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  1. If it gets too out of hand, the Developers can always make changes, if not outright remove it if they feel it's changing the game enough in a negative way. They could always bring back the old stamina idea as a way to counter-balance it as well if that might improve things. Again though; we'll ultimately have to wait and see what happens with it.
  2. We'll ultimately have to wait and see what happens with it. Though I do suspect that there is going to be a lot more drop shotting going on if this is a very easy thing to pull off. Sliding for example, takes a bit of a charge up sort of speak. It isn't just sprint and slide immediately. If this thing is anything like sliding, it may not be all that bad, especially if the player cannot shoot in any shape or form during the Run-to-Prone transition.
  3. And now you see why I was raising such a stink over it. :P But, if this is how it works, then that is perfectly fine sounding on the surface. Still something I want to test out and see how much it can possibly be abused like being able to snake around corners quickly.
  4. I hope Dolphin Diving off any real considerable height short of jumping off a two step step-stool, will actually hurt the player to such a degree that Players reframe from using it short of a desperate action to survive. Even then, yeah, I hope there is a animation penalty to also stifle it. No ADSing during the dive, no hip firing during it, none of that Hollywank (Hollywood) garbage.
  5. So apparently Dolphin Diving is possibly a thing coming in the new update. Maybe @Polak is able to go into deeper details behind how it works if possible? Personally speaking, I'm not a fan of the concept of Dolphin Diving and if it looks anything like this....Oh man am I going to rage harder than I already am.
  6. Hey Folks With the big Developer Update reveal generating more interest in the game to come, I thought I would go out on a limb to make at least one more suggestion post before the update possibly goes live (mainly because I'm holding suggestions in reserve till the new update is dropped, that way I can adapt my suggestions to the new build.) This concept was inspired by a suggestion I saw a person make long ago, but it didn't have a dedicated topic covering the matter, it was more of a passing suggestion for another topic. So, I figured I would give it a dedicated topic even though I forget exactly how the person worded it. So, I took the basic concept and put my own slight spin on it. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I've made, click the link down below. Otherwise lets get started on Loadout Augments! ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The basic concept of Loadout Augments - Breaking down the basic concept of Loadout Augments. Section 2 - Optional Loadout Augment Choices & Balance - What options for Loadout Augments Players should have and how to possibly balance them. ---- Section 1 - The basic concept of Loadout Augments Long version - Now when it comes to the basic concept of the Loadout Augments, it really isn't anything overly complicated in a general sense. Lets say you're a player that doesn't use Pistols, you only take the G17 because it's the lightest Pistol, and while you could exchange it for something else you don't really want your build to get heavier than it is. So, you're pretty much stuck with taking the G17 or using some other lighter weight weapon you'll tolerate on the loadout. I'm sure for some it doesn't really feel good in a game that is all about making your own class rather than having a dedicated one like other games. So, how could this be changed and balanced? Well, this is where I think Loadout Augments can help improve things by giving players an optional means of foregoing the ability to take or have a secondary weapon in exchange for something that player may find more useful to them. Maybe they can choose a Loadout Augment that grants them Spare FMJ Magazines, a spare AP or HP Magazine, maybe an extra Grenade, maybe additional Medical Supplies that increases the charge usage on Medical Packs or increases the amount of Health regenerated per use of the First Aid Kit. Sure, some might say; Well, that sounds extremely overpowered. But, keep in mind these should be optional and the player in this situation is willing to completely forego the ability to carry or take a secondary weapon with them in exchange for that Loadout Augment. So if they get into a fight and need to reload their weapon, the person that chose to bring a Secondary Weapon with them instead of a Loadout Augment, is now in a stronger position to win because they had a backup weapon that they chose to bring with them instead of taking one of the Loadout Augments. To sum it up in a easy package in the event I lost someone in all that. Short version - The Player can choose to take a Loadout Augment in the place of a Secondary Weapon that provides them some other resource of value to them in exchange for losing the ability to equip or pickup a Secondary Weapon. This resource could be spare FMJ Magazines, a spare HP or AP Magazine, an extra Grenade, or whatever other options the Developers wish to offer. So, if these Loadout Augments were to