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  1. If u r talking about "warm-up" time, then it's intentional. Everything except MRAP is disabled. Go to PTE if u want to use them without restrictions. Upd. 0.8.4, not 0.7.4
  2. Damn, spent yesterday 2 hours trying to understand where I need to substitute these 40% and 20% to get the results where AP 9mm round doubles the dmg vs Steel armor. I'm dumb... Is there any formula? Or it's for internal use only?
  3. I've asked about it already. No reaction for now. Mb if there will be more voices devs would consider it possible to show us 3 remaining. For now there is no fan made as it would require too much time.
  4. tynblpb

    Grenade F1

    Who needs Mephisto strike when u have F1?
  5. I'm Heavy Armor guy. Even with SMGs I ran with Steel vest. With helmets there is rly no choice because with the x3 dmg multiplier ur head should have the best possible protection. Pros for heavy vests. Usually, vs 5.56 AR it's 1 extra bullet to kill u in CQC. When it's on long ranges when ppl tend to go for torso hits it can be 2-3 extra bullets. Vs SMG if ur opponent is spraying it can be 6-7-8 bullets to kill u. Cons are that if u r jumping from decent height u need almost 2 secs to compensate the moment of ur heavy equipment. And all that time u can not shoot. When u r lightweight u can shoot almost immediately. So, as it was said above, it's up to u what gear to choose. Eventually u'll find what set is most comfortable for u.
  6. tynblpb

    [Map] Metro

    They want the map that'll look like Warsaw WZ that's limited to 2 paths: from A1 to B1 and from A2 to B1. And I'm afraid I'm talking about WZ Large version of the map.
  7. tynblpb

    [Map] Metro

    Well, it IS massacre in a corridor. To be fair in 3 corridors. Tight corridors. 32v32 and 3corridors. And that's why it's the MOST POPULAR MAP EVAH! Because there u can grind points and there is brainless meatgrinder. Take into account that in new age BFs FF is Off. And I'll never be tired to post the video with epitome of Metro gameplay. This is what they want. It's here u r supposed to use "teamwork and some brains".
  8. tynblpb

    [Map] Metro

    And WW3 and BF are different games. WW3 is much more hardcore TTK-wise and doesn't have one of the core BF mechanics - revive. And without constant revives there would not be "constant gunfighting". I thought it was clear as a day for everyone who has played WW3 even a little. For those who don't know. There was a 25v25 match on PTE on Warsaw in December. And u know what? Match ended but we were still on 1st capture point. U can't capture the CP on linear map in WW3 when it's more than 10v10. NEVER. So, u want a braindead meatgrinder map, that would be unplayable in WW3 with its mechanics.
  9. It seems that I was too early with saying that Low Meshes don't cause any lags/freezes. 1st day it was 4 called in Anders on Low Meshes. Something strange. When it explodes I have lags but 2-3 times less than when Meshes are High. But when I was asking about anybody having the lags silence was the answer. What, it's only me lagging? Okaaay. Next day, another try. 3 called in Anders. Or no lags or it seems only me lagging. Okay, 4880 BPs, our team is leading. Just to be sure. 1 last attempt. Game freezes. Me - Next time. Game freezes. Wtf?... PTE. 3 freezes in a row. But later 3 without any problems. I think I'm going to spend a loooot of time destroying the Anders...
  10. tynblpb

    [Map] Metro

    Try Warsaw Breakthrough. Straight line. Push style. Few capture points. Constant gunfighting. Many players in the same area. Everything u want. Full course menu.
  11. tynblpb

    [Map] Metro

    I'm sure it was about u making another braindead meatgrinder map. Be it Paris or Hamburg - doesn't matter. Just because they're in Europe and WW3 ATM is in Europe.
  12. Because for me Anders is usually lagging on High Meshes. Didn't test it much on Low but I don't remember lags when Meshes were set Low. I'll test it later more. No problems with Medium but it only few times.
  13. Interesting idea, but I think here u wrong. If we look at that pic with stats from newly added Week Report, we would see that there is "Armor Absorption" column for Polyethylene armor. Armor itself has 75 HP. And there it is 75% of absorption for all types of projectiles. And "Armor BTK" column shows amount of bullets that is needed to destroy vest's armor. "Actual Absorption" shows % of blocked incoming dmg. But I don't understand what "Ammo AP" column means. Does it mean what % of otherwise blocked dmg would be added to the "Post-Armor" dmg if we would use AP rounds? But where to add these 40% for AP and 20% for HP rounds. @Ragir, sorry for bothering u, but could u explain what do these 40% and 20% of efficiency mean? And again sorry for bold request, but is it possible to see the same schemes for 3 other armor like on that one above. I know that it's supposedly Borreh's territory, but haven't seen him here for quite a long time.
  14. IMO wouldn't that much as it would require 2 hits to kill, while shotguns only 1 well placed. And who was shamelessly running with shotgun yesterday?
  15. Even though I don't rly care about what weapons would be added, here I voted Yes. And from my opinion this ASh-12 is some kind of competitor to Vepr-12(not the BRs) with that remark that it can be called "slug-shotgun". Anyways, it could be very niche weapon and thus wouldn't affect gameplay and balance that much as I've said game already has Vepr-12 and in the only way ASh-12 is better is the long range accuracy and dmg on the 65+m distances, but with its muzzle velocity and bullet drop it wouldn't be anything extraordinary, but still be kinda fresh looking gun that stands its own way. Would be interesting to try it. If it would be added of course. Upd. With horizontal recoil reduction loadout SCAR-H can be rly decent rifle, especially when single fire tapping.
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