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  1. I don't know howv High Dynamic Range is supposed to work in WW3. Is it working at all or doesn't. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): The problem is that the very moment u die: IF HDR was Enabled in ur Video settings - it will instantly switch to Disabled. So I have no clue what is default setting for HDR - On or Off.
  2. Just a little reminder if it isn't fixed already. Situation is the same for ARs too. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): If u, having 30 rounds magazine AR, will pick up AR that has drum mag with matching ammo attached - next time u will spawn not with 90 rounds ammopool, but with increased. For 5.56 ARs it will be 150 rounds of spare ammo - 60*3 - 30 = 150. Same for 7.62x39 ammo. U will have 195 ammo. 75*3 - 30 = 195.
  3. Oh, yeah, forgot to write it here. U CAN NOT hide from thermal scopes in burning napalm! It's COLD. But at least we know why it's damaging us - napalm is bitingly cold!
  4. I'm sure even if voted up it will not be implemented in any kind. Because Balance. Compare for example CoD:MW2019 tiniest rims of the high-magnification scopes on sniper rifles with WW3's scopes. It's much easier to use high-magnification scopes in CoD. There is no penalty. If u would be able to move scopes closer to the barrel it'll give "unfair" advantage of having magnified picture with advantages of red-dot sights that do not block ur view. What need then will be in having red-dot x1-x2 sights?
  5. Initially I was thinking about creating this theme in Questions part of the forum, asking was it fixed in new movement/animations, but I don't think there will be answer. Still I think it's a bug. Looking at CoD gameplay videos with its insta-grenade-throwing I was happy it's not like this in WW3. Still from my opinion grenade throwing in WW3 was too fast. So I checked it. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): When u press G to throw grenade weapon in ur hands is magically disappearing to be replaced by grenade. And after the throw u see the normal picking/lifting up animation. IMO, there should be putting the weapon aside animation played first with all the penalties for the long barrel etc. I hope in new animation it's like this.
  6. Ehm, it is about how fast u will lift up ur weapon and start looking through the sights/scope's glass.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video):I'm sure it was pointed out in the dark ages that AA is affecting scope's reticles but I couldn't find it with Search button. This is how it looks like. No AA / AA Ultra. This theme is just a reminder. I hope in release version all the scope reticles will be excluded from the list of objects that can be / are "anti-aliased".
  8. Like it's in title. I have 8kk of in-game currency and I have an offer: I'm giving devs my 8kk of in-game currency and someone from devteam will post here one, only one, screenshot with Shibuya TDM or Gobi map. Believe me, it's very good, generous I would say, offer. 1 screenshot for 8kk. Well, IF u like round numbers I have 2kk more on PTE version. Being serious: I rly hope that in the late December as the NewYear's for russians or Christmas gift for westerners we will see at least few things about what was done accordingly to 2020 Roadmap. I mean, it still there, hanging and nobody said that everything has changed and we shouldn't look at it anymore. Both old Roadmap https://worldwar3.com/en/development-roadmap/ and new "teaser". If there will be no info before we will reach 2021 I'll be a little bit disappointed. P.S. I was deadly serious about trading 8kk for a screenshot. Upd. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Offer.
  9. F9, F10 or there is "eye" icon in the left upper corner. If u will press " play" button - it will be something like this:
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video):One could think that only one MG pod on HeliDrone shooting is the bad news. On the contrary, it was very pleasant bug, because it was 1 MG shooting but RoF fire was standard. And it was like a RCWS MG of the MRAP, but on HeliDrone. Very, very pleasant bug. Don't know was it because it was again one of the NA servers.
  11. Very selfish request. Even though I very much like how Ops-Core's Fast helmet looks like(in game we can see it as "Fast helmet with goggles", pic under the spoiler) there is one helmet which look I like even more. It's CryePrecision's AirFrame helmet. There exists russian replica called Spartan 3. Link below sends u to a review. It's on russian but u can looks at photos. https://survivalpanda.livejournal.com/148809.html This is how it looks like. Not talking about it being only ll-class protection. Not talking about copyright claims. I just selfishly hope that this precious thing can be added to game.
  12. Servers aren't dead. With that remark that WW3 PTE version is currently disabled and it's useless trying to connect to it. To fix the problem with authentication when connecting to normal WW3 devs need to manually reset ur account IIRC. That's why u need to post here ur SteamID64 and somebody from staff will do what's needed.
  13. Well, if we talk about content, gameplay decisions, etc devs are actually silent since the February. When 3 months have passed since them going silent and ppl were already tired of asking "WTF, where are devs?" there was an announcement in May that they are now starting partnership with My.Games. And this partnership means that all the interaction with community is now on the My.Games's shoulders. With them being rly big company it means that there will be no talk with ordinary ppl until "it's time to promote". So, don't expect anything. Only small leaks/news that our polish comrades find in dev's interviews with polish media/bloggers and kindly share them with us.
  14. Devs are SILENTLY working on it. There is no migration to my.games. They are only publishers. All rights still belong to TF51. Nor denied, nor confirmed. Both companies keep their mouths shut. And thus no info on any kind if microtransactions, season passes etc. But it was promised that there will be no P2W mechanics added. And lastly: NO solid dates except the 21 year release date. But my speculation is, that if they don't want to compete with upcoming BF6 hype they should release game before the may, when usually "leaks" start to appear.
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