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  1. This is a fair compromise for me but I have one suggestion. The com camera should rotate with you in third person.
  2. I had thought a peak mechanic that stabilized your weapon. I'm not sure what the activator for this should be. Personally it'd be best if it was contextual meaning if you aimed near the top of a piece of cover you'd aim over it.
  3. I hope for a compromise of sorts. The dialogue of the soldiers adds a lot to what's going on and I've had a few laughs at some of the more wacky lines. Perhaps a "sneak" mode or something.
  4. I have way to much money... so I'm open to a rework on the currency.
  5. The "mercy" spawns can easily change the way a match is going but only if the team spawns in waves and pushes relentlessly, and you can't really make them do that. It'd help if you were notified when the spawn was available. It'd also be good to ditch the name "mercy" spawn because it's discouraging and no balance matters if the losing team gives up. Call it a counter attack position or something and have the team queue up to spawn in groups.
  6. Bringing another group into ww3 would be very cool and I'm happy to say that most of the things you listed are already in the "queue." Check out the roadmap if you haven't already. https://worldwar3.com/en/development-roadmap/ Also you can actually look around while interacting. Free look is alt by default and it lets you look with your head only.
  7. Cool, I made a discussion first because I think this is controversial. Even if the com camera can rotate overall the tank has less visibility. However I think this is good because the way it is now you can't hide from a good tank pilot and you have no way of knowing if he saw you with his magical third person perspective.
  8. All of the armored vehicles you can call in have two cameras, a more protected gun camera with a lower fov and it is fixed to the cannon and a com camera that has a higher fov and can rotate but it's exposed. There is one more view that is third person and this view is attached to the com camera. My suggestion is to remove the third person view and allow the com camera to rotate 360 degrees. What are your thoughts?
  9. Similar to your soldiers loadout vehicles should have a bar at the bottom telling you what the total weight including all upgrades is. That way you can easily see how hindered or unhindered your vehicle is with the extra armor for example.
  10. That splits people up to. They'll leave if they don't want to play the map. We need a to be able to vote for next map towards the end of the round.
  11. I didn't know what they were called but I also noticed them.
  12. I thought about this to, I thought increased spread and a slower turret rotation. Remember it still only fires at enemies marked by the owner.
  13. You're absolutely right, I played a few matches with it last night.
  14. The problem isn't with the markings on the sight. The magnifier isn't supposed to be used like that, it is supposed to flip in front of the primary optic like this:
  15. I can't say for sure because I don't know but it seemed pretty likely that a commander mode with strikes that must be earned in the way you described will be added. Here's a link to the post where is was discussed. If added this would make squad leader strikes redundant. As for reviving it seems unlikely to be added. I think this is a good thing though. Stick with your sqaud and watch over each other, I try not to let anyone die because I know they cannot be revived. In games with reviving you tend to use your teammates as bait which isn't really teamwork.
  16. I just don't think it'll actually effect the game very much either way. A handgun really isn't anything compared to any gun you'd be going against. It's just a backup. This suggestion is more for immersion than anything else.
  17. I was hoping this would be better received. A lot of the uniform pieces have a holster and it'd be really cool if your selected sidearm went into that holster. How does a handgun turn you into a one man army? My thought was if everyone was forced to have a handgun it would be fair game.
  18. I had this thought some time ago but some credit goes it tynblpb for reminding me in a post of his. Basically you should have to pick a primary and a pistol with an option secondary of any kind. This would be perfect for players who like running an RPG but still want a backup. Obviously this would still be balanced by weight. What are your thoughts?
  19. We are just now getting different damage for different barrels? Dang man thought higher velocity meant more damage.
  20. That's the most effective way to use that gun for sure but I have a 8x zoom scope on my RPG just cause I can. The freedom to put whatever could fit on your gun is what I love about ww3.
  21. Laying down with a bipod for improved accuracy buff just isn't the same. I'd like to put my lmg on a tripod and leave it there as a gunner position or something.
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