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  1. spent 10 minutes to earn BPs, game froze Repeat spent 10 minutes to earn BPs, game crashed Repeat spent 10 minutes to earn BPs, selected a strike, cant leave tablet view Repeat spent 10 minutes to earn BPs, while earning them, server became full. Match ended Repeat fck! No way! No more "repeat" im done!
  2. all we need is just: proper items description their stats final stats for vehicle with these upgrades stats description (if not very obvious) because for now its not very clear what armor exactly does: does it block X% of income damage or block all damage (for few shots) or make rpg explode a little farther from the base armor or what? What difference between types of armor and so on - these are real questions from necomers
  3. Atway

    true pharaoh

    no, you`ve asked too concrete question. The right one will be "Why this isnt perfect?"
  4. I think thats intended and quite logical that PTE has some performance improvements, right?
  5. Atway

    true pharaoh

    why there are no smart questions here?
  6. no need for us to break it - you re doing it very well without any help joking
  7. thats just German tradition (no offence, just joking)
  8. naah, same sh!t everytime. Russains are invaders-psychopats. You had to get used to it. But tbh i dont care about CoD plot (what sounds funny) - it always looks like a 3rd grade action movie with all these cliches. For me new cod is "x2 speed warface" - just add Benny Hill theme on it and its complete!
  9. nice idea but newcomers will whine a lot like "how TF it has killed me inside!!111 game is broken!1111"
  10. просто верх объективности) "Фростморн из варика по своему красив я бы хотел чтобы его добавили в игру. И моя точка зрения положительна.Был бы я разработчикам то я бы добавил бы этот меч. Хоть он и из Варика" (авторская грамматика соблюдена)
  11. just keep helpful voice reactions as they are (like "grenade") and make others less frequent. atm you comment literally every single action: sl is down! i killed someone! i made 2 more steps! i forgot to turn iron off! my leg is so itchy! am i exist? And so on)
  12. +100 points to Gryffindor for watermarks
  13. if shotguns are op why no one plays them?
  14. то есть берданку лучше не просить?
  15. you mean nothing changed? Well, to sum: in early 0.7 movement speed was changed but then reverted to the old values. So now we have the same movement speed as in 0.6
  16. yeah, it was suggested many times. And all vet players and devs are against it. Please stop trying to turn ww3 into bf
  17. really hope that new animation is coming in 0.8, because its literally the most noticeable thing by newcomers
  18. wait, I compared movement speed side by side in 0.6 and 0.7 for all loadouts. And there were no difference. Are you sure you implemented it?
  19. totally agree. But first need to up vehicles a little. Otherwise they will become way too weak
  20. or map voting as its made in thousands other games
  21. Atway

    0.7 several bugs

    this is the consequence of high ping
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