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  1. After picking up the game a few days ago and spending a lot of hours on it these are some suggestions I would make as I have played a lot of these types of games over many years. The game feels a bit to 2 dimensional. By this i mean that there are only a couple of building that have more than the ground level. Adding more level to buildings or maybe the ability to climb buildings will turn it into a more 3d experience and stop a lot of bum rushing that i have noticed top squads do as they will need to move slower to avoid getting sniped or spotted. There is a lot of sprites. like way too many. just bits of paper everywhere. It distracts from the game. Although i still do alright in the game and am usually in the top 5 I find that at least 30 percent of my time is trying to snipe a piece of paper. its very frustrating. Maybe having the ability to turn it down or off would be great. As someone who used to be a professional gamer and have spent a lot of time since then helping coach and develop professional graded esports teams i can say quite safely that removing these or lessening them will allow for an esports scene of which i believe this game has in the bag after full release. Having aircraft added will again add to the 3d aspect and make it feel more like a war zone.
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