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  1. I’m hopeing Dice helps Farm51 group out
  2. TZoningHard you never know maybe they could get help from Dice to publish this game not saying it’s fake but it’s hard to know whether if it’s fake it’s got Frostbite on there
  3. So I stumbled across this leak video for Battlefield 6 and here’s the video link i want to know why World war 3 is being produced by Frostbite and Dice can any Devs Comfirm if you guys are actually getting help from Dice and Frostbite
  4. Bro if they honestly want huge player base the time is now to convert to consoles I understand let’s get to 1.0
  5. Bro they just need to bring the game to Consoles many and most people will follow along in buying the game basically all’s I’m saying is this game shouldn’t be strictly PC running off Steam it should be On Consoles they would do better going that route
  6. I’m mainly speaking out I would really love to see this game come out on Consoles we need this game because it’s the new year and we can squad up out there with all the different squads can here youhelp be the voice of gamers uniting as one make this game were you can Cross play with Steam players to where the lobby can hook up to Xbox one and PlayStation servers it’s already like that with Fortnite where it doesn’t matter if your PC,Xbox 1,PS4 make the game where you can include the filter server setting search for all platforms where let’s say if you have steam account and the other guy has PlayStation account we’re they can. Still squad up in the game together it would be new trend Fortnite has shown us already that it’s there and out there just think if we all could Squad together no matter what platform your on in this game it would probably be the next big step and also if you do Adventureland move this game to consoles make it to where you have Clan integrated System built in on Update to the game where once your in Squad there could be different factions that you can join once your in a faction or clan integrated functionality you could have squad shoutouts where all the other squads can hear you but not just your squad now off the game MaG on PS3 had Factions that you could join and there were positives towards some of that game that you could implement off that game and bring into this game that would make it more Feasable also Killzone 2 was the most hyped up game on PS3 how they had there integrated Clan Functionality was pretty impressive so in other words you could put your own touch to how you guys want to do things but also Modern Warfare 3 had Rewards called Call of duty Elite you guys could also bring in Events to get the Edge in on some good gamers out there that can enter for Reward Oppurtunity I mean if you guys took the World war 3 Events where even if you had to build a companion app to enter in Event details For real awards to be achieved I believe this game would overall be outstanding with those type of things to be implimented into the game
  7. Don’t listen to Monster Hesh were adventuay going to get it on Consoles they would make more money that way and plus the different country’s of maps etc
  8. Im telling you we are not going to see any battlefield modern combat for awhile and it’s a shame cause there’s a lot of people that want something such as this game will be huge I say it will outsell call of duty
  9. I would highly recommend this game to Consoles it would be the next Big thing that would hit Shelves any Devs or the Creator we’re dying for something new to play I’m getting Butnt out on World War 2 Battlefield please listen to your fans are increasing by the numbers
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