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    you just dont get match results. Check your wallet after match
  2. If 2-3 players start shooting at once, it will get destroyed very fast
  3. Уже отвечали на этот вопрос - большой разрушаемости не будет (по крайней мере до релиза точно). Максимум дестрой-паки, не более того
  4. no, im not (yet? :D), just an active player, streamer, youtuber and so on
  5. destroying heli should be a separate video as its quite long for 1 tip, but enough long for separate guide. Also its better for SEO purposes Anyway there is a link to the Heli video at the end of this one
  6. thisis like your credo, your vow ;D dont think so... But only Polarny will be available for them, so dont play it till 24th
  7. Basic tips for newcomers and beginners in connection with the upcoming free weekend :)
  8. they do in plans closer to release if im not mistaken what? different key for mark in vehicles - map it RMB on CP icon on the bottom of the spawn screen done on PTE just learn maps. They are not so big you can move while healing. Just hold your aim on medpack. Also you can look around by holding L.ALT Planned. use forum search. squad size is actually 5. Ofc it is if you dont even try to get it down. ANd its not if you know how to destroy it. Use forum search - there are a lot of information here
  9. As Ragir somewhere said, melee system has low priority ("nobody uses knife in a real battle, soldiers use it only as a tool to open cans"), so dont expect something in nearest future.
  10. Russian map you know, someone stole the wheel... chech garages - it should be there. But be aware of gopniks
  11. I think I reported it a month ago
  12. whats about few more conditions to get votekicked? Like score <300 and/or 4-5 TKs in round?
  13. yeah, I knew the answer but I was hoping nope, i meant exactly what I said. Codes from devs are good too but if i could create them by myself i could giveaway them anytime i want to, independent of someone else. What if I want to giveaway, lets say, 50k code every stream? Ask devs everytime?
  14. but can WE, players, generate them too? I mean can I spent for example 100k ingame currency to generate a code to giveaway on my stream? That would be awesome! Just make it able only for players rank 3 or 5+ to generate and use to prevent abusing new accounts
  15. thats it! Good player besides good aiming skill can hear footsteps, knows map well (and its all default positions), uses radars, penetration mechanics, flanking, predicts enemy moves and so on. Bad or average player can only go straight ahead and shoot. So the difference between good and average player is quite big, which bad player consider as cheating, not even trying to ask himself "am i doing something wrong? How to improve?"
  16. yesterday I was going 30-0 But no one called me a cheater As i said (as a bad tip) in one of my videos: "remember: everyone who plays better than you is a cheater, who plays worse is a noob". So yeah, you confirmed my words when told about noobs calling you cheater. So with ingame reports F51 will get tonns of false (~toxic / rage) reports on "hackers" with K/D > reporters K/D I dont know how such reports will be reviewed: manually or automatically (Dont think you can automize it), but if it possible, implement some kind of "slander penalty" for many false reports
  17. they did, you missed it:
  18. probably he meant that heli can resupply ammo any time
  19. ughhh... ingame reports... you know that 90% of players report everyone who killed them. Saw so many times in other games the situation like this: "he headshoted me! his K/D is 0.5! Hes a cheater! Reported!" "he killed 5 in a row! Cheater! Reported!" "he has K/D more than mine! Cheater! Reported!" "he killed me from far distance! Cheater! Reported!" "he knew where I was! Cheater! Reported!" (still more than half of players do not know about radars, sounds they making and so on) Brainless players will abuse this system, spamming wrong reports. Dont know will you have some kind of filter on your side, but Im pretty sure that ingame reporting is absolutely useless due to mentioned reasons
  20. nooo, its a really nice feature! You can also kill them in the same way
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