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    Great Idea, maybe a mode where you can practice against bots, like Practice vs AI mode
  2. Nubbits I like the See All Open Sight IRL the game should fix it so that all sights are functionable
  3. [Attachment] I have an idea since sights in WW3 are not the exact design like See All Open Sight (See Thru Sight) here is my concept about correct sight aiming here I have fun using the background edit app on my Samsung Tablet I think here are my 2 ideas: 1.) The See Thru Sight (MK2 Tritium-Fiber Optic See All Nite Sight of See All Open Sight) should look like this and the triangle should be aligned on the target like this: And here is shooting video of it: 2.) The Canted Sight and even of course other red dots may have the option to change reticles and more! Like this... (The pictures of the ideas are down below...) The reason why I am discussing this one because in real life the See All Open Sight is actually a good sight, the design in the game is actually wrong because the sight's purpose is to align the triangle into the target. I feel like the game needs to redesign the sight because this sight, I like this sight, IRL because it is an alternative to Red Dot Sights, since it's powered by Tritium and Fiber Optic and it's around $199 only. Also the reason why I discussed Red Dot Sights having the option to change the color and shape of the reticle is because of customization and everybody wants to have a good sight that also have a good reticle by this option. Anybody reading this, have a good day and comment down below your thoughts and see you in the Battlefield!
  4. Oh the laser thing does not have that line all the time it is invisible and only shows a dot but on some conditions like fog it will show
  5. Good idea let's hope they add it into the game on the next update
  6. Okay I finally conclude this an obsolete idea, let's just enjoy playing WW3...
  7. Remeber when WW3 should be realistic and fun at the same time how about if we may try left handed shooting, this seems unusual but this has been already featured on Counter-Strike Games... Realistic because there are Left Handed Shooters in war... Fun because you get to try shooting in such view...
  8. Another game called Phantom Forces from Roblox it is cartoonish but not like Fortnite it have a great customization but there are no vehicles and airstrikes and Roblox seems to be G rated game since it is for kids but the game has the same concept of every fps game.
  9. Actually if WW3 would add new cosmetics or attachments on the very future (after animation updates and tactical royale) they should first fix the already added attachments. Like The See Thru Sight from collimator sights it have a different design. This is what it actually looked like. See All Open Sight is it's real name, well they might change the name because why the other sights like red dots and scopes have a correct name and imagine if a person would search this sight called See Thru Sight on Google if it exist as a real life sight but no results didn't show up on the website only to realize the sight has a real name which is See All Open Sight and he searched with that name and got results of what he can search about this sight, The See All Open Sight actually have a website here at: https://seeallopensight.com/ Another thing is the Reflex Sight (Square Frame) it is called The Barska Electro but some industries use the same design of the sight. So maybe it if fine if they keep it as Reflex Sight (Square Frame).
  10. Me too, it would be a great combo with a thermal scope, meaning that you have 2 medium range scopes
  11. tynblyp, if you notice the second photo in the middle of your post: There are 2 scopes on the gun, the tan scope on the left is the magnifier (The Fifth photo is the magnifier I am referring to). The magnifier is not used as a canted sight or secondary sight and it doesn't have a scope reticle, but it is put on a canted position in case it is not used, but the purpose of a magnifier is to convert a red dot which is 1x zoom into a 3x scope by manually flipping it to any Red Dot Sight, on other games such as MW3 from Call Of Duty the magnifier is used like this: Just read this link here for more information: https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Hybrid_Sight Aiming Down Sights: Hip-Fire:
  12. I found a similar game called Phantom Forces where you can also inspect your gun, by pressing "H" yes also in CSGO.
  13. To WW3 developers and The Community, I would like to inform that I noticed some mistakes on the sights concepts and designs. 1.) The See Thru Sight is actually called The See All Open Sight, Model Name: Mk2 Tritium Night Sight, the purpose of the green reticle is to glow in the dark due to Fiber Optic & Tritium combined & it's used like an iron sight, where you aim the reticle above the target, These photos may tell the difference of the sight from WW3 itself & it's real life counterpart, The difference is The Concept and The Design, I heard this sight on reviews before WW3 came out. I hope the sight gets fixed on the game because I heard you respond efficiently to The Community, I haven't tried the game yet I just observed and did some few research of these sight before the game was launched that is why these sight looked familiar. The First Picture: The glitch of The See All Open Sight mentioned on one of the previous forums I read. The Second Picture: The See All Open Sight's appearance on WW3 also mentioned on one of the previous forums I read. The Third Picture: The See All Open Sight's appearance In Real Life and the labels of the parts of the actual sight. 2.) The 2x Magnifier is not a canted secondary sight, it is just put on a canted position when not in use but it's purpose is to zoom the scope of The EoTech Holographic SIght from 1x to 3x or even 4x, this was already mentioned by a youtuber called TactiGamer on one of his videos. He mentioned the information at 4:50 of the video. Video By: Tactigamer on Youtube. 3.) Maybe you may add The Famous Trijicon 4x ACOG (ACOG is an acronym for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) Scope on the next updates, I think it is already mentioned by the others on the suggestions. The reason why I talked about this topic is that The See All Open Sight, this is an efficient sight according to gun review on real life but the design made, it makes the sight look broken and The Sight is fully green in the glass it was zoomed by the glass to look like that. And The use of it is like an Iron Sight, unlike RDS where you put the reticle of the sight ON THE TARGET, Iron Sight, the reticle of the sight is aimed ABOVE THE TARGET. Was The See All Open Sight different because to prevent copyright issues? When I saw the game as it grows despite the game still in progress, I enjoyed the commitment you have for the game, some players just got frustrated on the issues of the game and even think it is dead, but they forgot that, the game is still in progress. That is why the game is still in Early Access, to also improve the game thru the feedback of their customers who play the game if they found errors, bugs and etc...
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