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  1. @TZoningHard u are so diluted person
  2. Finded lil game braking bug, when u throw nade etc. and instantly go into ads with gun after that ur gun dont fire at all. really annoying bug what have get me killed so many times.
  3. where u get this ur so called "fact" that pro players would need cheaters in team or they would cheat for prize money...few invidual cheaters at pro scene dont make rest of them cheater. do u even realize that its impossible to cheat in lan events without getting caught, there is all the time somebody watchin what u are doing, sure online games got some prizemoney pools but those are so small that pro teams dont even care about those, all the prizemoney pools are in lan events what they care about becouse those are so mutch bigger i can say instantly u got no idea what is skilled player or that u would even know what is competitive gaming
  4. gotta say this is worst idea what i have ever hear...basicly u are asking devs inbuild macro to game, what is counted as cheating in any game
  5. having RPG's etc. Anti-Tank equipment kinda ruins idea of TDM, since u dont have anyway any vehicles to worry about so TDM should be all about GUNS, not Anti-Tank equipment. would be great if devs would take RPG's out of TDM.
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