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  1. totally agree Just played a game with T on the AS server(tdm) RPG stair casers! lol
  2. yeah, I seen that. Thanks. I was kinda wasted last night. Plus, I was Looking forward to one of your smart ass comments? ?
  3. So....For the last month or so, a bunch of friends suggested that there should be a weapons specific server options for TDM. IE, sniper, smg, ar..etc...hopefully you guys can implement this when updating the live servers. I know your base isn't TDM, but there's a lot of us who actually enjoy TDM . Other than the die hards who need to destroy things with their toys, some ppl love this part of their gaming experience. I love my toys too, but I also love a good sniper fight! ?
  4. started happening again.....12 ppl on each team(war zone)...maybe a bit full and the server can't handle it? Not sure...Not my area of expertise frustrating though...time spent playing...crash.....no rewards? don't get me wrong...I play to destroy others...but the rewards feel good once in a while ?
  5. gettin' there..at colonel at the moment
  6. seems fine now. I played most of the afternoon and no crashes or boots to lobby at all. ?Just random I guess
  7. Yeah, first time for me. I was playing for a couple of hours last night when it started happening. One match, small map berlin. Same with some other players in the same match. AS server
  8. yes, a quick exit from the match and into the main menu.
  9. I've played mostly on the original version. Steam and play. I don't choose servers. I've never asked what servers the others are on. So, I guess It automatically connects to the AS server because of my IP. ? I've played a bit on PTE but my ping is always over 500, so I stutter like crazy. Because of the time difference, there's no one online when I play.
  10. yes,,,,it's a wall glitch. they jump in near the 3 machines where people usually camp. I've posted about this...so the dev's are aware of it
  11. tdm berlin Description: I was able to see/shoot through the wall/ceiling Gamer build: 3511736 Steps: I jumped on top of the boxes and my head went through the ceiling. I asked other players if they could see me. They said only the bottom half. There are two positions one at the beginning of the hallway and the other facing the downed helicopter
  12. thx..but unless you know his actual steam account id...not much can be done...cheers though bro.. keep on gamin'
  13. yup...so whatever. Like the moderator said "deal with it". He will continue to look at my steam account to see what I have changed my name to. Im now on my 4th. lol... not much I can do. It just sucks cause people I usually play with dont know who I am now....so whatever?
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