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  1. Yup. While I would not want to outright punish a person for not being a team player, at least back before the Resupply Containers were added, those players could give a little back to their teammates that actually were team players. Now it's just basically; I need nobody and won't help anybody unless I'm going to directly benefit.
  2. I wouldn't go that far personally, but thank you! If it wasn't for the fact that I lack the primary skills and I don't live anywhere near Poland (I'm in the heartland of the United States). I would more than likely attempt to apply to work for them. But, all the same I'm happy you liked it.
  3. True we did pile up the packs to make it look like a sleep over was about to happen on the objective point lol. Unfortunately however, I personally think we have a better chance of altering how the Resupply Containers are rather than outright removing them full stop. At first I thought it would just be something for the Free Weekend (give the new players a little help sort of speak.) But, we see how that went.
  4. As much as that wouldn't bother me personally, I think that is going too far off the trail of altering how the current Resupply Container works, and really just removing it all together. However, I do have my next post coming up and I think we can fit that concept into it.
  5. The reason I personally didn't select the Flare for the Supply Drop is because I think in this situation, players would rather have control instead of reach over where the Supply Container would land. Because if they used the Flare and the thing happen to land on top of a building, vehicle, or whatever kind of prop they can't get on, to get to their supplies, it would cause them to properly rage really hard. Also it's a counter-troll effort to prevent Players from calling the Supplies in on locations where it will intentionally be out of the reach of People and max out the cap per team.
  6. Made an adjustment for 15 uses per-bag in the Supply Container, that way it would be easier than trying to guess every possible loadout a player would have. Still think 1000 is too cheap and 1500 is better? If so, what I will do is edit that part of the post with BP cost: 1000 - 1500 with the credit suggestion going to you for the 1500 mark.
  7. Ack I knew I forgot something heading to sleep! I was like "Dude, suggest a map marker as well so People can find it" 5 times in my head, but totally derped at the end as I was getting ready to head to sleep. Neo to the rescue As for how much would it take to actually resupply 5 players, that number various greatly. So, I will modify the post for uses per-bag rather than fully resupplying a completely spent player.
  8. Hey Folks. With the arrival of this new suggestion system, I actually lost my work on what was going to be my Strikes that could enhance WW3 - Support Strikes post, and after finding out that this new suggestion system was going to increase the value of up votes. I've decided to change how I would go about posting my suggestion series I've been doing for awhile now, this way it will be easier for the community to vote on every individual suggestion I put out for People to read instead of just having a massive list to where they may only like a select few things. Two quick things Before I get to the meat & potatoes of this post- #1. Links to my older suggestion posts prior to the updated Suggestion System will be provided at the bottom of this post, I will be doing updated versions of them in time for my own peace of mind and of course to allow the community to vote on each individual aspect of them, and #2. I'd like to take a moment to give credit to @NeoOrNeon who I got talking with in my Strikes that could enhance WW3 - Scanner Drones before I was ready to start on working on this part of the Strikes that could enhance WW3 Series. Neo gave me the general concept for the strike you will read about down below, I just added the extra bells & whistles to it along with using my general suggestion structure. But that enough chatter for now, lets get this show going... Content of this post will be- Section 1 - New Strike Category - A brand new Strike Category I'm calling Support, or Support Strikes to be the most technical. Section 2 - Feature Alteration - A change to the current Resupply Containers in game. Section 3 - New Strike - A new Strike for the game I'm calling Supply Drop. ---- Section 1 - Support Strikes So, what exactly are Support Strikes and why do I think they should be added? Well, lets start with the former before we talk about the latter. Support Strikes (as I personally think they should be) are Strikes designed around the concept of supporting a Player's Squad or Team with either on map support, or off-map support, rather than being primarily designed around killing enemy players. Now this of course comes back to the question of; why should they be added? There are two primary reasons why I think they should, the main of which is that there are very few strikes designed entirely around the concept of providing support to a Squad or Team with non-combat focused support. Yes we have Scanning & Jammer Drones that currently provide these roles. But, I think more can be added to expand the pool of squad/team assistant based strikes in Warzone and whatever future game modes that may come. A secondary reason for this Support Strike category is also to serve as a miscellaneous category for any future Strikes that may not fit into any one category, this way the Developers do not need to create a lot of different categories for just 1 to 2 Strikes alone unless more Strikes of the same type are in planning in the future. This will also help keep the natural clutter of