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  1. Nothing has changed since the last time. Population is low. PTE servers are disabled. U can't connect to them.
  2. No, u can use them while playing to be tacticool.
  3. BUT ONLY FOR SQUADMEMBERS! The only use the CP icons have for them: asking SL to give u order. IF the latter is good enough, he knows that himself, that he must give orders. If SL is bad - okay, 1 min later he will be that particular squadmember that has absolutely no need in CP icons on his screen, because, u know, he isn't using them. So, suggestion is: full course menu of CP icons is only on SL's HUD. He is the leader, he needs info, he has to react, so having CP icons on the screen is mandatory. While his squadmembers need to know only 2 things: what order to perform and where is CP they need to go to perform orders. And nothing else. All other CP icons are visual garbage that blocks the view, ESPECIALLY, if we will remember that average player doesn't even know he can adjust HUD elements size. So, this is how will look screen when squadmember is staying in the base. This is how it will look like when he'll receive order. There will appear ordered CP icon and arrow on the compass, that will show him where to turn if he is looking away. When entering CP zone, there will be only one icon in the upper middle part of the screen where he'll be able to see capturing progress. And the current screen that will be SL's only. And if player will apply for SL position, the moment he'll become one he will not miss it as the on-screen info will change drastically.
  4. tynblpb


    Well, if, IF, devs will be positioning WW3 as BF:City Maps, then, I would say, they can fit currently empty niche. For me, it was fun to hear when some russian YTer when talking about Hazard Zone noted that devs explicitly, 7 times to be precise, have said that this squadplay oriented mode is NOT battle royale. Same as WW3 devs say about Recon. I didn't play Recon, but when hearing this I thought: what, "copied" this too?
  5. There are taunts in game. "Funny" and "Tactical". Default key bindings F1-F3. When u press those buttons while in game - there is taunt animation played. And IIRC there is CD, so u can't spam them. U can use Alt for Free-Look to check it. When match ends there is end game screen where there best squad is staying. When they press F1-F3 their soldiers will show those taunts. There is even FUCK YOU taunt, but ppl keep telling me I shouldn't call ppl names....
  6. It's same for Russian for example. It's 2.5 years old version of UI made for the Early Access start. Everything will be(has been already?) reworked in new UI and will look/work just fine. Devs have said it many times.
  7. First a little geometry lesson. Look at gif. Even though these 4 ellipses (yes, orange circle is ellipse too) have different sizes there is one measurement that is equal for all of them: area. Circle area can be found with this formula S = π*R^2 = π*R*R. Ellipse area is S = π*R1*R2, where R1 is long radius and R2 is short radius. So, if R1*R2 = const, it means that no matter how we will change the shape of the ellipse it's area will be the same. Green ellipse on gif, for example, has long radius = 2R and short = R/2 accordingly. S = π*2R*R/2 = π*R*R = π*R^2 and it's area is equal to that of a circle. And here comes the suggestion: I know it's rly unlikely to be implemented because with that it's "intruding" into Bomb Strike's "authority zone" but I would like to see adjustable AOE for Artillery Strikes. For example current Warsaw WZ map. And if for C2 circle shaped AOE is decent, if we will try to place it on C1 or A2 CPs, we will see that half of a strike is wasted. For an average Joe it's often worth 5 mins of his efforts. And if we will be able to adjust the shape of Artillery Strike with that restriction that S staying intact we will be able to place much more efficient strikes without wasting shells only to shake the ground. The suggestion itself: when placing mouse cursor and pressing LMB we will choose Artillery Strike's center. Initial form is circle. Holding LMB and dragging the cursor we can adjust the shape of the strike's ellipse with max radius being 2R. Rotating the cursor around the center of the strike we can choose it's orientation. Releasing the LMB we give it a start.
  8. Another suggestion to make IRNVscope abuser's life not so easy. In current WW3 there is one problem - IRNV scopes aren't that affected by muzzle flash like all other high-magnification scopes are. GIf below shows how it looks like when u r shooting Pecheneg that has one of the biggest muzzle flashes in the game. As we can see its "vision blocking" effect is insignificant if we talk about IRNV scopes. Suggestion is to make it closer to reality so that eash muzzle flash will be non-transparent to IR scope's vision so that ppl will be be forced to use silencer to get rid of muzzle flash and thus decreasing weapon's accuracy/effectiveness.
  9. Ну, нам(у кого за 100 часов в игре) будет достаточно поиграть в нее один раунд, чтобы знать соответствуют ли дела словам. А дальше, будем ли мы кидать какашками в Мыло или нет, это не слишком сложный вопрос. Что меня радует, так это то, что маркетинг и ПиАр в руках Мыла, так что, если что, нам можно будет не сдерживаться, потому что кидать мы будем в Мыло, а не Фарм51.
