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  1. Hi All, My question to the developers (or those in the know) is do they have any plans to include any suburban or rural environments for us to play on? Maybe a much larger version of something like COD Modern Wafare's "Overgrown" or something from Indonesia (ala Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising) or South American landscapes or German Forests. How about some opinions and suggestions from the players for inspiration!
  2. I don't want to hijack this thread, but I thought of launching a separate post about non urban settings.
  3. I agree. I end up running around empty servers hoping someone gets funneled into it. I'm not going to be doing that much longer. Also, I don't see a practical way to play together with friends so I have not been endorsing or promoting the game. I know I can't be the only one in this situation. The growth of the games player base has been stunted because of this and what base it has left is leaving in frustration. This is sad for me because I love the game play. Non AAA developers are going to have trouble offering console only feature games on PC against franchises (dying perhaps) that earned their original reputation on the expanded feature rich PC platform.
  4. I agree. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to retain players and to get the new player count up is the server browser. I had to tell people to "hold off" because we can't play together as a team.
  5. I am not in disagreement with you. The question then I suppose is whether the gun as currently configured in game is unbalanced. Rate of fire, recoil, spread, damage etc. I always thought that weapons should be harder to master and to not always make it formulaic in an obvious way or easy on the player. Tap fire or three shot burst should be emphasized more for weapons, and that is something that requires the player to develop a cooler head in the more stressful CQC scenarios... something a player can be rewarded for improving upon.
  6. In 2003, Battlefield 1942 "Desert Combat" Mod (the inspiration for Battlefield 2) had the PKM and the M249 SAW. In 2004. Battlefield 2 had the 249 SAW, PKM, MG36, HK21E, and the QBB-95. The same year, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising had the 249 SAW, the M240, M60, and the PKM. In 2007, COD 4 had the M249 SAW, M60, and the RPD. These have been a big thing in these games and had their place with the right player and role for a long time. Beyond that, if a weapon in any class needs to be mastered to be deadly and is mastered, I don't see the issue. Role and purpose (context) should matter. For example, if I am being killed at long range trying to engage a sniper, should I say the sniper is easy or overpowered/unbalanced? No. If that same rifle is being used to run and gun a hallway or clear out a contested room as easily as a CQC purposed weapon then maybe there are balance issues with that weapon.
  7. Clubs (clans) can advertise their "badge" through signatures. That was always a thing back in the day when there were communities and competitive rivalries that formed around games on the PC platform. I would love to see those days return to PC gaming. I can't see a down side if "allowable at work" taste and discretion is employed.
  8. Respectfully, I have to disagree. If players are flocking to and choose to play on private servers versus developer servers, why is that? One reason is because they feel there is something better being offered there. How can that hurt the population of the game or its longevity? It does affect the population of developer servers that don't or can't satisfy that players needs. These are people who in fact may have abandoned the game if it were not for an alternative. What "community" and "cohesiveness" is there with a bunch of randoms playing on a public server versus clubs , communities, rivalries, and competitive ladders that result from private servers. It was clan rivalries that led to and filled competitive team ladders that formed. Communities are formed by clubs, not disconnected random players. How does reddit compare to the cohesiveness of a forum of a gaming club's website built around a specific game title? I think this negativity towards private server rentals is from a player base that has never seen the glory (yes, I will use that word!) that WAS PC gaming. If someone wanted to play online multiplayer, most likely the ONLY choices they had was to either start a "server" on their own personal computer or play on a dedicated server that was run by a clan. There were HUNDREDS that you could play on. You would seek out first- a server with the most players. My first online player experience was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and I eventually joined a clan, then formed a new clan and we rented a dedicated server and had a website with a forum. This was done for Battlefield 1942 (and mod Desert Combat), COD, COD UO, COD 2, and COD 4. 18 years and we are still in touch on Facebook, talk on the telephone, and cross the country to meet. All server renters want their rented server to be full, with player choices being both public and private, if you are not providing to the specific needs of the player in terms of geography/ping, rules/admin, and play style you won't keep paying for an empty server that players have rejected. The market decides who what servers live or die and the players win. Empty servers that no one wants to play on doesn't help or hurt anything. With a small change into a related subject, with me running around an empty Moscow map for 20 minutes hoping that another player will be funneled into it to play with me is NOT helping to retain or grow the player base for this game. Not having a SERVER LIST to choose active servers to play on is also not helping this game either. Clubs used to "camp" their servers to attract a crowd! Tell me that anyone but the most dedicated random is going to keep camping an empty server for long... I realize we might not be able to change the others stance on this issue. I do appreciate your contribution.
  9. @diesel I am sadly concurring with you and others. The EA launch was a disaster and many have moved on. For those who have stayed, the lack of a server browser means they can't even play with or recruit friends which will cripple that vital marketing channel. Lack of vision has doomed the game.
  10. I am eager to try it later. When everybody starts carrying it to the exclusion of everything else that is probably a certainty that it is op. If you are handling the monster recoil like a pro... you deserve to own like one.
  11. Hi all, Despite the low player count when i play, I really enjoy this game. While hard to "peg", I find it conjures up a combination of the older PC focused titles of COD and Battlefield (1942, BF2, BFBC2) without the heavy emphasis on vehicles. The game play mode has the same tension and dynamics as the classic PC Novalogic game Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. So what follows is from a fan. I put a game play video up on a Facebook page that a former gaming club (clan) runs. Some were very impressed and excited but I couldn't advise them to purchase the game because there is no way to effectively play together that I am aware of. Let's face it, the server debacle on EA launch has dealt a serious blow to the future success of this game. Nobody cares that it is Early Access, the press is bad. To further compound this going forward, anyone who enjoys this game can't promote it to their friends because there is no way to play together! How do you you expect gaming clubs to form around your game and to benefit from the guerrilla marketing that a clan community engenders? I built a new rig for this game and really would like to see a community to form around it. At a minimum I would at least like to team up and play with people I know. For now, forget the possibility of private servers that create longevity for a game and creates the possibilities for franchises. If somebody says there is community, there isn't. A bunch of randoms being thrust onto a server is not a community, nor can one form from that. I am still hoping for an independent developer to offer a game that exploits the higher capabilities of the PC platform with the same features that put the now trash AAA houses on the map. So to the people who know the gaming that the PC Platform used to provide I must tell them, "I love this game but DO NOT BUY IT!"
  12. I agree with the original post I agree and I would go further and say that without clan run server possibilities you are crippling the chances for a strong community and a LASTING community. That is the way this developer will make a big name for itself. Having more choices is not going to hurt anyone. Private servers and clans are like a business, if I don't like your members, admin, or rules I have other choices and I vote with my feet to another server. The players determine the ultimate success (full-popular) or failure (empty) of private servers. If the developer opens 600 servers in N America, they will eventually close what they don't need based on demand. Private servers will be no different. Around these servers grows clubs (clans) with their own websites and forums which promote the game. With clans come clan rivalries and scrims and competitive leagues/ladders. This is how a real community develops and this has worked for all the games STILL being played after 10 years lol. Saying no to clan run servers is like saying the only healthcare you may have access to is state run. Let the customer decide. No one is suggesting that the developer not have servers. I do believe the best servers will be private servers who care the most about ping/lag, tick rate and the attendant quality of play because they are playing there and also want a successful server. Many people are turning to indy developers like Area51 because they are tired of the culture that now exists because of the practices of AAA houses. I for one, do not want to be herded into the next console port year after year.
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