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  1. we have Germany (Berlin), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moscow, Smolensk, Polarny) in the game - just 3 countries. There are ~250 countries in the world So following your logic, "3 countries are added but rest ~247 are not". Why lithuania, why not Madagascar or lets say Lebanon?)
  2. stability and optimization. Game must be polished in terms of technical aspects. But it doesnt mean that content cant be created at the same time Anyway it is not up to us. Just lets ask devs to update the roadmap.
  3. if WORLD war 3 happened, the whole WORLD will get envolved. Because it is [SUDDENLY] WORLD war
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): silencers works only for its owner. Tested M4 with QD silencer and polygonal silencer GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3753461 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): 1. equip silencer 2. check the sound volume from other players POV AR: For silencer owner sounds quietly. For others at close range sound just a liiiitle quieter. From far range sound like there is no silencer
  5. Не проверял. надо будет глянуть. Но не думаю что экономия пары фунтов стоит ваншотов в голову
  6. в случае со шлемом/шапкой есть. Ставишь шапку и не можешь выбрать уровень брони для головы, ибо шапочки без брони (что логично)
  7. Не пойму в чем баг. Если ты выбираешь шапочку (типа панамки или ушанки), то естественно она не обладает защитой. Ставь обратно шлем
  8. Atway

    Patch 0.6.3

    same for C1 and A1 stairs as well. Sometimes even stairs invisible.
  9. Atway

    Voice chat

    Ok, got it: 1. enable steam voice chat: open friendlist - settings (gear icon on the top right) - voicechat 2. set the same button in the game settings: esc - bindings - common - voice chat you do not see your voicechat icon to your nickname in tab, but you can see others. No icon appears when you`re speaking via voicechat, but others can hear you. The quality is bad
  10. not only. Got it for 7x scope on open space on Smolenks unable to zoom in for TOR? Scope is available if prone now
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Cant do anything (shoot, change weapon, throw greandes) if no ammo for both weapon of the same caliber GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3753461 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): 1. take 2 weapons of the same caliber (M4+SA80) 2. spend all ammo for both weapons 3. change weapon AR: cant swithc weapon anymore, throw greanges, drop gadgets
  12. Atway

    Voice chat

    @Ragir could you explain how to enable voicechat please?
  13. Atway

    Voice chat

    open friendlist - settings (gear icon on the top right) - voicechat.
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): missing window texture for car inside garage build 3743632
  15. How to enable voicechat? I`ve enabled it in steam, but how to use it in the game? By default it on Y key: Doesnt work for me. DId I miss something?
  16. for balance it shouldnt. Otherwise we should use the same system as it in insurgency/day of infamy where almost every weapon is 1-2 BTK 80% is just random number. Ofc it should be calculated well for balance purposes. Moreover its just for a small plate, which covers ~15% of body. velocity drops for ingame distances is significally small to take it into account
  17. we have the same damage as in 0.3 now, but 0.75 damage multiplier for leg/arm/limb (was 50% in 0.3). So in general we have almost the same TTK as we had in .3 Are you happy now, Fidelio? (c)
  18. calculate kinetic energy of bullet (1/2*mv^2) with some assuptions ofc and make "kinetic energy treshold" for each armor tier. We have velocity, we have mass - lets go! Lets say 7.62x39 FMJ (8g mass) has ~2200 J energy , 5.56x45 ~ 1800, 9x19 ~ 600 and so on. Then, for instance, 3rd tier armor gives 80% protection for energy less than 1600 and go down to 20% against 2000 J. So against pistols it will be really effective, for 5.56 it will gilve lets say 30-35% and 20% for 7.62.
  19. thats what im talkinga about: 0.4 TTK was extremely low (insta kills), 0.5 is extremely high. It should be somewhere in between. Most likely armor should be reworked for this purposes too. modern combat in our world (not sci-fi with energy shields or fantasy with magic shileds). How many bullets you can bear? 5? 6? 10? I guess 1-2 is enough. But there should be a ballance between real life and fun, so 5-6 BTK is "too much fun" and 1-2 BTK is "too much realistic".
  20. I will be brief: 0.4 TTK was much better. Now we have almost the same TTK as in 0.3 I suggest to make it somewhere in between: 34 damage for 5.45 (now 30), 40 for 7.62 (now 38)
  21. in 0.5 you can mark an enemy behind a cover and track his movements. Just spam X ftw. New spot system is bad too, but at least spamming X doesnt allow you to track enemies all the time
  22. at least it can be used every single second as before by spamming X
  23. M4 - low damage, high RPM, average recoil. Similar to MSBS-K but has better RPM and worse recoil. sa80 - low damage, high RPM, but insane recoil. It can be adjusted with a grip but you have to spend $10k more to be able to use it (handguard). SA80 looks kinda strange and completely useless in comparison with other weapons of the same caliber spawn on squadmates - leads to chaotic and less tactic gameplay, endless players on a control point if there is at least 1 enemy is alive and insta deaths like in BF red screen when you are less than 1/3 HP is annoying. Because if your HP restore up to 33, you will will still have red screen blinking. Maybe decrease the red screen treshold to 25 HP, then you will not get it instantly blinking while you are on 1/3 HP bad performance when the game is installed on HDD - I have PTE on HDD and live client on SSD. Playing PTE installed on HDD is like hell: 5-7 minutes to get to a battle, freezes, etc - does anyone have the same? mobile spawn point - just why if every single squadmate is a mobile spawn point heli drone - nice strike but too cheap in comparison to its performance new spot system - nice that its no more ingame wallhack as before, but now it works in a strange way: sometimes marks thousands of enemies around the whole map, sometimes marks nothing on the ground (just red square on the ground where no one is), sometimes these marks move with targets, sometimes they dont - total mess.
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