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  1. In addition to this is like to see smoke stream out of the end of the barrel after firing.
  2. I like this idea. I can't see how it would be unfair and the only risk is on the pilots side. I had a similar idea a awhile back for the BTR since it's mostly a transport.
  3. I was thinking it would be a cool way to set an ambush a vehicle with mines
  4. Cool idea. I have a suggestion though, enemy jammers should disabled the AEDS for the duration of the jamming.
  5. All hail the glorious face hitbox!
  6. I vote yes for realism even though it isn't practical.
  7. The Mercy spawn itself as it is now is just a way to farm. Smolensk is the worst where you can spawn into the new napalm strike. My suggestion would be to move the spawns and or protect them with objects.
  8. I absolutely agree but tf51 has always updated the roadmap as decisions were made so I'd say wait until 0.9, there probably will be an update around that time.
  9. What do you mean?
  10. A familiar sidearm would be good imo.
  11. Please no. I'm a long time battlefield fan and I love metro and locker but it doesn't fit ww3 at all.
  12. Ah very cool hope they didn't forget about it, also I never even thought about backplates.
  13. As well as these cool bonuses I'd like to see more type of armor with different zones of coverage like gut/groin protection.
  14. The vehicles already have a lot of vehicle specific variation and "passive" traits, like the armor that can be chosen, it's thickness or protection and the actual area it covers. There's also vehicle speed and acceleration and, turret height (IFVs have a high turret that gives them the advantage of using more objects as cover while not being completely blocked). That all being said I would personally go with option 2. The choice of an autoloader is a great idea. I've thought of a few more abilities to get us started. A radar like the one for the UGVs that detects enemy movement around the vehicle taking up the APS/jammer slot. Instead of several smoke grenades the option of fewer thermite or incendiary to burn infantry and damage components of vehicles (unsure of how that should be aimed if aimed at all). Lastly some sort mine protection whether it be showing them or just extra protection against them.
  15. A squad leader option to mark a high value target (HVT) would be cool.
  16. Captures and defends instead of kills and deaths.
  17. I don't think that's fair information. You can't see the enemies health why should you see their armor status?
  18. Maybe something like this with lines running vertically and horizontally towards the player icon.
  19. Great idea, this paired with your reload idea would change the gun play for the better I think.
  20. I've played a handful of breakthrough matches already and it was fun but a bit calm. To few players i think, 30 players would be a good spot. Also I hope the sectors see some changing as breakthrough is very linear with only one path or multiple paths that lead to the same spot.
  21. I know the drill I thought the question was vague enough. Just wanted to know where is was in the schedule.
  22. Discussion died down and we have Breakthrough now with no word of recon so how's that going?
  23. The option doesn't appear very often and rarely when it'd be useful.
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