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  1. i think that the artillery's purpose is area denial to delay or trap opponents while the bombing run is meant for clearing areas and getting kills, so adding a short delay to the artillery does not negatively affect it's area denial performance, it is actually a buff as friendly fires are less likely to happen.
  2. Airstrikes are a class of strikes that allows a player to deal with vehicles easily, therefore the cheapest, the Hellfire cost more than a fully upgraded tank. Problem is that the Hellfire already fulfill the requirement of destroying vehicles, and the other airstrike variants are not cost-effective enough despite their larger AoE. I would like to suggest the following ideas to buff these strikes and provide players with more "specialized" strikes for different situations Mephisto Upper semi-sphere of the explosion ignore cover but deal heavily reduced damage (33 damage to infantry?) Lower semi-sphere does full damage through cover,floors or ground "Bunker Buster" Expensive but Reliable removal of vehicles and infantries in underpasses, underground car parks and objectives inside buildings. Stormbreaker Upper semi-sphere of the explosion ignore cover to deal full damage Expensive but Reliable removal of vehicles and infantries from open area objectives with adequate cover All 3 Bombing Run variants Increased Non-lethal AoE Increased Spread, affects a larger area but inaccuracy causes less bomb to overlap their newly buffed non-lethal AoE. Despite the cheaper BP cost, slow speed and inability to damage through cover, the bombing run IS not a "Poor man's airstrike". It now covers a larger total area than airstrikes. Better used for clearing large open spaces where cover is limited and opponents are spread out.
  3. Hardly an issue, vehicles can withstand multiple hits so ammo packs are balanced. The RPGs have been nerfed with a smaller AOE, no reason to use it against infantry unless you are camping at a small corner, waiting to shoot the floor when someone shows up.
  4. Current content BuildID:3553342 spotting an enemy only shows the red diamond icon only when you have a line of sight with them, but if you ADS with a thermal scope of any kind, the red diamond icon will appear and track the opponent through walls like wall-hacks
  5. Current content BuildID: 3553342 Anders AFV is invisible and cannot be used after being called down in the map you can see 2 vehicles icons on the top center of the map in picture1 but in picture 2, you can only see a terminator at the back and the Anders in front of me is invisible The invisible Anders does have an invisible model that blocks movement and shots, but I think it is a little smaller than the actual Anders Not sure if it has anything to do with the missing Anders model in the customization screen, only the internal parts of the cannon can be seen.
  6. Problem 1: Picture 1: multiple players, "leavers" placed in the losing team repeatedly quit and join hoping to enter another game or join the winning team, most of these players have zero scores as they just connected Picture 2: when a leaver joins the losing team, the player size in the losing team is temporarily increased, and the auto-balancing feature allows new connecting players to join the winning team Players in the winning team stay, while those in the losing team leave, this causes unbalanced team size. SUGGESTION: when a team is losing by 2000 score or does not have control of any objective, the matchmaking temporarily allows the losing team to have 5 more players than the winning team before they start the auto-balance it out. Not allow does it allows the losing team to make a small comeback with strength in numbers, it also stops leavers from temporarily enabling the auto-balance to allow more players to the winning team. Problem 2: The new "Switch" team feature does not help much yet, the problem is that there are not many incentives to bother switching to the losing team. Personally, I play WW3 for the fun and the EXP is something I just happened to earn along the way. I would not switch teams and go through all the agony just for that extra EXP, this is especially true because switching to a losing team rarely changes the outcome as most losing teams tend to get "spawn-trapped" by multiple vehicles and campers. SUGGESTION: Players who switch teams are rewarded with some BPs and a temporarily BP multiplier A small boost in BP allows the newly switched player to quickly unlock strikes to turn things around, for example, 1) A jammer on A1 to disable spawns while the team takes A2 2) An airstrike to deal with multiple vehicles and campers 3) A vehicle to help push and regain control of objectives Some people might argue that it is not okay because it would penalize the winning team for simply being better, I think the game is meant to be designed for fun in mind rather than competitive E-sports, I believe the above suggestions would make one-sided games 1) Less common 2) less painful for the losing team 3) less boring for the winning team due to the threat of a potential comeback from the extra BP.