having a lot of different options relatively small. With that out of the way, it's time to move on to the Feature Alteration I'm suggesting on top of the brand new Supply Drop as the two are connected to each other. ---- Section 2 - Alteration to Resupply Containers Resupply Container at C2 of Berlin With the introduction of the Resupply Containers in the Warzone game mode, the frustration caused by Players that refused to aid members of their team by providing Medical, Ammo, or Equipment Bags was alleviated, and Players were given easier access to the resupply that they needed/desired. However, this has made supplies far too abundant, especially since it doesn't take very long for the Resupply Containers to restock even after all or one of the bags has been used up. RPG spam is arguably worse now than it was back before Resupply Containers were added. Gadgets such as C4, Claymores, & Anti-Tank Mines are being used much more frequently now, running out of ammunition during a prolonged battle have become far less concerning which has resulted in players being even more liberal with their limited ammunition, and in turn this has caused the value of working as a team to decrease a bit while also rewarding those same players that refused to aid their team. However, I suspect People would be upset if Resupply Containers were completely removed from the game. So, rather than propose their full removal from the game. I would like to propose a alternative to them that I think will improve the teamwork aspect of Warzone, reduce the regular over abundance of supplies (thus reducing RPM spam a little bit, discourage mag dumping with limited ammunition, and etc), and give players that actually actively go out of their way to aid their Squad or Team a little more reward for that effort. This alternative solution is my new Strike proposal - Supply Drop. ---- Section 3 - Supply Drop So, what is the Supply Drop and how does it work? The Supply Drop is the Resupply Container as we visually know it now and the way the Strike itself works is sort of like calling in a UGV or Transport Vehicle. A Helicopter Drone comes down from the sky and places the Supply Container down on the marked location. However, unlike the UGVs & Transport Vehicles. The Player pulls out a Transmitter along with a "ghost prop" of the Supply Container (Down below is an example of what I mean by "Ghost Prop" using the Quadropcopter, I forget the technical name for this.) Once the Player has their Transmitter and "Ghost Prop" Supply Container out, they need to find a flat area with no roofing above the prop to call it in. Once the Helicopter comes down to deliver the Supply Drop, the container will pop open to reveal the Medical, Ammunition, & Equipment bags inside of it, and from there players can begin resupplying as they desire. Overall nothing very complex and nothing we don't already see/do in this game already besides seeing the container open up, so ideally it wouldn't be a massive undertaking to implement it (though I could be wrong also.) Once the container is empty of all it's supplies, the container will break apart, and a new Supply Drop will need to be brought in for further resupplying in that area. AddOn to the suggestion from @NeoOrNeon: Have the Supply Drop mark it's location on the map so Players on the Strike User's team can find it easier. Now onto the proposed stats before wrapping this post up. Proposed in-game stats BP cost: 1000 Strike type: Resupply On Map or Off Map: On Container Health: 150 Cooldown: 5 minutes Limits: 3 per Team Destroyed on death: No Countered by: Reaper Drones (if the player is within the effect range), UCAS-D, and the Container can be destroyed with gunfire, explosives, & etc.. Equipment Bag Uses: 15 Ammunition Bag Uses: 15 Medical Bag Uses: 15 Overall I personally think this would be a good alternative to the Resupply Containers. But, that is just me personally. For now it's time to bring this post to an end, I did attempt to keep it short, but because this is the first part of what I'm calling the "Support Strikes Chapter", I had to cover Support Strikes briefly so People would know where I'd personally like to see the Supply Drop Strike be placed if it was added to the game, as well as what exactly I generally envision for Support Strikes going forward into this new chapter of the Strikes that could enhance WW3 Series. The next post should be a lot smaller since I covered the basics here and like all my prior suggestions posts here is your hint for what is coming up next in this chapter. Have a good one folks! ---- Strikes that could enhance WW3 Series Support Strikes Chapter (Coming soon...) ---- Outdated Suggestion Posts to be revisited at some point Guns that could enhance WW3 series 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Assault Rifles 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Precision Sniper Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Special Weapons 5 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Submachine Guns 8 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Battle Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Shotguns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Machine Guns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Pistols (Old) Strikes that could enhance WW3 series Strikes that could enhance WW3 - Heavy Weapons Strikes that could enhance WW3 - CUAS Drones Individual or Mini Series Suggestions post 3 Hand Grenades that could enhance WW3 5 Gadgets that could enhance WW3
  9. No need to be sorry lol. Anyways, once the Devs have upgraded the engine then we will see where things will go from there. For right now though, I just suggest not getting your hopes too high up while we're trunching through the forest.
