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  1. Seeing lately Gacek reappearing on servers and stomping ppl and then they start to blame him that he is bad bad cheater I decided that I'll make a post about it. Though sometimes I myself think that he is using no-recoil macros because, u know, upper torso and head hit from 70+ m far when full auto was kinda too much even for me and even for SA80 he is using. But I'm too lazy too blame him. And sometimes I take SA80 too and kill ppl on 60-70+ m distances with full-auto. And switch back to weaker weapons. Though when yesterday he killed me 2 times when I was sitting in the base area and "piloting' HeliDrone. A little later u'll see why I still don't accuse him of cheating. So, putting aside Gacek's skill and ability to shoot. Putting aside him using only SA80. There are 2 main reasons why ppl accuse him: 1st) Gacek is using lightweight kit. So, lightweight kit means that with no-stamina mechanics ur sprinting speed is constant 7m/s. And only this gives too much advantage for ppl with high DPS weapons that are abruptly appear from behind the corner/cover. With not working in 0.8 ads/equip modifiers there is too short delay between the sprinting and shooting and lightweight kits win the most. Ppl often can not react to appearing in front of them enemy. And it is if we talk about face-to-face encounter. Here appears 2nd reason. I would not say he is abusing it, but Gacek and his friends spam Barracuda non-stop. I was talking about Barracuda giving too big advantage to attacking side here. Shortly: with 3d spot provided by Barracudas UAV side that is moving has the advantage. U can appear from behind the corner, u know where the enemies is with both 3d spot and mini-map. And the lighter is ur kit that easier u can flank enemies and then u can use ur 60 round "drummed" SA80 to perform triple+ kills on unexpected enemies. U can say: u can use jammer to secure ur position. And here appears that problem that there is long-standing bug. This. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11927-jam-doesnt-block-3d-spot/&tab=comments#comment-56225 So it doesn't matter what u will do to oppose this tactics - nothing will help u. All u can do is to pick the lightweight kit, add Barracuda to strikes list and try to outshoot rly good player. That is why I was asking to remove 3d spot from WW3 as it is clearly unbalanced feature. And returning to Gacek killing me in the base. It was this spot. No talking about him killing me "through the wall". I was sitting far enough so that u can kill me only if u know that I'm sitting there. Gif as the proof. Lightweight kit has only 1 sec remaining after running all the way to that spot and back and shooting. If not blaming Gacek being the cheater - the only reason is that there was Barracuda above me, that spotted me. So, today I was playing and testing Barracuda's spot on the protected areas. And Yes, Barracuda does spot enemies in the protected area of the bases. Not to mention that when flying Barracuda and other UAVs enter the protected zone, but aren't destroyed there. @Polak, I'm too lazy to create a theme, could u, plz, count that as bugreport? And one more thing. There is the same problem with protected areas of the Attacker side on Breakthrough. U can easily hang the reconnaissance UAVs above the attacker's head and it will show all of them on the map making their efforts futile. Count that as bugreport too, plz. I hope with all above I made it clear that the "best" tactics currently is to run'n'gun with lightweight kit and highDPS weapons while spamming the Barracuda UAV. I hope that reworked movement/animation and equip/ADS time will somehow fix/nerf this meta. And Gacek too. Next thing is the glowing of the optics. Yes, for newcomers it can be huge help when they'll try to oppose enemy vehicles with handheld weapons. Though 90% doesn't care. But IMO they are glowing to hard. And if we talk about default tanks that have not that big optics, it is understandable that u need to show ppl where to shoot. But when we are talking about something like AU-220 57-mm turret... It looks like this. U almost do not need to aim to destroy optics. And they are even glowing to show where u need to shoot. Compare them to Gepard optics. It's pain in the ass to destroy it when u r further then 30 from it. And ERA 30mm turret optics simply doesn't glow at all. So I'm thinking that this glowing should be removed completely (noobs must suffer, yeah) or it should be something like Small optic - glowing, Big - Does Not. Or it should be blinking for a short time with 1 sec period. Finally. Sound was called as the weakest feature of the WW3 since the day one. There were many works done on that matter. I will talk about few minor issues, that are bugging me. Not many know it, but there is weak whistling sound when RPG is flying 1 meter far from u. And when I say weak it's WEAK. "Fwoom" sound of the bullets is as loud. So, I rly hope that with the mentioned rework of the sound devs will significantly, SIGNIFICANTLY, increase the volume of the sound effects such as the whistling sound RPG, sounds of the shells flying by so it would be heard even 5-10 meters far from it. Because now it isn't intimidating at all, even when u r being suppressed. Screen darkening shows that somebody is shooting at u, not the sound effects of the projectiles. And I think that's all worth mentioning if we talk about 0.8 patch.
