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  1. And for that weird little argument that y'all's are having, you're all wrong in some ways and right in others, and a lot of opinions too. Gun balance is mostly good at the moment, barring any bugs. Sway, eh, who cares? The sway in this game is such a non issue, stop being babies. Go play Arma 3 and come back here and you'll forget sway exists anymore. That's a good thing, btw. Why would you want more sway? What's that gonna do but make it universally more difficult to kill the guy you're aiming at? Idk about you, but when I'm sitting there in a rough place and there's multiple enemies pushing me, I need my bullets to go where the hell I'm aiming, and to do their job. And sniping takes skill, don't act like it doesn't. If it took no skill you'd be doing nothing but sniping yourself. Nothing to do with morals. The reason it always looks cheesy or unfair when someone is repeatedly killing you with a sniper (especially in cqc) is because they're outplaying you. Here, once you can do this you'll understand horizontal recoil isn't fun, luckily new attachment system has horizontal recoil reduction and stats for that, altho it's not fully implemented yet it seems, but it should be a way to optimize recoil on a gun-by-gun basis.
  2. He said an iMac, which is more like a desktop than a laptop. But, it's an iMac, which is the real problem there.
  3. Go play 4 games, 2 with using shotguns only and 2 with ur favorite/best gun. Average your kills/deaths then come back and tell me that shotguns are still OP. I'd maybe agree if there was an unbalanced skillfloor/cap, but there really isn't. You have the MCS, pump action shotty, does what you'd expect. Tends to work pretty well, if you have dead on aim at closer ranges it's usually a consistent kill. If your aim is off you gonna have a bad day. Medium skill floor, medium ceiling. It's the definition of a weapon you gotta earn your kills with. The MCS is balanced in that it allows a player with good aim and positioning to get a one shot kill, but because of the low rate of fire, it doesn't scale well into encounters with multiple enemies or where you can't kill on the first shot. It's the equivalent to a bolt action sniper, but good at close range and bad at long range. The vepr tho, it's also exactly what you expect from a semi auto shotty. It serves the opposite role to the MCS in that the high rate of fire let's you spam and still get kills. It's a "noob friendly" gun. It's also a pro favorite, too. Low skill floor, high skill ceiling. If you're able to make quick snapshots and move between multiple targets quickly and accurately, the high RoF makes it much better than the MCS at fighting multiple opponents. The downsides that balance it are that the vepr is NOT a consistent kill. The range for it is abysmal, and in general you're just going to be doing less damage shot for shot than the MCS, especially so if you don't have pinpoint accuracy. It also burns through ammo very fast if you spam for your kills, and can quickly force you to swap to another gun. Again, similar balancing concept as semi auto snipers. Fun fact! This balance "schema" (Low Floor/High Ceiling) is very common in games. Not to be confused with LF/LC, such as the classic "noob toob" If anyone wants to discuss game balance it's a topic I really enjoy so hmu
  4. I'll always disagree with wanting to slow it down. Insurgency already fits the "between squad and battlefield" niche in core gameplay. What's fun about stationary gunplay? It's just camping.
  5. We just recently rediscovered a "fixed" map glitch when testing on PTE, and those two then decided to check live to see if it was there as well. This would be from that time, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. This is the key sentence right here. Put simply, it detracts from the overall experience of the majority of people in a match with the way it is now. I've put a suggestion in the #suggestion_box in the official discord that players can vote on - considering the vote is 26 yes and 0 no, I think it's safe to say that it is a fair way to balance the heli without making it useless. This is what I posted: Weight system greatly impacting heli speed. Heli has different weights depending on armor or not, and which armament it's equipped with. You'd be able to have light and fast with low armor and machine guns, or a heavy hitter with rockets and armor (current heli basically) but make it much slower to compensate. You could do any combo of them, but rockets would be much heavier than the machine guns so you couldn't have a "light and fast" heli with rockets, even without armor it would be "medium". This would make heli that are only using machine guns (which I've never seen a single person complain about them being too strong) still usable and about where they currently are in terms of balance, but it would make rocket users much easier to kill to counterbalance their overwhelming offensive ability. Balance isn't as simple as throwing blanket nerfs or introducing counters. Nerfing the heli overall would reduce the effectiveness of everything, and adding a hardcounter like a stinger would have the same effect, and would potentially make the heli useless entirely - which wouldn't be fair to people wanting to use the heli - it is a cool drone when it isn't spamming rockets endlessly with zero effort, after all.
