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  1. yeah @Enigma is a hacker for sure, lets vote to ban him ;D +1 to ban
  2. ну, пусть тогда будет карта с одной лишь техникой раз уж на то пошло
  3. кажется ты не понял сарказма. Полярный и Смоленск - самые убогие и дисбалансные карты
  4. ага-ага, Полярный и Смоленск ехидно смеются в сторонке...
  5. have you checked FB?)
  6. nah, kids are always toxic no matter where are they from.
  7. do u want "warface ru-edition" solution when WF for russians is the completely different game with, as you said, "анальный донат" Im pretty sure that ww3 is gonna be f2p soon (well, unfortunately. Hope im wrong) and it thus will attract many aggressive kids not only from Russia.
  8. 60 https://youtu.be/gFio03fZ12I?t=146
  9. yep. thats right, H&G is available in various launchers: steam, mail ru, some other "local" lauchers and as standalone client. AFAIK there is no impact on development from mail ru side
  10. wait 6 more months till next news come out)
  11. no, you`ll get "unique" beta-tester badge and fortnite-ish skins for 25 bucks
  12. chill out guys, i think we all are overreacting here - we imagined thats its going to be f2p and now think that it already happened. I know that my.games doesnt have any positive examples of games, but lets hope ww3 will be the first one, just wait and see what will happen. Maybe everything is not so bad as we think it is, anyway we cant do anything here - we are not the ones who decide here
  13. cant even remember anything that didnt become a sh!t after it was touched by mail.ru group...
  14. Atway


    https://worldwar3.com/en/customer-support/#faq Q: Will World War 3 have any form of single-player mode? No, World War 3 is purely a multiplayer game and constant, stable internet connection is required to play the game.
  15. ha you mean to distinguish them from packs, i got it. Voted up
  16. dont get how it increase visibility
  17. Stalinium - any damage resistance
  18. doesnt depend on voicepack. I used english and russian, for both it comes with "enemy vehicle incoming!" when spot neutral (and sometimes even destroyed) vehicles
  19. you`re completely wrong!!! And now im gonna explain why...
  20. Squad is almost the same as ARMA3, isnt it?
  21. do not dig so deep this void...
  22. (Hardcore AF) Real life ---- ARMA 3 ---- EFT ---- WW3 ---- BF ---- COD (Stupid circus, just turn "Benny Hill Theme" on as soundtrack)
  23. it could be cool weapon but only if there is a vehicle modular damage system. Thus such weapons could be very useful to destroy certain module like engine or tracks for example but not "explode a tank with 5 20-dmg shots to any part of it"
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