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  1. I have a similar error as well. Maybe it's a Windows 7 issue?
  2. I'm ready! SteamID: 76561197970748829 Discord ID: Venom2000#1809 Thanks!
  3. @Atway Amazing video! I haven't unlocked all the strikes so it's nice to see them in action before making the purchase. Hopefully Farm 51 will add a preview of their use in future updates, I'm thinking something similar to what Dying Light does for all upgrades. The game shows a preview of the upgrade in action, explains its use and the standard button use for execution.
  4. @Tactigamer Very nice video. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the upcoming mode. I'm also interested to see how the Recon mode develops and hopefully gives WW3 its own personality to separate it from the crowd. Keep up the amazing work!
  5. I agree with the majority here that having an option to disable/hide the chat window would be a quality of life improvement.
  6. I can only assume they've been put on hold until the server issues are addressed further and the player base is larger. There seems to be issues currently with the servers being at 40 players already. I don't recall, did the larger layouts have a higher player count than 40?
  7. Venom2000

    Say Hello!

    Hi everyone! Been lurking since November 2018 but I'm hoping to start adding some contributions. Loving the game, the community and the down to Earth developers! Can't wait to see where this game goes.
  8. This might be better served in the "bugs" section but after you do the morphine shot animation, an empty hand (that looks like it should be holding a gun), appears for a second before your actual gun is visible and usable. Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, I didn't recall seeing this.
  9. I agree. Having a timer would be beneficial and would like to include some suggestions to add a few other quality of life features: Waiting Queue I've seen this requested elsewhere on the forum Move the refresh option near the top of the table Sorting takes place with the column headers so I think having the refresh option on top makes more sense Filter for online Steam friends I know this will likely be a ways out (low priority) since the player base is small now and you probably know when your friends are playing Filter for size of map large / medium / etc. This will also be low priority but in the future with more maps and players, filtering by map size would be beneficial
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