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  1. Sorry to disappoint u, but u've paid(and we all) for "access" to Early Access version of WW3. And it's up to devs what WW3 will be in the end. Though I too don't like the turn to , as u've said previously in this theme, "corporate dirven" or something like this product. About this quotation. I think the talk here is about the current in-game purchases that were done with in-game currency. Such as camos, weapon parts, vehicle's modules etc. And there were clear signs that devs are going to implement progression system where, I presume, all the aforementioned in-game purchases will be placed in some kind of order for u(us, newcomers)to grind them. And here is that moment, that I, for example, have bought almost everything already and now have 6.5kk of unused currency. And I don't rly want to grind them for the 4th time. So, it's either all the purchases of mine will be transferred or devs are going to give me some amount of currency to buy the things I want, so I will not be forced to grind. I don't think that MTX will be implemented in Early Access version as the devs/mygames are playing spy, and info about MTX is rly crucial for it to be revealed before they try to create hype when promoting. Seeing WW3 now more as the "corporate" product, I self-demoted myself to a mere customer and now don't expect much and now I'm in "try to amuse me" position, as I'm indifferent to progression, grinding and all that stuff that is used in nowadays multiplayer shooters to entertain and keep players occupied. I only need working chassis armor and APS on vehicles to entertain myself, but with as it was said above "corporate" product, no hope 0.9 with promised vehicles/strikes fixing/rebalancing for us to see/try/test. No 0.9 = nothing to wait for. Nothing to wait for = what is the point in reflexing? It is not like we can affect the outcome.
  2. Ehm, devs and CMs, u know about Murphy law? "If anything can go wrong - it will go wrong". So, when u r create a message where there is sentence "From August 13, World War 3 will no longer be available to purchase from Steam. " many ppl will understand it like that: From August 13, World War 3 will no longer be available to purchase from Steam EVER. And in AMA this line looks like: However, the game will no longer be available for purchase on Steam until further notice. I highlighted one important part. SO, plz, @Tyrell, could u fix this message so there would be no misunderstanding? And if it will stay unchanged, does it mean that I'm free to think that WW3 from now on will not be Steam-distributed?
  3. Yeah, great idea. Make a huge floating thing that fits only 1(TDM) game mode where half of the strikes will be utterly useless. Imagine amount of modeling work required to be done for this "map" not to look as some kind of fuel tank. For one game mode. Great idea. Great.
  4. I don't want to write here "what the f..ck?!", but rly, devs, WTF? When 1 or 2 months ago I've dealt 75% dmg to fully-packed M1 Abrams with direct hit of Mephisto I didn't pay much attention to it as it was kinda intense fight and I thought it was Stormbreaker. But I remembered this WTF?! moment. Later when I was dropping some other Mephistos on heavy armor I was much more attentive. And u know what? It's not that rare for Mephisto not being able to destroy tank based vehicles. As if their chassis armor is working against Mephisto as it's working against RPG grenades and then u can NOT destroy heavy armor vehicles with direct hits. As it was with my recent attempt to destroy BMPT by dropping MEPHISTO right in the center of its silhouette. Screenshot below. Devs, P-L-E-A-S-E, fix this nonsense before the release. 90 dmg dealt to 1000HP T72's hull = 75 dmg dealt to Abrams's 1200HP hull.
  5. When u r reloading ur MCS while pressing [Shift+W] - u can't switch to any secondary weapon or gadget. Kinda frustrating to die because ur soldier wants to first reload ur shotgun fully and only then he will react.
  6. There is a problem wuth doorway under B2 Moscow. Actual for all BRE, WZ and TDM. When u r staying near doorway and throw grenade so it will ricochet off the doorjamb there is the collision bug. Grenades fly through the doorjamb if u throw the from the outside and end up falling in front of u, not behind the wall. If u r throwing from the inside the will bounce off the wall and fall inside, like on the pic below. Fix this plz.
  7. Just so devs will know that it can happen. Today's match on BRE. Only first hit with handheld weapons counts. All others didn't not. So, u needed heavy weapons that can OHK such as explosives or BR/MG/Sniper rifles with headshots to be able to kill anyone. Dunno, what can cause this, but I must make a note that there was also a rubberbanding.
  8. All weapons in WW3 have the same pattern when u press LMB while running - the moment ur weapon's barrel gets in horizontal position there is a shot. With that exception that Glauberit and DMG Nine-Milli have weird delay. When u r sprinting and press LMB ur soldier lifts them up, but there is 0.1-0.2 secs delay between the moment ur weapon is in "ready to fire" position and the actual shot. No problems with other weapons so far. Devs, check plz is this bug fixed in new movement.
  9. Don't know what they are - bags with concrete or whatever, but these things, used as barricades or roadblocks, should give soldiers cover, right? In fact, some of them can be shot through with any handheld weapon. And some of them can't be shot through with any weapon. SO, devs, plz, check plz penetration properties for all these objects.
  10. Dunno, was it reported or not, I've always forgetting to do it. It's in the game for a year or more already. In the place where vehicle has been repaired for quite a significant time after that can be heard repair tool's buzzing sound.
  11. tynblpb

    Say Hello!

    No in-game tutorials. But some "not-indifferent" ppl made tutorials on Steamhub. https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/guides/?searchText=&browsefilter=trend&browsesort=creationorder&requiredtags[]=Gameplay+Basics&requiredtags[]=-1 The one below is mine where I tried to cover some most important for newcomers parts. It's a bit outdated attachments-wise but still can be a little useful. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1739485311 P.S. There will be developer made tutorials, but as it seems release will be in 2021 and I don't think u'll need tutorials by that time. Upd. And check this very good video made by Atway( one of the forum inhabitants).
  12. Try to be a little more pompous and MAYBE we will be like: Oh, wow! Now we know what is going on! - and then will stop playing WW3. P.S. Today +1.5 hours playing WW3 and now I have 1501 hours in Live version.
  13. Some walls can be shot through. The higher caliber - the more walls it can penetrate.
  14. 0:30 - 1:15 is why I'm saying that SA-80 shouldn't have 30+ rounds magazines.
  15. Не можно будет. Есть вертолеты = есть снайпера, которым похер на ВСЁ кроме своего желания долететь до самой высокой крыши и сесть на ней со снайперкой. В реалиях ВВ3 это будут ещё и гранатометчики с оптикой большого увеличения. Поэтому разрабы сказали: нет.
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