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  1. tynblpb

    Current Gameplay design

    They can't make WW3 "BF2/3 like" because these 2 games have almost no resemblance. And typing that u automatically make all ur opinion invalid. And I'll ask it again: Are u still playing TDM only?
  2. Pfff, pretty normal chatting, if u ask me. Better move chat window to the left upper corner. I think I'm used to this placement of chat window so with current positioning I simply miss most messages...
  3. tynblpb

    Current Gameplay design

    Devs, plz, can I ask u 1 thing? Every time, when someone is passing the AT mine lying on the ground, let him see the the warning, like it's below. Well, it was a joke.(No). Yes. No! At least add something like "u can defuse enemy AT mines by pressing [F] when aiming at them" to the recommendations on loading screens. Just few hours ago my Marder blew up on mines even though there were 4 infantry players who had been capturing the CP for a long time before I've arrived. And 1 of them just runned past them few second before I've died on those mines.
  4. tynblpb

    Amor and Helmet on Soldier

    They are working. Sometimes. Sometimes, when facing guys with(for example) G-36 and getting killed I see in dmglog lines with 6-7dmg typed(I'm usually wearing steel armor). Another question that with 0.75 limbhit multiplier and G-36 firerate ppl need to aim specifically to armor plate, to see it working. To sum up: armor can give u up to extra 0.3secs to react if u r lucky, and can't - if u r not. Currently it's better to stop, lean, look around the corner and then continue running.
  5. Mfg... Consoleplayer trying to argue about Battlefield. Okaaaay. I'll say it as if u r kindergarten kid. Somehow, u don't understand unless it's said bluntly: Anything past 2007 is not Battlefield. Got it? It's consoleported watered down so-called "Battlefield" generic run'n'gun single player oriented FPS made to please and cater to the casual players. Why consoleported? Because devs themselves said this. When BF3 was launched it looked definitely not like it was promised and advertised. Year or half prior the launch devs had said that main platform for development is PC. When game was launched, everyone who were playing the Battlefield since 2002 asked them: wtf, this is definitely console port. Half year ago u said PC is the main platform! And only many months later they got answer: At that time it was. Sometimes, some of u, console peasants, asked: why don't u make BF cross-platform game? Answer: we tried to, but PC gamers will mop the floor with console gamers. Take into account that it's consoleport and don't ask me why "BFs" past 2007 are watered down. Generic? I rly should answer to this question? Run'n'gun single player oriented. No stamina; increased movespeed; REGENERATION; ammopool; CPs, that are gathered close to the center of the map; press Q to spot the enemy from another side of the map even if u don't see him so u and ur teammates can shoot orange doritos, yay!; and I can go on and on. And all it was made to cater to casual players who don't want to spend a little of their time to learn about this game and its mechanics. I've read ur ideas. Everything is about simplifying or casualising the game. And then u say "nosprint, noreloading, mustn't mean, that it was good". Any idea why shouldn't I be salty, when someone's suggests are to water down gameplay so he can simply RUN and GUN ?
  6. I wasn't asking about "why didn't u start new topic", I was asking "are u dumb?". Specially for u: devs were inspired by Battlefield. In BF since 2005year u have 1 simple choice: or u r running fast or u are ready to fight. Gain something by sacrificing something. It's called BALANCE. WHY do u think u can't sprint while reloading? PS. Say thx to devs that there is no stamina in this game. And ammo is ammopool and not magazine reloading.
  7. Today I 4 times in a row joined-quitted the match trying only to change the team I'm playing in. And NO, I wanted to be in loosing team. Yes, I'm pervert, I know. But knowing that didn't help me. I joined game when score was ~3000-0 and all CPs were captured by my team. It's simply not interesting to join the game, when almost everything is decided already and all u have to do is staying near the restricted area waiting for match to end. But when u r on the losing side it's much more interesting and challenging. So I quitted the match and reconnected in expectation that I will be now on the losing side. Nope. I repeated this for another 3 times. NOPE. So here I am. Devs, can u make teamswitching button always accesible? So, even if teams are balanced in terms of numbers, players in the winning team can switch to the losing side. If scores difference is <500 they get no bonus points; 500-1000 ->1000BP; 1000-1500->2000BP;1500-2000->3000BP;>2000->4000BP. I don't think that many players will simultaneously switch to losing team, so there will be no issues with balancing teams. It's just so booooring joining the game, where u can't affect the result, if only u don't start shooting ur teammates in their backs.
  8. No. It's simple. If u don't care to learn something about game u've bought - u r bot. What feedback can give ppl with 1hour of playtime. Hurr-durr I spawned and was killed this game sucks I'm not gonna play this?
  9. tynblpb

    Time to choose machine guns!

    It's all ur, devs, fault. With introduced weight system I just can't run anymore with machinegun and RPG in one kit. How I'm supposed to find that machinegun can dmg APCs if I hunt them with RPG?
  10. When they ask in chat: What is with the ground? Is this how it should be? It means they simply launched the game, pressed "find fast game" button and EVERYTHING is NEW for them. It means the game for them is TERRA INCOGNITA. What quality feedback can they give, if they didn't even bother to read patchnotes or something?
  11. I still didn't see ANY arguments WHY it WAS killing the playerbase. And yes it's working perfectly fine. From my experience on Smolensk there were much less matches that ended 5000-1000. Some ended 4000-3000 with time limit expired. Why? Because with divided CPs it's a lot harder to run'n'gun from point to point trying to grind more and more BPs. And again. When ppl are asking "what is with this map" month later after it was introduced, I don't count them as "playerbase". They are "random guys". Their opinion matter to me little less than nothing. How does their opinion matter to devs is another question.
  12. tynblpb


    Weedtime, this theme is simply googletranslated version of theme he posted in russian forumsector. He received the answer he needed,(don't think he wanted) so, I think, it's better not to pay attention to him anymore. To put it simply, last time he played WW3 was last year, and when he launched game he found that aaaall of his progress was wiped. So, burning with indignation, he came here to tell us his story... ehm, no, to simply outrage and shout that u devs are bad and that is how u treat DEM CONSUMERS?! Here, in Russia, there is almost a proverb now: Russians do not read instructions. I'm a little ashamed, but that's how it is. Proverbs do not appear out of nothing...
  13. tynblpb


    В общем, sucks to be you, Ваня. Ты когда ДО ЭТОГО последний раз заходил в игру? В ноябре? Зашел спустя 3 месяца в игру и чего-то возбухаешь? Хочешь, чтобы всё было хорошо и красиво, дождись версии 1.0, то есть РЕЛИЗНОЙ ВЕРСИИ, и садись играй в своё удовольствие. Это РАННИЙ, млять, ДОСТУП. Тебя об этом честно предупредили перед тем как ты отдал деньги. Но русские ведь не читают инструкций, да? Я тебе тоже напишу. Будет еще как минимум один вайп. И мне с моим набитым генерал-майором, разлоченным чем угодно, и 650 000 внутриигровых денег он будет намного больнее, чем тебе, зашедшему в игру, потому что увидел, что выпустили новый патч.