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  1. Just so devs will know that it can happen. Today's match on BRE. Only first hit with handheld weapons counts. All others didn't not. So, u needed heavy weapons that can OHK such as explosives or BR/MG/Sniper rifles with headshots to be able to kill anyone. Dunno, what can cause this, but I must make a note that there was also a rubberbanding.
  2. All weapons in WW3 have the same pattern when u press LMB while running - the moment ur weapon's barrel gets in horizontal position there is a shot. With that exception that Glauberit and DMG Nine-Milli have weird delay. When u r sprinting and press LMB ur soldier lifts them up, but there is 0.1-0.2 secs delay between the moment ur weapon is in "ready to fire" position and the actual shot. No problems with other weapons so far. Devs, check plz is this bug fixed in new movement.
  3. Don't know what they are - bags with concrete or whatever, but these things, used as barricades or roadblocks, should give soldiers cover, right? In fact, some of them can be shot through with any handheld weapon. And some of them can't be shot through with any weapon. SO, devs, plz, check plz penetration properties for all these objects.
  4. Dunno, was it reported or not, I've always forgetting to do it. It's in the game for a year or more already. In the place where vehicle has been repaired for quite a significant time after that can be heard repair tool's buzzing sound.
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    No in-game tutorials. But some "not-indifferent" ppl made tutorials on Steamhub. https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/guides/?searchText=&browsefilter=trend&browsesort=creationorder&requiredtags[]=Gameplay+Basics&requiredtags[]=-1 The one below is mine where I tried to cover some most important for newcomers parts. It's a bit outdated attachments-wise but still can be a little useful. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1739485311 P.S. There will be developer made tutorials, but as it seems release will be in 2021 and I don't think u'll need tutorials by that time. Upd. And check this very good video made by Atway( one of the forum inhabitants).
  6. Try to be a little more pompous and MAYBE we will be like: Oh, wow! Now we know what is going on! - and then will stop playing WW3. P.S. Today +1.5 hours playing WW3 and now I have 1501 hours in Live version.
  7. Some walls can be shot through. The higher caliber - the more walls it can penetrate.
  8. 0:30 - 1:15 is why I'm saying that SA-80 shouldn't have 30+ rounds magazines.
  9. Не можно будет. Есть вертолеты = есть снайпера, которым похер на ВСЁ кроме своего желания долететь до самой высокой крыши и сесть на ней со снайперкой. В реалиях ВВ3 это будут ещё и гранатометчики с оптикой большого увеличения. Поэтому разрабы сказали: нет.
  10. Well, maps names have been "leaked" like this long ago. Though for some randoms it can work as new info.
  11. I'm just a little, only slightly, a tiniest bit disappointed that Jam APS DOESN'T STOP C4 FROM EXPLODING!!! This particular one, but I'm sure another one doesn't work too.
  12. I always thought that this 0/64 server is the dev's one. So, I presume, it's some map whose name we shouldn't know in current communication meta.
  13. Sounds legit. Still first reason is legit too. And they both can be combined...
  14. Finally. After being toxic in Steam for 10 years I finally received Steam game suspension. Though I literally DGAF about it there is one thing that interests me: is there any way to find what was the actual reason? Message, etc. Because me being toxic every day doesn't know why it's only now. Any ideas, thoughts, tips, hints? P.S. It turns out, that there are sooo many games in Steam that I can try.
  15. Biggest problem is that ppl mix: I don't like it, so it shouldn't be in game. with It's breaking something, so it shouldn't be in game. I, self-proclaimed HeliHater No.1, am suggesting HeliDrone's buff, so that the added weapon system will be fully functional and not act as some kind of gimmick to give "wow, explosion!" impressions. But it seems ppl don't think too deep about such things.
