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  1. You completely destroyed me here, 140iq
  2. I completely agree with @weedtime. Do you even understand what you just wrote ? Gotta love it when people who have no understanding on how anything works try to complain.
  3. What the f*ck am I even reading at this point ?
  4. I legit write that the forum has become a place where people have to comment on everything and explain why their opinion is better and what is wrong. What happens ? In the very next post, someone tells me how I am wrong. That is my opinion and you can keep yours for yourself, the topic is feedback on the patch, not your opinion over somebody elses feedback.
  5. The loading screen bug was extremely annoying, but it had a fix that we ( the players) had to input, usually the developers publish a hotfix when there is something wrong with their game to the extent of a lot of people having the same problem. The TTK, I don't even know what to say, it's stupid to change it every patch, but whatever. I never had frame drops in WW3 up until this patch, where I'll go from 150 to 60 in a milisecond and then back. The recent change to the G38's name to the M416 is a bit weird, since the M4 is arriving, so the G38 should've stayed either the G38 or renamed to HK416, I don't know if the Farm51 has the rights from H&K to call it like that, so I can't say much more. The good thing is that the hitboxes seem to be *mostly* fixed, 95 % of the bullets register and that is a great improvement, because a few months ago you could legit put 30 bullets in a guy and have 7-8 register out of that 30. The *not getting stuck on everything on the map* is a great improvement. Other than that, I'd say that the patch is solid 6/10. It's not the game-fixing patch but it's not bad, the .6 one is the one I am hoping will bring some people back. I have tried the 0.6 PTE and it does feel quite good, the changes are great, so maybe that should be pushed soon ? I also want to say that the forum has become a place where people have personal discussions with one another, example. " my idea is much better than yours, this is why yours is shit" and then the other person puts out their arguments and it just gets too much after a few posts.
  6. To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the bugs, the teammates made out of glue or the new ttk, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, bugs and issues And by opposing end them?
  7. There is a roadmap, the next guns being added are the Carl-Gustav M4 and the M4 after that. Also, you should've posted this in the creative ideas area where there is a topic dedicated to which guns we'd like to see.
  8. Pretty much what I've done after creating this topic.
  9. >Posted a question to the developers on what they would like to do with the TTK in the future. >Got everyone's personal opinion on it even though there are other topics asking for that specific opinion. >Got the battle arena for "I love the TTK" vs " I really dislike the TTK". >Last comment I got was the actual answer. >Thank you @weedtime LMAO /Too big image, double-click, you can resize weedtime /I liked the original weedtime, pls no bully
  10. Also the lighting during day time on TDM has been changed on all maps as it follows you through the buildings now as if there were no buildings there, might have something to do with different performance for people.
  11. Definetely have to agree with @Tweak and @TZoningHard, if the old TTK were to be combined with a hit register that would actually count every bullet you would get a middle ground between the old and the new TTK.That being said, the new TTK does embrace a new gameplay style which I personally do not mind but I do prefer the old one where it took more skill/faster reaction times as this feels rewarding for a much slower gameplay and people just holding corners on chokepoints. Armour - With the new TTK added, a lot of people have stated how the armour doesn't feel correct.I personally agree with this as level IV steel armour barely stops anything in 95 % of the time, so my proposition if we are keeping the new TTK would be to buff the armour to double of what it is now, headshots will be crucial and chest shots will have a 2-3 bullet kill time ( at least on IV steel now it feels 1-2 bullets and you are down on the ground ). On the new map in TDM, Moscow, it feels okay, but also gets kind of spoiled with the new TTK as holding corridors is the way to play it, no advancement in hallways that are held by people who will kill you if they get the first shot/can't be outreacted. The new gun feels and looks amazing but my question is why the SIG hasn't gotten the 50/60 rounders yet ? Both of the guns feel very similar to each other with the SIG getting a bit more accuracy and the MILI getting a higher RoF. Map rotation does not seem to work as it either puts you back in the main menu or continues with the same map. Recoil - Personally I am okay with it, as it does take more control, but definetely not the way to go with the recoil being the balancing factor for the new TTK. Claymores - Quite a fun and interesting addition, they do their own part. The new sound - The new sound and voiceovers do sound great, explosions sound amazing, also the guns sound quite good. Also marks the first time I fell through the map. Overall, a great patch with a lot of good content, fixes, etc, my only issue would be that the new TTK was implemented as opposed to fixing the hit register on the old one, but that is a personal preference. The game is moving in a great direction and I am happy to see what comes next.
  12. With these recent changes, armour feels irrelevant, even to the point of level IV steel not being able to stop anything except MAYBE 1 bullet at times. It feels quite underwhelming for the trade off ( the speed decrease, general movement slows down, also the weight )
  13. A pretty simple question, would love to know if the developers plan reverting it if the community doesn't react well to the change. Cheers
  14. What seems meh in your opinion ? The man just stated fixes to existing issues or some ideas that would help the user decide on which gear to use. Cheers
  15. Seconded, the hitreg HAS been massively improved since the disaster of what is known as 0.3 but still lacks, as someone who spends a lot of time playing, especially TDM this is a problem where bullets just either go through the enemy or hit the enemy/give a blood splatter but do no damage. Nothing bad, just constructive criticism. Cheers
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