  7. Hitreg for RPG-7 against vehicles sometimes fail. Explosion seen and heard but no damage Occasionally I get an audio bug at the start of the round which makes everything sound "muffled" and distant, no idea how to reproduce this bug. 25mm cannon RCWS cannot reload Anti-tank missile RCWS does zero damage ( tandem and thermobaric ), tested on willing teammates Thermal scopes, when aimed down scope, shows spotted enemy icon through walls claymores do not credit player for the kill *btw does anyone feel that the DMG 9 milli is overpowered? I know machine pistols supposed to be strong at CQC but I am having the impression that this machine pistol does better than assault rifles at medium ranges*
  8. Loitering ammo: An expensive downgrade of the quadrocopter because it is too difficult to steer. Would be better if it is more maneuverable and responsive to mouse control. Currently, it feels like it has a very “delayed” response to mouse movement. For example, if I point my mouse to the left, it turns very slowly to the left for a few seconds before making a sharp, sudden left turn that overshoots my intended destination. Tandem warhead might be bugged, I did 10 damage with it before. could use a larger AoE for dealing non-lethal damage. OTV: Needs to warn players beforehand with a HUD countdown notification before it goes active. This way players can prepare to check their main maps and benefit from the OTV's massive range. Because the current OTV "pings" twice without warning, it is pretty easy for players to miss both scans before they could check their main maps and this is a waste because the using minimap alone limits the benefits of the OTV Jammers: Unless you are using jammers to disrupt the opposing reconnaissance, the ability to delay the use of scorestreaks, mini-drone and spotting is not very valuable to the team compared to using reconnaissance drones. It just feels like a mild nuisance on the receiving end. A buff such as greying out Objective icons for players or objectives under the effect of the jammer. This way, players cannot see the capture progress of objectives unless they are on the objective themselves. This could introduce a new strategy of “stealth” capturing. It could use another buff such that players under it’s effect get their maps disabled and lose their HUD friendly player icons of players not within line of sight (similar to how “Spotted” enemies are only highlighted when you have Line of Sight). This adds some psychological terror of feeling that you are alone. At it's current state where jammers simply disrupt scorestreak deployment and reconnaissance disruption, the UCAS-D too useless to bother. Using UCAS-D reactively is a waste because all reconnaissance scorestreaks will outlast it anyways and using it pre-emptively is pointless because you do not know when the opponents want to use their scorestreaks, and delaying them by 10 seconds does not really matter Airstrikes: Too expensive. They are best used against vehicles, but Vehicles are already quite manageable with tandem RPG-7s. Most players do close-range "drive-bys" with their tanks and are pretty easy to kill with rear shots. I still keep the "Hellfire" airstrike in all of my loadouts for the occasional player who treats their tank like a sniper rifle. While I think the hellfire and Stormbreaker should be cheaper, it should still cost slightly more than vehicles because of it’s potential one-hit vehicle kills from direct hit. lt would also be nice if "Bunker Busters" like the Mephisto could deal damage through cover but retain it high 10000 BP cost Anti-armor Artillery and HE Artillery: Unless the HE artillery is made cheaper, It is better to choose more "specialized" option like the shrapnel artillery for anti-personal or bombing run for anti-tank. Anti-Armor Artillery is too unreliable against vehicle compared to bombing runs I suggest making the Anti-Armor Artillery function like the High Explosive Artillery but make the shells fall in a much larger spread (25m to 40m). During the firing phase, the Anti-Armory Artillery fires mostly High Explosive Shells and some “M982 Excalibur Guided shells” that homes in towards nearby vehicles, dealing random light damage to both hull and to all modules. This help to differentiate artilleries from bombing runs. Bombing runs can instantly kill vehicles but they can be avoided due to delay, the Anti-Armor Artillery may fail to kill vehicles due to the low damage but the constant unavoidable damage to modules makes it an excellent area-denial tool against vehicles. The larger spread makes it more difficult for vehicles to avoid while making it more inaccurate against infantry players compared to the other artillery types. UGV: Too difficult to control compared to heavy vehicles Some weapons currently bugged (25MM cannon reload and rocket launcher zero damage?) or need some tweaks (MGs and rocket launcher's laser guidance) supply kit rarely used by players because the risk of getting ran over is pretty high Maybe combine all supply kits into one to make it attractive? Maybe allow players to drop the supply kit? Or allow players to use supply kit from a distance? rather unrealistic, but I kinda like the idea of an aura that auto-refills from a short distance Basically just a weaker version of the base heavy vehicle. It is pretty costly and I rather just skip the UGV, save the BP and get myself a tank Not really sure what role is the UGV supposed to fit into. Quadrocopter (actually I used this often ) Not sure if it is the lag, but it is difficult to shoot down a quadrocopter and I often crash my quadrocopters when navigating inside buildings, I think it would be better if was slower but more agile and had a little more health as a counter-buff Nerf quadrocopter drone by giving it a more audible buzzing and arming noise like this PTSD simulator ,this way it alerts players to it's presence and also adds to the immersion
  9. from my experience in Rising Storm 2, VOIP in Asian servers is pretty useless due to language barriers. A comm-rose would do wonders.
