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  1. Opinion noted, but not agreed with as I highly doubt there is anyone who is a full time PTE player. Prior to 0.6 going live, 0.6 PTE was a far more enjoyable gaming experience than 0.5 Live was, and because Players want the best experience possible the PTE got pretty busy. 0.7 PTE -could- be a busy place, it -could- also become a highly bug infested place that even the most dedicated of PTE Players will have a hard time stomaching for long. Could be technical reasons why they didn't take that path, could be very mundane reasons why they didn't take that path, could be very lazy reasons why they didn't take that path. Don't know, don't personally care, will adapt to whichever path they take, and go from there. Cheers
  2. I support this entirely. Not even a day into this new update and I've promised twice not to use my Heli Drone on the opposing team.
  3. Still don't consider it spamming. But, to each their own.
  4. Wouldn't call it spamming personally, but meh whatever. However, it's not impudence that makes me fly that low to the ground to get my kills. There are moments where I shoot at the targets on the ground, see the splash of the rocket land extremely close to the target, and some how it doesn't register so much as a minor hit notification even when I'm using HE rounds on the ZUNI pod. So, I ultimately fly in close to unfuck myself even though it puts the Heli Drone in great amounts of danger of being taken out. But, I usually only get this bold in select situations such as that, when targets are using a lot of cover, because I'm taking fire from a flank for being so high up, and etc. In the end though I do know what my Heli Drone Loadouts are strong at doing, what they're weak at doing, my own limitations, and generally what the Heli Drone's limitations are.
  5. This was the fault of the Server Providers, not the Devs. The Devs were actually on the matter very quickly and Ragir had reported that it was a major blowout. The server providers need to take care of this, the Devs can only wait for the most part. Might want to lower your metaphorical guns.
  6. I leave that first half to the Developers to make that call. I merely point out how the weapon is different from what we currently have and that is all. As for the AS VAL & MP7, I did put the MP7 in the honorable mentions, and can see it being added to the game at some point since Germany is already in without some form of SMG native to their country. With the Val obviously it's not an SMG, but regardless if we get the AS Val or VSS Vintorez, we would pretty much have both guns at once since the two guns share 70% of the same traits, and really it's largely only surface differences between them.
  7. Are we talking about something besides that 5.56 LMG? Because if so, I'm going to start eyeing my posts, and start pondering which ones it could very well be lol.
  8. Yes - But, only if it won't majorly effect the performance and there are no major issues needing to be handled first.
  9. I have no expectations of promises, merely reading the post (even if just a brief skim over the core bits of it) is all I would ever ask. As I have said before; I merely give the suggestions, what the Developers do with those suggestions is entirely up to them. So, worry not, I'm under no illusions that some how my suggestion is going to magically come true just because I made it and it be done in the exact fashion I suggested. Thank you for reading them and I cannot wait to see what comes in time.
