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  1. I have a quick question regarding the reticle of the Elcan Medium Magnification Scope. Before patch 0.2 it was pretty realistic and illuminated, now its just a boring dark cross. Is there a reason it got changed from good to bad in 0.2 and are there any plans to change it back in later patches?
  2. I have a questions about the scopes in this game. Is there a reason why the visuals are not like in real life and are any changes planed to enhance realism? In the game the whole screen zooms in when you use any sort of optic with magnification. Which is not accurate at all compared to reality, in which only the scope zooms and the outside stays normal. The Red Orchestra/Rising Storm games have a pretty good representation of how scopes should work. And I have noticed that in 0.2 the reticle of the Elcan medium magnification scope has been changed. Before 0.2 it was looking good, had nice realistc detail and illumination, now it´s just a boring standart reticle without ilumination. Is there a reason it got changed, despite the fact that is was pretty accurate before the patch?
  3. It would be good if there would be a preview function before by buying Gear. And in addition to that a confirmation window when buying, so you can cancel an order and not instant buy it, when you click on it.
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