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  1. managed to get a few games in tonight...game is looking good. Movement and shooting felt wonky and stiff to me. Hopefully all that gets fleshed out. Rooting for this game
  2. I'm glad you guys are working hard....I've come back tonight to check out the new update but the game was unplayable.....after multiple attempts to get into the only server with people playing(8 in the US)....all I could do was micro stutter around my spawn point for a few seconds before someone who can at least run the game smoked me. I respawned and it was the same thing. Nothing but a stuttering slideshow.......I left disappointed and came back to this post. Wishing you all the best, but right now I gotta uninstall again.
  3. I've popped back in from time to time on this game....and what you guys have so far is pretty damn good. The problem is lack of players and general bugginess. I've played a decent amount of the new COD including groundwar and I have to say WW3 could actually be the better game. -Graphically both are very similar.... -COD plays like a giant clusterfuck campfest. WW3 has good pacing....respectable weapon damage...etc. -Gunplay is good in WW3, but sometimes the randomness of armor/netcode etc kinda derp things. COD on the other hand is laser rifles and 725 shotguns -Weapon customization in both games is pretty good but I'd like to see WW3 step it up a touch. - Maps....WW3's maps look great...fit the theme etc....COD Maps don't seem to have any flow and promote jerkoffs corner camping w shotguns I hope this game eventually gets a player base and takes off. There's a giant opening right now.....The devs need to capitalize
  4. hopefully the Devs are smart and stick to weaponry that's currently fielded or abundantly in circulation which could very well be seen on the field of battle. Weapons like the ACR,Scar-L, Desert Eagle are not really used by any standing army.....don't go overboard like DICE has and throw in all sorts of unauthentic nonsense, with that in mind, heres my list: Assault Rifles: Ak-47 and AK-74 variants....yea I know the Beryl is already in game but these guns aren't going anywhere anytime soon and will be on future battlefields for generations to come. Steyr Aug A3 L85A2 Tavor AR15 variant that can fill multiple roles by the way its customized....anything from a pistol variant ...to mk18 to m4 block 2...to mk12 spr......7.5,10.5,14.5,16,18,20 in barrels etc. AS VAL/VSS Mg's: m249 m240B RPK 74 Mg3 SMG/PDW: mp7 mp5 pp2000 Uzi/Micro Uzi Battle Rifles/DMR: FAL G3 M14 EBR SVDM Pistols: 1911 Makarov Beretta m9 USP 9/45 Sig P226 Sig m17 cz75 MP 443 Sniper Rifles: M24/m40 sv98 AWM
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