be added, how could they be balanced in this game where taking a Secondary Weapon of some sort is currently mandatory? ---- Section 2 - Optional Loadout Augment Choices & Balance Now that we know what a Loadout Augment is, what kind of Loadout Augments should Players have access to, and more importantly how do we Balance them? Well, here are some general example ideas I think would work, but I ultimately will leave the final verdict to the Developers as they actually have to balance these things in the end. Again; these are just general example ideas. They can be made entirely different from what I am suggesting. Empty Kit Benefits Weightless Loadout Augment (IE: Adds no weight to the Loadout) Drawbacks No extra Resources No ability to carry or grab a Secondary Weapon (excluding Underslung Weapons.) - Breaking it down to basics, this is just another way of saying; I don't want to take anything extra, I just want to drop the weight, period. Keeping the slot empty in short. - Spare FMJ Magazines Benefits Assault Rifles: Adds 2- 3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Magazine. Battle Rifles: Adds 2- 3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Magazine. Shotguns: Adds 2- 3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Magazine. Submachine Guns: Adds 2- 3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Magazine. Pistols: Adds 2- 3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Magazine. Precision Sniper Rifles: Adds 1-3 Full Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on your Weapon. Light Machine Guns: Adds 1 Full Magazine for 200 round Magazines & 2 Full Magazine for 100 round Magazines Drawbacks Adds extra weight to your loadout depending on your Weapon Caliber & Magazine size. No ability to carry or grab a Secondary Weapon (excluding Underslung Weapons.) - Basic idea in a nut shell is that you want to take at least 1-3 full Magazines with you for...whatever Weapon you have equipped rather than the Pistol or some other alternative Weapon. It wouldn't be as light as the Empty Kit or the following Spare Spec - Spare Special Magazine Benefits Assault Rifles: Adds 1 Full Magazines of AP or HP rounds to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Battle Rifles: Adds 1 Full Magazines of AP or HP rounds to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Submachine Guns: Adds 1 Full Magazines of AP or HP rounds to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Pistols: Adds 1 Full Magazines of AP or HP rounds to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Precision Sniper Rifles: Adds 1 Full Magazines of AP or HP rounds to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Light Machine Guns: Adds 1 Full Magazine of AP or HP rounds for 200 round Magazines & 1 Full Magazine of AP or HP rounds for for 100 round Magazines to your Ammunition Pool depending on the Special Ammunition you selected. Drawbacks Adds extra weight to your loadout depending on your Weapon Caliber & Magazine size. No ability to carry or grab a Secondary Weapon (excluding Underslung Weapons.) - Compared to the Empty Kit & Spare FMJ Magazines, this would ideally be the balance point with you choosing to have at least 1 more magazine of special ammunition in exchange for carrying a moderate amount of weight. A little weight for a little extra ammo. - Grenadier Loadout Benefits Adds 2 additional 40mm Grenades to your M203 Grenade Launcher Drawbacks Adds extra weight to your loadout No ability to carry or grab a Secondary Weapon (excluding Underslung Weapons.) - Now I will admit I'm jumping the metaphorical gun on this one a bit as we don't know how many 40mm Grenades we will be able to carry at the start of the new update. But, I wanted to pitch this to show what I mean behind being able to augment your Loadout - Spare Grenade Benefits Adds 1 Extra Grenades to your inventory Drawbacks Adds extra weight to your loadout No ability to carry or grab a Secondary Weapon (excluding Underslung Weapons.) - At the cost of adding a little more weight to your loadout, you would gain 1 extra Grenade to your inventory regardless of which Grenade you pick. ---- And with all that out of the way, we can bring this post to an end. It's a rather small suggestion post in general concept, but large in the impact it could possibly provide. Some of this is probably not very well balanced, but trying to really, really balance them wasn't my focus goal (mainly because I don't know what all changes are exactly being made in the new update, so it's rather hard to balance for something I haven't been able to experience/test yet.) But never the less, I hope everyone at least likes the basic idea having the option to excluded a secondary weapon from their Loadout in exchange for something they much rather have. If we had to look at this from a Real World perspective, not every soldier is given a Sidearm or some form of secondary weapon. Their Rifle is usually the only weapon they have with only a select few individuals being given additional weapons or some alternative weapon. With Loadout Augments, I think we could capture that real world feel without losing WW3's level of customization options. Matter of fact, I'd say it actually enhances and deepens the customization options for players.
