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  1. And that's exactly how those of us who just like infantry combat feel about vehicle users and vehicle strikes. I watched a guy in a match earlier get a k/d of 15-13 before calling in a heli. He ended the match with over 50 kills and still under 20 deaths. I've seen similar things with tanks, too. It's the perfect example of vehicles not telling anything about someone plays, and it being incredibly frustrating.
  2. The difference is that a rocket drop is a single use single function strike. You get your one shot to take out or damage a very specific target. Tanks are persistent and far more powerful over a long period of time of gone unchecked. Tanks have all these "things to worry about" because you can get a kill with a tank and then continue getting as many kills as you want granted you're able to stay alive. Give me an option to spend 5000 BP to make my infantry soldier unable to be killed by anything less than 3 RPGs and a couple airstrikes. But also make people have to be in my view for them to use rockets on me, that way they have even less of an even playing field against me. That sounds like it would be fun and balanced /s
  3. Maybe if the tanks required a full four player crew to function, sure.
  4. How about if someone gets say 3 TKs in a minute or 5 total TKs then a server vote kick pops up. Seems like it'd be a fairly good system that would work and would be difficult to abuse
  5. I'm only tired of it in the sense that probably half the times I see them get called in they're placed horribly or the person doing it forgot to wear their thinking hat that day. The fact that this game allows for freedom is what's great. Having a squad is recommended and obviously beneficial for strength in numbers, but a player who prefers to move at their own pace still has the choice to contribute on their own.
  6. If that were the case, I would make myself my own squad every game. I've seen the general shooting and mental ability for the majority of the playerbase and I don't trust they could or should handle that.
  7. Running as a squad is not tactics. Using your squad effectively to counter what the enemy is doing is tactics. When the enemy is holding a point and the squad is trying to push in from a choke but can't because the enemy is controlling the choke and holding it, you don't just keep throwing yourself face first into them and hope you eventually break through. You move around and hit them in the back while they're busy trying to hold off the front. That's how you win. That is a tactic. When you get your squad on a point but the enemy has a close by point that they can spawn from and come back to kill you and clear you from the point you're trying to take, you don't just stand around and go "oh well sure let them spawn and keep us from taking this point". You get someone to run ahead to contest the point before they get a chance to spawn so they will have to run from a further point and can't make it in time. Lowering movement speed just takes away from real strategy. Strategy is about controlling the opponent, and you need to have mobility and be reactionary to use strategy at least slightly more complex than the "tactics and teamwork" so basic that grade schoolers could come up with.
  8. I'm rooting for Antarctica
  9. I will add though that there are definitely some issues with spawns and the way vehicles and scorestreaks interact that can be unbalanced, especially with circular spawns and getting full points for vehicle kills which is a big reason there's a big snowball potential. When one team is able to gain vehicle superiority and takes over the map, the team being oppressed has to work extra to get back into a good position. Having to work back out of it is fine, but the issue lies with getting full score generation when using things like vehicles. It makes it so when the enemy is finally able to break through and overcome the leading team's armor it doesn't matter because the leading team will have tons of battle points and can basically immediately bring heavy armor back in to push the other team back into oppression. There's definitely still other issues around general vehicle balancing that need worked out though.
  10. It's not unbalanced exactly, since when both teams are working effectively and competitively match each other games can be very balanced. Just the other night we had a TSA vs TSA and the first match was about 1600 apart, so not super close but not crazy far, and the second match both teams were head to head basically the whole match, and we're about 200 points within each other basically the entire game going back and forth until the game ended at time with one team around 4900 and the other around 4800 but less than a hundred points separating each other. So if people carry their weight and actually play effectively on both teams or aren't heavy unbalanced in terms of the players on each side, then there isn't really an issue. If one team is just better than the other, then of course you're going to end up with scores like 5000-0. That's what happens in sports when one team is vastly Superior to the other yet no one says "wow that sport design is unbalanced" they say "that team got destroyed, they sucked". Same here, the losing teams just need to be better if they want to compete.
  11. Why would you want to move slower? I will not play heavy and would rather not play medium because they're too slow as well and take too long to get places. In fact I generally think of people running heavier setups as a hindrance, since being able to quickly adapt and respond in turn to what the enemy is doing is how you win, not by sitting in corners and screwing around in lane. Too many blueberries don't push points and the enemy just keeps spawning. It's like basic oblivious strategy doesn't exist to the majority of the blueberries in this game.
  12. when is side kocks beeng put in game?? dev cna you pls repond when are upate with these next weak or to weaks frm now ?
  13. these are god chnges i hope dev put in next updat
  14. I have over 500 hours and I won't put a single more hour into the game if I have to download the fortnite store
  15. This thread is hard to follow and I'm sober.
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