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  1. nothing really important https://worldwar3.com/en/articles/
  2. there should be installer in the game folder EAC - easy anti-cheat
  3. do you launch the game via steam? Tre to reinstall EAC services - it launches before the game
  4. ^ книга "Подробная история шутера WW3", издательский дом "Практический волюнтаризм", издание 2, дополненное, 1 стр, 1 экз
  5. tbh ww3 is not overhyped game, its not a well known AAA-game which is being awaited by million players, for now its quite nishe game. I bet if even someone will reveal any leaked info, just few ppl will react on it no offence, the game is great, but
  6. lol wait... are you serious?
  7. do we need to provide ID to join the test group?
  8. game with a lot of bugs: no news for 1 year players: why are leaves so green!
  9. Atway

    Cant get WW3?

    have you tried to check official website? https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/08/12/ww3-development-refocused-early-access-purchases-unavailable-from-13-8/
  10. you cant meet cheating players in the game if there is no players at all
  11. для пехоты вида от 3 лица нет и не планируется
  12. looks like warface 2020 - small maps in industrial areas, fast paced FPS, UE4... not so promising so far *meeeh*
  13. I think this is just Linux server they promised to switch to a half of a year ago
  14. no i meant there is literally no one left on the forum/in the game to vote
  15. I assume there is no one left to vote
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