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  1. Its not a bug. When shotgun in real life is shot not from shoulder there is less power. This is exaggerated but the theme is still there. It balance out game so shot gunners cant go around hipfire and make the shot gunner pause when ADS before shooting.
  2. If we could mod the game as well to fix the gameplay that would be great.
  3. It was a uh oh moment when the AMA said that bullet came from head not gun. They should have known better. It is a big problem in shooters now.
  4. KDP

    [Gameplay] Respawn

    I think the 10 second, respawn waiting time is short after death, it's too fast for, gameplay Even in and Battlefield V games 15-sec. after respawn time death, and the map is bigger in BF games, and they are also said to be a faster gameplay. in more serious shooting games, 20+ sec. to respawn... i suggest the 20-second respawn. the 20-second may make players more thoughtful, and can help with many complaints about the chaotic resuswn system. This was the best suggestion. It got declined because of not being active enough? The spawn system is pretty bad and chaotic. The amount of times that I have seen player spawn on another and either get killed after spawning or kill the attacker as he was attacking the player that was spawn on is a common thing to see. The old system was much much better. It was not perfect but it was so much better. Players spawn way too fast and are spawning everywhere. .6 has been out for months we know its bad, Its been tested. Either get rid of spawning on other players or increase the time. Maybe both if you want to make a great change for the game. We have mobile spawn but never tested it by its self. Mobile spawn should be enough to get rid of spawn camp which I never saw as a problem and still see happening in game now.
  5. Raise BTK for chest shots so head shots are great again. Get rid of Ball Shot as well! 1BTK is cheese and not good gameplay. Big issue in Siege is the 1BTK headshot. Headshots should not be lower then 3BTK from a fast shooting weapon. If BRs were semi autos then 2 head shot would be balanced but they are full auto so it need be 3BTK. Im OK with sniper being 2 headshot when the person is far away but not up close. ARs should be 3 BTK with 4 for heavy helmet.
  6. This is why the games dying. Like this is the argument for every bad change to the game which the devs were warned about from people with experience. There will be no discussion just like with TTK and gun controlling changes. And Like the really bad spawn and recon drone changes from .6 . The people here arent interested in discussion just shutting people down. Step one is to get people to shut up about BS changes that we already know are bad. Devs are never and never have reverted no matter how clear the changes are bad for the game. Step two is to ignore them after you get your way. You people are just trying to shut down discussion because you cant win the discussion and know it. We can already explain exactly why its a bad idea like the 10 other times a change has happened on PTE before being pushed game. We all know its bad and put out why. You guys fail at why it is good. Devs fail at understanding then lying to us that it will give away position. They make the game purposefully dumber and admit it. If they did fix hitreg they wouldnt undo it and you know it so that is not a argument for having it. This game is dead for a reason. Optimization is not the reason. I played and experienced far buggier and worse optimized games that were great games. Ever month people would complain about tech issues but still played the hell out of the game. WW3 game is not a good game with bad optimization. Game started out OK but has gotten worse with each patch that is why its dead. Feedback is WW3 down fall. Devs ignore experienced players but listen to adolescents who cant give proper reason for their feedback besides feeling a certain way. Should of hired a professional game tester team. Mob mentality feedback is really really bad. Its why CoD, Halo, Squad, and BF got so bad. The New MW CoD is going to be good because they stoped listening to the people who are like the people in WW3 community. CoD this year looks like its going back to not being a dumded down game that favors bad players. It wont be perfect but at least MW is a step in the right direction for gamers. I was really rooting for WW3 but devs were just to inexperienced to make it work out.
  7. 3-4 bullets to kill every where but the center of the front chest. Great game idea ? Just be bad at game hit not the center of the target and win. Or be MLG pro ball shooter. Balls > Chest > Headshots = WW3 Dont make armor bigger make the lowest BTK hitbox get covered up by the 1:1 aspect real life sized plates. More BTK to kill when you dont hit the center of the chest. Front of chest vital area covered by the plate. Back is not so accurate back shot kill faster. Head shot/back shot > Chest Shot > ball shot Why make bigger unrealistic sized plates. You wear the appropriate size plate for your size like you wear shirts. Pack on flags looks like a lazy idea. Place holder if they are smart but doubtful with that. You get so many points that supporting the team doesn't matter. Kill a enemy gets so many points quick but throw down a ammo pack get not much at all. If you can kill 3 players and sit on a objective to get a strike why would you ever try playing support. You already get so many points for doing so little. Why get a job if you get enought welfare for rest of your life to buy everything you could every want Map rotation should be a thing as of launch still dont have it.
  8. Tor was not even overpowered. Very strong yes but Tor is a like little chick compared to how strong heli is. Understanding devs is not possible. Even if heli is not OP its still not fun for people who came to this game for the no aircraft statement and how game was about ground combat. Oh well at least there MW coming.
