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  1. So far performance are great, game is running smooth and maps are fine Now: WHY ON EARTH YOU WENT BACK GIVING US ONLY 2 CLIP OF AMMO, spawning with 60 ammo... and bags giving only like 8-9 per cycle, we told you we hated it back in the days, we didnt want to focus on that YET YOU FREAKING PUT THAT UP. Also PLEASE ADD A MAP ROTATION ON SERVERS, we are locked on 1 map, if a server as a map, it stays on it.. FFS Other than that it is a great patch.
  2. Bonjour moi c'est Infrod, Canadien Francais, je joue a WW3 depuis le closed beta, je suis un ancien Cal Invite CEVO P a CSS, ancien joueur competitif BF3-BF4, normalement si vous m'affronté vous n'aimerai pas ça, par contre en team je suis très divertissant et très tactique je joue pour jouer et non pour gagné. Les streamers les plus connu m'appel Frenchi Cheater a cause de ma vitesse d'exécution, disons que les reflexes de pro gamers aide grandement. Au plaisir de peut etre s'affonter sur les serveurs Américains ou Européens Vous pouvez m'ajouter sur steam également: Infrod assez simple non!
  3. Right now the only one that botters me is the Tab stopping you, I love watching score while I run towards objectives etc, but now it stops me, and its an habit i keep doing it anyway.. lol
  4. Ok Farm51, you gotta do something FAST for your game, we all do like it, we all can wait for patches and stuff, but YOU GUYS have to attract new players to this game, EU is doing semi fine with at least 1 server running with people on, but on NA-SA etc NO ONE, I mean I've been monitoring server activities for the past 3 weeks, the top players I have seen on NA was 6, 6 players on a WARZONE server We gave you our trust by buying your game in EA, we expect you believe in your game too by pushing it more, it pisses me off that I cant play a game I like because of the lack of people. Just a tought too, if you push .06, please do it a monday like this if their is any major bug you can work on it instead of releasing it for a weekend where you guys leave, dont do the same mistake you did with 0.3 where you left for a month for holidays leaving us with a broken crashy game.
  5. To be honest, I dont mind TDM or Warzone, when their isnt enough people for Warzone I go on TDM, but recently, their isnt any players to play with, most time when I check their is 5 people playing the game, so no point loggin in. And like it has been said earlier, adding a new mode, such a RCON isnt a good idea for now, the player base is too low to support 3 modes.
  6. Classik le jeu est vraiment le fun, tu pourras facilement trouver des parties et pour 30$ il en vaut vraiment la peine, et ca va te permettre de participer au developpement du jeu /Please, English only next time, thanks. weedtime
  7. Allow us to transfer our progression over EU or NA, so we always have people to play with, EU ping is like 150 which isnt that bad for NA players and same for EU, during NA day time, no one plays it outside EU players, so allowing this will let us play at anytime, its frustrating to be a day off and have no one to play with. Please allow this as with our low population at the moment it is more than needed
  8. Hello Farm51, you did put a lot of community emblems in the game most of people we dont know or dont really do much for the community, however tacticalsht is the most viewed streamer of your game, always helping you guys, we need his emblem in the game!
  9. They actually hire a popular streamer like Shroud to play their game, 60k to 100k viewers is great publicity and it would actualy attract players
  10. A game cannot be flipped over with kills it takes objectives, so they just started working as a team and earned the victory, I see a lot of people calling cheats, even on me and yet I stream so feel free to watch me, but that said I havent see anyone cheat in this game, some people did glitch but no hacking
  11. The pros: Server browser is here and was well overdue, great addition. TTK is somehow ok, between CoD and Battlefield, I would love a more BF TTK but so far its fine New TDM map is fine and adds more variety Game is a lot more stable, we crashed a lot less now, lets say 1 every 10 games as it was New explosions sounds are amazing The cons: Server crashes now, disconnecting people time to time No map rotation, its always the same map, we have to go populate a new server to play a new map The Hit the head sound is annoying and destroy the experience in my opinion, I have red hit markers to tell me I did hit the head, I dont need a Mario Bros style sound to tell me, seriously it removes the immersion to me, and Im sure Im not the only one The new vehicule is... useless, if only it had a MG on the rear seat or something but for now it's just a 3 places quad. Armor arent working I mean if I wear heavy I just run slower doesnt provide more protection at the moment so better stay in Light armor for mobility Their is still some bugs but at least you are heading the good way, you should focus on texturing Smolesky, you provide Moscow TDM in 2 months and its a redesign level with texture give some love to Smolesky so we can have all maps ready and beautiful to show poeple over twitch to help you get more players.
  12. Since we encounter pretty much always the same folks in the game who is your Nemesis and Favorite target My nemesis are: Tzoning and Spartan those 2 are always there to stop my streaks As for target: Anyone raging but to be honest I love killing Tacticalsht (Funny tread dont bash people)
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