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  1. For more than 1.5 years was too lazy and a little hesitant to create a theme to suggest only that, but let it be. Dunno, how it is "now" in "new" version with reworked sounds, but there is one thing that was scratching me and I was always envious: when having HeliDrone in the sky u clearly hear its rockets explosions even from the other side of the map. U always know that there is HeliDrone bringing pain to somebody out there. In the same time, EXPLOSIONS of the tank shells are deaf, muffled and non-impressive even when they are 20 meters far from u. HeliDrone's rocket sound MUCH MORE juicier. So, plz, whoever is accountable for sounds - make so that tank shell's explosions will be juicy, impressive and informative.
  2. U don't have that much of a "unprotected areas" if shooting from the front though. Only groin area and a little part of the chest above vest's plate. U have the chance to OHK, but it's rly minor. IMO, nobody will abuse it even if it will be in-game unless it's 2 situations: 1. Bored skilled player. 2. Dumb dev's move to add it to some kind of challenge.
  3. I was talking about them too. 100+ grams chunks of metal and explosives flying at nearly 100m/s speed is IMO enough to kill someone with headshot by simply breaking his neck. My point was that with flying speed THAT low u can use GL as "shotgun" only when ppl are running at u. And the moment u will try to kill someone with direct hit at ~10-13 meters distances u will see that it requires quite a skill. Travel time will be 0.12-0.16 secs. For lightweight soldier it's ~1m if it's 90° angle between ur vision line and where he is heading. And for face-to-face encounters this time is enough for some weapons to kill u BEFORE ur grenade will even reach their owner. And only to deal ~40 dmg after that? That is why I was talking about grenades being able to OHK ppl with torso-hits to unprotected parts of the body.
  4. IMO, with 2.5 secs reload time and 85 m/s projectile speed it's too weak. I would like to see it another way. Grenades are counted as RLY big pistol billets. So, their piercing ability is equal to the latter. Base damage is 100. And then it'll be 2 hit kills when hitting limbs. When hitting protected areas there will be armor in the game and if, for example, it was Steel plate enemy simply will not bother. And then he will have 2.5 secs to kill the guy with this GL. But if the enemy has shown his back - it's his mistake and 1 grenade to the back should be enough.
  5. Being a little in a M mood I'm demanding that SL being an only player in a squad(aka lone-wolf) will have 10 sec respawn time. B - Balance. No benefits in leaving previous squad except being free from trying to follow some dolt and his orders.
  6. Actual for all Berlin maps. Was always forgetting to report this. Don't remember it being reported. For my own complacency. Some flat surface is "protruding" from the edge and blocks projectiles. 2 corners behind the columns on this side of the room are inaccessible. 2 corners that are "behind" and have identical columns don't have such problems.
  7. Okay, I'm officially blind and dumb. I somehow skipped the part with stats when reading the first post. My assumption s were based on 0.2-0.25 spread that is "typical" for BRs in WW3.S ry for bothering.
  8. I was talking about spread though. Take SCAR-H with its awful recoil and try hipfiring. U will see, that with BR's low spread u can go for headshots on 20m distances.
  9. Didn't find with search. Absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug! When choosing Glock G17 with default sights u simply can't hit anything! Bullets fly that much higher than ur aiming line, that u r almost hitting planes flying somewhere in the sky! It's unacceptable! I can't play like this! No problems with other scopes/sights though.
  10. IMO 100 round magazines (betamags?) is kinda over the top. One of the strongest points of BRs in WW3 that actually allows them to be usable in CQC is accuracy when hipfiring. If u will be able to go full-auto for ~10 secs with comparable to ARs RoF and typical BR accuracy nobody will: 1.Use 20 rounds mags. 2. Use LMGs. 3.Go ADS when shooting full-auto. 4. Previously suggested ASh-12.7 will die in vain. Trigger delay, equip/lift-up and ADS time should be made rly big/long to stop this gun from being the ideal pub-stomper on TDM and in CQC. IMO - 40 rounders, no more.
  11. My last theme in pre-release times. Nothing more worth mentioning. TDM spawn system. I don't know is it working how it was/is intended or is it broken. Was it fixed in new build if it is broken. So, let it be. There are problems with spawn system on 2 current TDM maps - Berlin and Warsaw. Moscow is "safe" because of its much more CQC geometry with tight hallways and corridors. Problem actual for all maps that is connected to spawning - they all promote lightweight meta run'n'gunning with highDPS weapons. Only way to oppose is another malignant type of behaviour - spamming smoke grenades with IR scope attached to weapon. Berlin map. Berlin TDM map is severely damaged by one particular feature: Green and red ellipses show all from my experience possible spawn areas for players during the match. The problem is that when even 1(one) enemy will enter building in the center of the map(yellow striped square) ur choice of possible spawnzones is reduced to only 3 red ellipses located on the far sides. Very inspirational to run from the edge of the map, then trying to storm the building where usually there are claymores and ppl with shotguns/LMG/SA80 and C4 upstairs. And if u've failed - u're welcome to repeat it over and over again. And the heavier is ur kit - the longer u will run. OFC ppl to save their time start to run using paths shown by red pointer lines. And almost nobody uses "dotted line" paths, because, u know, x1.5 longer. That is why lightweight kits benefit. Add to that fact that particular "feature" https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/12198-gadget-feature-tweaking-claymore-apm/ and u will see that gameplay on Berlin is usually degraded to some kind of the "king of the hill" where ppl fight for building with 2(good luck with trying to use scaffoldings to enter 2nd floor vs 3-5 camping ppl) entrances that is 5% of the map at best. Plus, u almost never spawn in the left lower part of the map. Somehow it feels abandoned. Warsaw map. It has its own problems. Green circles. 1 and 2. Both teams can have their first spawn in the round in these circles. And it leads to that problem that ppl who know about that "feature" start to sprint using the green lined paths to meet enemies. The lighter is ur weight - the more chances for u to take an advantageous position. Ppl who don't know about that are often ambushed. Red circles. I call them trap spawns. The problem is that it is not that hard to predict next enemy spawn when u look at map and see where ur teammates are. Encircled with red green spawn 2. Point where the spawnrape is most often and most merciless. Why? Because somehow game thinks that even if u've been killed in few seconds after the spawn and all ur teammates too - u should spawn there 2-3-4 times more. And then it will look like this. Where this spawnpoint is acting like a shooting range for enemies. All the traps spawns have only one exit path or 2 that are that close that it doesn't rly matter. Problem is that the casual player when being shot at usually lies down turning into stationary and thus even easier target. First and Second. Third and Fourth. So my suggestion is to move red spawns to the areas shown by blue ellipses. The will be closer to center of the map. They will have 2 possible paths. And 2nd floor gallery will work as some kind of shelter for some of them. First. Second. Third. Fourth. As of now Warsaw and Berlin are TDM maps where u r run'n'gunning to find a position where u can start camping. So much fun...
  12. Ты форумом не ошибся?
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