  2. Don't know is it intended or not, so I'll report it. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Even if artillery strikes can't kill anyone under the weakest cover they can be used to either troll or gain tactical advantage. Why? Because in the area of the strike and nearby everything is shaking and jumping each time the shell hits the surface. So u can only shoot "in that direction' and it is not possible to perform accurate shooting. With on exception: AT artillery strike doesn't shake ur screen. So, is it bug or was it intentional? I think it is bug. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, long standing bug. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): call in AT artillery strike
  3. I was sitting in the vehicle and there were my mines lying on the ground nearby. Enemy tossed grenade, I think. Grenade forced mine to detonate. As it was low HP, my IFV(stolen from enemies) was destroyed too. And then I wasn't able to respawn. Looked the same as it is on screenshot in first post. So, I decided to more or less re-create situation and last 2 hours I was calling in vehicles or taking neutral, placing mines near/under them and forcing mines to detonate with hand grenades. 3 times I was able to die like that so I wasn't able to respawn. Esc menu Respawn button is not working. Only Quit button sends u to WarMap. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when sitting in the exploding vehicle ur dead body "flies" out and when lying on the ground u see slowly fading to black screen, but there is no info what has caused ur death. After that darkening ur vision "recovers" but u r still lying on the ground and nothing can help u to respawn. This is how it looks like. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): I was re-creating the 1st "no-respawn" situation: sitting in the vehicle in 3rd person view and being killed be landmine explosion nearby. Don't know should it be landmine. Or should it be 3rd person view. Mines placement. Or whatever else. Don't have PTE, so I was able to try it only few times on Live. Bug happened with me in Boxer, BTR-90 and Wolverine. Didn't test it with heavy vehicles as they are much more expensive. Upd. Forgot to add. For me chances were 10-20% for this bug to appear.
  4. It seems this bug is too ping-related. It's happening when I'm playing on NA servers. Last 2 months no problems with dmg when dropping rockets on EU servers.
  5. The more I play the more I'm leaning towards the thought that all written above is a wrong assumption. My current bet is that there is some kind of Great Atlantic Bug Wall in WW3, that is creating bug when u try to play across the ocean. For some it is like the enemies are teabagging and hitreg is broken(no problems for me, BTW). For me it is noCD for strikes. I'm not sure were there problems with CD when playing on EU servers, but when playing on NA it's happening almost every time. Without any "extra" moves. Today I connected to NA server and there was noCD bug. Few mins to earn 1500 BPs and check was enough. This server.
  6. I'm curious: which one of the secondary sights/scopes is so much appealing to be used by you 80% of the times?
  7. My best score of being bad SquadLeader. No helping my team. Only saving BPs.
  8. It's disastrous. On release it will be called as one of the most disastrous bugs that will completely ruin the experience and immersion. Just how it does crosshair that appears 0.1sec before u go ADS. So, the bug itself. U see it? It's a catastrophe! Flame is COLD! Immersion is broken! All flames in WW3 are cold! U can't hide in or behind them from thermal scopes. Later I will test Napalm vs Thermal Scopes. And devs, u know, if I wouldn't be able to hide from Thermal Scopes when lying in burning Napalm I... I... I will be disappointed!
