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  1. I'm sure it was a joke... Though if we talk about cheaters, now on steamhub there is new iteration. Now it is chinese who are cheaters...
  2. A little suggestion. Go to dev's profiles. Open activities. Find their posts. Read them. And u'll find that all what u wrote here has been suggested already and many question have answers.
  3. Adding bots means that while devs will be working on them - all other works will be postponed. There is more than enough things to be done to be able to say that WW3 working as it is intended. I more than a year already am waiting for working APS on vehicles. The sooner it'll be - the happier I'll be. Anything that is delaying that moment will make me hostile.
  4. Ehm, devs, WTF?.. Like, rly. There is BP bonus for defenders for leaving now-not-under-control zone when the both Stations are destroyed, right? Plus, the longer u stay in this zone the less extra-seconds to timer will be added. Add to this wallhackish-3D-spot that shows attackers where u r and this task to stay alive as long as u can and then leave the zone is quite a challenge, right? And this challenging task should be adequately rewarded? Fair? In fact, in current realisation the faster u leave the zone, the more BP u'll receive. And the longer u will fight off enemies in the now-enemy's zone the less BPs u'll have in the end? And so here I am: WTF? What kind of warped logic it is? I've always tried to stay in the now-enemy's as long as it is possible, but in fact the faster I'll leave it the more BPs I'll have and the more time I'll have to take the better position to defend. Wasn't paying attention to it until not long ago there was moment where I was defending and was a little short on BPs to call in airstrike and when I was staying alive enough for retreat-timer to end and then I leave the area expecting to now be rich. Yeah... Mb it should be vice-versa? The longer u r in the now-enemy's zone the less extra-time they'll have and the more rewardBPs u'll get for that? I'm generally confused. Upd. Damn, wrong subforum. @Rozmo, sorry for bothering, mb move this theme to General Discussion?
  5. Can someone from dev say what was the idea behind adding of this feature? Because me, personally, don't see any particular reason in it, with 1 BUT. Why I don't see the reason: We, those who are playing WW3 for quite a significant time, already have preferable attachments/scopes. And changing for example scopes affect our efficiency as changing the mouse movement is needed to compensate recoil. Muscle memory etc. So, we have limited set of attachments that allows us to be most efficient. And thus ppl who might have need in changing attachments on the fly are only the newcomers. And here comes aforementioned BUT. This "but" is the shooting range that was supposed to play this role, where u would be able to test and adjust ur loadouts. And with them being satisfying enough u'll enter battlefield. The ONE and ONLY reason to have this kind of feature I see is: ability to change ur loadouts during the match was added to replace shooting range that one way or another can not be implemented. Otherwise they are doubling each other. OR. This shooting range should be rly good, interactige and provide some complex features, that will make it standing out in comparison with feature we are discussing now.
  6. I will not write here much. Just this two pics as example and one question: why not?
  7. QoL suggestion. IIRC previously there was SL's icon on the spawnscreen and there was no need for u to search for ur SL on the map to choose him as SpawnPoint. U simply were choosing his icon that was to the right from the CP's icons and then u were able to spawn on him. Now it is much harder and not because u need to find ur SL's icon. Problem is that when ur SL or MSP are in the CP area their icon often are overlapping with CP's icon that has priority and it's often impossible to choose them. I'm not even talking about spawning. Roughly it looks like this. MSP on the C2 CP Berlin. Pretty much usual situation. So, the idea is to improve QoL by adding(returning) SL and MSP icons to the spawnscreen where u will be able to choose them as spawnpoints without need to search for them on the map. Something like this. Where the icons will be pale when u r unable to spawn on them(dead/destroyed) and bright when they are ready.
  8. Another minor but rly annoying bug. For a long time already. The problem is: when u enter the server and try to spawn for the FIRST time IF u will choose ur SquadLeader as spawnpoint - u will not be able to spawn on him. Instead u will spawn on some another CP, that can be on the other side of the map. It looks like this. As u can see on the gif above, when I choose SL as spawnpoint, previous choice of the C1 CP as spawnpoint is NOT cancelled. And u see that it has priority as the game does not count SL as spawnpoint in ur FIRST attempt to spawn after connecting to server. On the gif below we see that when enemies enter A1 CP Deploy button is now Inactive and u need to choose another CP to be able to spawn. All this time SL was chosen as SpawnPoint. Didn't test it thoroughly, but I have an impression that this problem exists with old maps as there, when u connect to server, u have already chosen random spawnpoint. On new maps there are no pre-chosen spawnpoints and this problem doesn't exist. BUT! Even on new maps if for the very first spawn u'll choose CP and then change it to SL, u'll spawn on CP, not on SL as this bug will be enabled. Not sure, but death and respawning of ur SL is fixing the bug, but it's kinda... wrong to wait for ur SL to die. And few more bug about spawning on SL. OFTEN game does not see SL as spawnpoint when he is sitting in the vehicle. And his name is Squadlist is pale as if he is dead. Second frequent bug is that ur SL mark on the spawnscreen map looks like blurred dot. And u can't spawn either.
