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  1. Well if it's working like the red icon when we get shot, It wont be precise at all hahahaha
  2. No armor isnt working, since a while, its really a matter of hitreg, you get hitmarker but you havent hit etc.
  3. After the post the game is loosing his soul, now its the game is loosing his players. I am aware you guys are working extremly hard on your new build, I know it takes lot of ressources, lot of time, but in the meantime, the population is decreasing really really baddly, to the point their is 1 server running on NA on evenings. Things you should bring to your players is what they asked the most outside the performance. 1. Map rotation: This is one of the most requested thing I think on here, it is annoying to have to go to the world map to pick a new server for a new map, and most time its an empty server, so people just stick to the server with people until they get bored of playing the same map over and over, which bring players to close the game since the other servers are.. empty. 2. HitReg on Heli: This has been requested a lot too, the entire Heli should be hittable, right now only parts are and allow the driver to escape most of the time. I will add ways to take down the Drone, like Stingers etc, off course if you had a counter to the drone the drone should be allowed to have evasive protection such as flares, but with a timer. Or if you want to spice it up, add a Tracer pistol like Bad Company 2 so you'll need to trace the Heli first then be able to lock him with rockets, this way no need for flares. 3. Armor: Right now having armor or not doesnt do anything, with the actual TTK I would rather have no armor to be a lot more mobile then wear armor who doesnt even protect me but slow me way too much. 4. Teamplay: Right now with the actual mechanic in game, only the squad leader really benefits to have a good teamplay, their is no need for people to run with Armor Pack, Med Packs, Ammo Packs and Equipment packs since they are on every flags, they should be removed from flags. What you should work on is a way to press F on your squad member to use their backpack, so if your teamate isnt dropping his pack, at least you can use it, and make it only usable by squad with this method. Reward for helping your squad leader and feeding your teamates with packs should be increased too. 5. TTK: I will not speak for the TTK in overall, but the damage instead, right now damage is kinda... random, you either one shot someone or take 5-10 bullets, its either the netcode or the ttk, also their is no feel in using a different gun for a bigger caliber, at this point I rather take a high RPM gun this way im sure to win over a slower gun. As for promotion, you guy did great with your free weekend, however you should of allow all maps, Polyarmy is ... Ok? but isnt the best map to show your game, Berlin, Warsaw or Moscow are your best pick if you plan to do another one, screw this allow ALL maps, you want people to see how beautiful your maps are, they need to test them all too. Get high subs streamer to stream your game, offer them the freaking game at this point, its kinda sad to see on Twitch WW3 having 10 viewers while some 2010 games have more and Im not talking about classics talking about crappy 2010 games who get more viewers than this game. Last and not least, be with your community, I know you post weekly reports, but wanna know what? Those reports arent personalize, they are generic informations. We need to see you communicate with us via Facebook, Twitter, forum interact with your players, awnser their questions, tell them the idea is great and might be worth working on it. We need you guys to be our friend, we need to play with you too, why not make a Dev Stream where you play versus your players, and players watching you etc get rewards, Just so you know, I might look like im complainning, but I am not, I want this game to succeed because I truly believe in it, I truly love playing it, and most of what I wrote are general stuff people do want.
  4. Will try to make it, ill bring my 'wallhack prunk' hahaha Just to be clear its a joke between me and Prunk I dont really have one.. just incase lol
  5. Cant tell for now since im working but yesterday, any na servers were laggin and suttering bad
  6. Title pretty much says it all, huge suttering and lag spikes on every server I went in, I did check my connection and with a gigabyte connection Im not the problem, eveyone ingame complains about it, and add really high ping, no servers under 100ping
  7. InfroD

    Emblems preview

    No because we cant rotate the soldier in the emblem menu, you have to exit the menu to rotate and view it
  8. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): 3933315 Pretty hard to preview when the preview his on the weapon side and you cant preview it since its blocked by the weapon
  9. I just posted a real review of this game as it deserve a real one, and a good one.
  10. I said added, not modified sounds, explosions, tanks are fine its all the additions they made that are horrible. Its a warish simulation not Pac Man vs CandyCrush game
  11. I support this post, bring back the old sounds
  12. Every single sound they added are awful, none is good, none makes it feel like im playing a war shooter, right now all those sounds are a mere joke to everyone, hopefuly they gonna revert them in time for free weekend. But ya performances, camos, weapons are great, but the subject of this thread is the sounds who are a complete failure
  13. They need to revert those candy crush sounds it kills the atmospher and the game
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