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  1. you mean nothing changed? Well, to sum: in early 0.7 movement speed was changed but then reverted to the old values. So now we have the same movement speed as in 0.6
  2. yeah, it was suggested many times. And all vet players and devs are against it. Please stop trying to turn ww3 into bf
  3. really hope that new animation is coming in 0.8, because its literally the most noticeable thing by newcomers
  4. wait, I compared movement speed side by side in 0.6 and 0.7 for all loadouts. And there were no difference. Are you sure you implemented it?
  5. totally agree. But first need to up vehicles a little. Otherwise they will become way too weak
  6. or map voting as its made in thousands other games
  7. Atway

    0.7 several bugs

    this is the consequence of high ping
  8. english subtitles as always https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdwWtysT8k4
  9. happens for new MRAP - tested by crashing new MRAP into the old one
  10. anyway its not the best option to test something.
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