  10. Я могу поискать сообщение, где разрабы пару лет назад говорили, что клоунские скины для оружек это ненене, но что-то лень. Может в одном из первых АМА это было. Может будут шкурки из "серьёзных" и "суровых" анимешек? А так, меня больше интересует позиционирование игры во время маркетинговой кампании. Именно позиционирование. Не сравнение и кому она может быть конкурентом, а чьим " наследником" ВВ3 является. Игры, если это не новое слово в жанре, обычно выпускают вдохновляясь чьим-то примером, а не " чтобы как у этих, но лучше"(привет, дебилы из ЕА/ДАЙС). Задолбали, если честно, с этими " конкурентами ". Кстати, новый БФ обещают выпустить на старых консолях, так как новых консолей почти нет. ВВ3 тоже вроде как будет на консолях. Интересно будет увидеть оценки и сравнения соснольщиков.
  11. Yes, I'm still playing it. No, I've stopped testing it thoroughly more than a year ago. It's just when I find a bug or remember if I didn't report back then - I do it. Though yes, I'm a little disappointed why there are no more "we'll send it to QA team" replies, as it has IMO no connections to NDA stuff. Bugs are still there because it's almost 1.5 years old version of the game. And me being a little perfectionist somewhere deep inside will never stop reporting them. Mail.ru is not a Chinese company. Only ~15% of its stock belongs to 2 chinese companies. Voting part is much smaller. Company is controlled from Russia. I play WW3 because current version it's to my liking, the moment I will be disappointed - I will leave. I don't care about other ppl playing it and never will lure ppl into playing it. Much higher chances has the situation where I say "get lost and never appear here again".
  12. Yes, I'm sure it's a bug. Tried to find it with search and didn't. When somebody forces to explode some gadget like AT mines, Claymores etc. and if in their AOE is staying the teammate, if that teammate was killed - it will be counted as TK and killed person will have the right to punish that one that has planted explosives. EVEN if it was successful suicide attempt, when he was himself triggering the explosives, like on the gif below. If in release version there will be something like kick for excessive TKing implemented, while this bug will stay like this, some ppl(me) will start abusing it to get rid of ppl they don't like. For example sniper lying down somewhere far from fight with Claymores around him. I will happily ruin the round for him. So, to save this guy's gaming experience I hope that devs make so that when some person is forcing the gadget to explode - this explosion and dmg dealt by it will "belong" to that particular person and not the person whom that gadget belongs to. With that if u, for example, will force AT mine to explode by shooting at it with sniper rifle and explosion will kill someone from enemy team - it will be urs fully deserved kill. In the same if it was the ally killing ally, it will be him who will be punished for TK and not the guy who has planted it and now is doing his job on another side of the map and while knowing nothing.
  13. Impact grenade has one absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug in its score list. This one. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9606-0610-disable-plz-attempt-to-roll-system-for-impact-grenade/&tab=comments#comment-46044 And it has one feature that is on par with absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bugs. This one. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9606-0610-disable-plz-attempt-to-roll-system-for-impact-grenade/&tab=comments#comment-46044 This piece of something explodes on impact after flying 0.5ms! DEVS!!! I DEMAND IMPACT GRENADE HAVING 1 SEC COCKING TIME DELAY!!! And the bug itself I want to talk about. Grenade icon on the bottom of the gif. On the contrast with how grenade acts when u toss it, if u drop it when being killed - it will act as the normal grenade and will lie on the ground ALL the fuse burning time duration! Can I have a MORE predictable grenade that will for example ALWAYS explode when hitting the ground? Or will explode on impact only if more than 1 sec has passed?
  14. Have doubts it being reported so I'll create a theme. When teamkilling someone and him punishing u, on the TK punishment deathscreen as the punishing person will be shown guy who was the last to deal u any dmg. And even minimap will show a direction to him.
  15. Dunno, was it noticed/fixed already. Didn't find with search. With servers restarted and me overcoming my laziness I've made few screenshots to show them here. Minor bug that still forces me to open Video Settings every time I enter the server with Berlin TDM map to "fix" it. Long ago Berlin TDM map had the naked ground. Now it has grass here and there. And it seems that when adding grass accountable person screwed up a little. Rly a little, but now on Berlin TDM map day version there is a problem with grass lighting/shadows. Actual for all "instances" of gras on the map. Bug is NOT affected by any settings except the Effects and somewhat Shadows. When Shadows are OFF - whole grass in ur FOV is well lit and is almost glowing. For both all-Ultra and all-Low. Screenshots under the spoiler. When Shadows are On, then Close to u and up to 10-15 meters away grass has "somewhat appropriate" lighting and only far from u starts "glowing". Shadows Settings only affects how sharp is the gradient. And when u move - this gradient is moving with u. Screenshots under the spoiler. And finally - Effects. The moment u change the Effects, doesn't matter what actual value is, game realizes "oh, there is grass in here!" and even if Shadows are Off grass starts having "appropriate" lighting. Screenshot under the spoiler. And finally, some footage from the game. Was too lazy to upload my recording so here is almost the first recording from Youtube search. Video is tamp stamped. Oh yeah, Steps to Reproduce: Enter Berlin map and wait for a Day. Leaving the server and re-entering "recharges" it from my experience.
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