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  1. The 0.3 update has finally allowed me to start the game and get onto a server in less than 5 minutes (before it would take 10-20). However, each time I try to join a server it is always just me and I then have to wait for 5-10 minutes for more players to join. If this game had larger numbers of players I'm sure the built in matchmaking system would work fine but, unfortunately the game is mostly sub 500 players at any time. If the devs could implement a server browser, players would finally be able to join games with a decent number of players. Even if this just meant allowing us to use the steam server browser it would still be an improvement over what we currently have. I understand that the main priority for the studio may be to iron out bugs and increase optimisations before doing anything like this however I feel like it would greatly benefit the game if such a feature were added.
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