  7. Perfectly understandable concern, this is partially why I'm concerned if the game does go free to play (not that I don't have concerns if it goes to pay to play also. Both have perks & drawbacks.) WW3 is being mainly aimed at a Western Audience and that means there can be zero Pay 2 Win features and as few barriers to entry as possible. So their only real safe route is the paid cosmetics that have zero impact on gameplay such as decals, badges, banners, paint schemes, and anything else akin to all of that. Though one thing I would do is make standard Soldier uniforms free, but make special versions actually cost money. Want to make your Soldier look like they come from the United States Army or Russian Army? Unlock the items and have fun. Want your Soldier to look like they're part of Delta Force or Alpha Group? That is going to cost you some money.
  8. I would not risk it even if there was a 99.9% chance of success of Players buying into the maps. No paid Maps, no paid game modes, no paid anything that puts up a artificial barrier between the player community playing together short of general player interest. Better the player has no interest in a map or game mode and still have the option to play them, than a player having interest in a map or game mode and not being able to play them because they didn't shell out some more money.
  9. Personally, I'm not in support of Maps costing players money. Mainly because it divides up the community as only players who paid for those maps will be able to play on them. Thus if a large amount of the player base doesn't pay for the new maps, the maps will go to waste, Development resources would go to waste, and the money of those who actually did pay for them will go to waste.
  10. Alright Folks Chomp on the video and lets see what we can find. (The post is going to be in constant update for awhile as there is a lot of information in the video itself.) --Items of Interest in the Video-- Map Related Items Warzone Moscow Changes New Deployment Base Locations New Lighting New Capture Point Layout What was A1-A2 now seems to be purely just A2 with the entire area completely remodeled & layout changed. General Map Rework Lenin's Mausoleum or simply The Mausoleum, has been reworked with a large areas of the roof having collapsed inside The Parade Grounds seems to have had their layout completely changed with assets moved, new assets placed in places that were originally open for more cover, and much more. Smolensk Changes New Lighting New Model Assets added to the map A1 Point rework A2 Point moved B1 Point rework - Seems like it's been turned into a proper compound of sorts for the most part. Polyarny Changes New Lighting New Capture Point Layout New Model assets added to the map Some old soft cover Trucks have seemingly been replaced with Hard Shell Trucks Some of the destructible Cars at A2 are now destructible Vans that (seemingly) still provide a degree of cover Berlin Changes Warsaw Changes Team Deathmatch Moscow Changes New Lighting Now set at night time apparently. Berlin Changes New Lighting New Layout Warsaw Changes New Layout Weapon Related Items Weapons will now be unlocked by Rank (?) Weapon Blueprints Smoke Grenades that start to leave smoke behind while in flight will leave a smoke trail all the way down to the ground. Vehicle related Items Can now seemingly Deploy Vehicles at Objectives instead of just at the main Deployment Base AFVs (Assuming Tanks as well) now Automatically destroy small Transport Vehicles like the Quad Bike. Gameplay related Features WW3's metagame campaign seems to be coming back Backpack System for quick Weapon Customization Mounting Weapon Sights on other Weapon Sights UI related Items New Score Board New Squad selection UI that shows current Squad Score & Kill count for the Squad the Player is in New Death Skull Icon New Warzone alert for when sectors are divided between the teams. (E.G West Team owns B1 and East Team owns B2.) New Spotting Icon New Squad Leader Attack/Defend icon marker for Objective Points New Strike call-in touch pad New kill confirmation UI element Bolder Friendly Names for easier Identification Visible Friendly Health bars Vehicle Occupants Counter Kill Cam Ability to change some of your Character's uniform during a game Cleaner live gameplay Map Cosmetic & Loadout Customization related Items General Loadout Weapon & Vehicle configurations are making a return, making for easy out of game loadout changes. Vehicle Can now mix color patterns on Vehicles like you can on your Soldier & Weapons Soldier Our new African Soldier is apparently named John Loadout slots seems to have been expanded from 8 to 12 New Character Slots that you can customize and switch between outside of gameplay. New Bodypaint - This might be a replacement for arm paint New Armored looking clothing (?) New Korea Chest Rig 2 New