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  1. How do they work? I understand, that if vehicle stays in grenade's AoE it'll receive damage per second. But I killed APC with thermit even when APC leaved the AoE of grenades and was minimum 5 meters away. But still it was under DoT effect end exploded few second later. So, do the thermite grenades apply some kind of DoT effect on vehicles or it was some kind of a bug? And as for me, I would like to add another thermite grenades, that'll be sticky as semtex grenades, so they'll work as pyronapalm. And dmg they'll do to the vehicles will depend on what part of armor they'll stuck. Front armor plate - 20%HP dmg, side -30%, rear - 45%(approximate numbers). And chassis armor will significantly reduce dmg dealt to vehicles.
  2. All 2nd floor windows on B1 that are looking at backyard are made of concrete. It's almost impossible to destroy vehicle optics with sniper rifles. And that's not an exagerration.
  3. Sometimes I'm stopping... to look on ambient effects on Smolensk.
  4. Almost everywhere where u see "brown ground" "bare ground" on the slope there are problems with passing by. The problem is not that u can't run over them, u can't JUMP on or over them.
  5. If u r talking about that flickering. It mostly happens in indoor area where all the lighting is made by lamps and there need to be some surfaces that'll reflect that artifical light. Easiest way to reproduce is Metro station on Berlin and new bunker on Smolensk.
  6. Currently if we talk about "Team Death Match" mode of WW3 1 word here isn't needed. It better be called as simply Deathmatch mode, because: 1) noone is playing as member of Team 2) there are no mechanics or objectives to promote "team"play. Everyone can simply run'n'gun and try to outgun opponents u meet or that are trying to camp in corners. And it's when TDM is almost perfect for CQC with huge influence of teamwork based actions. For example covering ur teammates when they are trying to close the distance in smokes. Or 1 player is throwing concussion grenades, when others cover him and are ready to breach in room after the explosions. No, there is no such a thing because there is no objective, that will pull players together so that they will have to interact at least a little. Ppl need to be forced to play as team. That's what I've learned after 15 years of playing. In current TDM there is no such objective. Why don't u devs add it? Something like this: Berlin TDM. On Warsaw TDM it can be B1 and B2 WarZone ControlPoints and passage between them. In the centre of the map, where radars and all that stuff are staying, make a CP zone. Radars and rockets are important stuff, right? U need to control them. And as it's with Control Points - team, that has more ppl in the designated zone, is "controlling" it. There will be no capture timer, it'll be simplier - if ur team has more players in Control Zone, it'll receive BattlePoints. 7 mins rounds as they are now. There will be NO required amount of kills to win. U can kill as much enemies as u can(yes, tautology). But it doesn't mean that kills do not matter. In the end, after the time expires, BPs received by both teams will be multiplied by the amount of kills both teams performed. And the result will be compared. (CP1 x Killamount1) vs (CP2 x Killamount2). It will allow to diverse tactics, that can lead u to win. With that, ppl, IF they want to win, will be forced to gather closer to the Control Zone. Even those who don't care about winning will have to go there because it is there, where will be all the buzz. And if ppl want to go in and stay in Control Zone they will have to cooperate. Even if it'll be a little, it'll be a whole new experience with all that smoking and flashbanging, flanking and trying to win and stay alive as long as it's possible. Library in the upper left corner and living room in bottom right corner of the screenshot will also be in Control Zone area. They can work as some kind of hideout, as the will protect u from gunfire, but in the same time they easily will become traps if enemies will close the disctance and try to toss in as many grenades as they can. That's one of possible modes for TDM maps, where actual teamwork will be needed and promoted. I would love to play CQC like this on TDM maps, because now I am quickly getting bored after 2 maps. And not because I perform bad. Devs, answer plz, are there any chances to see TDM reworked to something like this?
  7. U can't jump out of these 2 windows near A2.
  8. Well, silencers are now working on all(?) weapons in game. And that's good. And I'll use this chance to remind about 1 thing that I rly want devs to do. 2 types of rockets "onboard" of HeliDrone. It's WIP or it was in plans, but lately variety of ammo types was reduced to 1? Because I can't switch to AP rockets no matter what buttons I press.
  9. I was talking about sound volume...
  10. Is it me or is 0.6PTE version quieter than 0.5 live?
  11. I will partly agree with this sentence.
  12. And here I was typing a big post about how noone didn't even mentioned poor Battle Robot and Leviathan, that have almost the same cost as HeliDrone, but can be disabled by using the cheapest strike in game. 500BP Jam-Reaper vs 2.5-3k ground UFV. And everyone thinks that it's normal. But the moment the ability to fly is achieved... How dare these dirty peasants destroy our allmighty DeathBringer, our Chariot of Hell, our... Mhm! I think u've got my point.
  13. U have 6 kits with various loadouts. With even 30-50k currency strikes in them. For free. What else u need to be competitive?
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