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  1. G29 overall have higher base damage and penetration, and the range where it will almost always 1 shot is around mid range where bolt action will dominated. That would also be the range where you find yourself in the majority of the time unless you are using another gun. Tor is actually my preferable bolt action but it's too heavy for the performance different.
  2. G29 actually since this game have similar mechanics like BF1 where at a certain distance the sniper 1 shot enemy. The G29 1 shot zones is at 90m to 140m.
  3. When is that patch may i ask? because the different in weight is very significant in usability.
  4. The VEPR rifle have 22.4 weights as defaulted instead of 14.4. That is insane!!! Is this a bug?
  5. Which game, i only saw it in eft and r6s and both example the thermal isn't at all broken. The thermal in this game is even more handicapped than those in the example. Having it become useless at long distance for a long range scope while giving a tons of down side makes the scope feels useless.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): i cannot change camo for my outfit or weapons. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):Change camo in any catagories SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
  7. They already limited the FOV to the point of only the thing you point at pop up, also the new color scheme make it impossible to see the enemy or anything without them moving. By having that limiter, the scope is useless as a long range weapon.
  8. Been using it back when it was registering players in black and white, with the new patch they changed that do red and blue and now the target doesn't even show up until they are at a certain distance. The thing is that rendering distance is not far at all, i can see they without scoping in even. Could the dev changed that since it's suppose to be use for long range battle?
  9. If you do head shot with most gun in the game, the damage or ttk is almost the same. Most assault rifle in he game would kill just as fast if not faster up to 100m, outside of that the scar-h do indeed does better, but it's essentially just outclass by bolt action. The current scar-h in the game right now perform identically to a standard assault rifle like the alfa or ak15. I doesn't do enough damage to be a battle rifle let alone a DMR. The dev stated that the damage models would be based on the caliber of the gun and since it's using 7.62x51, it will be categorized as a battle rifle. While I do not agree with this way of balancing the damage,since WW3 already have couple exception to the rule like the T5000 and i would rather have a harder hitter mk20 ssr in semi automatic mode for the role of battle rifle in order to make the roll more distinct from the others, I will leave it to the devs to do with the finals decisions. I am not disagreeing with you on this. My point is exactly the same as yours. WW3 is a game in the end of the days, and the gun damage models shouldn't always restricted to its caliber. which is why i wanted the scar-H right now to be categorized with the guns that it have almost identical performant with have have something more distinct in the role of battle rifle. Regarding balancing, I am no way saying that scar-H is weak or under power, I am saying that from what i can see so far in the PTE, the gun roll isn't that much different from other AR. But i will leave the decision up to the dev teams. This is just what i observed so far.
  10. @Borreh Thank you for your response, that was a very interesting and insight full read. However, i need some clarification. when you said: There are 2 guns with the same caliber in the game already but behave completely different with different damage model and damage drop off. It's the Scar-H and the T5000 using the same 7.62x51. Despite using the same caliber, one do a lot lot more damage then the other and have completely different damage drop off model. If the caliber defined the damage, why is there this discrepancy?
  11. Well, this is a video game. In real life, if you get hit by a bullet you would go down most likely. But in this game, you don't. Not everything need to be to the exact point of realism. I would rather have a balance and well design game then a realistic game that is unbalance and isn't well design. They also did this in the game with the T5000 using the same 7.62 but more damage and pen than other AR if im not mistaken.
  12. I expect a true battle rifle would be similar to Scar-H SSR variants or m14 EBR where you can only semi auto it with much higher damages per shot and a lot higher recoils. I am aware that the M14 EBR can go full auto, however, there should be significant recoils added to that.
  13. The reclassification is so that when a real battle rifle come out, most players can see the real different between the categories rather than just some name that doesn't mean anything. Which would be the real reason for categorization to begin with.
  14. The long barrel increase its long range capacity, but not to the extend that it would be something that is good at long range or rivals the bolt actions. The scar-H i used was in the long range configurations and i did not feels any significant different compared to the base models. I was trying to stated that if there is a way to significantly increase its long range damage , for example to 3 shot kills range, while having more drawback such as reducing ROF or increase recoil in order for the gun to perform differently and have a different role from other AR, the scar-H should just be considered an AR.
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