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  1. I think I've occasionally found what causes it. I've picked enemy's SCAR-H with thermal scope. When I was killed when ADS with it and spawned later with my kit everything was much darker. So, next few rounds I was dying and dying when ADS with newly attached thermal scope. But no, game didn't want to become darker, no matter how many times I've died. Disappointed I've spawned with my usual TDM kit and voila, game was dark. So, seemingly, u need to die when ADS with thermal scope and then spawn with another kit that doesn't have thermal scope attached and u'll have ur game dark. IF later u will spawn with weapon that has thermal scopes - brightness will be become normal. Game v.81881. Actual for all modes. This is how it looks like. The same point. See the difference in brightness. When playing with normal brightness and leaving ADS stance with thermal scope u can see that next sec brightness is increasing and becomes normal. But when u r switching after death to another kit that doesn't have thermal scope attached something is breaking there it seems.
  2. I often find myself dying because I've stopped shooting after 3-4 hits when having AR in the hands. Because I'm Pecheneg guy and was running with it since forever. And I'm used to counting 3 hits and then stopping pressing LMB because, u know, 3 hits and enemy is dead. And when shooting AR I count 1-2-3-4 hits, okay, stop. What, u didn't die? Daaaaamn, it's not the LMG in my hands... So If u don't "feel" impact - 1)u have little experience, 2)u r not good enough, 3)WW3 simply is not ur game. No offence. Sandstorm for example is not my game.
  3. "Gaming community". U r talking about bunch of blind noobs who can't see "Early Access" and few more words that are describing what it means when they are buying WW3? Devs are going to finish the development, polish the game to some extent performance-wise, that put a stamp "v1.x" on it and then "release" it with all that promoting and advertising that was done with for example EFT not long ago. Hordes of noobs and casuals look at the game only when it's promoted and so called influencers talk about it.
  4. Okay, we are playing different games. I'm leaving this thread.
  5. A? Just to make it clear. Is the left recoil pattern from 90s? Or the right 3? Just to be sure. They BOTH belong to SCAR-H.
  6. Played just now Polyarny and Smolensk BRE. Spawn bug is actual for defenders not only on A spawnpoints.
  7. Normally, defenders, when both their stations are destroyed, can stay in "no_more_urs" zone to kick back attackers and gain some BPs. Currently there is a bug: when both ur stations are destroyed zone is now counted as enemie's and "out_of_bound" timer appears. And 10 secs later game will kill u. This is how it looks like. U can see 2 my teammates dying in front of me with "suicide" note on the right side of the screen not long before I'm being killed by timer too.
  8. Don't have any bars/buttons to change it in my driver, so even if something wss changed it was without me knowing. I'll search a bit more later.
  9. Devs are working on a "game to be", not on "game is now". Dozens of devs are working to make a game for online of thousands and hopefully dozens of thousands ppl. U want them to work for online of dozens that is now. That is why I will not upvote this suggestion.
  10. @Rozmo, sorry for bothering u, but I have to ask u to test this internally among the devs team as it requires at least 4 ppl to do this. And me with my lonewolfing can't do this because ppl do not want to play Breakthrough maps. I was able to test it during warm-up only on [A] SpawnPoints in Breakthrough mode, so I don't know what is situation with other CPs. That's why I'm asking u to do this. The problem is that game forcefully changing ur chosen spawnpoint to another. And u have to manually choose the SpawnPoint every time after u've been killed. It's divided into 3 variations. First is for Moscow map. Second is for Berlin and Smolensk. And third is for Warsaw and Polyarny. Moscow. Game is forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to A2 SpawnZone. No matter was it A1 or base ur next spawn will be A2. Smolensk and Berlin. Game forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to ur Base. And if u didn't manually choose A1-A2 as spawnpoints after death and will simply press Space to spawn faster - u'll find urself far from frontline. Look at the spawnpoint icons on the bottom of the screen. I'm not pressing them. Warsaw and Polyarny. Game forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to D2 underground Railway Station on Warsaw. And near [C] zone on Polyarny. And moreover. Now ur spawnpoints aren't even filled with color as chosen. IMO, it should not be like this.
  11. Don't know was it fixed in new animation but let it be. Usually, when u take out RPG and start putting grenade in the tube nothing can interrupt animation. If u mistakenly have pressed RPG button u must wait first for loading animation to end and then unloading animation to end. With one but. If u shoot the grenade and ur soldier will start reloading u can interrupt this animation by switching to ur another weapon or gadget. And there is 1 thing. When u interrupt the animation when grenade is almost in the RPG's tube, there is - next time u'll switch to RPG ur soldier will put invisible grenade in the tube. Grenade is fully functional. It's only a visual bug. Here how it looks like. Don't know, is this bug correlated with a bug with invisible weapons, that is too happening when u r switching between weapons.
  12. Loooong ago I've made a theme about glasses on Berlin map that can be seen through the smoke. Wow, literally 1 year and 1 day ago. The same "see-thru-the-smoke" glasses can be seen for example on C2 and A2 Smolensk or A1 Polyarny. Not long ago I equipped fancy looking helmet with glass visor. "Vulcan helmet visor down". And when I was few times killed on TDm through the smoke even though enemies didn't have thermal scopes I suspected treachery... Checked it. Yes, my visor is playing on the enemies side.
  13. Unlikely. For me it's happening with Pecheneg, RPG, M417, one of the pistols and even First Aid Kit's syringe was invisible. In different loadouts.
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