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  1. Greetings! Very interested will do my best to join. Take care all! 8^)
  2. Hi all! Game here is "stuttering", freezing and crashing to desktop, although CTD,s much less than previous version. As I live in South America some stuttering and/or freezing might be due to lost packets. Would be nice to have server address to do a traceroute to see if it´s that the cause. Congratulations for the Developers´s efforts and thanks for all who take their time to come here and post your observations and suggestions. Take care all!
  3. After this last update , played a lot last night and NO CRASHES! Congratulations!???
  4. As I'm playing from Brasil, as it is, I die a lot due to lag.(I know, it's my problem ?) With all the lag , if we add to that the ability to bunny hop, it´s quite unfair. I was loving this game but, with bunny hoppers, spawn campers, no team balance (3x1 and the 3 team still uses tanks...) The honeymoon is over. Will stay some more and if things don't change, unfortunately, will have to caryy business elsewhere. ;-(
  5. I would add, check item stats and COMPARE with what you are using. Don't kill me, please... ;-D
  6. Hi all! Am playing from Brasil, mainly on European servers. With lots of lag, but that is an Internet problem, not game problem, and I don't mind. Am having so much fun as I hadn't had in yeats! Congratulations for sn excellent game! Sometimes(local time difference) the number of players in Europe goes down(time to work/study ???) So I switch to NA servers, my local time is in between Europe and NA. Now we have Daylight Daving Time, we are GMT - 2, - 3 is the normal) I was using the G 36, SCAR and other things in Europe. When I switchef to NA servers, had to start from zero. Soldier development obtained in Europe didn't show in N America. Why so? Thanks in advance for attention and help. Gratz on a great game! (In game Spectre)
  7. Would like to have bckwards baseball cap, sniper style. ???
  8. I agree. There should be NO bunny hops. There should be no jumping while walking or running except if one has to go over an obstacle.
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