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  1. Well, those patches (0.6.0/0.6.2) are still on the PTE (Player Test Environment) servers, not the LIVE servers. So their day to day patching would not get wide-mention on Steam, or social media. I believe this gagapatch is good faith, that this game is moving forward and finding ground. In the end, it does not matter what particular patch makes WAR3 playable/sustainable... those patches we are talking about are still off in the future. Matter of fact, not until 0.8.0 would I start openly promoting WAR3. There are too many people who would just complain, instead of understand and help develop & playtest. There needs to be a few more maps beyond the gigpatch, and a much more broader spectrum of squad play and strategic scope, before this game gets addictive, or a viable hook for anyone crossing paths with this game.
  2. Well put. I would like to add, that people who are indeed complaining about WAR3's development, to please understand that this game is in alpha build phase, not until beta does a developer even start to worry about players... The only change that I wish Farm51 would make, is closing the TeamDeathMatch servers. It fractures the playerbase & community and is not helping the forward development of this game. I believe introducing TDM & Recon is grand error on F51's part, by diverting dev resources to those, when "gameplay modes" can be toyed with later. Specially when bigger open maps & better gameplay like Smolensk (& what is portrayed in the WAR3 Trailer) is what the oldschool players are looking for. Nobody bought WAR3 because it has TDM.
  3. Thank you. (I left a notation above of my reasonings^) TzoningHard, I may agree with nearly all your points, but it still helps to know why someone is making them. Most of your points or arguments seemed like you were in favor of lowering the ttk. Because you never come out and personally stated where you stood. Perhaps it is your style of writing, but it seems many of the things you write, you are opposing, only to support them up later on. Which is confusing, because I thought you were in favor of low TTK, but now it seems you are in favor of increasing time to kill someone..? And you feel the correct/right spot is roughly 6 BTK (on flesh) to kill someone. (??) And using that 6 BTK as a standard modifier for all bullet & armor mitigations, etc …? Me..? I don't care if I have to put 14 bullets into someone.... if only because the fight favored his kit, as long as I got a chance.
  4. I just don't get what Tzhard is saying. He wants it more professional, but longer TTK, but less bullets? I am confused with your "skilled" & "unskilled" comments or why you say them, or what you are insinuating/suggesting by using those terms. Why not just outright define yourself, or what you are asking/demanding in your posts..? And simply offer this community, what you feel is the best BTK for this game..? Is that 4BTK..? 5BTK..? Or 9 BTK..? Your post are 100% opinions, because you will not (EVER) in any of your post make an actual suggestion on BTK.
  5. I mention it, because nothing you are saying, or critiquing is about the game, it is about how poorly they are doing with retaining whiners. And wanaabes who want polish & prim for their $28 bucks. I am telling you, that all you are entitled to... is to wait until the game is released... I am here because after 25+ years of playing FPS games and battle simulators, what game has anything going for it in terms of Clan/Group/Squad play ..? ARMA..? Battlefield? Insurgency? WAR3 will be as big as those game in a few years... you want fast food and all of us oldschool players are looking for steak.
  6. Hunh..? You want a refund, for a game that is not done, that you knew was not even in beta development stage when you spent $28 bucks..? Stop whining like a [CENSORED]. If you want to help, then help. But don't start being some social justice warrior telling Developers how many people they should have. Most Developers don't have this many People in their game (at this stage of development), because Companies don't usually open their development up to others, while they build the game. You should know this... but pretend you are better and know more. When I give money to a kickstarter, I don't expect to see my money back... and most of the time I don't expect to see something for my money, until after the project is completed. Why are you so ignorant of all of this, if you work for a game developer..? You sound like a shitty employee, if you don't understand project build-out and phases of development. (0.2.0, 0.3.0 0.4.0 0.5.0, 0.5.1., etc..) If WAR3 wants a healthy platform & game upon it's release in 2020, then they don't have to worry about or Focus on People (Players) right now in alpha phase, but instead their game platform. You should know this. People, clans and thousands are needed when this game releases, or when the build-out surpasses 1.5.0. and onward. I suggest you come back in a few months and see if you grew some balls and learned how to deal with helping a Developer make a good game. /Vulgar weedtime
  7. So, your only argument is, that you do not like this Developer's down-the-middle-of-the-road attitude... on realism & gameplay..? I understand what you are saying, but perhaps I don't understand why you are saying it. And perhaps, because you keep mixing two aspects, of BTK and TTK. If at all possible, forget TTK exists, because not everyone fire their bullets in arrow, or one after another, or if they are moving, etc. Everyone understand BTK... If you are a more skilled player, you want 7 BTK instead of 4 BTK..? Is that what you are suggesting?
  8. Keep crying kid, you have no idea what Development is, or how it is done, or what it takes. You just want something for your money and are an angry customer who is whining that they aren't getting their money's worth, because the game is not done yet and is letting you in early to help test it, for a 2020 release. Come back when you man enough to get over yourself & learn what it takes to be part of something bigger than your ego. You do not need to be concerned about "other players", only yourself. This Game's core teneta and backbone logic will make it a great platform for squad play, if allowed to be done right. Just like BF142 was done with DICE making their first game. Understand..?
  9. I validated my PTE and it said 8 files.. something or other and will be reclaimed? My Build ID: 3715425 So why does PTE only show 3 maps? (Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw)
  10. I am confused. I only have update 0.5.1 on the PTE as of this moment. Yet is seems 0.6.0 was pushed to PTE..? How is this possible..? Or why isn't my client updating.
  11. All that, but how does each weigh when you are using: full metal jacket, -VS- armor piercing..? I think everything should be balanced around actual flesh and BTK... before moving into armors and bullet types. The Developers can easily adjust multipliers to dmg types, etc. I suggest while crouching, gut shot is not possible and other things like that.
  12. Correct^. Then add in bullet types and nobody has any answers... until they test it and tweak it through playtesting. Which is the stage of development that we are in. I get people like a certain style of play, but lets let these Developers parse though all the tweaks for bullets and ammo. I agree that the hit boxes (limb, gut, etc) and modifiers should be revisited.... because we are talking about time to kill, not time to incapacitate.
  13. Bro... This game is not even in beta development, but alpha. And you are being overly critical, for no reason given the stage of Development this game is in. Instead of semantics and ranting, why not just clarify your posts with what exactly you like? Your post come off ranting and don't favor your position, because you don't make clear points. As an example of clarity... why do you keep saying "low TTK", or "high TTK" in some arbitrary fashion (like TzoningHard does...) without stipulating EXACTLY how much TTK (or BTK) you are talking about. Is 6 bullets low, or high TTK to you? We don't know, because you keep beating around the bush with circular speak, instead of just naming the correct TTK/BTK. It is the exact same thing TzoningHard does, as He never comes out and say 7, or 5, or 9.. or 3. It always to "low", or "too high", etc. (WTF is high TTK..?) So... what do YOU consider high time to kill..? I still don't know, because in all your criticism, you have forgot to mention what you think is the best time to kill (or better put BTK) in WAR3.
  14. It does not matter what DICE put out any more... it is riddled with cheaters and wannabe hackstarz. Origin supports those who cheat and hack, it is how they make their money. I was a strong supporter of Dice and ran my own servers for many years. I was around since BF1942 beta.. with a strong clan, until after bf2142 & the BF4 era... after that Dice got away from big maps and strategic gameplay. And once again, DICE went 100% free to cheat game. So, this new "Firestorm" is going to be no different. Cheaters & Hackers own frostbite... and EA doesn't care about it's customers, only their money. (It's 100% fisherprice because Dice's FPS shooters are not legit.)
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