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  1. Hey guys, my new video is out ! it's a different kind of videos than what i used to release, hope you'll like it, if you do feel free to drop a like or subscribe !
  2. Hello guys !!!! New video out !!!!!! If you want to play with my community, you are free to join the discord that has been posted in the recruitement topic under "Radd Community Discord Server". Thanks for the support see you !!
  3. Hello guys, I have made my own community Discord server to which I am inviting everyone. The server already has some WW3 players and other streamers including me and Rap TV. If you are interested in playing with other people, learning tactics, discussing different topics with fellow players or just talking with me or anyone else from my community, you are more than welcome. I would also like to invite developers to the discord as it is a MATURE discord for a more mature audience and ground rules have been set that will remove any kind of toxicity or NSFW content. I believe in this community, I believe in the Farm 51 and I believe that together WE can achieve greatness ! Thank you for all of your work, looking forward to our future together. https://discord.gg/Ww4QmPe
  4. Hello brothers New video out !!!! New Setup on my pc in the next few days so the quality gonna be insane with recording in 4k actually i record in 1080p Sorry for little pixel in the video my CPU dies this is why i change for a new Ryzen 7 2700x !! enjoy the video, subscribe if you like and thank for the support mate !!!
  5. thank for the support, sorry for the song bro this is a aggressive gameplay so i search some sound like this
  6. Hey guys new video online !!!! If you want support me follow me on youtube !!! thank a lot see you in the game have fun !!!! **4k and 2k available if you will not tolerate 1080p**
  7. Hi guys, I present my gaming channel connected to WW3, a little carnage compilation with a editing old school hoping to remind you of some memory!!! I intend to improve on the editing !! thank you for sharing support and like! ** 4k and 2k available if you will not tolerate 1080p **
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