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  1. Sentence "Don't follow" cant be equipped. Game build ID: 3614517
  2. Description of this grip isn't full. There are missing ADS time and spread multiplier. ID - 3428619
  3. CUAS price shows inappropriate. Instead of 1000 its just 500. I think its because warhead doesn't counts in finalizing the pric e.
  4. I found more information on this bug. I can drop supplies evenly if I dropped it before using the other method, like holding mouse button on the one of 3 icons.
  5. I think that game needs included purchases. What do I mean by that? Its pretty simple. For example I want to buy Scar-H and customize it. I bought short barrel for it, but now I cant go back to medium barrel which had when I just bought the Scar. This is an issue. Included buy will prevent all that.
  6. ID - 4328619 This happens every time when I press "drop supplies evenly"
  7. And also my emblems and flags changing from german to russian
  8. No. But how this things related to each other?
  9. Dropping supplies evenly doesn't work properly. There is infinite loading.
  10. When I return from match all camo is in standard colour, but when I tries to choose the other, everything goes back in chosen by me colour. Also some times my camo is different in actual match. Just the visual bug, but very annoying. ID - 3428619
  11. I can't equip this sentence tag. And after one game it appears, but with the same problem, I cant use it. I could make a video but I cant put it as an evidence on forum and size limit is also too small. ID - 3428619.
  12. I can't use any barrels with Midwest. Its push me to use bugged long/medium/short barrels which stats is exact same as short barrel that I can buy. For better understanding there is a screenshot. Game build ID - 3428619
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