  7. I'm okay with this too, kinda. Rockets are the biggest issue that is unbalanced with the heli. No one ever complains about a heli being OP when the heli is using the machine guns because compared to the rockets it's like running around with a pistol. So we're left in an awkward position where survivability nerfs just make the machine gun heli even less usable. Maybe it needs a more distinguished weight/armor/gun system. Increase the weight for rockets and make armor/health something selectable that adds weight too. From there you could make weight significantly impact maneuverability and handing. A heli with light armor and rockets would be medium speed but able to be killed easy, while a heavy armored heli with machine guns would also be medium speed but not die as quick. You could make armored with rockets (as it is now) but it would be slow to move and turn, making it able to take a couple more hits but harder to get away.
  8. To be honest, if supply drops were added and the current were removed I would want to be able to lock it so that no one but me is able to restore from it. Quite honestly, ammo is more effective in the hands of some people than others, and I'd rather not find myself in a pinch because the supply point I called in got all used up by someone with a negative k/d whose strong point clearly isn't shooting. The current system allows for gameplay to stay quick and keep moving, and has helped alleviate some of the serious issues with the effectiveness of certain gadgets. Before equipment packs running c4, claymores, and mini UGV was almost useless because of how unreliable and generally less effective they are than any other means of killing someone/thing, but with this you have more of a chance. If RPG spam is an issue, it doesn't seem any more of an issue than it ever has been. In fact it seems better since RPG+Ammo pack was seemingly half the people on a team before. Variation is greater now, before it was either everyone with ammo or everyone with medpack. Additionally, teamwork for the sake of teamwork isn't a good mechanic. Throwing bags to each other to refill is teamwork, sure, but is it particularly high depth of teamwork? In a one life mode those mechanics are much more important, but in warzone I'm not convinced.
  9. Agreed. I was proposing something along the lines of 15-25 meters, since being able to jam from across the map would be a bit too strong. More than anything, bringing in mechanics such as this (ones that don't completely hardcounter other mechanics, and that still allow for play and counterplay) helps increase the possibilities of other mechanics. If there was a tool like this that helped against drones, it would give the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of drones with better armor or decrease the cooldown on the ground drones and CUAS.
  10. That would just be a gadget that replaces jammer strike. I thought of that at first too but realized it's kinda not a fun mechanic. It's just something that sits there passive, without any effort and without adding much in terms of unique gameplay. Plus, a constant area jam like that without BP cost or cooldown is really OP
  11. Normal selection of turret type (could be limited to the turrets available on the other drones or include the MBT cannons) Being able to call them in on top of roofs (calling in UGVs doesn't let you call them on to roofs) and then have it be a completely stationary, unmoving turret. You'd still be able to aim it in full motion. It would have health just like any other drone and should be able to be destroyed. It would also be nice to be able to not lose the drone when dying, but lose control of it when dying being unable to return to it until you respawn (I think all drones should be this way, especially since you can just sit in spawn areas completely safe anyways). It would also open up opportunities for mounting a drone up on a roof away from the edge, so that it is useless against but safe from ground targets. From there the turret could be used as anti-aircraft, to combat heli drones, or any other future airborne threats. If able to use them even after dying and respawning, it could also allow for defensive fortification, able to be used to prepare for future heli threats, or for other modes like breakthrough. I would make some sort of way for infantry to deactivate it when right next to it, like you would a landmine or claymore.
  12. It would jam signals when the trigger is help in a cone in front of it, within a short-medium range. It could be used to jam both drones and even enemy radars, as long as the jammer is continued to be activated and aimed at the target. It could work as either a gadget or maybe a special weapon (like RPG), based on how strong it is for balancing purposes. If the range is generous enough to reach a heli drone (as long as its relatively near) it could act as a good countermeasure that still requires skill and isn't a complete easy counter, since the driver would still have 5 seconds to get away or try to juke the person jamming them. It could lead to some cool scenarios where one person jams a UGV while another person runs up and places c4 or otherwise. It could also open up opportunity to make drones more effective/survivable.
  13. Agreed about optics and respawn timer. Also the grenade launcher is actual balls. It would be more effective to have a pistol on the drone than that thing.
  14. That's exactly what I've been an advocate for since the begining. It's pretty apparent this is the case as soon as you see someone using the machine guns on a heli.
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