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  1. Thank for your response. I have been playing FPS games long enough to know if it is issues, or cheats. But over 5 -6 games, you begin to know what is up. I do not call out cheaters lightly and have found that some I have called out, dial their sh!t back... but still rely on it/them. And yes, wall hackers are the easiest to spot (while in game/Not spectating) because you can predict what they are going to do, in relation to your own teammates, etc. Ragir, I will be able to give you a hand in a few months w/cheaters after I build a few RDNA streaming rigs, and will able to just pass of my capture footage to you guys without fanfare.
  2. Because there is more than just pointing in the general direction of a player (through a wall). The game engine can tell where you are exactly aiming, and if you SNAP to a hit box through occlusion. But, humans have error and patterns, ESP hacks do not have errors. I played next to people using ESP macros in tourneys. And called them out.. cheaters can't help but cheat, so they forget to how to be normal.
  3. That is why you configure your tank with better armor and defenses...
  4. That are not invisible, if you are looking for them. Though, when I place my own mines, I shoot at them to take the shiny paint off them... so they look like a clump of mud. <--Pro tip. I am sure I am the leading killer with mines in WAR3.. Mines are passive and tanks don't have to go down roads, they make their own. Smolensk is not a finished map & not all of the physics on tree & barriers are in the game yet. So it makes placing mines much more efficient with easement bottlenecks. Or you can just blow them up, go around, or not run over them...
  5. I wish my schedule allowed me to try out these events. All these post have me wanting to try a few encounters.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I re-read your post in light of the new context (deleted posts, etc) and understand your stance now. While you may not know of any cheats, doesn't mean that there isn't. And I think that is the point, that many here seem to be saying, in that you can't know if there are any new ones. Until they are found. But please don't discount this communities personal encounters, or dismiss them. With experience (in any fish bowl), you eventually find the good, the bad and the ugly!
  7. I think you are trying to overlook the situation... There are People currently cheating in WAR3, so I am wondering why you are so 100% confident, that there isn't..? You have people with less than 5h played, that are superstar sharpshooters who are clearly using cheats. I watched a guy in my own squad last week cheat like hell... And you are calling me and others a liar, or worse... stupid? Baseless..? Weedtime, I am sorry my friend, but I am calling you out. How can you defend your "100% no cheaters" comment..? What proof do you have, that there are no cheaters in WAR3?
  8. All I want to know is, do you plan on upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.22 and beyond as this game develops. And also, as you optimize netcode, engine, etc... are we going to be able to see very large maps with strategic assets placed out at much farther distanced from each other. (Battlefield 2 style maps) And with more players? My professional opinion is that your maps are too small for the depth of gameplay provided. And your entire Team is missing the mark, because of this.
  9. And to further that point, (and suggested by someone already), that FLYING drones should be limited in radius from the operator. Not to mention that said helo drone should be air dropped in, near the operator. Helo drones are 15x bigger than a quadcopter... does it run on gas, or batteries..?
  10. Yeah, it is sad. Did F51 release a visual on the helo hitbox.. I must of missed that. And again, I fired two clips of 60 (5.56) into the back of one and went OOA (out of ammo), & pulled out rpg and put two of those into it. It just flew away. So.. That^ is the reality we have today... and in which I am speaking of. You are countering -in saying everything is ok, because in the future F51 is changing something. This I agree on because the game isn't being released until about a year from now. Matter of fact, I don't think bullets should even be able to take down a drone... I already said rock-paper-scissor w/leviathan having surface to air/AA style Battle Point option. If 6 guys want to stand around firing at a drone, then ok. But to me that sounds absurd, because I carry 3 RPG's... (side bar) When you play against someone repeatedly, then again with the same "someone" in your squad, you get a sense of their "know-abouts". And One takes note of how they react at hitting a base with exactitude and killing (while not sweeping traditional corners) , seemingly with info not privy to our GUI. Or their no-cross-hairs accuracy (from the hip) ability to hit someone cradled between the rocks at 140meters while on the run over (over my shoulder) and killing them with just 5 bullets, while.... only firing 5 bullets….! (?) And doing this seemingly often, when instantly within line of sight, with no legitimate reason to know they were there. And not in one instance, or two... it is a repeatable pattern if you just put your scope on them and watch. And not just one game, or even 4 games... So I do call them out for questionable play and any community should. Odd though, that most of Their responses is always "prove it!".. So when beta hits (& new hardware tech drop next month or so) I will begin recording & submitting and not bothering with them in-game. Though it is absurd, that you are making the suggestion, that there are no cheaters in this game, and/or that I am not capable of noticing them. I wish them luck on that.
  11. You'll see me during every game yelling at some noob. Asking why they are moving the mobile spawn unit out of it cover and it's hiding place.... only to see them go joy riding around the map. Reason = noob
  12. You do realize that your video is so out of whack... You didn't kill that drone, it was already damaged when you used your Jammer. I have put several 60 round clips into a helo drone from windows at 20 yards... & you fire 56 at a helo drone and it explodes... too funny. I've also hit the same drone with 4 RPGs, from practically right below it... nothing. Why not take a video of a real encounter with a helo, not one flying back to the base to get healed up.
  13. I have several gaming rigs, but am waiting on these new X570 boards and CPU from AMD for my game studio & plan to start streaming then. So that will be all new to me and why I was asking about what software you are using. Thnx again. BTW.. I like your vids and gameplay
  14. I agree with Dunabar, for the most part. But until we know exactly what Devs are thinking and given the torrent the helicopter can do & the dmg it can take, makes it harder to kill than a tank. Which is real easy with 4 RPG's... I suggest that if it has special optics, then it doesn't also get projectiles or missiles and is more of a intelligence & recon drone. Flying around with rockets looking for glowing dots is just too easy to do. A tank can not turn on a dime, nor fire as fast as the helo… nor have as great of an impact across the map and all over it at once... Helicopter Drones are the single most impacting thing in the game today and their battlepoint cost should reflect that. Why summon a tank, when you can pull out a drone and wipe out squad after squad from above...? All from the safety of anonymity back in the base being untouchable. A tank (etc) You are riding in it, & when it goes up.. you do to... So give me a battlebot, with AA capabilities please... long range heat seakers, plz... just because I want to be OP too...
  15. They can semi-auto fire rockets endlessly... is the problem.
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