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  1. The dude named Yolocaust thinks he is spreading knowledge. Keep your negativity to yourself, the game is doing great and the only place it can go from here is up. Plenty of other games out there if you don't like WW3 or it's amount of players. Also if you think that the nickname is witty and funny, you're a pathetic miserable degenerate.
  2. Thank you @Ragir and @weedtimefor your answers Hope it works out and comes whenever it's properly ready.
  3. The game runs much MUCH better since it's launch and has been optimized more and more with each patch, either you are doing something wrong or your rig isn't as good as you think it is.
  4. Pretty self-explanatory question, the new guns that we got in the form of the SCAR-H and the L80 have pretty good reload animations, the SCAR being a bit better, but the other guns lack behind heavily especially when it comes to bigger mags (50,60,75), sometimes it looks really weird, or it looks like the hand is going through the mags, small stuff like this. So when is the re-work/tuning of the reload animations coming ? Also vaulting, movement in general is clunky to see especially at the start of the games as it feels that you could go through some stuff and get placed into weird position. Never really feels like you're controlling a person, more like a pancake. I understand that this takes time, so - just asking Cheers
  5. Question is pretty much self explanatory, the roadmap has gotten a bit old, so hoping for new announcements, etc soon.
  6. Top tier armor still feels a bit useless, might be due to armour being that way or that the limb damage is a bit too high IDK. Everything else is DOPE. Also, one question, what purpose does the G38 have now that the M4 is in the game ? It has nothing over the M4, so hopefully it gets buffed in some regard. GG Farm 51 on the patch.
  7. I agree with everyone so far, also @nubbits I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to lighting, it would take some time but I am sure you could re-create it and ( if you want ) you could post some images, small problems like these are often overlooked in favour of the bigger ones ( and they should be overlooked because you shouldn't fix the lights in a house with no windows), but it is still good to bring attention to all of these smaller details. @InfroDI have this aswell, I have found out that restraining myself from looking at the score for a bit is the only solution. @tynblpb I understand you, I am sure that this will be polished with time, as I also hope that how the voiceover works will be changed, sometimes it reveals your position for no reason, I understand that stuff like "throwing a nade" is to warn your teammates that you are doing this but at the same time it comes at a price of warning the enemy, maybe an option to let us use the ones we want and disable others ? This would take some thinking as to come with a solution, if you have an idea, feel free to share it with us
  8. Most of us spend our time on the forums discussing ideas, some of the bigger issues, etc. How about something different ? As the question says, what is the smallest bug/thing that bothers you ? For some people it's the loadouts not saving properly, getting stuck on a certain object on a certain part of a certain map, for some it's the chosen country flag not staying on their uniform, for me it has to be that the laser hits the walls with massive intensity no matter how far away they are to the point that light never truely scatters properly.
  9. I see you've made great effort to write the post above, and for that, you can have a crayon. You speak of me and other people that play TDM as people who have no clue on how to play this game, acting like Warzone is highly advanced and has a very big learning curve. You continue stating on how AMAZING your score is in a certain game mode, in a game that is in a very early stage, in a specific game mode, that's just a FeelsBadMan 20+ years of gaming experience means you are either in your very late 20s or in your early 30s, and you are here on a forum discussing how your opinion matters and how it is correct compared to other opinions on some pixels. Then you continue preaching on how you know all the proper games that have TDM, this must be some holy knowledge. You act special due to spending a lot of your time on early projects, but you don't seem to remember that thousands of other people have this game and have played this game, you are just a number, an opinion, not even a developer, consider coming down from the clouds, this will hurt you, but you are not special. You're a man-child that needs that special win on an online forum to feel better about himself, who can't fathom that someone else has a different opinion than you. Normally I'd continue trolling you, which has worked very well up until now as you've tried very hard to come up with a great and an intelligent comeback, yet you have failed. This time, I won't troll you, I see this means much more to you than it does to me, so good job kiddo, you win I guess. Sorry that your opinion still won't make any difference to the original creator of the topic or me "My friend", I am sure you've heard this many times before, and I am sorry to dissapoint you but we can't be friends. I'd say I feel sorry for you as a person, and I almost do, but you are just a jerk that can't understand that sometimes, people have a different opinion than his own. You are simply not worth the time.
  10. Yeah man, because I have to compare myself to someone like you who lacks the skill and reaction time to play TDM so he uses his higher intellect to run at tanks. I understand that you are at the top of your scoreboard when you sit in a corner of a certain area for 10 minutes then end up with a high score and 4-24 K/D, but hey - that's your thing, maybe you just like being killed over killing people. "in Tournaments" do you see a tournament going on around here ? "TDM doesn't even have tanks" oh really ? Wow man, this is enlightenment, thank you on your information, this really changes stuff for all of us playing it. Being prone on an objective and using your little drones is the most impressive thing that you can do, sorry if I upset you by telling the truth that you're just a mongoloid who can't play other game modes than Warzone, I know you have this white knight complex on the forums, can't wait for your little fanboys upvoting your comments to start running over here and screeching about how I am so wrong and you are so right. I see that you like consuming chalk on regular basis, maybe a person with your intellect would like adding in some crayons, and as you said: go get yourself some taste of that
  11. Yeah because sitting in a tank camping an objective requires genius level intellect. Just because something is too HARD for you to do, doesn't mean it's stupid. Also, on selfish playstyle, it's a game mode where the team works together to reach a specific goal, in TDM that's the kill count. Warzone supports people like yourself that like to sit on a rooftop on Smolensk 300 miles away from the actual fight and fire off drones to get kills to even out their K/D at 1. Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you're right. <Removed image> - offensive weedtime
  12. You completely destroyed me here, 140iq
  13. I completely agree with @weedtime. Do you even understand what you just wrote ? Gotta love it when people who have no understanding on how anything works try to complain.
  14. What the f*ck am I even reading at this point ?
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