. Hi Polak, thank you for your detailed response. You are right, the tone in the forums has gone downhill recently and my post was insulting and provoking too - on purpose! Because in all honesty, if it was not I think we still would not have received a response like yours. So my rudeness served the purpose to provoke any kind of reaction and I think others followed similar intentions. And there is a simple reason for this. I cannot argue with many points you made - I don't have the necessary insights etc. - and I am willing to believe you but there is one thing: It would have been time for the team to speak up more than half a year ago (if only to explain in more detail that there will be no further coimmunication). It's nice to finally hear something and I want to apologize for my rude words - they were not meant to hurt anyone but trigger a reaction as they apparantly contributed to. But the utterly utterly disrespectful treatment of a loyal community (with subpar manners I admit) this game hinged on stays in the room.
  20. Oh I thought hostile takeovers is a big thing with WW3 but you are right and I apologize. Let me add this: I like your requests. If only there were devs to hear them.
  21. As sad as it is, I fully agree with Death. Has the development been a mess until January, it has become total scam since then. Especially since the takeover. What the actual fuck is the supposed and self-announced community manager doing if there is not a single interaction with community by him in five months? Even if you decide to quit the ea path and continue the development behind closed doors, why in hell would you stop talking about it with your community? Oh yeah, because you either are not working on the game anymore or turning it into pay-to-win bullshit and want to avoid the outrage. Personally I don't think that many of the original team are still working on WW3 (not that their performance satisfied high standards of professionalism, at least they were passionate). If the development would only be going slightly in the last communicated direction, there would be no reason to fall so silent. So yeah, a shame for all the potential the game had. All I want to know is if the tale that funding for 1.0 was secure was a lie all along or F51 was simply not that great at doing math but I am pretty sure we will never get an answer to that.
  22. The Death Star map in Jedi Knight 2 was actual quite fun ... oh wait but the gameplay was also kinda different with these sword thingies and stuff Too bad! Given that tynblpb has already posted a couple of arguments against this map idea, can the proponents actually give some arguments for it? Gameplay related arguments! - Nothing like "OMG it looks so cool I am Special Forces One Man army taking over an aircraft carrier!!!11"
  23. So everything we get from the new community managers after months is a repost of information we already received in May? That's everything? Still the same "We wanna do the superduperbest stuff for the game" blabla withouth any detail or actual information?? Nice!
  24. I am really surprised this suggestion has 7 upvotes - like are there still 7 players left who are so new not to see that this makes no sense gameplaywise? That's my favourite part of the suggestion bboth classes use the same hull design. Which means they are of the same size.
  25. Seriously dude, I couldn't care less. ^^ But maybe the devs do? Couldn't hurt to rally around the few enthusiastic fans the game has left.
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