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  1. This definitely just makes the problem worse. From a balance perspective it would make more sense to have faster TTK paired with less penetration, and more penetration a slower kill, which makes shot placement less important for higher caliber rounds but makes the faster guns only faster when shots are placed well.
  2. I like this patch. Everything feels right.
  3. That's a good idea. It would also help to add PTE servers to the steam view servers thing if it isn't already (I don't think it is). If it showed up along the regular servers on that list it would help to get me into PTE more, since as is now there's no one there during NA really and I keep PTE on my HDD rather than my m.2 so it takes too long to just casually check real quick
  4. Agreed with previous statements in this thread. All guns other than 7.62 and the LMGs especially are useless at all ranges. Current balance is good. Yes it can be quick and deaths can be pretty sudden, but live TTK feels appropriate for the rest of the pacing in the game (movement speed, playing smart, leaning/checking corners, etc.) I've put together a spreadsheet to calculate TTK. The biggest issue you can see in it is just how much worse the balance is on PTE. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1--wL4tl19fDPiEu_zwUPbDnRvpJAPYcVBX3hcsr144o/edit?usp=drivesdk Feel free to copy it and use it for any future balance changes, I'd say feel free to use it devs too but I'm sure they already have some equivalent thing setup already
  5. Finally, someone who understands. The argument that low TTK allows bad players to kill good players is moot. At equal levels of mechanical skill (reaction and aiming), the determining factor in winning an engagement is the player's intelligence. The ability to predict, react, mislead, and catch an opponent off guard are what separate good players from great players. Additionally, low TTK can help players who may be disabled or otherwise have "potato aim" (which honestly can be fixed half the time just by lowering sensitivity) still compete and give them a viable method of participating by playing more tactical and using intellectual skill rather than mechanical skill. There's a reason why CSGO is the biggest competitive shooter. The same touted "advantages" of higher TTK such as making engagements require superior aiming ability apply to low TTK as well. Except in low TTK not only does the game require extremely good aiming, but it requires extremely fast aiming, and requires more intelligent and strategic play, since you don't have the buffer of a high health pool allowing careless movement. Conversely, there's a reason why all the biggest casual shooters (as in, the ones that are primarily populated by children and non-gamers) have high TTK.. they allow stupid people and people who don't want to put any mental effort into the game to still perform relatively well with a more forgiving environment that doesn't punish bad gameplay as much.
  6. I don't think a single person in the trash squad wants a higher TTK. As far as I'm aware from our discussions, we all love current TTK. It keeps a good pacing and is just quick enough to punish sloppy positioning.
  7. I'd definitely like to see it multiplayer, so you can go screw around with your buddies in between play, or even make them into public lobbies as well so you and random people can interact and even form up squads from the shooting range before going into battle. I agree with it having pvp turned off, or at least have safe area and non-safe area. Dummies that show damage with varying armors and helmet levels would be great, so you can test out the different calibers versus each armor at whatever ranges. I'll admit, if they add a shooting range that has a decent sized lobby where you can interact with a bunch of random people, I'd probably end up spending way too much time there. My AFK/homework on a second monitor time in social gathering areas in games tends to be pretty high
  8. From my experience everything seems to work mostly alright as long as ping is under 200, but above 200 is just awful. I think the biggest issue is the hit detection changes depending on latency, and it isn't until above 200 that you have to lead your shots at even point blank ranges.
  9. And even then, the radius is so small now that half the time the RPG won't even kill the enemy if they're more than about a meter away. More than anything, the availability of RPGs (amount of ammo) needs to be severely lowered, but alongside massive buffs to the effectiveness
  10. RPGs should have a 150 meter kill radius against unarmored people, just like real life. I don't particularly understand the argument against the dot. It isn't enough to be incredibly obvious, and definitely isn't on the same level as a full crosshair is. Plus, movement speed is high enough in this game that hipfire is incredibly common. I often don't even use my sights much at all up to around 10 meters, and then considering running head on with someone with the collision glitching being able to actually shoot at someone who is a foot away without looking down your sights shouldn't need a laser to know where my barrel is. The whole point of a crosshair or the dot in this case is to make up for the lack of depth perception and the resulting spacial orientation that allows us to make a good general estimate of where the barrel is pointing without having to line up our eyes with the barrel. Considering the current hipfire spread as well, it definitely doesn't really seem like an issue at this point.
  11. I had a lot of nemesis but then I got on discord with them and we're just friends now
  12. I fail to understand how a higher TTK leads to more tactical and skillful/thought provoking play, as that is clearly the opposite based on the typical gameplay found in high TTK shooters, which generally just end up as a giant mess of people bunched up together with shots flying everywhere and no punishment for positioning or strategy. Look at Halo, Overwatch, Fortnight, etc. The games have their merit, but I'd hardly call my experience in any of those games to be anything close to tactical or strategic. Right now WW3 is certainly very arcadey, but that's more a function of the mode than the TTK, since increasing TTK only serves to make the game cater towards casuals and should be relegated to non-military shooters, where it makes sense that the stupid sci-fi outfit you're wearing can amazingly just tank 30 shots from a machine gun without care. Recon mode with one life should adequately slow down the pace to require more thought. Increasing TTK serves no purpose but to make a more braindead experience, since there's no longer any danger in being in the open or being caught off guard, since there's now time to simply get behind cover or out of the area despite taking multiple shots because there is no punishment for bad movement with high TTK, and there's no punishment for making any mistakes since a mistake under high TTK doesn't mean death.
  13. The DP-12 shotgun would be an awesome addition to the modern weapons. Pump action double barrel modern shotgun goodness. This is of course only second in importance to the 10mm Kriss Vector, the greatest gun ever to add.
  14. I'll be honest. I can generally count on one hand the number of times I get jammed in a match. Many times I can count it with no hands.
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