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  1. Well I will disappoint you , 1080p Ultra I get 65 FPS and on Medium I get 100 both are average . Laptops have gone a long way
  2. What FPS can I expect from a Laptop Configuration like this : / Intel i7 8750h 6 core 2,1 base 4,1 boost / GTX 1060 6 GB / 16 GB DDR4 2400 Mhz /installed on a nvMe SSD would I be able to hit around 100 FPS on average ?
  3. georgfranko

    The TOR rifle

    why did they Remove the TOR? I really enjoy the looks of it :)
  4. I will be getting a Alienware 15 r3 Laptop with an i5 7300HQ , 8 GB of RAM and a 1060 with 6 Gb vRam. will there be any problems with the system? I am aiming at 1080p 60 Fps. If someone has a similar System please share your thoughts
  5. Hello WW3 Community and Dev's. I have spend approx. 23 Hours in game and probably 10 Watching Streams. I am still too early in the game but i want to give my 2 cents. I got the game as 0.2 Dropped because i was skeptical after nobody was able to play the game at release (i was kind of expecting that) Before i start i want to note that i am Playing via Nvidia Geforce Now Cloud Gaming service.I can't talk much about performance because i am using a PC that i will never own so lets move on. The Menu gets the job done but it needs to be improved. In the Customization Tab there is no preview so either you buy or you won't know how it will look like. The Deploy Screen is good i think it is almost perfect no complains there. The Unlock system is good will keep you busy till you unlock everything. The Ranking System i have no clue what is it for. Maps are Great , large with lots of angles and corners. Good Map design, but are only 3 at the moment and the game lacks variety. Gun play is awesome , leaning is a nice addition as well. I keep using it all of the time when i peek corners. I keep experiencing this one strange thing. When i Aim down sights and shoot, recoil kicks in and i cant move my Mouse down, i need to stop shooting only so i can manage my recoil. That is my only complain regarding Gun Play. Vehicles are there but way too silent. They need to be those big heavy machines of death and not light as feathers. Sound is good but not Incredible. Weapons sound OK but they are not near as detailed as other games like Insurgency Sandstorm for Example. When shooting with the Tor Sniper i would love to hear the Next bullet getting loaded into the Chamber and not complete silence. Graphics are good, they are not the most beautiful but i am sure they can be improved over time. for now they are good enough. The Squad system is not really there yet. Yes you can squad up with 5 additional soldiers and there is 1 Squad leader but i find it hard to see my Squad leaders orders sometimes , and i would love to see all objectives somewhere so i know which objectives are under control and which need defending or need to be attacked..I need to press M to look at the map every time which get you killed sometimes. Suggestion : Under the Battle Points bar in the Middle for Example. Giving orders with X works fine but the spoting mechanic does not register every time. There is no indicator for Crouching or walking so sometimes i find my self sprinting while crouched which is awkward. Time to Cap Flags is Good , but maybe when the Whole map is controlled by 1 team , let the loosing team cap 1 spawn point lets say 50% faster so they can probably have a comeback. 32 Players at the moment is OK but i would love to see those BIG maps full with 64 players. 6 out of 10 games i get a full 32 player server, which means a 64 i not that far. Or if you don't want to jump right into 64, increase to 40 so everyone can have a Squad plus more people equals more Fun. A Server Browser has been addressed already but we really need it. That will ease the search for more populated games very much. Final toughs: Concentrate on the performance issues and bugs first, that should be main priority. 2nd should be more maps and better sound, and 3rd HUD and UI . I think this game is a rough diamond and just needs to be polished. Its hella fun and there are moments that are simply amazing , like a intense 10 min gun fight in the Mall for B1 on a Full Server.Keep it up. Even in early access this game has became my main PC Title after BF 4 and i LOVE IT! I think the day i let BF 4 finally go is near and i truly hope that WW3 will be the one to do it.
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