  9. If some one was at least not dumb they could figure out the exact spot from that picture. There are only three spot that you would get shot from in that cone. The barricades near the coloums, the path from a2 and the barricades with the steps. It gives a non dumb person a 20 meter area of where enemy was. A better idea would to keep the hit indicator on after death since people dies so fast that its only noticeable for a fraction of second. Hit indicator when you alive means nothing when you cant see it. All you need is a diagram you shot on the right, the left, the back, or face. If you can think fast you notice the hit marker when you die but not every one has fast reaction times. Giving out the location is bad for game.
  10. Revert TTK changes please. Its math not opinion on why the game has issues. A good middle ground TTK is what works best for weapon variety and balance. I do hope you fix the gutshot issue since that was the only real problem with the past version of the game. It will allow you guys to balance weapons to need more accurate shots like snipers so you dont have the mess of a balancing now where a sniper grazes a chest for a instant kill but still be underpowered to ARs that can kill almost as fast. Armor isnt not effective 1extra shot from a 3 chest shot kill is so minute it doesn't matter. 1 extra shot from 5 chest shot kill or 3 head shot kill now makes it more worth having instead of using light weight to just not get hit because every thing is practically instant kill do to the relation ship between reaction time and TKK.
  11. What are the plans I bought after reading the Q&A and so far alot of the game after the first couple of patches didnt follow the Q&A. Also the game was said to be inspired by BF3 and BF4 but its really not like those game at all anymore. At least tell the player what you are going for who spent money and time after seeing the first glimpses of gameplay and the only bought this game because Dice sucks at making BF games now. I and many others bought the game expecting BF and were lead to believe it was going to be like BF.
  12. Bad Idea more dumbing down of the game. Let the game have some level of a learning curve. But with how bad the spawn on squad spawning is maybe since situational awareness is out the window now. The best way to mitigate whining of where did it come from is "get gud". The easier you make the game the lower the player count gets. Gave many things a chance they were pretty bad. Its almost as if we had already had experience with mechanics like these before in other games and can make sound judgments. When it hits patch the devs wont undo it, the only chance to keep the game from being worse is to give feedback while its still being built. Pretty illogical to say just wait, its just diffusing the criticism and feedback instead of actually contributing to the discussion.
  13. Thats how I though this game was going to be. Strikes do ruin the game. once you use them the mystery is over and they are lame. Not only being lame they effect the game too much like UAVs do. Takes away the fun of actually playing the game. I miss the game at launch when a person was launching only a few strikes per game. Not its spammed everywhere and takes away from the game. Rebalance the strike cost and lower the score you get so the game isnt mostly about spamming strikes/UAVs.
  14. Im curious why did you guys add the heli when you wanted to make the game ground focus and were against it in the first place. I dont want this to end up like BF where you have to stop playing the game and are forced to do AA every time a heli is up. Like forcing people to carry a tandem at all times is annoying, also when you have to carry ammo to restock it aswell.
  15. How about reduce flinch instead. Its pretty bad for skill based gameplay. The way to balance snipers is to not have them full on torso shots and make the target smaller not add juggling to the game.Its already hard to use snipers after the TTK nerf since the window in time of when a sniper can win is so tiny and any mistake means you are screwed for the next second till you can get a follow up shot. The flinch you already get from the game right now is a nightmare. Snipers do have issues but the issue is that the target is too big but the target has to be big because the TTK is extremely low. Shotguns are legit worse up close as in under 3-5m as you can miss very easily and any follow up shot makes you wait while ARs can just spray as any mistakes they make matter less for the outcome. Shotguns are a meme gun in WW3 right now. Its something you do to challenge you self because you have to completely dominate the opponent to win with one unless you get very lucky because the RNG is double sided. IDK why flinch is even on the table minute amounts could be ok but this game has too much already dont add more. Stop adding stuff please. Why cant you just make the guns not random. BF1 was straight garbage because of the random gunfire mechanics. What happened to the game where it would be recoil and skill based not random cone of fire. The Randomness is very real and takes away the fun in you actually playing the game.Not saying pin point accurate but when you can even predict or control the gun its pretty boring. There isnt a reaction to the action of the gun possible for the randomness.It recreates the RNG cone of fire mechanics of other game like BF1 which was nerf skill and dumb down the game. Like fix the root of the problem not force players to have to mod to counter BS mechanics. Good gunplay shouldn't be something that you have to customize into the game. You make all criticism of the mechanics sound like their only opinions and players have no evidence against these crap changes. I thank you for at least digging up old builds, This new build is complete trash and only gets worse each update. Just keep the core game simple with less of these handholdy changes that stupidy the game. Also please do not lower the speed to where heavy is the normal weight. If you want lower the speed a little maybe but heavy is unbearable and would just make the game more brain dead with every one being so unreasonably slow. Please stop messing up the game just revert already. This game has become a dumpster fire of mechanics and you guys just reasonable evidence based feedback and add more trash to the fire.
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