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  1. Here's the issue: RCWS aim is not stabilized, making it a worse alternative to popping out and shooting your firearms -- the latter is stabilized. Suggestion: make RCWS aim stabilized so that it doesn't sway with the movement of the tank.
  2. To start off, I like the way squad leadership works now bar just a couple of things: When a leader issues a defend order, most players don't have enough incentive to follow the order UNLESS the objective is being attacked or captured. Nobody wants to idle on C1 when there's a lot of action going on elsewhere and you can earn BP by attacking some other objective instead. Here's my point: Add bonus points for following defend orders -- say, get +50bp/10sec for staying around the marked objective even if there are no enemies. Here's why: A lot of the time in clutch games, as a squad leader you have to predict where the next wave of attack is going to hit when dealing out orders, currently it is very difficult to convince squadmates to dig in around a seemingly safe objective. Another point I have is the inability to access the squad menu while you're alive. After all, squadhopping to provide a mobile spawn point can only become an issue if we allow it.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Loading weapon configs in customization menu sometimes results in them not rendering anything apart from the receiver. GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Fully customize either SIG or Vityaz and save multiple configs along the way. Spend some time playing, turn the game off and on, come back to customization and choose one of the configs. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i5-3570 / GTX 1060 6gb / 12gb DDR3 1600 / MX500 SSD
  4. That would be much much better and bring out the best this game has to offer, the more we get used to shooting markers, the less the game is different from a shooting gallery.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : RPG doesn't break the weight limit or make the loadout enter the "heavy" classification. Lower weight weapons however will trigger "Loadout too heavy" despite adding up to less overall weight. GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Pick the best armor. Pick G17 as your primary. Pick RPG as your secondary. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i5-3570 / GTX 1060 6gb / 12gb DDR3 1600 / MX500 SSD
  6. Feature, not a bug. When squad members request orders, the leader has a certain timeframe to issue them until he gets demoted for negligence, the person who had initially requested orders gets promoted as an objective-oriented player.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Says "Allegiance multiplayer" where it obviously means "multiplier" GAME BUILD ID: 3428619
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : You can't spawn in a squadmate-controlled tank when it is too close to objectives. GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Have a squadmate drive a tank inside an objective area so that on the deployment map the tank icon is right on the objective icon SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i5-3570 / GTX 1060 6gb / 12gb DDR3 1600 / MX500 SSD
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: HEAT tandem deals too low damage (10 to the front) when arming UGV robots with it. Shot 4 rounds at an IFV, got 10 damage per shot (front armor), this is ridiculous. Projectile drop should also be looked at as I was expecting the rockets to go straight at the target instead of dropping so badly, considering the description says they are laser-guided -- I even thought they would follow the reticle and all, but no, it's a regular rocket that you would fire from an RPG, but with much less damage. GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: UGV battle robot (either kind) must be equipped with HEAT tandem rounds, proceed to shoot armored vehicles. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i5-3570 / GTX 1060 6gb / 12gb DDR3 1600 / MX500 SSD
  10. Now this is what everybody wants to see. Now that was a wholesome match that was a blast to play, sadly, I had a CTD a few minutes before the end of the match.
  11. Again, JUST joined the server. Both with 0 score, I joined first, he joined second. Still "not really an issue", @quitshii?
  12. Here, I have just joined this match: From the very start it shows 42 minutes. Update: A minute later another player joined the game on my team and from then it took 3 minutes for the server to conclude the match -- it said we won and I'm now back to the war map. Great experience.
  13. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : When installing HEAT ammo on the loitering ammo (which is already a bit too expensive for the fact that it is worse than the quadcopter: it has less reach: it can't be used indoors, it can't be left hovering above the AO and on the top of all it requires additional effort and even skill to manuever and hit targets) the damage it does to tanks is way too low: I dived full-speed into the back of an enemy tank (it felt damn good) but it only dealt... 7 damage. Just 7 damage for a 3000 BP anti-tank-tailored call-in. I also couldn't switch to thermal view (I know there is no thermal view equipped on the screenshot, it was made after I accidentally reset the call-in to defaut) GAME BUILD ID: 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Deploy CUAS loitering ammo equipped with HEAT and thermal view, ram into a tank full speed. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i5-3570 / GTX 1060 6gb / 12gb DDR3 1600 / MX500 SSD
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