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    Server performance (lags)

    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): servers start lagging as hell when fully populated Such "magic" happens: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zJoT37fEObKEoKE9PE_W6E8LbpUqpUDI No, my connection is ok. It starts only when server is full. And im not alone with this issue. Build 3553342
  2. Does anybody noticed any difference between vehicles within one type (like AFVs, IFVs, MBTs)? I see no difference between lets say Leo and Abrams, Boxer and Bumerang and so on.
  3. Atway

    Enemy Foot Steps

    Hear footsteps very well, sometimes even start shooting guided only by sound. I assume you hear friendly footsteps while they are running (sprinting) and try to compare them to enemies footsteps while they are walking (normal movement)
  4. Atway

    Feedback on Update 0.4

    same here =\ This wekeend my ping in warzone is jumping from 60 up to 350
  5. Got 7 crashes in a row. Does anyone have same issues today? Nice double c(r)ash weekend, isnt it? p.s. ofc crash reports are sent
  6. Atway

    Double c(R)ash weekend

    hmmm.... we cant provide such info (yes)
  7. Atway

    Double c(R)ash weekend

    yeah, but when I posted it, there were no announcment yet
  8. Atway

    RPG issue

    @weedtime reproduced AT shell, same place https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JUTptc5JDbTDH6KEE50UA3B9arq47nzE other surface: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14pYAdW8f_o_i6UrU5ELouU-KBTvDNSU8
  9. Atway

    RPG issue

    AT shell - sorry, do not remember its exact name got this just once, so cant provide more info about surfaces. Need to retest it on the same place. Its kinda hard now, cuz my game keep crashing all the time once warzone match is loaded
  10. Atway

    RPG issue

    Had same issue: rpg projectile bounced from pillars:
  11. there is a limit of 2 jammers at once if im not mistaken
  12. thinking logically you can. But you cant go to jammed area with remote controlled vehicles (like quadcopter)
  13. In TDM we have a lot of spam like "we are losing"/"wea re winning", since 0.4 it comes amid annoying sound. i suggest to change it: this announcements should appear only when any team reaches 10th,20th,30th and 40th kill. When the winning team reaches this point, announcement after another team for this point will be skipped once the losing team reaches it too: Team A gets 10th kill: Team A gets "we are winning" message, Team B gets "we are losing". Team B finally gets 10th kill too: nothing happens, because team A got it first Team B takes the lead and gets 20th kill: Team A gets "we are losing", Team B gets "we are winning". And so on. In this case the sound will not be so annoying as it is right now and will really helpful
  14. pffff, easy! Set it as alarm signal!
  15. Atway

    Vests with groin area defence.

    -I need protection -here: -No, I need real protection! -ok: -You dont understand. I. Need. PRO-TEC-TION! -Uh, how about that? -DAMN MAN! PRO-TEC-TION -okay okay! -MORE GODDAMN PROTECTION!!!!11 -...
  16. Maybe move this button from all variants to the left side - there is no need to duplicate this button
  17. Atway

    Who's your nemesis and fav target

    nice to hear, thanks) as for me, dont really have nemesis, but can mention some guys against whom its really nice to play: Hybed, TZoningHard, R1GHT, ZwierzaK, kk800pipen, BadRussiaN, ex_Kenny I think i forget someone... And my fav target is @ex_Kenny But honestly, any player is a good target for me
  18. Just to learn mechanics a little bit better: Weight: overall weight is about 60-65 points. What these points are? pounds? G38 is 16.4, which is 7.5kg - sounds strange Recoil: 0.64. Does 0.00 means no recoil at all, so what 1.00 means then? Or just abstract number. What the ethalon? Spread: same as recoil - what the ethalon?
  19. Atway

    Cheating discussion

    but nobody will do that, because the main reason to write cheates is to sell them. I cant imagine a person who will spend his time to write a cheat just to play for fun
  20. Atway

    Current Gameplay design

    did you see any soldier shooting full auto? I didnt, only bursts. Well, ofc some of them do it, but im talking in common And btw, it is simple to control recoil even in 0.4. And you dont need to shoot full auto, due to new TTK
  21. Atway

    Настройки графики

    дх11, дх12 пока не ожидается
  22. Atway

    Damage multipliers

    I know, just forgot that limbs multipliers were changed in .4
  23. Atway

    Bio Deathmatch (BD)

    Do you feel it? Smells like.... like CoD zombie mod