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  1. Sooo... How do u all like new 4 meters long slide in "new better" WW3?
  2. No, u can't. Selling is on hiatus for more than a year now. The only POSSIBLE chance is to TRY to find a key on a trustworthy for u 3rd party site. No other ways. Still, ATM it's more likely for game to go F2P route, so there wouldn't be any need in buying a game.
  3. tynblpb

    Dead game

    Ur religion what, doesn't allow u to read themes other than ones made by u?
  4. Try what is written in a linked theme. https://steamcommunity.com/app/736220/discussions/0/3128289956327931603/ Lately the problem with Intel 10-11th series CPU was the origin of the 90% problems with connect. And this fixed for all(?) of them.
  5. Idea is to add downsides/shortcomings to alternate ammo so they will not be "best-choice" and then having them 120 cartridges in loadout wouldn't break the balance and their choice will be based on a player's playstyle. With that FMJ will not be a poor relation and will have his own users. Especially, if u will be able to choose with what type of ammo will be ur next spawn.
  6. I don't like current system, where u have 30 rounds of alternate ammo. It's often rly insufficient amount and works only for Tochnost rifle when BR/LMG are secondary weapons and their secondary ammo is accessible as secondary for Tochnost rifle too. Same goes for BR + UKM when BR can have 20+80 AP/HP bullets as secondary ammo. My suggestion is to make alternate ammo a primary 120 cartridges ammo be it chosen by a player. And to balance it there should be added some properties: Armor Penetrating Ammo. Usually armor penetrating is achieved by adding a hard material core to a bullet. Usually it tungsten carbide. One of its properties is the much higher density in comparison with "normal" steel core. So, higher density means higher weight and it results in: 1. Significantly smaller bullet velocity. 2. Bigger trajectory drop on distance. 3. Higher recoil. With that u will need much higher shooting skillz to land hits on mid to long distances. Especially if we talk about moving targets. Hollow Point Ammo. Here we will play dumb a little and agree, that HP rounds are looking like that. Big flat nose with hollow that negatively affects ballistics. With that HP rounds will have: 1. Bigger trajectory drop. 2.1. Damage decrease distance will be much shorter in comparison with FMJ/AP rounds. Or 2.2 Damage drop on distance will be bigger so on long distances 20% flesh dmg bonus will be (almost) nullified and there will not be seen HP rounds abuse like it's happening now when G29 with HP cartridges OHK even with limb-hits on 100+m distances. Or both 2.1 and 2.2 but more mild. Plus it will again require higher shooting skillz. With that IMO it wouldn't be gamebreaking to make AP/FMJ/HP equal 120 rounds ammopools for weapons. And everyone will choose ammo by his own volition and understanding.
  7. i'm going to disappoint u, but it will be easy to perform just because players 99% of their time run with SHift pressed. So it will be almost always "ready-to-go" animation when players almost instantly disappears from ur line of sight. Depends on ur kit weight. With Heavy u can go to sliding much faster in comparison with Light kit. In current version.
  8. Нет. Во время релиза у тебя будет шильдик Вытирана и какие-то ещё плюшки. Какие - никто из знающих/ответственных не говорит.
  9. More like all the CQC encounters will end up with Sprint->Dolphin Diving because even now, against ppl with even no-magnification scopes, pressing Z works just fine because they often lost u from their line of sight and it ends with them being killed. Without relatively big "shooting block time" I have a suspicion almost all 2-5m encounters between experienced players will end like it was written above. Taking into account supposedly increased hip-fire spread that will(?) force ppl to go ADS.
  10. Only weapons and armor vest/ helmet have weight. 3-5-7 "stripes of weight ". Attachments are limited by "performance points" that are limiting amount of attachments that have stats and can be attached to weapon. And with attachments having no weight it seems that backpack will act as if it is filled with air. It seems they have really simplified the weight system.
  11. It was like that before the smoke grenade was broken. so it just reverts back to normal(fixing the bug).
  12. https://worldwar3.com/de/2020/05/25/world-war-3-devlog-the-farm-51-und-my-games/ Pic in the message. Right upper corner.
  13. The "skeptical scepter" now is in ur hands @HeiligeRobbe and u'll be the voice. Not me. It's a little longer than in current version. Or(unlikely) on par with it. Current version. Sliding. Vaulting/jumping off the height. Lightweight and heavyweight respectively. My sad smile. New version. Watch from 2:44 to 2:50. Mb I came to conclusion too fast, but I don't like these particular features how I see them in the revealing video. I'm not going to write more or things will go nasty rly fast. @Dunabar, just in case u've missed it. 4:48 - Moscow TDM Night map.
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