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  1. thats the problem Most of weapon builds I pick up are so goddamn terrible like AK-15 w/ 6x scope or MG with thermal scope only. 1 magazine from dropped weapon I think
  2. As we got reduced ammopool, then maybe add an ability to restore ammo by dropped weapon of same caliber? And not just by walking over it but interacting with it within a few seconds /discuss
  3. Smolensk, A2, Racks collision model doesnt fit its visual model https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VNmDl5BIcDF1MxWuM7du0Rvyx30VJrKK
  4. i dont mean we heed 100+ stories skyscrapper-map, but some kind of multi-story map would be cool. As i said, airport/train station/power plant for example. Something that will not be just a corridor-map (like Berlin now)
  5. exactly! Because first aid kit/mini drone/c4 are small gadgets and packs or UGV are big. But in terms of gadget slot they are the same.
  6. just move RPG to gadgets and add weight for gadgets
  7. all is need is to lower the amount of health when this effect occur: just make it for less that 30 hp, thus when when you restore your hp with autoregen up to 33 HP it wont annoy you get closer to wall/corner
  8. a have ~8 years of MMO RPG experience, over 30 binds around WASD without taking fingers off from it to split functions. I dont want to open comm-rose by holding X (what sometimes i do by accident). I dont want to place a mark on the ground, requesting ammo from running ally. I dont want to mark weapon, trying to mark enemy/enemy ammopack for my teammates/give attack order. But instead i want to set my bindings as I want. All-in-one button is bad idea imo
  9. its not a bug. Just use other barrel without iron sight
  10. When exactly? ASAP before 1.0 for sure
  11. locked servers with other game build? In one client? wow... just wow... ^ perhaps these gold words should be pinned at the top of any discussion like "we dont need PTE!"
  12. AFAIK you cant as long as it just one function: X marks enemies, weapons, gives orders. 2-tapping it marks anything, holding it opens rose-menu
  13. You can mark enemies by pressing X. Sometimes you press it a liiiitle longer and open rose-menu instead of mark You can request ammo/meds by request command in rose-menu (Y or hold X). You can request ammo/meds by pointing your ally and press guess what? Yep, X! And if he is running you try to aim him, spamming X, what leads to double tapping and locating a ground marker. You can leave a mark on the ground by double tapping X You can give an order to attack/defend an objective by pressing X - sometimes you give an order instead of marking emeny/requesting supplies because control point marker is close to your crosshair. And vise versa - you mark a weapon on the ground close to you instead of giving an order... are we out of keys on our keyboards?
  14. would like to see real 3d map where you can fight in all 3 dimentions. I mean not a "single-story" map with empty buildings, but a map with buildings with rooms and coridors in it, like a real city or just one building like factory/airport. So you will need to watch not left-right only, but up and down as well Let it be less in terms of overall map square, but "higher"
  15. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K8s3Hts58mURLjvpqKRCpB7PPsZkObHS
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