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  1. voted yes but technically armor plates in game are just plates (all of which btw look the same in terms of shape) which are not even visible. So I dont see any good solution here which wouldnt "break" customization
  2. map doesnt matter - my mines were both visible and invsible on the same map. Works for all maps
  3. немного треша
  4. Atway

    Beretta M9

    I mean what i said - pistols are too weak: low RoF, damage and accuracy, high spread
  5. Atway

    How to report?

    yep. as i said same here =\ Often I die behind a corner or someone kills me not even looking at me. Its all about ping, I hope devs will fix it till 1.0
  6. Atway

    How to report?

    imo hitreg is good, same for netcode. The only issue i see here is the ping - for me its always 80-120. So yeah its really "funny" to play vs skilled players which sometimes i dont even see due to the high ping but no doubt the overall performance became MUCH better than it was lets say in 0.4
  7. well, wish you all the best, hope you will cope well with all you stuff
  8. maybe just got rusty due no practice?
  9. Atway

    How to report?

    is it really so much, that he started typing some racist and toxic stuff once he noticed cyrrillic symbols in the chat from me and you who did nothing to him? P.S. I remember the most epic phrase "more than 50 kills - ez autoban by stats!" well, not really much imo. Thanks
  10. I said nothing about you. Just said that if your team lose, it doenst mean that the opposite team is good, maybe just your team is terrible. I often see how bad enemy team is (in terms of "trying to win the match") but we lose because our team is even worse
  11. Atway

    How to report?

    well, if we started talking about toxic and racist kids reporting, can you reveal the secret information for how long such players can be banned? I understand that you may not know it exactly, but approximately at least
  12. Atway

    How to report?

    can we report toxic behavior via hacks@worldrwar3.com? Cause I did so
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