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  1. Atway

    SCAR-H Handguard and Stock Prices/Costs

    as i understood this system, vehicle upgrades increase its overall cost to request on a battlefield
  2. В двух словах: Если у вас бесконечная загрузка карты, то заходим в кастомизацию и: 1. меняем все 6 экипировок на дефолтные (дефолтное оружие без аттачментов, кроме тех, которые были изначально - ствол, магазин и тд - их можно не менять) 2. меняем все гаджеты на мед.сумку и осколочную гранату 3. меняем все страйки (удары) у всех наборов экипировки на 4 одинаковый (например UAV) 4. меняем все настройки внешнего вида (шлем, штаны, куртка и тд) на дефолтные Пробуем зайти в бой. Если зашло - возвращайте по одному ваши настройки кастомизации и после каждого проверяйте заход в бой.
  3. Atway

    Spoting system is a issue

    as an option it could me changed to static mark: when you mark an enemy, mark DOESNT move and stays at the place where the enemy was spotted. Or mark dissapears when marked enemy hide behind a cover
  4. Atway

    ETA on a patch?

    this week if im not mistaken
  5. ok then. If so, I suggest all of you to make the following: 1. create 6 completely identic loadouts with default weapon and default attachments (default sight/magazine/barrel, no grip, no additional ammo, no flashlight/laser). Same gadgets: med pack+frag. Maybe rename them to default check if it works 2. change to default cosmetics and outfit check 3. change all strikes to same one: e.g. x4 UAV for each loadout check If nothing works, you have to compare your accounts - what things are similar: maybe weapon, strike, tank, even game language.
  6. have a lot such attachments - have no troubles with connection. So doesnt affect have same "undefined" all the time - doenst affect Assume that connection problems are not related to equipment.
  7. Atway

    Spoting system is a issue

    solution: spot cooldown 10-15 sec
  8. Atway

    Feedback / Readability

    who said that WW3 is BF3.5? why devs should make a copy of existing game? I guess they want to make their own game. Maybe just use some of best practices of other games, but the game core will be unique WW3 is a little bit hardcore than BF: no reviving (hey! I`ve got 12.7 bullet in my head! Someone give me a hand! I cant stand up by myself!!!111), no minimap (or use UAV - be more tactic and use resourses wisely), FF enabled (agree that there should be servers with FF turned off)
  9. Atway

    Feedback / Readability

    you just described Battlefield series
  10. Atway

    I'm a filthy hacker pt.3

    can you please hide such posts to make it not public since their fixes are a matter of month(s) and you (devs) said that you will not ban those who use them? Recently there are too many bug-users inside walls. Especially in TDM
  11. Atway

    Shotgun nerv

    kinda strange. Everytime I play vepr on TDM, everyone says "nerf shotguns", "vepr op" and "shotgun noob!!1111 stop playing it!!111" All they need is to get a liiiiitle buff for close range (like 10-15%) for hip-fire
  12. Про кол-во игроков было написано в первом сообщении? Так что не догадки тут нелепые
  13. Atway

    auto kick for TK, vote kick

    votekick is easy to abuse too: lets say I joined with a team of 5 ppl and we dont like you just with no reason. What are your last words before kick? =D I think there should be a complex system: only TKers can be voted for kick maybe. E.g. to be votekicked you should make ~3-4 TKs or smth like that
  14. Atway

    ingame radio language

    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): ingame radio (Y by default) language is the language of player who uses these commands. This leads to situations when someone, for example, has Russian game language and requests ammo and in the chat "Нужны патроны" appears which is not understandable for non-Russian speakers. Maybe quick responses|requests should be shown in the receiver`s language instead of speaker`s GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3428619
  15. Atway

    The 3 word game

    GAME CRASH because...