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  1. ive done it like 4 times in a row and now it works....
  2. same here+ i spawn everytime without pistol ammo
  3. no in steam library rightclick the game and search for settings. there u can check ur gamefiles.
  4. as i wrote, yes. but i never had it before the last or previous udate. edit: ok, it happens everytime a match is over and another should start
  5. I have this pretty often since las update... i happens by joining a new tdm game...
  6. this was the Situation. I was so confused, that i walked the same way 3 times just to see what happens. sadly my record didnt work. i was walking the green way (upper) and the red arrow marks the shots, i always died at the red cross. it sounds like a sniper far away... another suspicious thing was that the guy who shot there changed his names during he match at least 2 times. I believe u, saying its no possible to hack that way, but im still searching for an explanation.
  7. You are not talking to ea here. The devs seem to be interested in players ideas. But almost everyone wants something else, so come down and give them some time to do their job. I like your ideas btw.
  8. Im sry, but it wasnt wall penetration. It happend that round 3 times to me at the same spot. It was sniper and the bitmarker always came from a not bangable wall i will add a pic to show u where when im back home today.
  9. First of all they should do what they want ? im just writing down my opinion
  10. 2 buddys solved the crash issue by checking the lokal gamefiles in steam... Some files got replaced in both cases. One of them downloaded the whole game only 1h earlier.
  11. My game crashes once in like 10h+ gaming. Thats not a big deal for me.
  12. 2080ti, 32gb ddr4 2400mhz, Samsung evo 850pro, asus x99 a1, i7 6800@ 4ghz. I had 120fps on Ultra settings exept effects with wqhd. Since the last update its 140-150 fps!
  13. I dont see a big problem with cheaters in this game so far. I played a lot (stats in my profile) and i recognized only one round where someone was shooting through walls.
  14. There are more than enough br games out there. I dont think its a great idea to try challenging them. And no need to, they should focus on other modes.
  15. I can tell by some buddys i have for years that most of the players dont like to play the same 2maps and modes over and over again. Most people are waiting for more maps and gamemodes i guess.
  16. I also think this is an important thing. The people want to show their community/team/clan.
  17. Sry but the game dont need to be playable at all with a card like gtx 550? How old is it? Thats nothing a developer should care about imo.
  18. I had bad experience with borderless. Fullscreen is much smoother. Im playing on wqhd graphics on max, no motion blur of course with 120-150 fps.
  19. Jeah but i could record a game today and it would look the same. I played 50h right now, at least every few days... And im playing a lot of fps since 15 years. Just saying i would recognize if the hitreg would be messed up after an update. I guess not every client has this issues.
  20. I dont like the idea of camping snipers with medkit and ammokit.
  21. I dont have this kind of hitreg issue, heres a video Im always wondering when people complain about the hitreg in this game. Bf is way worse.
  22. he checked his lokal files, something got replaced, and now it works!
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