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  1. Please the See Thru Sight is actually called See All Nite Sight and the sight on the video game doesn't look like it's real design, I know the most players would notice there is an error on the design and also for the correct design in real life this is what it looks like (SEE IMAGE BELOW), By the way, please also add Canted Green Dot Sights as attachment.
  2. Something is wrong with the See Thru Sight, Actually some people don't know this sight yet but I do know the facts about it, this sight is actually called the "See All Sight" which is made by Oversight Technologies from Idaho,USA and also the transparent green on the sight has a purpose it is made up of fiber optic to illuminate the reticle of the sight meaning it must glow in the dark, the appearance of the sight is different on the ones in real life the sight needs to be improved on the next updates I have an image of what it looks like in real life. I hope the sight is improved on the next updates.
  3. Guys I agreed on this topic I have to tell you the sights appearance doesn't look like from the real life ones and also the See Thru Sight is actually called "See All Open Sight"and you don't see thru the transparent green but works like how you use iron sight the purpose of the transparent green is a fiber optic that illuminates the reticle inside the sight for low light conditions, Its not a red dot neither a iron sight and one interesting fact is it came from Idaho,USA by Oversight Technologies. Just now they just changed there reticle system in real life, I'll show you the image of it to see what it looks like because the sight on the game doesn't look exactly the same from the real life one, Here's the image below: Source:https://seeallopensight.com
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