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  1. @HeiligeRobbe, shoo-shoo! It's a theme with my GAMEPLAY demands. If any of u has community interaction, promoting etc. demands - create ur own theme where u can express all ur disappointment.
  2. There was a bug with noCD for strikes when playing Breakthrough mode. Just a 30 mins ago I've encountered the same bug when playing WZ on Berlin. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when playing match there can be no cooldown bug for all available strikes. And u can spam them as long as u have enough BPs. On the gif below 3 Flying Eyes in a row called in 30 mins ago. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but it's for sure since the 2019 year. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): IT'S ONLY AN ASSUMPTION, BUT THERE WAS ONE COMMON THING: Just now on Berlin I had noCD when I have changed sides. When there was warm-up I was on the West side. After the match start I disconnected to redo the loadout and when reconnecting I was on the East side. IIRC common thing for all the cases of this bug happening is that I was on the server during the warm-up and changed the side after the match start. noCD bug when playing BRE was only when I was on the Attackers side. For BRE if u connect to empty server - u'll be Defender. Majority of my games on BRE were when I was testing things on empty server, then ppl were filling the server, and I was moved to the other team. That's why, I think, I've never encountered this bug when being defender because it either u r staying on the same side or u r connecting to the already running match. That's why few matches when I connected to Attacker's I didn't encounter noCD bug. I'll repeat that it's only an assumption but I have no other ideas.
  3. If devs don't agree with the idea that demands above can make game better - they will not implement them. And I can not do anything with that. It's their game. It's just IMO it will not be that good as it can be. Btw, some of my suggestions are implemented already. Now, with all ur saltiness, plz, get lost.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): rockets, their smoke traces, explosions, explosion sounds aren't drawn/can't be heard when rockets pass 200 meters fly distance. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855. In the game for more than a year if not since the start. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): just try to hit something further than 200 m with guided rocket RCWS. It's the same problem as with the FZ233 guided rockets of the HeliDrone. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11857-helidrone-patch-087/ Don't remember was it reported or not, so let it be.
  5. Okaaay, I'm lazy, but I'll try. Not that there are any more bugs big enough to be reported. Though I'd like to see the responses that bug was taken into account, with devs being prohibited to be active on forum I don't expect any reaction. It's just I'm seeing Rozmo sometimes visiting forum and with him being kind enough to rly fast check and give an answer about my previous report about syringe animation bug I'm having a little hope that IF he is reading BugReports section of forum, it will be not that hard for him to check this bug too. I'm not expecting answer from him, though.
  6. When u r lying down and press/hold R to switch to alternate ammo - ur soldier is standing up, changing ammo and then lying down. When u switch back to main stand up animation is repeating. No problems with G29. Devs, check plz, is this fixed in new animation or not.
  7. On the third day indean warrior called Sharp Eye noticed that the jail cell has only 3 walls... (c) Russian anecdote. After 1.5+ years of playing I finally noticed that IF u press C while dropping the rocket strike u'll switch to 3P view... Mephisto on the gif. Suggestion is: move a camera a little to the "upper" side or further to the back so the torch would not completely block the view.
  8. I just want to whine a little... One of the reasons I don't like this "partnership" thing. Bug will not be fixed till the.. release?
  9. Я всё-таки услышал четко и ясно эту фразу, когда никто вокруг не стрелял. На самом деле это: Ух, ё! Молодец! А вот когда вокруг стреляют, ты, слыша только буквы "о, ё", сам достраиваешь фразу до первоначального варианта. Так что всё норм, дол.......бами в ВВ3 зовут только тех, кто стреляет по своим.
  10. Yes, we know. patch ATM. But it's too long already. Initially game was supposed to be released summer 2020. New movement/animation was presented 10 months ago, when it was ~8-9 month in development as there was note about devs working on new movement in early May 2019. Add to this that fact that there were no new maps for 15 months already and all this time they were working on 4 maps to add. New weapons, vehicles, strikes - almost nothing new in last 15 months. Or presented, but postponed. So, 0.1 to 0.6 path was 8 months long and second period is now almost twice as long. So Yes, my bet is that game is basically finished and devs are porting game on consoles for a wannabe proper AAA release. And game release is postponed for new consoles to be released too. Because currently the only modern modern-day shooter for consoles is CoD Warzone. And with Halo flop TF51 can try to catch some attention of console crowd. Still, I can always be mistaken but then I can not find any excuse why release was delayed aside from a little forced "devs want crowd to forget about WW3".
  11. If console peasants will play only with peasants - why not? If there will be cross-platform I still don't see how it can help them if only it will be pure aimbot.
  12. Well, duh. My.Games executive said that they count WW3 as AAA game. All AAA games nowadays should have simultaneous releases on all platforms. So WW3 is already finished and devs are now chained to radiators and are coding to port the game on consoles. Don't ask for proofs - it was INSIGHT. No, it was not clickbait title. This is how I rly think.
  13. There are few sections of handrails on Warsaw TDM that act as "solid plates". They can be shot through, but as they are being "penetrated" they decrease the dmg. Plus, they are obstructing the vision with all these sparkles. This is how normal handrail acts.Only few bullets hit steel rod and produce sparkles. This is how "solid plate" handrail works. Every bullet = sparkles. All the sections on the second floor were are 2 escalators and passage of Warsaw TDM map are like this.
  14. When u r staying under the concrete stairs at A1 CP Moscow WZ and there is wooden box in front of u - if u press "jump" button ur soldier will try to vault on that box and simultaneously will slip through and will find himself on the stairs. It looks like this.
  15. It's in the game since the start. Grenade bounce off the handrails and fall at ur feet -> u can't attack camping foes on the 2nd floor as there usually are claymores planted. Instead - u r trying to hide from ur own grenade. And then u need to take C4 and spam it. And in the same time RPG grenades fly through without any problems. I hope it'll be fixed before the release date.
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