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  1. Hello community, It's been months since I posted last, but thought I would see what the community's appetite was for a true BR mode. I started playing WW3 as soon as it was humanly possible, and was really excited leading up to early access, especially when Battle Royale was being teased on the road map. I was even fortunate enough to get into the Recon testing, which brings me to my main point. As we all know, Battle Royale has taken the FPS world by storm. For me, it is the most enjoyable FPS experience to date, as it blends moments of intense action with smart, tactical play, and sometimes just plain random luck to be on your side. Playing WW3 gave me a lot of hope for BR - the game is gorgeous, the devs are amazing to the community, and the gameplay is very clean. That being said, i was very disappointed in the launch of Recon, because it merely felt like another multiplayer FPS squad-based mode, and not an entirely different FPS experience. I respect the fact that Farm 51 wants to put a unique spin on the BR genre, but considering BR is still fairly new compared to the greater FPS lifetime, I don't think anyone needs to reinvent the wheel in order to stand out. With around 1k hours on BR (PUBG, Apex, Fortnite, BO4 Blackout, BF5 Firestorm, IoN, RoE, and whatever the hell Counter Strike tried to make) it's my firm opinion that there is a HUGE market for a tactical and clean Battle Royale game. Fortnite is firmly entrenched with the kiddy/gimmicky BR, which is fine, but completely different than the others. PUBG is king in the tactical BR, but considering their spaghetti code is buggy as hell and their developers don't listen to their community (see: red zone, lowering gun spawns, removing guaranteed vehicle spawns, removing map select, etc) they won't see any big gains until they rip and replace the entire thing (which they said they're not doing). There were very high hopes between my friends and I that Farm 51 was going to "do BR the right way" because of how great the core game is, but Recon isn't it. What's the appetite for the community for a standard BR? Meaning - you drop in with nothing, have to gear up, no respawn, play towards the end game of being the last one standing, no gimmicks/gadgets/weaponized vehicles, etc. I, for one, would play this game mode exclusively if Farm 51 did it. We need someone to finally take PUBG behind the shed and shoot it, and it's blatantly obvious that the big developers are too scared to do anything too different that their fans are used to (see: Blackout, Firestorm, CS). What do you guys think? Should Farm 51 do a standard BR, and would you play it?
  2. Been waiting for this moment! Sign me up. I've got close to 1k hours in PUBG, and extensive playtime in Fortnite, BOPS4, IoN, and RoE.. needless to say, I'm all in on BR and hope you guys nail it. If I can help in any way, I certainly will.
  3. Agreed. Conversely, please add some sort of reticle to the stupid Drone Robot perk so I can see where it's aiming.
  4. I read a few different suggestions about changing the in-game compass, but didn't find anything that captured what I would suggest. First off, add markers for more major directions like NE, NW, SE, SW. Secondly, bold and enlarge all 8 major directional positions (including N, E, S, W). Thirdly, add more of the major numerical directions. And lastly, put a numerical counter exactly at your heading. I've included screenshot that should capture my thoughts (disregard the green 200m and blue 120m)
  5. Can we confirm 5-man squads in Recon, just the same as TDM and Warzone? Pretty please? I'm really looking forward to how you guys make Recon work, and certainly open to new takes on the BR genre. Having a great time playing WW3 at the moment, and I really hope this game takes off for you.
  6. There's a bug that randomly prevents squad members from spawning on their squad leader. Clicking on the star in the map, or on the bottom of the screen, yields no results. The only fix is to leave the squad, then rejoin. A separate, but similar, issue is the squad leader always showing as "dead" on the map read-out on the bottom of the screen.
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