  10. 48 and 64 are dumb numbers - We have 5 man squads, so think more along the lines of 50, 60, 70, etc etc... Without WW3's game engine being upgraded and there being extensive testing, I wouldn't get your hopes up for larger game modes right away. Even in a PTE game where we had only 10 more players than usual, the server was running at 80-90% capacity and performance did degrade. But, this was prior to this latest update to the Unreal Engine, so something may have changed, though I doubt it was anything significant enough to make larger game modes run smoothly without extensive work being done by the devs.
  11. We'll see how long that lasts once the Female Characters get added (Not against Female Characters getting added just for the record.) And thank god someone finally caught on to me exaggerating...I didn't know how to make it much more obvious without outright metaphorically slapping People with it. Is this a EU thing or a Polish Government thing? I'd like to know where my discontent needs to be directed, because (and I'm going to trust you're not just saying this to wave me off) I can at least grit my teeth and say "Alright, so someone is holding a metaphorical gun to your Company's head in this case." We'll have to agree to disagree, but (again trusting you're not just waving me off) I will chalk it up to someone once again holding a metaphorical gun to your Company's head. As for the ruleset, again I hope it's rather fleshed out. No surprises, no hidden meanings, just 100% clarity. I would say "or at least clear enough", but I'm afraid clear enough isn't good enough anymore. If a person is very intentionally going out of their way to TK people on their team in one or more games. By all means ban them, that is one exception to the social behavior monitoring I'm willing to let slide. I just hope you all know how to tell the intentional TKers from the unintentional ones, because even 1 person being unjustly banned is unacceptable in my eyes, no matter how deep into the grey area they are from the innocent side. If there is room for doubt, there is room for probability that it could have been an accident or someone trying to get TKed to get the person in trouble. Just choose the battles wisely is all I have to say about it. Though I still encourage the ability for Players to mute other Players across all games permanently (unless they wish to unmute them) be added to the game, don't think of it as covering your ears so much as having a extra layer of protection when covering your ass.
  12. Oh really? Removing 4 out of 5 of these features will technically take away the features that makes this game great. Taunt, I understand. The rest, however, is a no (especially VOIP is a heavily requested feature). Because I'm not getting that vibe.
  13. Go back and read my post extra slowly...
  14. Bingo. If the mission is to stop People from being dicks, then clearly T-Bagging needs to be eliminated which is only possible through the removal of crouching. I'm not actually advocating for this in all seriousness as frankly I don't care if People actually T-Bag.
  15. I get it. Do you commit limited manpower, resources, and time to X, or Y? But, imagine what else you could put time towards if you didn't bother trying to play Purity Police on top of whatever comes in the future. There are things People will say/do that you all will need to crackdown on and I bet a majority of it would result in me cheering you all on for doing it. But, there is a line in the sand where my individual support ends. Right now you say it will be small, Ragir. But, history has shown that this kind of stuff never stays small, it just expands over time, and eventually it will swallow up People that fall into the grey areas simply because "Better safe than sorry" will be seen as the better approach. Yup...We're going down this path. Alright... Ragir, if the future goal is to prevent People from being dicks in your game then... Remove the ability to Taunt. Remove the Chat feature. Remove the ability to Crouch. Remove Friendly Fire from the game. Remove any ability to verbally talk in game. And you might be in a better position to wage battle on this old battlefield. Even then when you folks are ready to go over the top, I will stay back in the trench to watch regardless of how many threats of Order No. 227 come down. Because unless you got a weapon to remove a person's individuality & change human nature, you all would be better off committing your resources towards dealing with People that realistically threaten others, call for the targeted harassment of others, threaten to release People's private information, and other matters such as these. Let the dicks ramble till they drive themselves into social isolation. At least at that point when they try to point fingers at those who are to blame, they will have a nice image of themselves pointing right back at them.
