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  1. Slow down and focus on fixing the bugs 100%. I can deal with the crashes, but bugs can be just as bad and at least they are fixable. And if you balance the game-play, all the better. WW3 isn't the only game I'm putting on the back burner; I know how to be patient.
  2. I certainly don't want players spawning in with artillery barrages or carpet bombings ready to go on unsuspecting infantry either Kony, but tanks have more advantages which are more annoying to deal with, therefore they ought to cost more. If I may, I'll break down the three big difference which I think make tanks a bigger threat on battlefield than airstrikes and streamline the talking points. 1) Cost: This was my original point and perhaps my strongest which quoted me on, so I won't have to beat a dead horse 2) Defense-ability: I can't really think of a better way to describe this, but yet it's apt. When an airstrike is called in, you have more ways of immediately defending against it versus a tank. 3) Deadliness: This ties into both of the above points and I briefly touched on it my original post, but it bears repeating. A tank is just more lethal than any of the airstrikes and depending on which we are comparing to, it's either just a little extra or much cheaper.
  3. I suppose I should preface this post by saying this is one of the biggest peeves of the game for me, so there's probably some bias in this post. In my opinion, the problems with tanks is that they are low-risk, high-reward tools in the early phases of low-count games. They are a cheap crutch; a free way for some drip-head to easily cap points and kill others without putting in much effort or risk. This can allow for a snowball effect as the game progresses, whether more people join or not. It doesn't always happen, but it's possible. Damage and counters/tactics aside, can we please consider two things? First, can we not have tanks as part of the armor package that spawns in at the start of the game? The Quads and the APC are fine, but please no tanks. Second, can we change the amount of points these things cost? Compare it to some of the other strikes. An airstrike costs 7500 points and is a one and done which you may not get value out of. Similar thing with the artillery barrage and bombing run. A tank on the other hand costs about 4500-5000, and can almost automatically get value. Bonus perk is that its reusable if you save it.
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