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  1. Cant tell for now since im working but yesterday, any na servers were laggin and suttering bad
  2. Title pretty much says it all, huge suttering and lag spikes on every server I went in, I did check my connection and with a gigabyte connection Im not the problem, eveyone ingame complains about it, and add really high ping, no servers under 100ping
  3. InfroD

    Emblems preview

    No because we cant rotate the soldier in the emblem menu, you have to exit the menu to rotate and view it
  4. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): 3933315 Pretty hard to preview when the preview his on the weapon side and you cant preview it since its blocked by the weapon
  5. I just posted a real review of this game as it deserve a real one, and a good one.
  6. I said added, not modified sounds, explosions, tanks are fine its all the additions they made that are horrible. Its a warish simulation not Pac Man vs CandyCrush game
  7. I support this post, bring back the old sounds
  8. Every single sound they added are awful, none is good, none makes it feel like im playing a war shooter, right now all those sounds are a mere joke to everyone, hopefuly they gonna revert them in time for free weekend. But ya performances, camos, weapons are great, but the subject of this thread is the sounds who are a complete failure
  9. They need to revert those candy crush sounds it kills the atmospher and the game
  10. I in most games end up with 50+ kills with less than 20 deaths without using a single tank, its just a matter of smart plays, teamwork and skills. Tbh i havent yet encountered any cheater in this game, or they are bad at cheating
  11. What the **** is up with all those shitty sounds you added in the game... you are killing the immersion so bad, with all the coins sounds, click sounds and all over all sounds, revert back to the sound we had before this patch, its freaking disgusting. Who ever said Hey sound designer lets do this shouldnt be allowed to take decisions anymore, and you put thoses sounds right before a free weekend???? WTF. We the players who support you want an immersive game, with great sounds, the one we had for capturing a flag, for getting Squad Leader, for orders in general and the fact we didnt get sounds for every freaking kills we do in game. Honestly right now just that piss me so bad It almost makes me want to uninstall, and im here playing your game since Alpha, and backing you up. We request you back in the days to remove the MARIO BROS sounds for hitmarkers and you put more Mario Bros sounds in the game for multiple useless stuff. Im sure im not the only one right now Not liking at all those additions, if only you would allow us to remove them by ourself in options... but no we are stuck with them. Also lets not forget you screwed ammo capacity once again like you do on EVERY patches.
  12. My only concern about this free weekend is the map choice poly isnt a great map, not a map to show the true beauty of your game, Smolensky would of been a far better choice
  13. InfroD

    Level Cap

    Its NA, and yes we dont get recap of the match after its done, I will check if my money increase or not Just test we get money but no game match results.
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