  16. Ugh, here we go again...Alright, Ragir you're the expert here and I'm going to ask a honest question. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Extremely Difficult...How hard would it be to put a system in place so members of the Community can just mute each other across all games of WW3? Voice, Text, the whole works of completely blocking all forms of communication between each other.
  17. I hope that Toxic Behavior report is really, really fleshed out when it goes live. That type of thing brings a lot of concern to someone like me as "Toxic Behavior" is a very, very broad term.
  18. Question - What sort of effect would this have on the current "Snowball Effect" players tend to complain about in Warzone? During the free weekend, one of the more common complaints I heard was about the snowball effect in Warzone. While currently it can be challenging to come back from a full map cap, it's not impossible to do it. You & your team may bleed for it, but you only need to turn the tide once, and keep it going in that direction to maintain a chance at victory (I say a chance because you can turn the tide really late in the game and still lose.) But, As the saying goes; it's not over till the fat lady sings. With this mechanic, it makes it sound like you want the metaphorical Fat Lady to Sing while there is still 15 minutes on the clock and neither team has reached the 5000 point mark.
  19. I just had to do it. Carry on folks!
  20. Agreed. The problem with the MGs now are the same as they were back before the Helicopter Drone went live. They're just simply not worth taking, double so given that the Helicopter Drone is a base 4k Strike now compared to it's older BP cost. It basically comes down to simply; If this thing is going to cost me a lot of BP, I might as well go full ham on the weaponry. I brought this up in April before 0.6 went to live and still to this day stand by most of my original suggestions. Though a few of them have already come true excluding the turrets themselves. My hope is that the MGs do get upgraded at some point, I would love to play with those over ZUNI HE or the Hydra AP I usually run. But, that isn't going to happen till the MGs start feeling like they're worth taking over the rocket pods. I should try the bombs again also, see if there was any improvements there since 0.6.
  21. That is part of the reason I'm going to be bringing up the MULE. I don't mind the supply caches in their general concept, I just don't like how they're currently implemented.
  22. That is one way of doing it, another way (again pointing to the picture) is to do what the MULE was originally designed to do which is just simply carry the stuff for the soldiers, then whenever they needed something that was in the packs, they could just run back/over to the MULE to gather the stuff from it. Multiple ways to approach it overall though.
  23. For right now, purely a open ended name purposely chosen till something better possibly comes to mind. It can be on-map stuff like UGVs (Hence the picture), but it can also be off-map stuff like Artillery. But, it's all designed around the concept of supporting ones own team, influencing the battlefield, and doing so without generally seeking to directly kill the enemy team unless certain events line up to make it possible.
  24. Hey Folks Time for a new Strikes post and this time I will be going over Scanning Drones, probably the single most used strike type currently in game. This was a bit of a strange Strike category to walk into since they only have one general role and that is to detect enemies and while I did manage to find ways to do these things differently without going far outside of the scanner drone realm. It did come at the cost of nothing being overly spectacular or really having that big wow factor that we tend to find in stuff like Guns, Tanks, Artillery, and the likes. But, all the same I think these new Scanner Drones could enhance the game in a meaningful way. But, before we can talk about those, we must first see what we currently have on offer. Current Scanner Drones we have in-Game Red Eye aka Fly Eye "An unmanned aircraft that scans area from above revealing enemy's position. It has a low range and short duration but it provides instant intel. It it most effective when targeted at narrow passages and tight strategic points." - WW3 Description Real Life Stats Origin: Poland Info: Still Seeking In-Game Stats BP cost: 500 UAV Type: Continuous Cooldown: 60 Seconds Scan Range: 40 Meters Radar Duration: 25 Seconds Detection Duration: NA Health: 50 Altitude: 200 Barracuda "An unmanned Aircraft that scans area from above revealing enemy's position. Its decent range and duration helps plan offensive and defensive tactics" - WW3 Description Real Life Stats Origin: Germany & Spain Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EADS_Barracuda In-Game Stats BP cost: 1000 UAV Type: Pulse Cooldown: 90 Seconds Scan Range: 60 Meters Radar Duration: 20 Seconds Detection Duration: 5 Seconds Health: 