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  1. Ну, я бы хотел. Хотеть никто не запрещает. Я тут в одной теме "какую бы пушку хотели бы увидеть в вв3" с полгода назад уже вроде упоминал его.
  2. Still struggling to place an artillery/bombs strikes when there is no spot from teammates / no UAV I finally made a theme with thoughts how to make stikes placing more "player friendly". Read and vote plz. Objections and opinions are welcomed.
  3. Extrapolating the thought from this post. Long long ago when Battlefield looked like Battlefield there was no "magic" Q button in it. Instead there were two command roses. Default - Commo-rose(Q button), that was used mostly for communication and Tac-rose(T button) that was used for calling supplies/asking for airstrike/UAV etc. Squadmembers usuing Tac-rose were able to ask their SL, SL was able to ask Commander or designate target to attack/defend. Commander would see on his Tac screen requests and then he can accept/deny them. There was 1 rly good feature about Commo- and Tac-roses. They were working in 3D realtime. For example u see enemy tank - u catch it in ur crosshair, press T and press LMB and all ur squad hear ur order to destroy that tank. WW3 has 1 similar mechanic. It's the mark mechanic. U can place the mark anywhere u want by pressing and holding a little (by default) [X] button, And u'll see the square "attached" to any surface u were aiming at. If ur crosshair is still on that square and u press spot button 1 more time - u'll see the Tac-rose button with few commands/requests. U can do it anytime anywhere and driving anything, including Quadrocopters and MiniDrones. And here is my suggestion. Why don't add a real Tac-rose to the game. Where u would place the square, press, for example T button and then u would see the radial Menu(like on the pic above) with 4 strikes that u've chosen for the kit u r now playing. U can place mark, choose for example artillery strike, press LMB and u'll see the artillery barrage with perfect placement. For example u see that there for exapmple is MRAP hidden behind the building. U can't spot it. But u can place mark on/near it. But mark is there only for a couple of seconds and u need to rly fast open strike map, find that square and place the strike. Sometimes u need to do it not even once or twice. With Tac-rose u'll be able to place the perfectly aimed strike. Or u can place mark right under ur feet and call in tank. And it would land right were u want it without any... accidents. -6075 BPs BTW. Or when u r using Mini Drone. U could use it for early reconnaissance and when u would see that there is group of enemies that can be target for strike u could call it in here and now. Or u see moving tank and u can place artillery strike right on his path. It would increase usability of MiniDrone very much. Now, without UAV above the CP/territory chances to waste artillery/bomb strike are close to 1. U can try to rely on ur teammates spot, but practice shows that it is not the wisest idea. And I'm rly confused should it replace current "tablet mechanic" or can it simply increase the ways of calling in the strikes. Vote plz or post here objections. IMO it would improve gameplay strike-wise a lot.
  4. I understand that, I was talking about resulting numbers. One more question. Is the footsteps sounds volume untouched? Because recalling how clear were footsteps in late 0.7PTE and how they are in 0.7Live the difference can easily be noticed. Am I mistaken or not? If not, is it possible to know why it was done?
  5. With Breakthrough being(initially) 10v10 I think we can count it as "small" mode...
  6. Dunno was it reported or not but let it be. Sometimes, when u driving called in vehicles or press F while using something like MiniDrone letters on the strike bars are almost unreadable.
  7. Чувак, легко написать "добавьте гранату Ф1". А зачем? Что в ней такого, что её стоило бы добавлять? Гранате 70 лет. То же самое, что если бы написали "добавьте ППШ". Пистолет-пулемет с охрененной скорострельностью и барабаном на 70 патронов. Разрабы возьмут, да и добавят. Вот только из прицелов у него будет один единственный железный прицел-планка, с которым ты ничего не будешь видеть. И все скажут "ну и нахера оно нам такое тут надо?". Так что если ты хочешь, чтобы что-то добавили постарайся расписать все вкусности того, что ты просишь добавить, и, желательно, чтобы этого еще не было в игре. Потому что все добавленное оружие - это работа разрабов в небольшой студии. И поверь, им есть чем заняться. Так что ты или заинтересовываешь или лучше даже не начинай.
  8. Well, I think it was HeliDrone. Just for my own peace in mind.
  9. Should we be gentle with them?
  10. Ppl saying shotguns are OP... Did u play WW3 when it was IIRC 0.2? This is when they were OP. Now they are... good, but nothing to worry about on WZ. Or TS is one of the TDM players?
  11. Well, about my performance I've said already many times so now I'm patiently waiting. Here are my impressions on 0.7 patch so far. Was using Smoke arti strike. What can I say... First. It having the same CD as explosive arti strikes is hugely disadvantageous for it. I'm talking now not only about strike's CD that is 180 sec, that is IMO too high for clearly "supportive" strike, but adding to that that fact that normal artillery CD is going on CD too is kinda breaking the mood. My suggestion: or let Smoke strike have separate from normal strikes CD. or make its CD around 100-120 secs, so it wouldn't force u to wait 3 mins to call in explosive arti strikes. And one more thing. I was recording and if I'm correct smokescreen duration is 15 secs. From my experience it's kinda low. U can't call in strike while staying open, so u have to hide urself. And when u call in Smokestrike u usually are losing up to 5 secs to leave the cover and start rushing to the smoked area. And 10 remaining secs is usually is not enought and u find urself in the open and halfway to the target/cover. So, my suggestion is: or increase smokescreen duration, or add 5-10 secs delay between the call in and the time when the shells would hit the ground. So the side that is using the strike would be prepared and would use the advantage that this strike is giving them. Next is heavy armored vehicles. Currently there are 2 types of heavy vehicles in game: tanks and MRAPs. While AFV/IFVs maneuverability and acceleration are close to be called balanced situation with Tanks/MRAPs is unsatisfying. Many have said here and there about tanks now being too slow. And my voice was one of the first. And in the same time the every moment I'm driving the MRAP there is 1 thought in my head: This! This is how tank should move! Speed, acceleration, it would be perfect tank! Why the vehicle that is staying most of its lifetime has it all and tanks that need it the most - don't?! So, here is my suggestion, devs, could u plz swap acceleration and max speed for MRAP and tank and then then look what players reaction would be. IMO it would be welcomed. Also, thx, @Rozmo, for helping with stolen tank experiments. After 1 round of wasting time asking dear WW3 community members in enemy team to take an empty AFV that was staying right in the front of exit from their base... I've almost lost a hope. And then u were like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. And then these useless dumbasses call me toxic...
  12. Usually it's for a split second like u r floating under the ground near tank, but sometimes(not rare) it can be this extreme.
  13. Emmmm... Ur Video Settings? Especially Effects. It is first question. U choose camouflage set or manually are painting each part of weapon? It's the second question. Because I don't have any problems with saving my camos for both weapon and clothes.
  14. I'm still driving vehicles with jamAPS equipped (instead of hardkill APS) hoping that there would be a moment when they would intercept diving Stormbreaker/Mephisto and I would finally type in all-chat: Muahhahaha! Suck it! Yup, since June.
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