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  1. It looks open to all pre-release customers. Finally! I assume there will be an update through Steam for the "veterans" to access? Maybe through PTE?
  2. Anybody have any info on how to get in on this Alpha test? Veteran Alpha Test
  3. I feel maybe too much fog of war is being removed although the map looks fantastic.
  4. I know we currently can't play EU servers in NA. However, can these non - EU servers stuck on "Match Ending" be reset so we can have these maps back for non-EU players?
  5. You can't buy it yet. It was released as early access in Steam but was removed. Plan is to release version 1.0 this year so just keep a lookout. The game is fantastic, especially if you have a lot of players. The 1.0 release is expected to bring in a lot of players so looking forward to it.
  6. They should release a beta version to the existing Steam customers first IMO so we can take it though the paces and squash any remaining bugs before 1.0 release. Waiting for winter may lose the momentum brought on by the recent development update video.
  7. Ok then. I hope the re-release is imminent. The fact that servers aren't working now might turn some folks off who were reconsidering this game.
  8. Please restart them even if it is good for a few days. Lots of people are trying to play but the servers are too unstable.
  9. For me, I don't like kill cams at all. It takes away too much of the fog of war and becomes too COD-ish. We currently have hit direction which is a perfect compromise IMO.
  10. I play with hitmarkers off just for realism. I know it's a disadvantage for me but.......
  11. Early access is no longer available for purchase and download.
  12. I don't read it that way. The fact that they don't deny F2P indicates to me it is F2P. They just haven't revealed what F2P model will be used.
  13. Some K-Pop BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO - YouTube
  14. I'm just worried if there will not be enough sales of "cosmetic upgrades" for F51 and My.games to continue supporting the game. Hopefully I'm wrong. I do agree that it would be risky to charge for maps for new players.
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