Camo Patterns (Still trying to ID at this time.) New (American?) Helikon-Tex Gloves Character Slots and ability to change Character cosmetics during live gameplay (?) Sound related Items The M417 seems to have a new firing sound. -- --New Weapon Confirmations-- Assault Rifles --Japanese Type-89-- - No doubts here when it comes the Japanese Type-89 being included in the game..Well, not too many anyways. While the Weapon is the HOWA Type 89, the weapon selection picture actually looks more like the HOWA Type 20, a completely different weapon entirely. So, maybe a hint of another weapon that hasn't been seen yet or possible one for later down the road? A spot by @tynblpb was also noted that apparently the Type-89 is looking like a burst fire only gun. So, we will have to see what comes of that. --South Korean K2C1-- - While it is hard to tell if the gun on the left is indeed the K2C1. We can say for sure say that the South Korean standard Rifle is indeed in the game via the picture on the right. That said however, it is possible for the South Korean K1A Rifle to be converted down to a Submachine Gun while still using the same 5.56x45 NATO ammunition. So, lets just keep that in mind as a possibility with the left hand picture. I say this because the weapon does look a bit more compact than that of the K2C1. --Chinese QBZ-95(1)-- - While it is hard to say for sure at this angle, it seems to be the Chinese QBZ-95/QBZ-95-1 in the picture. So, we have our first Bullpup Rifle chambered in either 5.8x42mm DBP87/DBP10 most likely. Precision Sniper Rifles --American M200 Intervention-- - While this may be a bit hard to see at first glance through the whole video. I suspect this a confirmation that the M200 Intervention has been added to WW3. (Here is a video for those who may not know about the Weapon.) Special Weapons --Polish PPZR Piorun-- - The PPZR Piorun is a Man-portable air-defense system ( or MANPADS) of Poland, used to destroy enemy low-flying aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, it seems in WW3 it's possible to also use it as a direct attack launcher against ground targets as well. Light Machineguns --KAC LMG-- - The KAC LMG was shown off a long time ago prior to radio silence and it's going to be chambered in (to our previous knowledge) in 5.56x45mm NATO and if it's anything like it's real life variant (link) it should be a rather easy LMG to use for those who might have a problem handling recoil. Battle Rifles (None just yet) Shotguns (None just yet) Submachine Guns (None just yet) Pistols (None just yet) Underslung Weapons --The American SIX12 Shotgun-- - The SIX12 underslung Shotgun was the first underslung attachments we saw for WW3 a long time ago on the PTE. However, the weapon at that time was not working correctly and thus it was taken down for further development to avoid having it go to the live servers. That said though, we can confirm the Six12 Underslung is making a return in the new update. --The American M203 Grenade Launcher-- - Hard confirmation that the M203 Grenade launcher will be added in the new update. It's hot to say what all types of Ammunition this 40mm underslung will bring with it, but I imagine each one will generate some salt. Weapon Attachments (Sights) --Trijicon ACOG-- - While it's currently hard to tell the exact magnification of this optic, we can at least confirm the popularly request Trijicon ACOG sight will be added to the game. --NCSTAR GEN 3-- - NCSTAR GEN 3 confirmed, as for how much magnification it will have, that is a bit up in the air right now. I suspect though it's roughly 3-5x territory but no confirmation on that. --ECHO 1 (3x)-- - ECHO 1 confirmed, as for what all it will bring to the table aside from a 3x magnification and top rail mount for smaller optics. We shall have to wait and see. Maybe it will have a built in laser or flashlight on it if I had to take a wild shot in the dark guess as to that bulged out section on the bottom. --Unknown Thermal Holo Sight-- - Currently searching for what sight this is exactly. --Unknown Sight-- - Currently searching for what sight this is exactly. --T21M Off-set Sight-- - The T21M side mounted optic for those who want a Thermal sight, but don't want it as their primary sight. Weapon Attachments (Muzzles) --Carbon Suppressor-- - Currently no details on the difference between it and the other suppressors --Combo Suppressor-- - Currently no details on the difference between it and the other suppressors Weapon Cosmetics --Mak Stock (?)-- - While it is visually hard to tell at the moment, I did take this screenshot long ago prior to the Developers going radio silent. (Link) This could be an entirely different stock, this could be the same stock with a different name. We will just have to wait and see. --New custom Mag Wells (?)