  10. As of 0.3.1, the current TK punishment ( instant kills as retaliation ) is flawed: Does not stop serial TKers from ruining matches. gives unreasonable teammates the ability to punish unintentional TKs. as what player @VoodooGaming has mentioned, trolls exploit this by running into vehicles and using the TK punish to give the opponents a free vehicle some players can avoid TK punishment by hurting players without killing them I would like to suggest a different punishment system: When players hurts or TKs, they do not instantly receive a BP loss or penalty when a "punish" options is selected Scoreboard displays a separate table of negative points When the players gets a number of "punish" options ( maybe 3 ) OR have a certain level of negative points (maybe -300?) , their name, KDA, score and negative points are displayed for the team and the team is given the option to "keep" or "kick" the player players who get kicked are banned for a certain duration Rationale: TKing on purpose will result in a meaningful punishment single unintentional TKs on trolls or unreasonable players less punishing multiple unintentional TK with scoresteaks less likely to result in kick if the player's ( good ) score is displayed first hurting players without TK will still get punished The attached picture below shows a player called "andytung1019" who was TKing with RPG-7s and vehicles as of patch 0.3.1, destroying 2 friendly vehicles and singlehandly causing a winning team to lose. This is a serious issue for the game.
  11. The pre-nerfed AoE was a skilless method to climb the scoreboard. I rather they gave it a larger AoE for dealing minor damage for assist and inflicting suppression. Personally, i like how developers balance vehicles in semi-realistic FPS like Squad, red orchestra 2 and rising storm 2. Even when custom servers increased the vehicle count limits, not many players would fight for vehicle roles, it takes skill, positioning, and communication to excel in a support role. Players do not use them because it is easy to get kills, players use them because the team needed reconnaissance, area denial, suppression, and transport. Even with the nerfed AoE, I have no issues getting 20+ kills in a single life. keep your distance, I have seen too many players drive up close to compensate for the reduced AoE only to get killed by tandems.
  12. [ Trying to fix the formatting of the text ] The current problem with fully upgraded Armored Vehicles is that its performance in the game is too “binary”. Most matches ended up with either of the following situations: Multiple tanks being airdropped into a match but dying within minutes or A dominating tank on a 30+ killing spree Having played with vehicles in semi-realistic FPS like “Squad”, “Red Orchestra 2” and “Rising Storm 2”, I believe the reason for such a large deviation is due to player’s playstyle. Players who do well with vehicles generally tend to play more conservatively, picking targets from a distance and denying opponents from taking shortcuts to the objectives. On the other hand, you have overly-aggressive players who dive and attempt to capture the objectives blind, thinking they are invincible before dying. I observed the same thing happening in “WW3” and I believe it is the reason why the forums often get feedback about vehicles being overpowered or underpowered. I would like to suggest how to make vehicles less underpowered for most players and less overpowered for the better players. PROBLEM: Vehicle repair downtime ( make it less overpowered ) Vehicle Performance at close range Even with the nerf to HE shells, it is still very easy to get kills at close range by shooting the ground within the instant-kill AOE. However this has been balanced out because it is at close range, RPG projectile drop is not an issue and tunnel vision allows easy one-shot tandem RPGs to the back. However, since the developers wanted to stop players from equipping overpowered “multi-purpose” loadouts by changing the weight system in patch 0.3, I believe it might have an unintended side-effect of making fewer players equip RPGs and allowing vehicle users to drive closer with less risk. Because it is easy for vehicles to get kills at short range, It is important to have some form of deterrent to stop players from driving up close. Vehicle Performance at a distant range The better players like myself like to “park” the tank away from objectives and block shortcuts. It may not feel overpowered to us because even if we went 30+ kills 1 death, we miss a majority of our shots and the amount of kills per minute appears balanced. However, it is actually overpowered gameplay-wise because such players just don’t die throughout the match and it takes an un-proportional amount of teamwork to counter a relatively simple playstyle. It is difficult to land a shot on a distant vehicle,but what makes this incredibly demoralizing and frustrating is knowing that a suicidal attack to destroy the optic or APS gets you 30 seconds of respawning and walking back to the action, while the tank user only needs 4 seconds to undo everything you just did from a safe distance. This frustration is further exacerbated by the failure to land the killing RPG shot on a tank which means the team only gets 1-2 minutes of breathing room before the tank returns back in full health. SUGGESTION: Instead of repairing continuously, making module repair work similar to how players uses a health restore pack. Players hold down the repair kit for a few seconds to “charge”, finishing a “charge” restores a percentage of module health instantly Being suppressed disables module repair Massively decrease the rate at which the repair pad restores hull integrity. Slightly Increase the vehicle module’s damage resistance to firearms of smaller calibers as a counter-buff RATIONALE: longer repair times dissuade players from driving up close even when there are not many RPG users around Damaging