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  1. Pressing Shift or Ctrl buttons does not affect vehicle's moving speed.
  2. When u spend all ur rounds and the ammo clip is empty IF u jump out of the vehicle when the cannon starts reloading and then hop in again - u'll find that u have 0 ammo loaded and can't load ur ammo. U can switch to coaxial MG and use it but main cannon is now useless. Nothing can help. Happens with all cannons, tank's included. On both Live and PTE.
  3. tynblpb


    IMO, it would be only when optimization is nearly finished. And it would be finished when it would be 0.9.x. not earlier. It is if we talk about WZ large and 60 players on server. When playing Breakthrough on WZ large map there was no problem for me even with 40 players on server. And I didn't feel any problems with how server was performing.
  4. Oh, it's simple. U know word "priorities"? When u post the theme with the same bug twice - it means that u consider it that important to remind devs about it. Bug that doesn't affect gameplay in a slightest. I too can after every minor patch check some of the previously reported bugs and, if they are still there, simply copypaste my bugreports. About not working APS. Bugged Chassis Armor. Bugged Thermal Optics. And many others that affect gameplay much more than not working partial coloring of vests and jackets. But I'm simply waiting. Because I believe that all reported bugs are counted and are in the schedule. And there are "priorities" if we would talk about what would be fixed first.
  5. Ffs, wait for implementation of NEW customization menu and only IF the problem will be still there - report it! NOBODY is going to deal with it NOW, when devs are making finishing touches to customization menu and animation system.
  6. It's a known and was reported many times. IIRC it's because of new lighting.
  7. God is $hit. It is if I understand what TS is implying.
  8. Steam Game Library -> WW3 -> LMB -> choose region.
  9. Mb devs know about it, since the problem with map rotation on Berlin BRE on PTE was quite obvious, but nevertheless: once entering Berlin - u can't leave it.
  10. Devs, WHY didn't u mention in patchnotes that in 0.8 patch HORIZONTAL recoil is now FULLY implemented and working? And that with changed stats for grips some weapon loadouts SHOULD be revised and require quite a much time to test weapon's handling. IMO, it's important as much as Breakthrough mode presentation, since WW3 is a SHOOTER. Upd. IMO, there should be Weekly Report that would cover the aspects of the horizontal recoil addition .
  11. It was always there. And IMO it isn't a bug.
  12. Top priority is the new content. I've even started to run with Sniper Rifles, just to have "i suck in WW3" experience again.
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