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  1. i do not understant, what do you say?? r u happy or angry or no?
  2. y do u not like micro transmissions???/ r u bad in the head/ microtransactuns are good for company to maken money they make lot. dont say hate anymre becaus skins are good for a gaem money.
  3. y do u hack in this vido only players with no skil hack in vido games lik in shooters and stuff. Do yo know u wil be ban for hack??? we see you hack sinse you upload video y r u so stupid???
  4. i wan more killstreak liek more atack dogs and the more rockets but like predatur missal from call of duty but i want it cheaper becaus now airstrike too expensibe. i want mor guns to there not enuogh guns in game like ohter game i play pls add more the gun. evryone should stard off with more of the tanks to i want to see big tank battels like in the real life pls i woudl like this lot. and tactile nuke is cool idea to sory if for english i come from georgia
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