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  1. "game in the game" = a lot of recources. Also F51 showed new customization menu mock-ups several months ago, which can mean they have design and analytics stages done. So I hate to break it to you but very unlikely something like you mentioned will be implemented in near future.
  2. while we are all living in 2020, this guy is living in 2021
  3. 90% пунктов меню однотипны во всех играх, а уж всякие "качество мешей" или "антиализинг" и вовсе не переводятся, а используются те же самые англицизмы
  4. all news in the last weekly report: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/02/10/weekly-report-48-a-change-of-pace-for-reports/
  5. section: suggestions topic: DESCRIPTION OF BUG wrong subforum
  6. I prefer Dio`s years too but like all Rainbow eras: Dio, Bonnet, Turner and White. In 2018 i was on their tour with Ronnie Romero as vocal and he is awesome too As for BS same here: I prefer Dio years
  7. Rainbow is my the most favorite band yay "Long Live Rock'n'Roll!"
  8. Finally we`ve found all (both) these guys who has >200 FPS in WW3
  9. yep, it would be cool to hear about game mechanics, but the fact is that game in EA so everything may change in any time E.g. here is our shooting mechanics: we have vertical recoil.... *0.2 comes out*... and sway.... *0.8 comes out*....oops, now we have a horizontal recoil... *1.0 comes out* damn, now we have something more. Its too early to say how things work till its not released you know, everything may be tweaked, reworked, deleted from the game, etc and yeah, another one reason is here Just wait a little, everything will be good
  10. software development is such a thing, where you can spend week, two or even month doing some "not really interesting for others" stuff. I mean there can be nothing interesting to tell about. Or you can work on the same thing over weeks and you cant post report every week like "we are still working on the same stuff as week before, but for now we`ve done a little more of it. Stay tuned, see you next week"
  11. orly? O_o The first project for me where you can ping devs on the forum, in discord and even in their own game
  12. bet for some other gadgets it can be barely visible
  13. hmmmm nice tactics to pretend that you`re teammate`s gadget, not enemy ;D "im medkit-medkit-medkit, im not an enemy"
  14. yep, no details here, it doesnt break NDA. The main idea was the thought that "recon = tactical teamplay, tactical teamplay = competetive"
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