  9. These things made out of metal pipes are called scaffoldings, right? So, on TDM there is the same problem as with handrail n Berlin TDM. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): grenade can not fly through the scaffolding. The latter are working as "see through wall". GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, long standing bug. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): try to toss grenade so it should fly between the metal pipes. It will either bounce of it or stick to it if it is semtex grenade. No problems with RPG and C4. They fly through as it is supposed to be. On TDM Berlin there are scaffoldings too. No problems with collision vs grenades there.
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): on the 10m+ distances ppl with Special Forces vest change the color of their vest to some bright simple colors. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): stay further that 10 meters from guy with Special Forces vest. When zooming in and looking at the enemy this bug disappears. It can be red like it is on the screenshots under the spoiler. Or it can be bright yellow like it is on the gif. Dunno, does the camo pattern affect the resulting "bugged color", but yellow was for this "woodland" skin. These are my current video settings.
  11. Kinda minor bug but it cost me one destroyed AFV. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): explosion of the quad-bike near the vehicle is almost equal to RPG hit. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 84855 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): just destroy one quad-bike near any vehicle and u'll see how much dmg it deals. I have no problems with battle vehicles exploding and dealing dmg to armored vehicles nearby. Rockets, cartridges, all that stuff. But when one quad bike is dmging armored vehicle it kinda scratches me. Though it is minor bug. Or is it a feature?
  12. I just can't force myself to use any other grips so here is my new demand.
  13. Currently forehand grips are divided into 2 groups: 1st: [Horizontal + Vertical recoil] = 1.8 2nd: [Horizontal + Vertical recoil] = 1.7 Majority is 1.8 tier and Juno grip and UKM grip are 1.7 tier. Juno is jack of all trades and UKM is for those who like precise shooting. And here appears a problem. UKM grip is simply too good. With it's 0.6 Horizontal recoil multiplier it's a no-brain choice. Especially when almost all weapons have considerably high horizontal recoil that need to be compensated. I found myself using it on all the weapons except the MSBS-B and SA80. Add to this that fact that it is the ONLY horizontal recoil reducing grip that fits LMG's foregrip and we will see that currently UKM angle grip is kinda unbalanced. My suggestion is to rebalance it and make so there now will be room for Potato grips and Cobra grip. IMO it can be achieved by my moving it to "jack of all trades" group where it will be with Juno grip. Let UKM grip have significant Horizontal recoil reduction and somewhat effective Vertical recoil reduction. UKM angle grip: Vertical recoil - 0.9 Horizontal recoil - 0.8. Now it will compete with Juno grip but will not be overly good in comparison with other horizontal recoil reducing grips.
  14. There are 3 "types" of reload in WW3: 1st. U have some ammo in ur magazine and reload to make it full. 2nd. U spent all ur ammo, u have empty mag and press R to refill ur magazine. 3rd. U have alternate ammo and u press and hold R to switch to alternate ammo. And vice versa. Problem is that guns are divided into 2 groups in regard of how they behave when holding LMB when reloading. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when u hold LMB when reloading some weapons start to shoot automatically after the reload animation ends and some weapons require u to release LMB and press it again for weapons to start shooting. It's often enough to lose CQC fight even if u know about that "feature". GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but I'm sure it's a long-standing bug. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): So, there is a list of weapons that DO NOT SHOOT when u hold R while reloading when ur magazine was not empty.(1st type reload) All LMGS, AK-15, MSBS-K, Vepr-18, M416, G36, Beryl 7.62, DMG Nine-Milli, Vityaz SMG. All other weapons that have automatic fire automatically start shooting after the reload if u hold the LMB. Next. I wouldn't call it a bug, because it the same for all weapons. 2nd reload type. IF u have emptied ur magazine and start reloading IF u start to hold LMB before the digits on the HUD turn from 0 to 30(magazine volume) ur weapons will NOT shoot. But when digits start to show that magazine is filled with cartridges - u r free to press and hold LMB as the weapons will start to shoot after the reload animation ends. With the ONLY ONE exception - Glauberit will not shoot. Problem is that for different weapons this time of when u can press and hold LMB is different - for some it's split second for some it is almost 1 or 2 seconds. No weapons have problems with shooting with the 3rd reload type. If u press and hold R to switch to alternate ammo and then press and hold LMB - ur weapons will start shooting the moment reload animation will end. LMGs included. For both main->alternate and alternate->main reloads. So, could devs plz check if this bug with 1st reload type shooting is fixed in new animation and if not make so it will be standardized for all weapons, new(not released) included. I don't care will it be shoot or no-shoot after reload patterns but so it will be one for all weapons.