150 Altitude: 400 Meters OTV aka X-37 OTV "An Unmanned Space Shuttle that scans a large area from orbit revealing enemy's position in a single pulse but on a whole map for a short time" - WW3 Description Real Life Stats Origin: United States Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-37 In-Game Stats BP cost: 2000 UAV Type: Pulse Cooldown: 120 Seconds Scan Range: Whole Area Radar Duration: 17 Seconds Detection Duration: 5 Seconds Health: NA Altitude: 400,000 Meters With these in mind we can begin to fun part of the post with the actual suggestions. Scanning Drones that could enhance WW3 #1. FFOS -The Fuji FFOS developed by the Japanese company, Fuji Heavy Industries, is a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that was primarily designed to collect and process intelligence on the battlefield. But, the Fuji FFOS can also act as a relay agent, the means of early detection of the enemy while also providing a device for remote fire control and obtain objective data on the locations of battles currently taking place on the battlefield. Real Life Stats Origin: Japan Info: http://avia-pro.net/blog/fuji-ffos-tehnicheskie-harakteristiki-foto Proposed in-game Stats BP cost: 1500 UAV Type: Line of Sight Fire Detection & Active Laser Designation Cooldown: 5 Minutes Auto Line of sight Detection range: 70 meters Detection Duration: 5 Seconds Destroyed when Killed?: Yes Countered by: Reaper Drone, UCAS-D, gun fire, explosions, and etc...It's not a Combat Drone. Operational Range: 300 Meters Laser Designation range: 100 meters Laser Designation Duration: 30 Seconds Laser Designation Cooldown: 30 Seconds Health: 250 Max Altitude: 150 Meters -If added to the game, the FFOS can be a bridge between the Mini Drone gadget & Scanner UAVs, though mainly as a souped-up Mini Drone that is noticeably bigger while bringing more to the table than the Mini Drone does. Unlike it's smaller cousin, the FFOS should be equipped with a Laser Designator that can be activated for 20 seconds, allowing the FFOS to paint Vehicle targets for any guided weaponry or strikes. However, the laser designator can only be used for a short period of time, so the user of the FFOS needs to be communicating with their team regularly to get the most out of it. But, what can make the FFOS more of a scanner drone instead of a just a larger, slightly more fancy Mini Drone? Well, this is where I think it's second ability can help set it further apart to make it truly a scanner style Drone. Make it where the Drone automatically spots players within it's line of sight up to 70 meters while they're firing their weapons in it's general direction. The more the enemy team fires in the general direction of the FFOS, the more their positions are being pinged to the Drone's team. By doing this the FFOS Drone also differs itself from the Red Eye, Barracuda, & OTV Drones while at the same time creating a very team oriented Strike because the Drone's user needs to actually pilot the Drone around the map. But, what if the player wanted something more like a traditional scanning Drone only with extra features and was willing to accept a little reduced scan range for those extra features?... #2. RQ-16 T-Hawk / Talisman -The RQ-16 T-Hawk developed by Honeywell International inc, is a backpack portable MAV (Micro Aerial Vehicle) that can be operated by a single person. Originally designed for Surveillance of enemy movement, the T-Hawk would later be used as a lead scout for motorized convoys, and hunting for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) by the British Military even after it's career in the United States Army came to an end. Today the T-Hawk/Talisman remains in service with the U.S Navy EOD, British Forces, and will probably be adopted by the Indian Security Forces. Real Life Stats Origin: United States Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeywell_RQ-16_T-Hawk Proposed in-game Stats BP cost: 800 UAV Type: Continuous Cooldown: 4 minutes Scan Range: 30 Meters Radar Duration: 1 minute Destroyed when Killed?: No, it just hovers to an anchored position till it runs the rest of it's duration. Countered by: Reaper Drone, UCAS-D, gun fire, explosions, and etc...It's not a Combat Drone. Detection Duration: NA Health: 250 Altitude: 100 - If added to the game, the RQ-16 T-Hawk should serve as a mobile Scanner UAV that anchors itself to it's Striker user providing the UAV Mini map to both them and on their team within that circle of effect. However, this should come with the trade off of a smaller scan range when compared to the Red Eye, the ability to be destroyed with small arms fire, and the inability to detect targets inside buildings/bunkers unless the target is close to a window within direct line of sight of the RQ-16 T-Hawk. But, with this trade off the player will get the benefits of a Mobile UAV Scanner that follows them automatically marking Infantry, Vehicles, deployed gadgets on the ground such as Landmines, Claymores, & etc, and should come with the additional benefit