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  1. Atway

    Cant get WW3?

    have you tried to check official website? https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/08/12/ww3-development-refocused-early-access-purchases-unavailable-from-13-8/
  2. you cant meet cheating players in the game if there is no players at all
  3. для пехоты вида от 3 лица нет и не планируется
  4. looks like warface 2020 - small maps in industrial areas, fast paced FPS, UE4... not so promising so far *meeeh*
  5. I think this is just Linux server they promised to switch to a half of a year ago
  6. no i meant there is literally no one left on the forum/in the game to vote
  7. I assume there is no one left to vote
  8. release date: Q4 2019 @ well, ok Q4 2019 - Q1 2020 @ wellll... definetly Q1 2020 @ ok ok ok, 1st half of 2020 ------ WE ARE HERE (end of 1st half of 2020, still no even 0.9 update) ------
  9. yeah @Enigma is a hacker for sure, lets vote to ban him ;D +1 to ban
  10. ну, пусть тогда будет карта с одной лишь техникой раз уж на то пошло
  11. кажется ты не понял сарказма. Полярный и Смоленск - самые убогие и дисбалансные карты
  12. ага-ага, Полярный и Смоленск ехидно смеются в сторонке...
  13. have you checked FB?)
  14. nah, kids are always toxic no matter where are they from.
  15. do u want "warface ru-edition" solution when WF for russians is the completely different game with, as you said, "анальный донат" Im pretty sure that ww3 is gonna be f2p soon (well, unfortunately. Hope im wrong) and it thus will attract many aggressive kids not only from Russia.
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