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  1. Making a receiver modification would be cool for some weapons. I've seen people chamber aks in .308 by boring out the barrel and modifying the receiver.
  2. I made a suggestion a while ago about this. I suggested we have a per magazine weight and carrying smaller mags would mean less weight. That was the only realistic use for them I could think of.
  3. That isn't really how it works though mate.
  4. Good to know, you always gotta worry about indie developers funding.
  5. If it was a weapon it'd be cool to pick up or swap grenades from bodies, though this may be hard on the server.
  6. As the British English speaking soldier there's many audio lines that aren't very useful an example of this is when you request anti-tank and he says "get some mines over here." This is never the way I use that request. Usually I spot a tank and then request anti-tank hoping someone with an RPG or armor hears my cry for help. But instead they hear a call out for landmines and ignore it because they don't have landmines. There are some more lines that aren't useful but there are also a few I want to add. When you load your last magazine your soldier should shout something on the lines of "last mag" that way your teammates and squadmates can acknowledge that you are almost black on ammo and act accordingly. WW3 emphasizes teamwork but proper communication is the baseline for this. On a side note you can choose what language you, your friendlies, and the enemies speak which makes all of this pointless. I like the choice but some in-game translation would be very useful as well.
  7. Easy guys the post is about server ownership. I don't know what TF52's financial situation is but if we rented servers it would definitely throw some dough their way to put towards development of the game which is something we all want.
  8. The stinger can't lock onto things below a certain degree bro. Also it needs a clear backdrop like a blue sky for example. Javelin could be very cool and would give the jammer add on to tanks a purpose. It shouldn't be a strike though, just a special weapon like RPG.
  9. The MSP just needs some love.
  10. NeoOrNeon

    [Gameplay] Respawn

    I dunno if a longer timer would make people more thoughtful. It could be annoying for a lot of people. Personally I think it is the movement speed that makes WW3 so fast paced and chaotic. Everybody should be slower.
  11. You should make a suggestion about this so we can upvote it.
  12. Any attention would be good at this point
  13. A stringer could be useful if you could use it on all drones including uavs but discludimg jammers. AA mines don't really have a place in the game in my opinion though. Soflam and pld from bf4? We already have a few wire guided and gunner guided rockets.
  14. It is hard to shoot when it is high but even so it's a helicopter drone. I had personally thought that the height limit should be higher, the worst case is on Polyarny where the map on a hill but the height limit is flat so flying straight put you out of bounds sometimes. As for holding the input once jammed; this should be removed. When jammed the heli should automatically land that way there is a chance for it to be destroyed or for it to be defended.
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