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  1. What you say is not new. World War 3`s warmap was inspired by Heroes&Generals`s warmap what have this feature by default.
  2. I don`t know is it actual but there is armor system of WW3 demonstrated: https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/10/21/weekly-report-34-gameplay-secrets-3/ It isn`t angle system bad it is better than all tank has a single parameter of armor resistance.
  3. Also the developers of Insurgency (2014) and Insurgency: Sandstorm are former modders who carried out the entire workflow from beginning to end, making a mod for Half-Life 2 - insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. Following their experience they added mod support for their first standalone game - Insurgency (2014) which included a lot of things (from custom sounds and interface to custom maps and weapons). By the way Insurgency (2014) has a lot of custom maps and weapons. Now they are making mod tools (with support of custom maps and weapons) for Insurgency: Sandstorm what is made on the Unreal Engine 4 too!
  4. Even before the early access release the developers said they were inspired by a lot of games (from CoD and Battlefield to ARMA, Heroes & Generals maybe even Insurgency). This is normal practice I don't know what you don't like.
  5. You both misunderstood me. OK. This video illustrates how the weapon behaves in the hip position (1:42 - 3:05 timecode exactly) With this feature you are more likely to control not the camera, but the weapon itself. That is, the weapon moves faster on the screen than the camera turns. It allows to aim the gun to any part of the screen by yourself (not to be confused with spread and sway). I know that. Absolutely everyone calls this position "fire from the hip" so I didn't say otherwise in order not to complicate my speech. I agree with that. The dot in the center of the screen should be removed even if my suggestion won`t be approved. It ruin iimmersion and it is simply useless. UPD. I changed the content of the topic to make it more understandable.
  6. Lol. None of that is in Sandstorm. Also even if Sandstorm is "hardcore" (hardcore is Squad, Hell Let Loose, Rising Storm) this does not mean that you can not add a cool feature from a hardcore game, just because it is hardcore. No one asks to make World War 3`s gameplay slow-past, difficult and so on. Back to your claims: 1) Fans of Insurgency hates Sandstorm for lower recoil and higher Time To Kill then before. In Sandstorm is really normal recoil (in casual shooters recoil and spread of bullets can be higher then in Sandstorm). So it's not even close "exaggerated recoil". Also Sandstorm`s shooting almost = World War 3 (version 0.2, exactly). Both games allowed to fully control firing and recoil what other shooters didn`t do perfect or didn`t do at all. 2) "Clunky movement". Firstly, Sandstorm has base features of movement what have World War 3 (except lying on the back). Secondly, Sandstorm is fast-pased so for example you can run very very fast, slide and so on. Thus I don't know what you mean by "Clunky movement". 3) "2 bullets TTK". It is false. You can`t kill anybody with 2 bullets with the majority of weapons by shooting heavy armor (it appears very often in Sandstorm) as in World War 3. Even In World War 3 you can kill somebody with 2 bullets by shooting head + body (1+1 bullets) as in Sandstorm. That's even considering the presence of helmets in World War 3 as armor. By the way, what in World War 3, what in Sandstorm there are guns that kill with a one shot.
  7. Why? Insurgency is a very solid shooter what adds depth to shooting without raising the barrier to entry. Personally I find it hard to play most casual shooters because (suprise!) it needs more effort to improve your skill. So Insurgency (2014) is the best shooter IMHO (not even Sandstorm).
  8. I have already read the new Weelky Report about new animation system (which is very exciting) so I decided to offer new feature that will make gunfure more interesting and believable. It is free-aim hipfire. it have realised in Insurgency (2014), Insurgency: Sandstorm, Rising Storm, etc., and gives a lot of positive emotions. How it works? Position of your gun isn`t centered while shooting from the hip. You can aim the barrel of your gun to any part of the screen by yourself so you shoudn`t turn camera to aim at the enemy. With this feature you are more likely to control not the camera, but the weapon itself. That is, the weapon moves faster on the screen than the camera turns. Don`t confuse it with spread and sway. You can understand this idea more clearly just by looking this gameplays of Insurgency (2014). (The feature is explained at 1:42 - 3:05 timecodes) I think this feature must be in every FPS shooter. World War 3 isn`t a exception. Link to the Weekly Report: https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/12/24/weekly-report-43-new-movement-system-preview/
  9. This fearture have realised in Insurgency: Sandstorm so why you can`t use the counter system of mags from Sandstorm? Also animations of speed reloads should be noticeable as in Sandstorm.
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The game crashes during loading the main menu. GAME BUILD ID : It is not my problem (I report for others because the problem is serious and it is urgent - The Free Weekend is very soon). STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Launch the game. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : Unknown. CRASH LOG : The crash report is already sent by owner of this problem with Crash Reporter.
  11. Please, make it possible to pre-download World War 3 before the free weekend. Not everyone has fast Internet (there are other limitations). Because of the downloading players will lose precious time, which is very little (3 days). P.S. I care about newbies (I am not a newbie).
  12. Akan

    16vs16 TDM

    Devs were inspired not only by bf but by games like Insurgency, Squad and even Red Orchestra 2. And strikes make up all the interesting gameplay of WW3, they form a teamwork.
  13. Akan

    16vs16 TDM

    But BF series is 15 years old. BF3* - there is in BFBC2 only squad DM (that's completely different). Battlefield was always about large-scale battles and teamwork before it became very popular (and much more mainstream). TheFarm51 wants to return that times and make the own game more hardcore and interesting. So Large TDM doesn`t fit into this idea.
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