-- - It seems players will be able to addon to their Mag Wells for their M4s, M416, and other such similar AR Assault Rifles. But, only time can really tell. --New custom Mag Well & Magazine (?) for Beryl-- - The Beryl 762 is getting a new custom Mag well, perhaps other AK Assault Rifles will be getting the same thing. Only time can tell. As for the Magazine, it seems different compared to what we have seen before, but this might just be the angle the weapon is at making it seem new. Though it does look like a plastic magazine, so maybe another 30 round plastic magazine possibly for AK type weapons? --Shotgun Shell Saddle-- - Looks like a new Shotgun Shell Saddle has been added to the game, maybe our Soldier will be able to pull Shells from it to reload their Shotgun (unlikely, but it would be cool.) Grenades --Anti-Tank Grenades-- - The Anti-Tank Grenade's design seems to be inspired by the Serbian BRK AT-Grenade. (Link) --Poison Grenades-- - The so called "Poison Grenade" is more than likely the old Phosphor Grenade from the PTE servers long ago before the radio silence kicked in. While I'm not entirely sure why it is green when it was originally greyish-white. I suspect it does more with being able to ID it from the regular Smoke Grenade, even though in my opinion that was what made the old design a bit more appealing which was to fool enemies into think it was safe to enter the smoke. But, all the same, happy to see it making a return, green smoke aside. --Mini Frag Grenades (?)-- - It seems the old area denial Grenade is not the only old grenade to be making a return. While it's possible I could be wrong about this, it seems like we will be getting Mini Fragmentation Grenades as well. For those who may not know, these kind of Grenades are usually balanced to have a smaller explosive area, could be tossed further down range than normal Frag Grenades, and usually the Soldier has one to three of these to throw when it's equipped. What it would be like in WW3 though if this indeed confirmed, I have no clue. --New Vehicle Confirmations-- Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) --Chinese ZTZ-99-- - The Chinese ZTZ-99 or Type 99 main battle tank is confirmed to be in the new update. --Japanese Type-X (10)-- - The Japanese Type-X (10) main battle tank is confirmed to be in the new update. Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) --South Korean K21-- -The South Korean K21 AFV is a straight up hard confirmed addition the game in the new update. --American M3 Bradley Turret-- - While it is hard to say for sure if this is indeed going to be the arrival of the whole American M3 Bradley AFV, we can at least confirm the Vehicle's Turret is going to make an arrival (unless something change of course.) Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) --The Japanese Type-16-- - The Japanese Type-16 IFV is confirmed for the next update. Unmanned Vehicles --The American MQ-8 Fire Scout-- - While this was not in the video itself and was actually released in one of the more recent in-game vs. real life pictures the developers have been showing. The American MQ-8 Fire Scout is looking to finally emerge as one of the new Unmanned Vehicles in the game. The main difference between this Light Helicopter Drone vs. It's larger counterpart is that it's suppose to be limited to Machine Guns while costing less to field and is not as tanky apparently. At least this was what we were originally told and that was a long time ago so something could have changed by now. CUAS Drones --Orange Warhead on the Quadropcopter Drone-- - For those who don't know, both the Quadropcopter & Suicide Drone at one time allowed players to change the different Warheads on the front of the Drones. The different Warheads had different things they did...for example Red was best at Anti-Infantry efforts, Black was best at Anti-Vehicle efforts, and Orange (seen in the picture above) is good at both Anti-Infantry & Anti-Vehicle. Now, if it is like that in the new update remains to be seen. --KAC LMG on a Quadropcopter Drone-- - Much like the Light Helicopter Drone, this Quadrocopter Drone carrying a KAC LMG in 5.56x45mm NATO seems to be a new coming strike in the game. Also before anyone says "It's not a Quadrocopter", the thing has four arms moving it around the map just like the Quadrocopter does. So, till we got a name, it's the Quadrocopter feeling especially American for the time being! Transports (None just yet)
  11. I looked over all three items again and the Suppressor looks like the QD Silencer, the rail looks like the stock VEPR-18 rail. The Optic however, upon closer inspection actually might be new. When I compared it to our 8x magnified optic, the rear actually looks a bit longer, maybe a variable zoom of sorts?
  12. (*Reserve post*) Just in case if I need to expand the list to a new reply because of the MB cap on pictures.
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