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  1. It doesn't matter what Video Settings are. I tested it with both all-Ultra and all-Low(and mixed too). Result is the same - shards can be seen through the smoke.
  2. I think it's the same as with the glass fencings on Berlin. Works for both Live and PTE versions. Not only Smoke Grenade's smoke, but also dust caused by explosions. Funny thing - when u r IN smoke u don't see shards, when u r looking THROUGH smoke u see shards.
  3. It's just he was almost 0HP. I've made a theme earlier. There u can see the difference between full HP full kit and low HP empty kit icons. In PTE 0.6.10 version icons are much more distinguishable.
  4. U missed first 2 points. Limited to the direct view range usability. If it was like u r calling in quadrocopter with laser designator, move it to area where are the vehicles or infantry and then call in strike while pointing where the strike must fall... Then yes. But f.....ng 6000 BP strike limited to 100-150 meters view range is simply a joke. It's unusable. Oh and about using missiles from a safe location. U must earn all the BPs to call in rocket strike. U can't do it in the safe location. U must many times put ur ass on the line to be able to call in Stormbreaker at least.
  5. I think I would not. And video has 1 flaw - this video and video about taking HeliDrone down should be merged in one . Because somehow the biggest problem newcomers have with HeliDrone and ways to oppose it.
  6. I hope there will be something like this in-game for freeweekenders. If not... Well, noobs deserve suffering.
  7. I think not long ago in patchnotes there was a note, that collision mechanics for vehicles and infantry was reworked due to constant reports of being roadkilled or roadkilling too easy. After that roadkill requires vehicle to have enough speed to be performed. Otherwise it's like on a video above. So, IMO, it's totally fine.
  8. U r just simply making rocket-strikes useless with this. With limited range, limited usability, and too dangerous for their user.
  9. Equip UCAS-D and use it. If u add to it Loitering Ammo with HEAT warhead u can destroy HeliDrone singlehandedly whereever it will be. Don't want to use Loitering Ammo? Let HeliDrone come closer and then use: Quadrocopter,Machinegun, RPG.
  10. The only improvement of melee attack animation is: grab the gun onto the barrel and hit enemy with its stock like it is baseball bat. - Any others "improvements" are heresy!
  11. In both current Live and PTE versions. No-collision for players but block projectiles. Provide not so much cover but still can be used as.
  12. Devs, I love u!!! Silencers! Finally! Have! NO! gunshots flashes!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!![happy tears] Game is finished. It can be released now. All below are insignificant things, but I'll still post them. Newly added echo when shooting is equal for guns with/without silencers. Small detail but someoone will still say that it breaks his "immersion". Dunno, what was changed when u r riding on Quadrocycle, but my head starts aching(literally) 5 secs after I start moving. Camera somehow is irritatingly shaky. Plz, make distance digits below CPs icons thinner and shadows not so bold. Plus, when u r playing with "scale" stripe in Gameplay-Worldmarkers part of the settings - everything changes except distance digits. "To" is missed and a little typo in word "Missiles" when restoring ammo from newly added equipment boxes. Kinda too bold letters for squadmembers names. IMO. Compare to CP icon. And even desitance digits look "pale" in compariosn. U still can punish teammates after suicide if there was dmg dealt by them to u. I'm resisting the urge to sit on repairing pod when there is allied Heli Drone in the air, wait for it to deal some dmg to me, suicidde, punish him and them look at the rage in chat. I didn't do it yet. But god knows how much I want to do it!.. P.S. Pecheneg with silencer, just u wait, this patch will hit Live and then... we will never part again!
  13. Wrong. Stormbreaker is enough to clear C1. And when u hold shift to increase diving speed it's 2-3 secs to land it. And no, laser sight designating doesn't make AirStrikes more precise. What can be more precise than fully controllable TV-Rocket with close to zero reaction lag? And showing urself to enemies while using few thousand BP strike is a BIG loss IMO.
  14. Butthurt, mb? Dying while trying to use 4-6k BP strike? And what's the need in strike that can operate only in direct view zones? How can I attack C1Berlin with laser designated StormBreaker when I'm on A2. I can see C1 icon. Behind the building.
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