of allowing the UAV to anchor itself to the Strike user even if the player jumps into a Vehicle while providing the same benefits as if the player was still running around on foot. This would make the RQ-16 T-Hawk the ideal aggressive rusher Scanner Drone unless their objective requires them to go deep within a building where the Drone cannot detect anything. But, what if the player wanted something a bit more special? Something that could track high value targets and reward players with bonus points for destroying those targets, but at the cost of tracking nothing else?... #3. Heron - The IAI Heron (Machatz-1) is a medium-altitude long-endurance UAV out of Israel that currently serves in Israel, United States, Canada, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Morocco, South Korea, and other Nations of the world. It has demonstrated 52 hours of continuous flight, though this depends on the payload of the Heron in order to maintain such a long continuous flight. However, in 2009 the Heron was upgraded to the Super Heron which provides even greater performance than the Heron itself on most fronts, though it's flight duration was degraded to 45 hours. In the 2008 - 2009 Operation Cast Lead, the IAI Heron was one of UAVs assigned to the Israeli ground forces without IAF central command authorizing sorties. Real Life Stats Origin: Israel Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAI_Heron Proposed in-game Stats BP cost: 2500 UAV Type: Continuous Tracking Cooldown: 6 minutes Scan Range: Whole Area Radar Duration: 1 minute Destroyed when Killed?: No Countered by: UCAS-D Detection Duration: NA Health: 150 Altitude: 250 Meters - If added to the game, the Heron could be used as a high value target tracker scanner UAV, scanning the whole map for Squad Leaders, IFVs, AFVs, MBTs, UGVs, Helicopter Drone, and etc, revealing up to the moment positioning of the targets for the team to deal with in any fashion they deem fit. However, this comes with the drawback in that it doesn't track regular Infantry, Light Vehicles like Quads & Buggies, and cannot spot their targets when they duck into heavy cover like buildings & bunkers. Now at first this probably sounds kind of useless since it doesn't locate all targets. But, what it does is turn it into a Bounty Hunter type scanning Drone, giving players a clear heads up of "Hey! This target is important and it needs to be destroyed", and to further entice the Strike user's team to actually single out these targets for destruction, the Heron could also add a passive bonus BP generation for killing the targets so long as it's actively tracking them around the map. But, this brings this post to an end. This was a little bit of a challenge to figure out since I didn't want to suggest Drones that just merely do things bigger or better, but rather performed differently in a way that avoided stepping on the metaphorical toes of the current Scanner Drones, and could be an actual meaningful addition to the game. I did have another Scan Drone in mind, but at the moment I cannot figure out a way it could be added without just doing the same stuff as the current list. Maybe something will come to mind, but for now I think these three are enough for the time being. No honorable mentions list again, not because of a lack of Drone options, but rather a lack of ways to make them really different from the suggested & current ones. So, if anyone has any suggestions, post them, and I will happily add them to the list with obvious proper credit given. I was going to do Jammer drones next. But, I'm a uncertain at this time how to approach them and how they can be really made different from what we currently have. So I'm instead going to cover another new Strike Category I'm dubbing Support till a better name comes to mind and like all suggestion posts like this one, here is your hint for the next post. Also if you would like to read my older suggestion posts, links will be provided at the very bottom of the page. Have a good one folks! PS: Like always; I just make the suggestions, what the Devs do with them is entirely up to them. Links to my other Individual Suggestion Posts & Suggestion Series posts Guns that could enhance WW3 series 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Assault Rifles 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Precision Sniper Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Special Weapons 5 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Submachine Guns 8 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Battle Rifles 7 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Shotguns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Machine Guns 6 Guns that could enhance WW3 - Pistols Strikes that could enhance WW3 series Strikes that could enhance WW3 - Heavy Weapons Strikes that could enhance WW3 - CUAS Drones Individual or Mini Series Suggestions post 3 Hand Grenades that could enhance WW3 5 Gadgets that could enhance WW3
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