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  1. AFVs are faster than tanks as for armor they are a middle ground between MBTs and IFVs. Look at the HP of each vehicle.
  2. Tracer rounds have a pyrotechnic powder in the casing. This powder burns brightly so the bullet trajectory can be seen even during the day. This would be a cool additional ammo choice for showing friendlies where the enemy is and adjusting your own aim.
  3. The MSP is a separate problem. It is a really cool idea but it gets utilized poorly. I made a post about it a while back.
  4. Anywhere a tank could fit is fine like A2 on Berlin but on Warsaw you can squeeze a UGV into the mall. The drone shouldn't follow you because I don't want to encourage this.
  5. I've been waiting for this post and I have few suggestions, when you place a world market and select "go there" from the radial the UGV should drive to the point. That would help the player place it behind cover so that it won't get shot while they deal with the threat, and no one wants an AI "companion" in there walkway so it'd help there to. Also is important it can't drive inside places it shouldn't go but can technically fit like the mall on Warsaw.
  6. The transport helicopter as a transport strike is a good idea. When you call it it could land at spawn for a certain amount of time and then fly to a spot you marked and drop everyone off. I think only 5 seats (one for every squad member) would be best so that someone doesn't shoot it down while it's hovering and get 10 kills.
  7. Yes, I've wanted that for a while.
  8. The RCWS bp costs should be re worked. The light cannon is cheaper than the hmg for some reason even though it can have AT rounds and frag rounds. Also there should be some shielding on the back, left, and right sides of the mounted gun so the Gunner doesn't get shot immediately.
  9. We all know the devs have their hands full so if we did get a singer player game mode it should be more useful than a narrative. Maybe a set of tutorials.
  10. Especially when we get the Soratnik drone that's most likely going to be stronger and more expensive.
  11. I just think it's cooler and it is still faster than the pack plus you can move while using it.
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