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  1. "I love BTS, here they are from left to right"
  2. or just your team was terrible AF 86/39 squad KD... barely 2+
  3. Atway

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    for US thats mostly likely true, same for AS i believe. For EU, as i mentioned above, there are always few servers (although unfortunately its not enough to have full servers for all maps to have a choice which map to play) Welcome
  4. Atway

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    hey, playerbase is not big right now, but on EU you will be able to find a couple full servers anytime
  5. just game doesnt let you hit a police car. Otherwise they will come for ya
  6. Dont get why people always try to add something from one game to another instead of just playing the first one Im pretty sure devs want to kill someone each time they hear "in CoD..." or "in Insurgency..."
  7. Без обид, но картинки картинками, а как-то описать свое видение техники в игре и доказать ее необходимость все-таки стоило бы. Как, например, делает это Dunabar, приводя не только информацию реальной техники, но и примерно сравнивает с уже имеющейся в игре техникой, чтобы было понятно, какую нишу займет новая техника
  8. its just a way to counter quickscopes and make hip-firing less accurate I highly disagree with the suggestion - I played few games with such mechanics and it distracts a lot and makes moves more clumsy
  9. субьективно. Мне, к примеру, наоборот, новый показался ужасным
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