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  1. Fired up a game tonight and what i see is tdm servers are removed, why tho??
  2. For some reason there is no kill message and u wont get points anymore, i have no clue if i killed enemy or not.
  3. Im getting pretty bad performance with 0.7, with 0.6 i got stable 100 and some drops on crowded area but now i got pretty bad fps drops all the time at random places and it drops sometimes under 60, im at 2080ti oc.
  4. god damn we need it fast as possible, like i refresh and see okey one slot is avaiable and as soon i can press join that slot is gone.
  5. So ammo bug is back? And i agree with you we need map rotation and game mode rotation, it so stupid to play warsaw all the time on live.
  6. no its not, its now same size like reddot on reddot sight. Look your game version again is it updated. For me its ALOT smaller
  7. It was you. God dammit a wanted to murder you yesterday
  8. M4A1 needs a short barrel so we can create good cqb or mk18 variants. It should be like this : Also on longer barrel front sight i think should be more far away so you can fit longest handguard and front sight and create m16a4 variant. Also you cant use secondary reddot and other sights with high magnification scopes and special scopes even when theres a lot of room on rails.
  9. Theres a simple solution for this, buy nvidia card. I never ever buy amd crap again, got burned 3 times with their shit.
  10. Experienced this also. Played with friend and my friend didnt see me and also enemys didint see me i chased one enemy with melee attack.
  11. Lmg : Mk46/m249 , m240b Ar : M16a4 Underbarrel attachmets : m320/m230 , m26 mass Sniper : m24 , m82a1 barrett , m110 SMG : mp7 , mp5
  12. Then i hope they have also more powerful server for dat 64 playes cause right now 40 players servers when theres like 10 people around you fps drops like crazy, im on ultra wide 100hz monitor fps locked to 100fps and all runs fine but when theres like a lot of people around me fps drops top 60 - 70. im on rtx2080ti so i hope more players have also better performance server then.
  13. Yes i experienced it too 2 times when i changed in abrams and marder to rcws grenade laucncher f2.
  14. Eotech and sig backup iron sight wont work together on g38.
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