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  1. The servers seem to be open now. Now you've just got to find players to fill them.
  2. Ttk has a huge effect on players who have no choice but to play with a higher ping. Personally for me, being forced to play on AS servers with at least 200 ping the game went from being great with 0.3, to being not worth persevering with after the lowered ttk. On the majority of occasions i will be killed by players from around a corner, or players that I know I could have beaten if our pings were anywhere close to equal.
  3. All the OC servers are still locked. Probably not going to play until this issue is looked at. With the lower TTK since 0.4 playing on at least 200 ping AS servers just isn't enjoyable.
  4. Still an issue as of the 0.4.3 stability patch. Not trying to be annoying, just making sure you are aware.
  5. Let me guess? U r from: North America or Australia. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Stop it, you're killing me. I could count on one hand the amount of OC matches that I've played in, and I've stuck with this game a lot longer than most OC players. Currently, and since the introduction of the server browser OC servers have been completely inaccessible. The one feature that everyone in the OC discord was hoping would make this game more viable in our region ended up excluding them from it. The only reason this isn't more of an issue is because the majority (I'm being nice, but it is literally everyone) of the OC player base has already given up on this game.
  6. I thought the point of the server browser was so you could play on any server? Are the regions going to be separate going forwards or are there plans to merge them all?
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): It's not possible to start or join an OC region match on the server browser. All the OC servers are constantly locked. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3553342 * Also why do I only have the option to join AS or OC servers, why can't I see EU and NA as well?
  8. I checked, and from what i can tell the crashing is caused only by the Light Cannon. I was able to use every other turret without causing issues.
  9. i'm keen. i'm on the other side of the world, but i wasn't planning on sleeping anyway.
  10. That is a false equivalency, the games you are alluding to are popular mostly because of huge marketing efforts, and a lack of competition. Why wouldn't you want this game to be unique in it's own right, instead of a clone of the mediocre crap pumped out to satisfy the lowest common denominator?
  11. I had the same thing happen, didn't realise it was me who caused it. Edit: The same bug also happens with the UGV Battle Robot equipped with the Light Cannon. I don't have a recording, but this is the UGV loadout that caused it: Turret: Light Cannon RCWS, Primary ammo: High explosive dual purpose, Sec ammo: Fragmentation Equipment: Radar
  12. It is currently impossible to use the quick join function to join the lower ping options on the same regions servers, despite attempting to join multiple times. The picture attached is merely an example (note the server below the one highlighted, this was the sole server I could spawn in despite the highlighted server having lower ping and higher player count). Consistently the quick join option will spawn you in a barely populated server instead of a higher populated pre-existing one, regardless of ping. game version : 3511736
  13. Since the most recent update I have noticed that hit registration has gone downhill. Down a very big hill. I can unload on someone at close range and not see any hit markers at all. Most noticeably with the mg5, I can sometimes put 10 - 15 rounds into an enemy without any hit markers appearing. I am almost always forced to play on asian servers (with 200+ ping) due to them being the only servers populated at my play times so I am not sure if that is part of the problem, however this wasn't a noticeable issue before the 3.4 update. I have also experienced a high amount of rubber-banding since the 3.4 patch, usually I am dragged back to where i was 0.5 to 1 seconds ago, and it occurs approximately every 30 seconds. Like I said I'm not sure if this is due to the servers handling high ping differently, but since the last update the game has definitely become much less enjoyable to play. Game build: 3511736
  14. Hit markers are really a godsend if you happen to be playing with a higher ping. With latency the animations aren't always consistent enough to let you know whether or not you've killed an enemy or just wounded them. Imagine sniping a prone enemy at a long distance and not being able to tell if they are dead or still taking aim at you. Maybe if the kill notification that shows at the bottom of screen was less cluttered it wouldn't be such an issue. I like the idea of audio hit markers, maybe a separate one for head shots as well would be good. In regards to the Hud, maybe having 2 or 3 different options would be best. It is pretty subjective, I definitely prefer to have as much as possible towards the periphery of the screen.
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