  15. Dunno, was it fixed in promised(?) "reworked sound" system or not, so I'll make a report for devs to check it. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when someone is reloading in front of u, u can hear it even if he is 100 meters far from u and behind 3 walls. Especially clear it is with MG's ammo belt clanking when reloading, because it's 8 seconds long. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but it is a long running bug. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): ask anyone to reload.
  16. @HeiligeRobbe, shoo-shoo! It's a theme with my GAMEPLAY demands. If any of u has community interaction, promoting etc. demands - create ur own theme where u can express all ur disappointment.
  17. There was a bug with noCD for strikes when playing Breakthrough mode. Just a 30 mins ago I've encountered the same bug when playing WZ on Berlin. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when playing match there can be no cooldown bug for all available strikes. And u can spam them as long as u have enough BPs. On the gif below 3 Flying Eyes in a row called in 30 mins ago. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but it's for sure since the 2019 year. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): IT'S ONLY AN ASSUMPTION, BUT THERE WAS ONE COMMON THING: Just now on Berlin I had noCD when I have changed sides. When there was warm-up I was on the West side. After the match start I disconnected to redo the loadout and when reconnecting I was on the East side. IIRC common thing for all the cases of this bug happening is that I was on the server during the warm-up and changed the side after the match start. noCD bug when playing BRE was only when I was on the Attackers side. For BRE if u connect to empty server - u'll be Defender. Majority of my games on BRE were when I was testing things on empty server, then ppl were filling the server, and I was moved to the other team. That's why, I think, I've never encountered this bug when being defender because it either u r staying on the same side or u r connecting to the already running match. That's why few matches when I connected to Attacker's I didn't encounter noCD bug. I'll repeat that it's only an assumption but I have no other ideas.
  18. If devs don't agree with the idea that demands above can make game better - they will not implement them. And I can not do anything with that. It's their game. It's just IMO it will not be that good as it can be. Btw, some of my suggestions are implemented already. Now, with all ur saltiness, plz, get lost.
  19. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): rockets, their smoke traces, explosions, explosion sounds aren't drawn/can't be heard when rockets pass 200 meters fly distance. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855. In the game for more than a year if not since the start. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): just try to hit something further than 200 m with guided rocket RCWS. It's the same problem as with the FZ233 guided rockets of the HeliDrone. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11857-helidrone-patch-087/ Don't remember was it reported or not, so let it be.
  20. Okaaay, I'm lazy, but I'll try. Not that there are any more bugs big enough to be reported. Though I'd like to see the responses that bug was taken into account, with devs being prohibited to be active on forum I don't expect any reaction. It's just I'm seeing Rozmo sometimes visiting forum and with him being kind enough to rly fast check and give an answer about my previous report about syringe animation bug I'm having a little hope that IF he is reading BugReports section of forum, it will be not that hard for him to check this bug too. I'm not expecting answer from him, though.
  21. When u r lying down and press/hold R to switch to alternate ammo - ur soldier is standing up, changing ammo and then lying down. When u switch back to main stand up animation is repeating. No problems with G29. Devs, check plz, is this fixed in new animation or not.
  22. On the third day indean warrior called Sharp Eye noticed that the jail cell has only 3 walls... (c) Russian anecdote. After 1.5+ years of playing I finally noticed that IF u press C while dropping the rocket strike u'll switch to 3P view... Mephisto on the gif. Suggestion is: move a camera a little to the "upper" side or further to the back so the torch would not completely block the view.
  23. I just want to whine a little... One of the reasons I don't like this "partnership" thing. Bug will not be fixed till the.. release?
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