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  1. If you do not delete it others who also wanted a reward and not a punishment can read the answer too.
  2. With the SCAR the category Battle Rifle is introduced. Would you consider adding Scout Rifles as another option between Battle rifles (BR) and Sniper Rifles (SR)? Slower firing than the SCAR but faster than the Sniper Rifles and a medium effective range so you can drop enemies with few shots (1 headshot (maybe 1 headshot + 1 bodyshot) at medium range) but can and have to move a lot more than with a sniper rifle to stay at this optimal medium range. Stats: ~200 RPM (bolt action but (automatically) rechambering while ADS) ~Damage falloff profile similar to AR but with DMG close to a sniper rifle. ~4-10 rounds magazine ~2.5 sec reload ~14 kg weight ~low spread, medium-high recoil
  3. Benchmark


    Planetside 2 has Battle Rifles. And a few other interesting categories. I ll make a suggestion post for that.
  4. The 3 silencers differ in cost and weight. Is the heavier and more expensive silencer also better at silencing?
  5. Please add a confirmation pop up before the purchase, It is very easy to accidentally click on and thereby buy a weapon or other item right now, additional buttons to confirm or cancel the purchase would avoid this issue.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: You can spend silver on the standard attachments, which makes no sense since they are the same as the ones used when clicking "Clear" GAME BUILD ID: 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Go to customiasation, click on the standard attachment.
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