a distant vehicle to retreat rewards the team with a longer “vehicle-free” downtime to advance. Make follow-up attacks from teammates more rewarding at interrupting tank module repairs PROBLEM: Cannon’s non-lethal AoE and lack of suppression ( make it less underpowered ) Because the non-lethal AoE was too insignificant and the instant-kill AoE has been nerfed, most players try to compensate this by going up close like 10 meters, shoot the ground and hurt/kill players with the explosion. As close range and tunnel-vision makes the tank a lot more vulnerable to RPG-7, it gives players the impression that tanks are underpowered due to RPG-7s Majority of cannon shots either instant kills or misses completely, This makes it feel frustratingly "buggy" on near-misses. For players used to semi-realistic FPS, Vehicles are not very viable in a support role because it is difficult to get assist or suppression regardless of range SUGGESTION: Cannons should deal Light splash damage in a much larger AoE. The instant kill AoE remains the same but the cannon shell has double the AoE with a very heavy damage dropoff. Apply Suppression, deafness and Screenshake in an even larger AoE, ignoring cover. Intensity and duration of effect is based on caliber size, RATIONALE: The changes result in cannon shots feeling more “consistent” at damaging opponents Getting instant kills with vehicles still requires the same accuracy as instant killing with the nerfed HE shells, it takes an unviable amount of shots to kill using splash damage alone. The main purpose is to make it easier for players to get assists and suppression without increasing the lethality such that it is even more overpowered in the right hands Encourage tank users to keep their distance,thus extending their survivability and making tanks feel less underpowered to RPGs. It is much more difficult to land an instant-kill shot from a distance, but the above changes makes it more viable for players to use vehicles to support their team rather than getting cheap kills. Because the old meta is all about getting kills, the 57mm and 90mm cannons might be statistically balanced, but it feels “psychologically" underpowered. Despite a slightly faster fire rate, failure to kill on the first shot means I cannot fire a second 90mm shot on time before the target gets to cover, just like the 120mm. In this case, I should have used the 120mm in the first place because of the larger AoE and higher probability to get a lethal first shot. Slower fire rate meant that the TTK ( Time To Kill ) for 57mm non-lethal shots is much higher than the 30mm because both the 30mm and 57mm need 2 non-lethal shots to kill. In this case, I should have used the rapid firing 30mm instead for a shorter, near-instantaneous TTK. By changing the meta from "kills" to "assist and suppression", adjusting it using caliber size makes the 57mm and the 90mm cannons worth using without actually changing the stats
  13. I honestly feel that armored vehicles have the most Value per BP And the current BP cost is just right. Considering you paid 5000bp for a tank, i assume you got yourself a hard-kill APS and external armor which should provide adequent protection. I do not have any malicious intent to insult you or troll you with the "git gud" nonsense. I believe your unfortunate experience with tanks is probably due to your playstyle As a player with no issues calling down 2 fully upgraded tanks in a 35 min match and getting roughly 12 - 27 kills per tank, i would like to share some advices: Do not drive deep into the objectives. It is understandable that the "In your Face" approach is tempting because the easiest way to get kills is to shoot the floor and trigger the shell explosion. However, tunnel vision is your worst enemy and at short range, RPG users can just quick peek and fire without having to aim. Tandem warheads to the back armor will always instant kill. ( It is overpowered but difficult to pull off too ) Push with your teammates. Because killing players with RPG-7 needs a near direct impact, it is very disadvantageous to get caught off guard with the RPG-7 equipped. Having teammates nearby deter opponents from swapping to RPGs early, it also makes them more likely to play defensively. ( Waiting for you to show up rather than chasing after you ) Position yourself in places without debris behind you, this way you can simply reverse in order to retreat. DO NOT ROTATE! I cannot stress how important this is! If you show your back to your enemy, even a single 30mm shell will hurt alot ! Always face front towards the enemies direction. The tank's front armor mitigates the most damage. Press C to change optics when you get blinded, you can even change between first or third-person view. Although you cannot retaliate effectively in Third-Person view, it does make reversing in difficult terrian more manageable when you need to retreat. Use tanks for area denial by providing "sniper-like" fire support. You should be restricting opponent's movement in order your teammates to push effectively. In contrary to what you see in action movies, propaganda or arcade FPS, You cannot steamroll barricades and expect the opponent to retreat and give up all hope. The tank is not invincible and it is not how you "push" even if the game is not a fully realistic milisim. Althought it is more difficult to get kills if you keep your distance, it also works both ways as RPG users have to aim and do some "trial and error" to compensate the projectile drop. Move now and then to make it worse for your opponent. A rather situational tip is understanding "Turret elevation". Not sure if it is Objective C1 or C2, but the collapsed road that leads to the undergound train station of the small warzone map at Berlin is the biggest offender. I have taken out countless of helpless tanks inside it because they are unable to shoot upwards or downwards.
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