  10. Hey Folks Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks and I needed a small break from WW3 in order to keep from getting burned out before 0.6 launched. But, I couldn't stay away for long and been getting in a few games here & there while taking care of other matters. But, That is enough about that though, it's time to do a mini-suggestion post series where I will cover Hand Grenades & Gadgets this time around. I was going to cover both of these in a single large post, but there was just enough Hand Grenades that I found through searching & researching to justify giving the Hand Grenades their own dedicated post. The Gadgets post should come in two or more days depending on what I find and if I think what I found can be realistically added to the game in a viable, functional manner instead of just "for cool sake" factor. It will also serve as a springboard post for my next major suggestion post series where I will be suggesting New Strikes & Strike Categories for the game, and maybe even making suggestions for improving/modifying current strikes if any my newer Strike Suggestions fit within their current frame. But that is enough about that, you came for Grenades, and Grenades there shall be! But, just like my gun series post, before we can talk about what could be added to the game. We must first see what is currently in the game or on the PTE server at least. Current Grenades we have in-Game Smoke Grenade - Provides a Smoke Cover for 20 Seconds Activation Time: 5 Seconds Duration: 20 Seconds Quantity: 3 Semtex Grenade - Sticks to a target, explodes after 5 seconds Activation Time: 5 Seconds Quantity: 2 Frag Grenade - Regular fragmentation Grenade, 5 second fuse. Activation Time: 5 Seconds Quantity: 2 Concussion Grenade - Also known as flashbang. Blinds the enemy Activation Time: 5 Seconds Quantity: 3 Thermite Grenade - PTE - No description on the PTE, but it's basically a Damage over Time Anti-Vehicle Grenade. Activation Time: 5 Seconds Duration: 15-20 Seconds (unconfirmed) Quantity: 2 Phosphorus Grenade - PTE - No description on the PTE, but it's basically a Damage over Time Anti-Infantry Grenade used for medium area denial. Activation Time: 5 Seconds Duration: 10-15 Seconds (unconfirmed) Quantity: 2 Impact Grenade - PTE - It's description on the PTE is currently misleading a bit, the Grenade blows up upon impacting it's target area. Activation Time: 5 Seconds Quantity: 2 Alright and with that text wall out of the way, we get to the real fun part of the post with the suggestions for hand grenade additions to the game. Grenades that could enhance WW3 #1. 9-Bang Distraction Grenade - The 9-Bang Distraction Grenade is a double hitter for what is generally a Flashbang grenade. While it can blind or Disorient targets, it can also generate enough noise to distract targets as well as it earns it's name 9-Bang from the fact that it makes 9 bangs before finishing up. The grenade is entirely non-lethal as it doesn't release any harmful projectiles. - Video demonstration of the 9-Bang Distraction Grenade Stat suggestions Activation Time: 5 Seconds Duration: 9 Seconds Effects: Generates large amounts of noise and is able to disorient or even blind targets that are close enough to the device when it goes off. Quantity: 2 Disorienting/Blinding Effect Radius: 5m - If added to the game, the 9-Bang Distraction Grenade would be ideal for Players that want to distract enemy Players by generating a lot of sound in the air, possibly causing the opposing players in the area to look away from their original target only to be distracted by the sounds & flashing of the 9-Bang, possibly disoriented or blinded if they're within close enough proximity of it. It's blinding effect however, should require the player to get hit by 2 or 3 flashes to be fully blinded in order to keep the 9-Bang from overshadowing it's Concussion Grenade cousin. But, while the 9-Bang can double up as a lesser concussion grenade, it's main service should be that of a noise distraction grenade that is able to greatly reduce, if not entirely muffle the sound of non-suppressed gun fire in the air around the enemy. But, what if the Player actually wanted something lethal, but wanted something that made a really big explosion radius at the cost of a bit of prep time?... #2. SOHG (Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade) - The Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade was design in 2010 by the Norwegian/Finnish Company Nammo, Every SOHG can be used as either an individual hand Grenade, or screwed together to a maximum of three grenades to create not only a larger blast radius, but ultimately a larger, more deadly explosion overall. While unconfirmed, one stack of these Hand Grenades was apparently able to bring down a one room adobe style structure once the grenades went off. - Still trying to find a video demonstration. Stat suggestions Activation Time: 5 Seconds Arming Prep time: 3 Seconds Stacking & Arming Prep time for 2 Grenades: 6 Seconds Stacking & Arming Prep time for 3 Grenades: 9 Seconds Effects: Able to generate a larger blast radius for each SOHG that is stacked together. However this comes at the cost of reduced throw distance and the Grenade even while stacked has the ability to roll farther than that of the Frag Grenade. Quantity: 3 - If added to the game, the SOHG will admittedly be a bit of a strange grenade for players to use in game. Unlike other grenades, the SOHG should be pulled out like a Gadget when hitting the Grenade key, and from there the Player should have two choices. Left click to go through an arming animation where the soldier