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  1. А у меня на печенеге при нажатии R - перезарядка без анимации, происходит мгновенно. Просто 0=>100 при нажатии R . Не могу сказать, что это плохо, но...
  2. I faced a very uncomfortable problem. I bought an AK-15, put in a 60-round magazine. When changing types of cartridges - I get not 60 charged cartridges in the store , and 30 ( problem in the actual number and not the displayed number ). When replenishing another type of ammo from ammo on the ground - I get a refill of 3 ammo , and using 100% ammo on the ground-I get only 30 ammo. The situation with the stock ammo type - normal, where I get 60 full ammo replenishment. Please fix this problem, it significantly spoils the fun of the game, because every respawn I have to spend a lot of time to replenish , and I get only 1 store of ammunition of the type that I need after that! ?
  3. Thank you! given the fact that you spend a lot of time on the audience - perhaps the audience will be able to answer the same. Try to develop a marketing strategy with the participation of the audience of the game, maybe it will give some effect!
  4. Good day! I wanted to ask the developers, is there a good marketing campaign planned for the game? Today I bought the game and I noticed that there are about 500 people online in the game and it's SATURDAY!(the center of the steam community)?. This is a bad number , and I'm afraid that will happen the same as with heroes&generals, which is played by 2-3 thousand people. We need very radical tools to remedy the situation. Given the rather high cost of the game, I would not want to see it in the absence of online. Please don't lose everything as it happened with other projects!?
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