  16. Almost a year ago I made a theme where I was pointing out things I don't like / that are wrong regarding HeliDrone mechanics. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10220-featurevehicles-rework-few-things-about-helidrone/&tab=comments#comment-49244 Seeing some changes were applied I think my concerns have been heard. Or I'm again thinking too high of myself. Again I don't know are/were works on HeliDrone being done already or not. Still, it will not stop me from creating this theme were I'll show things that aren't working well. Hope they will be taken into account by devs. Warning. Expect longread. Note. In this theme I will not touch the matter about nerfed rocket pods dmg. It was done in this theme and answer was given there too. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10645-devs-why-did-u-kill-helidrone/&tab=comments#comment-50869 Durability. IMO current HeliDrone's durability if not perfect is still really close to be called balanced, when experienced players can still go for 20-30 killstreaks even with machineguns if ppl on the ground don't want to make an efforts to shoot it down. With one important BUT!: HeliDrone is ULTRAWEAK against 12.7mm machinegun. Usually 10 hits is enough to destroy HeliDrone. I think HeliDrone should be buffed in that matter. Weaponry. This bug is still hindering us, so it should be taken into account that HeliDrone is not that effective as it can/should be. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/8946-helidrone-crosshair-jumping-up-and-down-when-strafing/ We were talking about 12.7mm gun, let's continue doing this. 12.7mm HeliDrone machinegun. ABSOLUTELY useless thing. U use it if u want to: a) give handicap to enemy team.b) if u want to fast destroy enemy HeliDrone and continue playing. Otherwise there is no point in using 12.7mm MG. Here is why: Shots placement. It can be clearly seen that there is some space between hit marks. Well, to be expected as we are talking about two separate machineguns hanging on two winglets. The problem is that this space is big enough so that only 1 bullet(left or right) will hit the body of the infantryman. Rate of Fire. 0.8.7 patch RoF of the 12.7mm TWO-barrel machinegun of the HeliDrone is... 240 RpM. Yes. 240. Same as all the other 12,7mm MGs mounted on ground vehicles, even though it has 2 barrels. For example 30mm BMPT and Bumerang cannons have 200 RpM, and Hydras rockets have 500 RpMRoF. SO, if only every 2nd bullet is hitting enemy infantryman that is staying still, u need no less than 0.5 secs to kill him. And it is with that remark that u need to aim to the left or to the right from the target or u can simply miss the target landing hits to the left and to the right from it. Shooting at enemy vehicles with that RoF is totally useless too. My suggestion is to fix this, I'm sure it's a bug, and let dem HeliDrone 12.7mm MGs have at least ~500 RpM RoF. Or it will continue to be useless and almost nobody will use it. 7.62mm machineguns. The same problem as with 12.7mm MGs. Space between hit marks and damage per second. For those who don't know: bodyhit is 35 dmg. So, if u hit the limbs it's no less than 4 hits to kill infantryman. Yes, experienced "pilots" can do even headshots, but still, MRAP RCWS machineguns is much more intimidating than HeliDrone machineguns. IMO, their RoF should be increased too. Note: HP ammo is a must for 7.62mm MG pods. While I wasn't going to talk about rocket pods dmg I'll talk about other issues with 1 particular pod that almost nobody uses. FZ233 guided rockets. They were useless when rockets were powerful. They are useless now. Here is why. 1st. @Rozmo, @weedtime, don't know who to poke now, but count this as bug report. There is NO explosions shown and NO sounds of explosions when FZ233 are hitting the target further than 200 meters from ur HeliDrone. Though the rockets actually explode and deal the dmg. Gif below. Equipping guided rockets when u don't know where u are hitting? No, thx. Second issue with FZ233 rockets. I don't know how actually they are working. Is there any invisible pointer and rockets follow this "light spot" or there is some another mechanic, but I must say that FZ233 are half-broken and they work as guided only when ur HeliDrone is hanging still and u use ur mouse to guide the rockets. Yes, then they will follow ur crosshair. But when u try to strafe while shooting them... they suddenly forgot that they are guided and literally don't care. I'll repeat, I DON'T know how this guiding is working, but I can say for sure that when u strafe while shooting and trying to keep one spot in ur crosshair this "guiding" isn't working. Gif below. Equipping guided rockets to shoot them only when u aren't moving? No, thx. Devs, plz, do something with FZ233 rockets. Or there will be absolutely no point in equipping them. Bombs and miniMap. There is one "issue" with bombs momentum. I think it was purposely implemented that they do not have momentum and fall vertically when u drop them. And here come the problem: u CAN'T see what is actually below. And then u can drop bombs only approximately. IMO, there should be one thing done to make bomb drops more precise and more "playable": when equipping bombs or packs there should be miniMap permanently enabled. And it will look like this. Not long ago I made a theme about icons of the strikes/gadgets not appearing when there is miniMap active. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11796-strikesgadget-and-their-visibility-on-mapminimap/ On the gif above we see that when flying above the tank we can only approximately see that enemy vehicle is below, so I suggest that should be or HeliDrone icon added to the miniMap or some kind of crosshair, that will show us the exact point where bombs will fall. Something like this. Decided to create a theme in Suggestions. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11856-strikefeature-minimap-enabled-for-helidrone/ And last. Optics hitboxes. If all above I see as the must have features, that should be added for the greater good this one is my egoistic request. Currently we have MiniDrone as the gadget, right? And while it's a REALLY small gadget it's quite easy to destroy it if u have spotted it. Why? Hitboxes. They're quite large for this tiny thing. My last(controversial) suggestion is to increase the hitboxes for HeliDrone's OPTICS. It's rly rare to see ur optics damaged and it NEVER was disabled completely. It's almost no point in having the optics to be destructible because chances for it to be hit are extremely small. I'm making this suggestion so that even if it will be hard to destroy enemy HeliDrone with handheld weapon's fire, infantry will be able to force it to retreat to base for repairs. And that is all what I have to say about HeliDrone in patch 0.8.7.