  9. On the screenshot soldier is doing it in the base zone. So, I presume, it will be limited to these areas.
  10. I kinda don't like burst-fire mode in WW3 as with single-fire I'm more effective and it's little annoying to tap 1 time more because u need to switch to full-auto. There was a period of time when I was using SCAR-H as weapon for all types of firefights because of its simple single - auto choice of fire modes. At first I was going to ask about reworking burst fire of AK-15 that has 2-shots bursts IRL. But then I decided to check other rifles. G36, for example, doesn't have burst fire mode. And so on. Devs, plz, make in that aspect game closer to reality. UPD. Decided to add list of ARs with their fire modes to make it more clear. AK-15: single, 2-shots bursts, auto. G36: single, auto. HK 416: single, auto. M4: single, 3-shots bursts. M4A1: single, auto. Dunno, mb split current M4 into 2 visually identical ARs with different fire modes? One for close range, one BR-like? Beryl 7.62: single, 3-shots bursts, auto. Correct me if I'm wrong. MSBS(both): single, auto. Though on MSBS-B current 3-shots bursts are not bad. AK Alpha: single, auto. And then it can be copy of AK-15 recoil- etc. -wise, but without bursts fire mode. I still hope it will be buffed somehow. Vepr 18: single, auto? Dunno, what was taken as the original... SA80: single, auto. Though I must say that for SA80 burst fire is rather good.
  11. Syringe(first aid kit) has minor but rly annoying bug. Since forever. Don't know will new animation fix this, but I must report it. The problem is that when there is animation of injection going on u CAN NOT crouch or go prone. And nothing can help u. And when somebody is shooting at u - u can't do anything. All u have to do is... jump. Yes, u can jump while injecting urself and animation is not even interrupted. Don't know how it can coexist but it's like this. Devs, fix this plz, I want to lie down and hide behind the cover, not to reinvent bunnyhopping.
  12. About Warsaw. On both Warsaw and Berlin these flickering starts to happen after I've played few matches on different maps and my game is now using not 6,5GB of RAM, but more than 11,5-12 GB. And then with Textures set to Medium some textures, shadows, few objects that are generated by Effects start to flicker or change their size. First 1-2 matches have no such problems. For Warsaw setting Effects Low and than back to what u want is removing the flickering for few minutes but then it appears again. And there is 1 thing that doesn't depend on any settings except the Textures. I call them "sprites" as if in CS1.6 when we were painting walls. These sprites flicker no matter are all the settings except Textures all-Low or all-Ultra. And ONLY when Textures are Medium they flicker as if the game can't decide, what quality to choose. This is how it looks like. Not that it's bugging me, just interesting, what can cause this. For Warsaw it's this "sprite". For Berlin there are "explosion" sprites on the walls around the breaches. For now, I'll run Textures on Low checking from time to time will something change with the time flow or not.
  13. Decided not to start a new theme as it is the same area of the map and the same objects. The same glasses that have no-collision for projectiles do not block blinding effect of the flashbangs. And adding to that these columns that are staying near. Both no-collision and not blocking blinding effect for them. And the glass wall near the A stations on BRE. This is how it looks like.
  14. Just to be sure. Actual for Berlin WZ and BRE maps too.
  15. I have an idea why! Sucks to be NA in the days of WW3. Words on pic: Strait named after Stalin. That's why we are fighting in Europe and later there will be Asian maps.
  16. So, a little update. Was running for a long time with Textures low and not long changed them to Medium with that flickering reappearing. Changing Effects in Video Settings helps for a short amount of time, so I've tried to find what rly causes this flickering for me. Answer is: Textures and Screen Space Reflections. Reflection's settings do not rly matter, they should be just Enabled. And then u need to set Textures to Medium and flickering is starting almost immediately. All other Settings be it all-Low or all-Ultra do NOT matter. It was on Berlin. Later I'll try it on Warsaw. Is it only for me?
  17. I tried it with SCAR-H and AK-15 when simply holding LMB without trying to compensate recoil and shooting full-auto. No difference. And amount of kicks/changing the barrel's movement directions was the same for both loadouts. For my biased view with compensator that is reducing both horizontal and vertical recoil line of hitmarks was more "straight".
  18. Spread is showing bullet dispersion when hipfiring, right? SO, anyone who is using something like DMG-Nine milli compensator or is choosing grips because of "spread reduce" line in their properties... do not do this. It's useless. Spread multiplier is not working in current version of WW3. This is how look like 4 25 rounds bursts from DMG. Left is for max spread reduction loadout. Right is only M417 compensator to make vertical recoil comparable. U see difference? I don't. So, basically few attachments such as RGL bipod that has worse stats than others, but should compensate it by being more effective in reducing spread, are now undoubtedly losing the comparison. And Sig and DMG compensators the reduce only spread are utterly useless. So, if u will choose the grip, exclude "spread" line from ur calculations. And the answer from devs team will be deeply appreciated: IIRC after movement/animation patch there will be(?) attachments stats rebalancing. So, will be by then Spread working or not? Or should we forget about it? And HK 416 and SA80 will be the best ARs for hipfiring without any "buts" and "what if"? Because somebody from devs team said(mb it was even Ragir) that weapons are a little too accurate when hipfiring and that devs were going to do something with it. It means increasing spread, but spread modifiers on attachments should be working then. Or not? Has anybody any info about that?
  19. Add this tree to report too. View Distance Low. Right is disappearing, Left - not.
  20. After running some time with Low View Distance I think i'll report problems with drawing of the objects that do not depend on Video Settings. Or I'll be spamming themes non-stop. On some distance front side of the building on Berlin TDM is changing from 2D to 3D. Don't know how to put it clear. Looks like this.
  21. v.84855. When crouching u can go through the Leo hull. From behind without any problems. From the sides u need previously to destroy the chassis armor. And then u can either stay where the main turret is or go though the tank. Can't do it with T-72, didn't test with Abrams.
  22. v.84855 U have no CD for reloading and ammoswitching for 25mm RCWS cannon. Vehicle doesn't matter.
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