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  1. I know the drill I thought the question was vague enough. Just wanted to know where is was in the schedule.
  2. Discussion died down and we have Breakthrough now with no word of recon so how's that going?
  3. The option doesn't appear very often and rarely when it'd be useful.
  4. 4-5 seconds but the warning shouldn't sound until it hits. This with the volley might be interesting.
  5. This as well as a short delay before rounds start hitting. My thought is that the shells need time to travel after you call them.
  6. I prefer the system Insurgency has over anything else but the community was pretty torn on this topic.
  7. Yes absolutely. It's pretty easily to tell when a portion of your RPG net is broken but on the chassis it can be more difficult. As for knowing where you were shot from, use an APS. It shows the direction of a shot even if it isn't blocked or misses.
  8. This is very good. All the complicated ideas and suggestions I've seen had me a bit worried since a lot of people don't really understand the current system
  9. I agree the challenges should and mostly do reinforce what ww3 is about. There are challenges for following orders, defending points and so on. However you get 3 challenges at once so a challenge like "5 headshots with the Tochnost" could be knocked out pretty quickly and if you don't like that one you can reroll for another.
  10. I saw a lower attachment that was labeled as a shotgun on the pte. So an underslung grenade launcher could be in the mix somewhere. I'd much rather have a launcher attached to my rifle but I can see why someone would want a grenade launcher gadget.
  11. I will admit that I got way to many unfair kills with the drone but those days are over. Now with the base 5000 cost and the additional 1500 for rocket (with reduced splash) the heli is to expensive and to weak to actually be a viable option for the battlefield. I can get way more done on the ground with my rifle. I don't have anymore suggestions for balance at this point so I wanted to make a post to pool some ideas.
  12. Moscow gets a little stale with the roundabout, and the center is suicide. So more outer routes would be ideal.
  13. Very good presentation. Complicated stuff like this is what interests me but we already have a problem with people not understanding the systems. Not to say we should scratch this but if implemented we need a tutorial or something to make clear what is happening.
  14. What about this one?
  15. Alpha tester patch is for people who play the pte right?
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