  17. Let HeliDrone have miniMap permanently enabled when there is 2nd slot on its winglets used. Bombs/packs. With it pilot will be able to drop bombs/packs more precisely and it'll not be just a funky thing as it's now.
  18. Emmm, deeevs? When long time ago I tried to attach flash hider to my Pecheneg and it didn't work i thought: okay, too powerful cartridge, so flash hider isn't working for LMG, I need to ask for something. And I made a theme. This. Devs kindly implemented this feature and now Suppressors hide all flashes. Then was 0.8 patch, where stats for flash hiders, compensators were adjusted to fit new horizontal recoil meta. And flash hiders reducing only vertical recoil, was the balancing feauture for the hiding the flash, right? So, I didn't care that much about it, but recently I decided to replace suppressor with flash hider. Because, u know, x3-x4 scopes, flash blocking the vision and all that stuff. What can I say... Flash hiders DO NOT WORK on LMGs, BRs, SMGs. With the exception of ARs. Flash hiders work on ARs. Work... They INCREASE muzzle flash for ARs. 2 gifs below. This is how Vepr-18 30 rounds burst looks like.x4 scope. Left gif - AK-15 Compensator attached. Right - SA80 muzzle break. See the difference? For me it's obvious that flash hider is actually increasing muzzle flash. Tested on SA80 and Vepr-18. Devs, plz, fix this nonsense. And make so that flash hiders will actually work. On all weapons.
  19. When shooting at HeliDrone with SH rounds - it'll receive no dmg. I think it's for all SH rounds no matters what caliber. Definitely was for 30mm BMPT rounds and 40mm AFV/APC turret. Why I think it's a bug - SH rounds deal dmg to ground drones such as Battle Robot.
  20. I presume it's about this.
  21. Updated suggestion with additional visualisation of how it should be.
  22. I know. I know. And only that fact that u were astonished by it excuses ur not-upvoting of my suggestion.
  23. There is 1 problem with rocket-strikes. They are effective against vehicles and SOMEWHAT effective against infantry. And the all-in-all best rocket strike is the Stormbreaker. Hellfire has too small explosion radius. And Mephisto having huge 25 meters explosion radius that is a little less than SH artillery strike can kill only 2-3-4 guys on the fully occupied CP. And I'll show u why. Look at the gif. I'm dropping Stormbreaker on myself. It's explosion radius is 15 meters and it explodes 10 meters far from me. But I'm staying unscathed. Why? Because non-destructible environment is blocking dmg. And this is how it'll look like if someone will try to drop some Mephisto on B1 Berlin. Ellow circle - everyone in crater are dead, but that is all. Violet zone. Well, everybody, except the 1 or 2 guys that can fit in this tiny space, feel just fine. Green circle. Bad aim and almost half of the circle is safezone. So, my suggestion: for Stormbreaker lift center of its explosion few meters above the surface, so it will not be blocked by some barriers, craters etc. for Mephisto make the same thing as with the Stormbreaker, or make so that obstacles except the thick walls of buildings will NOT block its damage. 480 kg warhead it's said in strike's info. P.S. I expect to be praised for my outstanding drawing skillz. Upd. Suggestion was made late at night so I wasn't able to show everything I wanted. This is second part. Why even I decided to make this suggestion. Not only because rocket strikes aren't that effective as they IMO should/could be. There is 1 more thing that inspired me. Called cognitive dissonance. Stormbreaker explosion on gif below. U see it? If we look at how Stormbreaker explodes - everything below it in the explosion radius should be devastated. Of course higher dmg close to the center and lower on the sides. Like on the pic below. Mistake: 15 meters radius, not the diameter like on the pic. So, I demand that Stormbreaker and other rocket-strikes should have their damage spread matching to their explosion's visual effects. With that this suggestion is now completed.
  24. And none of them is the modern day FIRST person shooter. And I was always thinking that Halo is some kind niche XBox exclusive shooter that is mostly popular among the NA players. Plus, lastly Microsoft was changing its politics about exclusivity and now is leaning towards "inclusivity", not that what ppl can think, but that is about using as many platforms to sell products as possible.
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