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  1. Make a poll! It does wall hack a bit if you're the one tracking a person through obstacles. Needs to be fixed not exactly removed. Spotting is supposed to replace party chat call outs for people who can't or are not in a party chat with their entire team Could be reduced to squad only as well as a wall hack nerf though.
  2. Spotting System Persists Through Obstacles SOLUTION: - unspot enemy when the spotter can no longer see enemy's hitboxes PROBLEM: - a spotted enemy will remain spotted behind a pillar or any cover really that isn't a wall Unlock Progression SOLUTION: double cash rewards PROBLEM: it seems like players have to be gods in order to get 10,000 cash. Though the leveling pacing feels great, unlocking items takes too long. Media SOLUTION: - upload the movement video from help area - upload a video detailing how damage and the armor system works. - upload a customization video PROBLEM: I want to better convince my friends about how amazing this game is with its freedom of movement and armor system. Light Weight SOLUTION (in light weight category): - Decrease damage from height - increase recovery speed from falls - increase mantling speed over objects PROBLEM: - The benefits to having speed isn't as significant as it could be right now. Melee System SOLUTION: - Allow motion/lunging to carry through melee PROBLEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvBUsn6_-oU&feature=youtu.be - The Melee system, I'm sure this is known, feels unnatural...not sure how to explain this one but I feel like I'm pushing more than hitting and my character's position sort of rubberbands with each strike Misaligned Sights SOLUTION: unknown PROBLEM: https://youtu.be/BJUI4zwkZVs - sights will sometimes become misaligned. Uncertain how to trigger. Video shows this took place after changing ammo types and reloading ammo.
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