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  1. First, thanks to F51 and My.Games for continuing the developement of this game. I wish you great success with it. The updated maps are awesome and some of the customizations I've used on the guns are top notch. The firefights feel much closer to real than the previous version of the game. The reason I'm writing this is because I miss some of the great features of the original version of WW3. For example, with the introduction of "faster running", the game now feels like COD which is a game I don't think WW3 originally wanted to mimic. It is way too fast paced for it to be considered "Tactical" or even "playable realism". Second, the healing process from health packs is way too fast. In the old version, it was stressful while reloading health because it made you vulnerable and healing time depended on your health level. Now with the healthpack, you heal in 2 seconds regardless of your health level. This really takes away from the stress and suspense of war. Lastly, as a fan of WW3 from the very beginning, I was hoping against the introduction of the killcam. A tactical shooter should have some fog of war but with a killcam, the fog of war is completely gone and again makes this game closer to COD. Update (and here are my suggestions) - Make the faster running ability and killcam a pack (like a health or ammo pack) so they are considered special abilities.
  2. For me, I don't like kill cams at all. It takes away too much of the fog of war and becomes too COD-ish. We currently have hit direction which is a perfect compromise IMO.
  3. I play with hitmarkers off just for realism. I know it's a disadvantage for me but.......
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