will spend 3 seconds adding the trigger mechanism for the grenade to be thrown individually, or right clicking to begin adding their second grenade, maybe even adding the third grenade to the first grenade in the process for a max of 9 seconds of prep time. After being prepped, the Player can then left click to begin the activation timer of the grenade to either hold it to cook it, or toss it/roll it across the ground. A single SOHG should have a blast radius slightly larger than the Impact Grenade, two SOHG should have a blast radius slightly larger than a regular Frag Grenade, and the max of three SOHGs should have a blast radius that could clear out a small to mid-size room of everyone inside. This would make the SOHG ideal for Players that are willing to take higher risks with their grenades in order to possibly get a very large reward. But, maybe that is just too much risk, too much nonsense for a Player to go through. Maybe they just want something that works like a Frag Grenade, but can kill targets that think they're safe behind cover?... #3. AB HGr - The AB HGr is a Swedish Hand Grenade that brings the portability of a Frag Grenade, combines it with inspiration from the Bouncing Betty, and adds an Air Burst style explosion once the Grenade is launched into the air. Stat suggestions - Video Demonstration of the AB HGr Activation Time: 6 Seconds Effects: First the Grenade bursts to launch itself into the air and then it explodes showering deadly Fragmentation on anyone within it's immediate air burst range. Effect Radius: 5m Quantity: 2 - If added to the game, the AB HGr would be ideal for Players that want a more flexible Hand Grenade that can be used to both fool targets into staying in cover only to be killed by the Grenade when it bursts in the air, or killing multiple enemies that are on slightly different structural elevations. However, to differ the AB HGr from the current Frag Grenade a little more, I would increase the blast radius on the Frag Grenade slightly and maybe give it 1 more Grenade to be thrown in the process, or at least make the AB HGr's max kill radius smaller than the Frag Grenade. But that brings this short post to an end. I'm sure there are more newer-ish grenades out in the world than just these three and maybe I will stumble across one that justifies updating this post with a 4th grenade that could possibly enhance WW3. But, for now I think a Noise Generating Grenade, a massive Explosion Grenade, and a Air Burst Grenade would be some pretty cool additions to the game, or at least the Noise Grenade & Air Burst Grenade since the SOHG has a lot more demand involved in it than the other two lol. No honorable mentions this time though folks, I will leave it up to the community to provide some suggestions, and if those suggestions are different enough from what we currently have in the game I will add them to the list with proper credit given to those who suggested them. If you didn't read any of my "Guns that could enhance WW3" Posts and would like to the links to them, they will be provided at the bottom of this page. As for the hint I usually do with these posts...well. Here it is and I highly doubt anyone will be surprised by this because not only does it go good with the Mini UGV & Drone, it's rather the cute little T-UGer. Links to my other Individual Suggestion Posts & Suggestion Series posts Guns that could enhance WW3 series 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Assault Rifles 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Precision Sniper Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Special Weapons 5 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Submachine Guns 8 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Battle Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Shotguns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Machine Guns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Pistols Individual entries to be posted later, I want to look over them to see if maybe I want to change them, or have a better idea, and etc before adding it to both this link section and future ones to come.
  11. Sure sign me up, what is another run into the Slaughter House of the Butcher King known as War?
  12. Alright I'm game for some "banging Head against the Wall" gameplay. I have no plans today, but my plans could get changed on me at the last moment because life is life.
  13. I call in my Heli - UCAS-D hits it, causes it to go out of bounds. No issue overall, I just shrug & move on. I call in my Heli - UCAS-D hits it, enemy unloads on it when it's disabled. No issue overall, I just shrug & move on. I call in my Heli - UCAS-D hits it, the thing doesn't go out of bounds, enemy doesn't destroy it, and yet I cannot use it even after the UCAS-D is done jamming. I get properly salty in my head and am forced to take it out on the enemy team with every gun I got.
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Smolensk Floor Glitch/Exploit at C1 While it is not shown in the video as I had nobody to help me demonstrate this exploit, you're perfectly able to kill People that are in this above floor from this position, and most likely in the adjacent rooms if you aim properly. This took a little longer to reproduce as I couldn't remember exactly how to do it at first. But, you will see that I discovered it. GAME BUILD ID: 3743632 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Just move the BTR (or probably any Vehicle with a Turret) into position at the door below the floor in the video, and just let rip from there.
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