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  1. о, адепты гига подъехали. Игры абсолютно разные как минимум по темпу. В ВВ3 он раза в 2-3 выше
  2. Очередной "журналист" с ошеломительной правдой об игре? Откуда вы появляетесь? Ноете про отсутствие эндгейма, хотя игре до релиза еще полгода и сейчас самое важное - создать основу, а не всякие дейлики-свистелки-перделки. п.с. назови аналогичную игру (с режимом захвата и удержания точек, естественно), где нет
  3. +add weight system: more powerful weapon = more weight. More weight = less speed, maneuverability
  4. I think its not really comfortable to do it while sprinting IRL. Thus it wont be added to the game im pretty sure
  5. aren't you the one who complained that only you were trying to destroy heli few days ago on warsaw? DId you use UCAS-D? Did it helped you a lot?)
  6. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/search/&q=Rotation&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  7. I know that hes aware, but I see no changes due to huge negative feedback =\
  8. Абсолютно разные ниши у этих игр. Так же как и БФ не привел к закрытию WW3, так и новый КоД этого не сделает - каждый выберет то, что ему нравится. Подскажи мне реальный случай по описанному тобой сценарию?
  9. @Ragir just look how many players are against heli. What do you think? And yeah, nerfing its HP from 600 to 450 will not solve these problems
  10. there is nothing to suspect - he is not hiding the fact
  11. the only reason is that he is very active heli abuser, so helis nerf is not in his best interest. Thats it
  12. you know what, its kinda strange that you can use stormbreaker (4k BP) to destroy a vehicle (but it doesnt even oneshots tanks and MRAP) or few ppl OR use bombing (3.5k BP) and destroy up to 5-7 ppl and maybe a vehicle OR use full moded tank (5+k BP) but which can be easily destroyed by RPG burst/mines/airstrikes or you just can abuse totally unbalansed heli (4k BP) and farm infantry for entire match Make it caost like mephisto then - 9k BP. Looks fair
  13. join to an empty server and wait for other players. Locked servers are servers where match is about to end (>4500 points for any team) on the loading screen. Or check videos on Youtube why they should sound different? What the logic here? only SL can spawn on squadmates, squad members can spawn only on squad leader - its fair enough. Play with squad and squad leader, but not use squad only as a mobile spawn point AK-47 in 2026... And why 70+years old gun if there is an AK-15 in the game? Desert eagle is not used as military weapon (only used by GROM afaik) - its not a military weapon in general Magnum? Which one? Magnum is type of ammunition
  14. not only rockets but: bad hitreg - no comment "flying tank" - 3 single stage rockets/ 1-2 tandem/ ~100+ bullets no-brainer weapon - just spam rockets somewhere on the ground too good maneuverability/speed - faster than loitering ammo, able to avoid it easily other bugs (like for loitering ammo) which makes everything worse twice
  15. how? jsut add 25BP bonus only for vehicles/firearms
  16. I think it means that bullets will deal less damage to it, so despite of its lowered HP, the amount of bullets will be the same. The idea of the fix is to make it oneshotable by tandem, but keep it the same against bullets
  17. whats about fixes for its collision and laggy teleporting/jerky movement?
  18. p.s. I voted for him too ;D
  19. pretty sure this is the same
  20. because there will be no full servers in a few months
  21. so we hardly get server queues even in future?
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